Candidate for School Committee: Erin Gibbons

My name is Erin Gibbons and I am running for election to the School Committee (“SC”). I’m excited to announce this news and hope that you are as excited to vote for me to serve the community in this capacity.

As a mother of 4 daughters (a high schooler, a soon to be middle schooler, and 2 elementary schoolers), a wife, a community member who has been a part of our school community for 10 years, and an attorney, I think I am uniquely qualified to position our SC to drive our schools forward in these unprecedented times.

In the 16 years that I have lived in Wayland, I have served on the School Council at Happy Hollow, the Middle School, and am currently serving at the High School; I have been the chair of the 5th grade activities committee at Happy Hollow; I have served on the principal search committee for Happy Hollow and the assistant principal search for the Middle School; I have also served as a member of the Superintendent’s Healthy Relationships Task Force and as a parent liaison for the PTO organizing the 6th grade Walden Pond trip. I am also a coach for the Wayland Youth Soccer program. I believe that I have shown commitment and integrity to the many different roles I’ve had while serving our community.

It is my hope, if I am elected to the School Committee here in Wayland, to bring a balanced and student-centric voice to the SC. I am a proven team player that takes a proactive approach to addressing issues as they arise. Wayland schools have been high performing for years and nothing would please me more than to continue to afford not only my children, but all the children served by our school system with the opportunity to benefit from a high-level Wayland education.

I believe that, as educators, the Wayland teachers and administration have the best interests of our children at heart; our teachers and administration go above and beyond to ensure that over and over Wayland student needs are met. If elected to the SC, I hope to continue efforts to increase communication between the teachers and administration, the SC and the Superintendent to best serve our entire student community. The key to progress and growth is to continue to challenge each facet of the Wayland school system to do better and demand the best from every member of the team that supports our learners.

Wayland is in my blood. My grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles all benefited from a Wayland education and graduated from Wayland High School. Both my grandfather and my father served for over 30 years on the Wayland Fire Department. I’m proud of this town and everything that it has to offer.

I hope you will vote for me as a community voice, committed to teamwork, achievement, transparency, working through challenges and finding ways to solve problems while bringing people together.

Erin’s website is