Participatory Photography Project – Open Now!

Wayland Youth & Family Services and WaylandCares are proud to announce the launch of the Participatory Photography Project, open to all community members! Participatory Photography is a project that encourages all participants to explore their digital storytelling and self-advocacy skills, to learn how to find a voice through photography, and become an agent for positive change in their communities.

The theme of this year’s Participatory Photo Project is noticing change in our community. Whether this means documenting changes you have seen in your community and the world around you, things you would like to see change, or any number of personal interpretations of the theme, all community members of Wayland are encouraged to submit entries of 1-10 photographs, along with a short text entry explaining why their photographs exemplify their love for their community, or how they feel about changes in their community. Entries can be submitted by any member of the Wayland community, and up to 4 separate entries will be allowed per person. Entries are open between February 1 and April 26. For more information on the PhotoVoice project, WaylandCares, or the Wayland Youth & Family Services, visit


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