If your pet goes missing

First thing, please contact us and we will help send out alerts.

Email us (at info@waylandenews.com) as much of the following as possible:

  • the name of your pet and as detailed a description as you can provide (include size, weight, color, any unusual features, and of course breed, if you know it)
  • a photo (or several – we will choose the one that shows the pet’s appearance the best as the featured photo, but will include as many as you send in a “gallery”)
  • location (approximately where and when was the pet lost)
  • any behavioral information that might be useful
  • information on whether they are wearing a collar and tags
  • a PDF of a flyer, if you have made one
  • contact information

Post your lost pet at these sites:

Local Vets and Shelters:

Also, local pet stores will usually post lost pet notices:

  • Especially for Pets in Wayland and Sudbury
  • Petco
  • Petsmart

Check these links for ideas on finding your:

Lost Pet Apps:

Lost Pet:

Finding a Lost Cat:

Finding a Lost Dog:

Companies that help find lost pets:


And, what to do if you find a pet:



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