Board of Assessor’s Candidate: Philip D. Parks

Dear Wayland Friends, Neighbors, and Community,

My name is Philip Parks and I am seeking re-election to the Wayland Board of Assessors.

I am posting a short message here to share: (1) I’m excited to be running for re-election as a member of the Board of Assessors; and (2) Thank you in advance for coming out to vote in the upcoming town elections on April 25th.

I was elected to the Board of Assessors in 2020 and during the current period of service, our Board of Assessors has taken great care and responsibility in our role in our town’s operations, assessing property values, and administering programs that have important implications to our town’s financial health and stability.

Folks often ask me, “what exactly does the Board of Assessors do?” In short, the 5-member Board of Assessors and the Wayland Town Assessors Office are responsible for determining fair and equitable valuation of all real estate and real personal property in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 59, Section 38. The Board of Assessors and Assessor’s office also administers all real estate tax exemptions, real estate tax abatements, and excise tax abatements. With continued growth of real estate property in our town, we continue to be diligent about generating updated and accurate assessments of property values as well as administering important programs related to exemptions and abatements.

A brief bit about me: my wife, Erica Gupta and I moved to Wayland in 2015 from Jamaica Plain, MA. We have three children (12,10, &7) who are in Wayland Public Schools and involved in community-based sports teams and other activities. We love Wayland and our community.

Professionally, I’ve been fortunate to work in a variety of governmental and private organizations over the years with leadership roles and service spanning more than 22 years including military service (U.S. Navy), healthcare, biotechnology, and Fortune 15 organizations. I’ve also served on boards of directors and boards of trustees in for profit and not-for-profit companies and organizations. And, three years ago, I volunteered and was elected to the Wayland Board of Assessors. I also volunteer in other community facing organizations Wayland Youth Soccer, Coach (2017 – 2022), Wayland Little League, Coach (2020 – present), Wayland Youth Football, Coach (2022 – present).

My educational background includes an undergraduate degree with High Honors in Philosophy & Medical Ethics from Davidson College in North Carolina; M.D. (Doctorate in Medicine) and M.P.H. (Masters of Public Health) from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA; and a second masters degree in healthcare management and occupational health from the T.H. Chan Harvard School of Public Health.

My reasons for seeking re-election are simple ones: I care deeply about our town’s present and future and I believe in working with others to do the right things, the right ways.

Please plan on voting in the upcoming election on April 25th and I’d greatly appreciate your vote as I seek re-election.