Tick-Borne Illness Residents’ Survey

ticksTick season is fast approaching! Do you know how to identify a deer tick and the symptoms of tick-borne diseases? To learn critical information about these important health-related subjects, please consider taking a 10-15 minute, online survey administered by the Wayland Health Department, online here.

As an educational tool, you’ll find answers to the questions in the survey that will enable you to “test your knowledge” about: types of repellents to use to deter ticks, where ticks are commonly found, ways to landscape your property to minimize tick habitats, what various ticks look like and which life stage of ticks present the highest risk of infection, how to identify the common symptoms of tick-borne diseases, as well as preventative measures to protect your pets, and more.

In addition, your survey responses will help the Wayland Health Department and other members of the Middlesex Tick Task Force (MTTF) to develop the most effective tick bite protection measures and disease prevention strategies possible for our community.

While the actual number of humans who have encountered ticks as well as those infected with tick-borne diseases in Middlesex County is currently unknown due to underreporting and misdiagnosis, it’s clear that the rate of incidence of both issues is dramatically climbing. Since tick-related diseases can be debilitating if not treated early and are sometimes ongoing, in addition to the survey, residents can also find more educational information about these subjects on the Wayland Health Department web site under Health related information and Tick-borne Disease. Your responses to the survey are critical in helping the Wayland Health Department make advances in helping you, your family members and pets stay healthy.

Deadline for survey completion is: May 30, 2014.


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