The WHS Scholarship Committee: Helping exemplary seniors

The WHS Scholarship Committee was created by the Wayland School Committee in 1978 to raise money and provide financial aid for graduating seniors to further their education. We are comprised of eleven citizen members and other ex officio members, several of whom are employees of the Wayland Public Schools. We meet monthly, solicit donations, invest the money we receive, and at the end of every school year we award scholarships to qualified graduating seniors to assist in their first year of college. Awards have been created in memory/honor of community members or employees of the Wayland Public Schools. You can donate to any of these named scholarships, to the Quarter Century Fund in honor of a favorite retiring teacher, or to the general fund. Applications for scholarships will open soon; we encourage all qualified graduating seniors to apply.

Wayland Student Press Network coverage of the scholarships: The WHS Scholarship Committee: Helping exemplary seniors. The pressure of paying for college is overwhelming for families all over the world. To ease this stress for Wayland families, the WHS Scholarship Committee has made it their mission to give scholarships for college to deserving high school seniors. For more than 40 years, the committee has made a lasting impact on the lives of WHS seniors.


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