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WaylandeNews Site Policies

The primary purposes of WaylandeNews are to act as a vehicle for residents to be well informed about local news and events, and to encourage community involvement, mutual support and support of community organizations and nonprofits. The terms of this Posting Policy are intended to further those purposes.

News Content

It is the policy of WaylandeNews to post to its site only news items from established media such as the Boston Globe, Town Crier, Metrowest Daily News or other publication of similar quality, or notification by a public official or public employee acting in an official capacity. Editorial content from another publication is not considered a news item. On occasion, residents will notify us of news not yet reported elsewhere. Such items may be posted if deemed to be of sufficient public importance or interest to our readers AND it is noted that the source is not established media, a public official or a public employee.

Links to the results of an automated search engine such as Google do not fall within this policy.

Editorial Content

WaylandeNews may publish editorial content or endorsements from time to time. Such items must be clearly labeled so as not to give readers the impression that it is a news item.  WaylandeNews will also publish editorials relevant to Wayland on the Discussion Board.   Readers are also welcome to post opinions and links to published editorials on the Discussion Board.

Public Announcements and Events

Public announcements and event listings are posted if the item announced/listed is for a legally permissible activity.  Residents should send notices of events to

Discussion Board and Commenting on Main Site

We provide a discussion board to give residents an opportunity to share their opinions on matters of substance civilly. All opinions are welcome provided the content is not a personal attack, vulgar, defamatory, does not encourage criminal conduct or is otherwise inappropriate. Discussion of editorial content from other media sources is welcome on the discussion board, as is links to personal websites and other websites, provided that the linked content is consistent with the standards that we apply to our discussion board. Discussion board content is open to all in a “read only” format. Those who wish to post to the discussion board must register. A registrant must be either a Wayland resident (including students living away from home), business owner or Town employee. An individual seeking to register must identify himself to the webmaster’s satisfaction. Registrants are required to use their real names when posting to the discussion board.

Similarly, commenting is enabled in response to postings on the main part of the site (with WordPress in the URL).  As on the Discussion Board, all opinions are welcome, with the same groundrules as summarized above.  Posters must use their real name on all posts.  There are some older posts that reside on the site that were made before this rule as regards the WordPress site was made explicit, and these will be retained.

Conflicts of Interest

It is the general practice of those responsible for content on the website or newsletter to refrain from holding elected or appointed public office in Wayland.  The purpose of this practice is to avoid a conflict or the appearance of a conflict.  While does not create any news content, decisions are made regarding the posting of content created by others. In the event that an individual responsible for content on our website or newsletter (i.e. our Editorial Board members, Executive Director, and any other volunteer) holds public office, it is our strict policy to require (a) disclosure of same on the website, and (b) posting of ALL news articles from established media (as described above under News Content) associated directly with such office and, if involving a board position, the relevant board. Other site policies, including those above associated with Discussion Forum and Commenting on the Main Site, shall continue to apply.  In the unlikely event that we have inadvertently missed a news article required to be posted in accordance with this policy, then the public is welcome to notify us of that at


For information on advertising policies, see our Advertising Terms & Conditions.

WaylandeNews will update these policies from time to time.
Last updated:  4/5/16

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