Save $ with Community Solar. No Roof Required!

June 21, 7 pm Webinar Register Now]

Do you pay an electricity bill and want to reduce your annual electricity spending? Learn about community solar, how it saves you money and supports the growth of the clean energy economy in Massachusetts. It’s a month-to-month subscription service with no money down and no cancellation fees. You are eligible if you are a renter, condo owner or homeowner. Learn more and sign up at  This webinar is co-sponsored by EnergizeWayland, Temple Shir Tikva, Ma’yan Tikva, and our plugIN metrowest collaboration with Acton, Natick, and Framingham.

plugIN to clean energy solutions with heat pumps, home solar, and community solar at Sign up for local coaching, find vendors, read about neighbor experiences, find incentives, and more. Reduce your emissions, lower your bills and much more.


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