First Parish in Wayland: “The Mother’s Journey”

Joseph Campbell spoke extensively about what he called the “hero’s journey.” Today we pause to appreciate the very unique and powerful journey of those who take up the journey of mothering. In all its many forms, to care for and be responsible for another being is a profound charge. Whether or not we feel we have been successful, and whether or not we feel our own mother’s have done their best, it is a journey that few would deny is indeed heroic. Let’s celebrate the “mother’s journey” together on May 12 at 10 a.m. The service will be led by the Rev. Deborah Bennett.

First Parish in Wayland (225 Boston Post Rd.), a Unitarian Universalist community, extends a warm invitation to everyone interested in joining our services. Our vibrant, multigenerational community offers a sanctuary for diverse beliefs and passions. We joyfully offer our hearts and hands to build a more just, compassionate, and sustainable world. All are truly welcome, including LGBTQ+ persons. For more information, please visit or call 508-358-6133.

Free childcare is available for infants through pre-K. Older children can attend our Spiritual and Ethical Exploration for Kids (SEEK) program, where kids explore ways to lead principled lives. Children of all ages also are welcome to stay with parents during services if their families prefer. We also offer social and educational opportunities for middle and high school youth. For a class schedule and updates, please contact the office (508-358-6133) to sign up for our weekly emails.

If you prefer to attend via Zoom, please contact the office (508-358-6133) for the Zoom link. To sign up for our newsletter, visit:


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