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Kim Reichelt, Executive Director and Webmaster:

Kim Reichelt has resided in Wayland for most of her life. She grew up in Wayland, attended Loker School and Wayland Junior High, was a 1984 graduate of Wayland High School, and returned to Wayland in 1995.  She has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from MIT.  She served for six years on the Wayland School Committee (2016-2022).  Prior to that, she chaired the Enrollment Subcommittee of the High School Study Committee, served on the Parent Advisory Board of The Children’s Way for three years, was webmaster of their site, and has coached soccer and baseball. She has served as Voter Services Chair of the Wayland League of Woman Voters, was the Treasurer of the Wayside Rail-Trail Committee, the Chair of the High School advocacy group, Building the Future, chair of the Electronic Communications Committee, Claypit PTO Treasurer, secretary of CAPA and Marketing Director for the Wellesley Players.  She is volunteer webmaster of the websites for the Lauren Dunne Astley Memorial Fund and the Wayland PTOs, and the Wayland Depot.  She works part-time as a Management Consultant for a Boston-based consulting firm. She and her husband have two children both of whom went to Wayland schools from The Children’s Way through Wayland High School.  One is a senior in college, the other a recent college graduate.

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Editorial Advisor

Lawrence J. Krakauer: Lawrence J. Krakauer has lived in Wayland since 1972. He served on the Middle School Building Committee and the Wayland Town Meeting Study Committee, and he volunteers at MIT’s Venture Mentoring Service.  He has a Ph.D. in  Electrical Engineering from M.I.T, and retired in 2003 after a 33-year career in the high-tech industry.  He is married to Margret Krakauer, an artist who teaches art courses to adults through Wayland Park and Recreation, and their two daughters were educated in the Wayland public school system.  Dr. Krakauer generally uses his middle initial “J”, as there are two unrelated Wayland residents named “Lawrence Krakauer”. Both use the nickname “Larry”, both are in the computer industry, and both received degrees from MIT.

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  1. Hi, is there any possibility that you can investigate how we can get the police department to start publishing its police log, crime log, police blotter or whatever they want to call it? Nearby towns all have one and Wayland used to have one. I called the police dept and they referred me to an app they recommend which pushes out alerts. The app is worthless and is no substitute for a police log. I also emailed the town manager who forwarded my email to the Chief who then never answered me. Some towns have a newspaper like this one which publishes it. I dont care how we get it as long as we get an updated police log. thanks.

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