Wayland Police warn about targeted home burglaries in surrounding areas

August 3 on Facebook. The Wayland Police distributed the following notice:

In the past few months, several surrounding cities and towns have responded to multiple residential break-ins. During these breaks (B&Es), the homes were unoccupied and/or the residents were away on vacation.  A disturbing trend in these residential house break-ins is that a majority of homeowners were of Indian descent. Residential break-ins are infrequent for Wayland, but regionally there is an increase exhibiting similar patterns. Specifically, evidence suggests that entry was gained in a number of these breaks through a 2nd floor window. We ask anyone who observes suspicious activity in our area to contact the Wayland Police Department immediately at 508-358-4721.

Since summer is a popular vacation time for families, we want to remind residents of some safety tips if you are going away:

  • Make your home look occupied
  • Have interior lights on timers as if you were home
  • Exterior motion lights
  • If you have an alarm system, use it. We have seen residents with an alarm system installed, paying the monthly, but do not turn it on
  • Lock all windows/doors, even second floor windows. Criminals have been known to gain access through a second story window knowing they are typically not alarmed. Do not leave a ladder accessible to gain access to the second floor
  • Lock your garage door
  • Arrange for someone to pick up your mail/newspaper or suspend delivery until you return
  • If you will be traveling, do not post your plans on social media. Ensure other family members do not do so either
  • Have trusted neighbors keep an eye on your house
  • If you see anything suspicious, please call us at 508-358-4721 or 911 even if you are not sure

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