Town Election Results

May 8, 2020:  Town Election results are online here.  As all races had a candidate, and all were uncontested, there are no surprises.  Elected were:

Select Board:

  • Carol B. Martin
  • Douglas A Levine

Board of Health

  • Robert Defrancesco
  • Brett Andrew Mordas

Board of Assessors:

  • Zachariah L. Ventress
  • Douglass Mitchell McNeilly

Planning Board:

  • Robin G Borgestedt

Planning Board Associate Member:

  • Phyllis Arlene Dinninio

Recreation Commissioner:

  • David B. Pearlman
  • Lesley Boyce Stewart
Commission of Trust Funds

  • Barry S. Rothschild
  • Robert C. Fox (2 years, to fill vacancy)

Board of Public Works:

  • Judy Huan-Ping Ling
  • Michael P. Spelman

School Committee:

  • Elizabeth Kent Cullen
  • Katharyn Anne Sambuco

Trustees of the Public Library:

  • George Winfield Treese
  • Candace Hetzner
  • Emily A. Weintraub (1 year, to fill vacancy)



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