Board of Selectmen Candidate: Tom Fay

My name is Tom Fay, and I am running for re-election to the Wayland Select Board (“WSB”), to continue contributing over 13 years of town leadership and experience as a member of several volunteer boards, including two terms on the WSB. As a 29-year Wayland resident, an attorney, and long-time volunteer in town, I have the experience, judgment, knowledge, and commitment to be an effective voice for Wayland’s residents. I’ve been grateful for your support over the years as we’ve worked together to ensure Wayland remains a first-rate community, and I look forward to continuing to join with you in the years ahead.

My service to our town includes six years on the WSB, including two years as chair. I have also served as chair of Wayland’s Library Planning Committee, and the Wayland to Waveland (Mississippi) Hurricane Relief Steering Committee.

As a Select Board member, I will continue to strive to maintain the town’s strong financial position, essential services, and high-caliber schools.  Wayland is an exceptionally well-run town. Moody’s Investors Service affirms this fact having conferred its rare Aaa rating on the town’s general obligation debt for nearly thirty years. I will work to appoint Finance Committee members who are dedicated to a balanced budget and maintaining the town’s excellent bond rating, while responsibly supporting quality town services for our residents.

Working together, we must continue to explore and implement creative cost-saving strategies. These include joint purchasing, improved permitting, collaborating with comparable municipalities, and seeking greater efficiencies within and across town departments.

During the past 13 years, it has been a privilege to work alongside so many elected and appointed town leaders who serve on various boards and committees, dedicated town staff, and the many committed town employees who make Wayland special.  With your support, I look forward to continuing to work to solve problems and create solutions to the town’s challenges.

Wayland’s school system is one of our most valuable assets. Twenty-nine years ago, my wife Juliette and I, like so many families, moved here for the top-notch schools. Our four children thrived in Wayland’s elementary, middle, and high school programs. I recognize how important quality education is for the community, and I am committed to support that tradition, as we have for decades.

Wayland residents have traditionally believed in responsible environmental stewardship. If elected I will support proven, cost-effective initiatives to help preserve Wayland’s conservation lands, including its 37 miles of hiking trails.  I will also continue to aggressively explore and implement the development of policies regarding the use of energy and greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy technologies, and securing equipment and grants, to improve energy efficiency. I will work to protect our natural resources, and will support effective, fair, and vigorously enforced land use regulations and procedures.

Finally, I am proud to have pushed for the creation of the Human Rights, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee this past year. The purpose of creating the committee, among other things, is to affirm our commitment to upholding and defending the rights of all individuals to enjoy the free and equal exercise of their human and civil rights.

I love Wayland, and would consider it an honor to continue to serve as one of your Select Board members.

Thank you for your support and please reach out at any time at

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