Town Elections 2022

Offices up for election/re-election:

Office Candidates
Board of Selectmen (one 3-year term) Thomas J. Fay (I)
Dovie King
Clifford W. Lewis
School Committee (one 3-year term) Erin Nicole Gibbons
Craig W. Gruber
Board of Assessors (one 3-year term) Steven Paul Klitgord
Trustees of the Public Library (two 3-year terms) Elaine Donnelly
Elisa Scola
Board of Health (one 3-year term, one 1-year term to fill a vacancy) Genevieve Anand (3-year)
Robert C. Eyre (1-year)
Planning Board (one 5-year term)
Board of Public Works (two 3-year terms) Michael Price Lowery (I)
Michael B. Wegerbauer (I)
Recreation Commission (two 3-year terms) Asa B. Foster (I)
Frank Krasin
Thruston Wright III (I)
Town Clerk (one 3-year term) N/A (no longer elected)
Commissioner of Trust Funds (one 3-year term) Adam Garrett Gutbezahl (I)
Housing Authority (one 5-year term) Mary Antes (I)

Candidates who have not yet returned their papers are shown in italics


See the Town Clerk’s page for the most up to date list of candidates who have taken out papers, and who have returned certified papers