Please Consider Donating Menstrual Products And Diapers To Help Those In Need

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Weston, MA now has two permanent collection bins located by the back door to benefit Dignity Matters and the Diaper Depot in Waltham. Here is a short description of both organizations.

Dignity Matters (
Dignity Matters is a non-profit organization that collects, purchases, and supplies menstrual products, bras, and underwear to women and girls who are homeless or disadvantaged to help them stay healthy, regain self-confidence, and live with basic dignity. You can’t purchase menstrual care with SNAP/Food Stamps or WIC (the most significant sources of support for women and families in need), and there are no federal or state programs that help women in Massachusetts buy these products. These monthly items are expensive and have risen in price 25% since 2022. Last year, Dignity Matters distributed almost 3,000,000 items helping 15,000 women/girls each month with menstrual care, bras, and underwear. Dignity Matters serves over 170 Massachusetts shelters, food pantries, clinics, public schools, and community colleges.

*There is greatest need for tampons so please consider buying those instead of pads.

Diaper Depot:
Christ Church Waltham created Diaper Depot in 2007 to provide low-income families with diaper supplies. Diaper Depot provides diapers and feminine hygiene supplies to Waltham residents that qualify for financial assistance (WIC or Mass Health) monthly. This has become an especially important outreach mission as the need for disposable diapers is ongoing and critical. One in three mothers struggle to buy diapers for their babies, and unfortunately diapers cannot be purchased with WIC assistance and other assistance programs like SNAP. Most day care providers require that children arrive with their own supply of disposable diapers causing an additional burden to working mothers. Babies born into low-income families may spend an entire day or more in one diaper, leading to serious health risks. At the Diaper Depot, we are currently servicing over 100 Waltham children, distributing over 4,000 diapers a month. Generous donations help to alleviate the burden of diaper need for many families in Waltham.

*The greatest need is for diaper size 5, 6, & 7 (60% of diapers distributed are sizes 5 & 6).


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