Attention Non-School Wayland Residents – Serve on Wayland High School’s School Council

The WHS School Council is looking for Community Representatives to serve for the 2022-2023 school year. If you are interested in serving, please nominate yourself by submitting a brief paragraph about yourself to the WHS PTO at Nominations will be accepted until Wednesday, November 23. This is a one-year term.

Description of School Council:

Would you enjoy examining the culture, needs, and strengths of Wayland High School? If so, please consider nominating yourself for School Council. The School Council meets approximately once a month, with the official job being to assist the principal in adopting district, building and state related goals and practices; identifying the educational/social/emotional needs of the students attending the school; and assisting the school leadership in efforts related to the school improvement plan.

Per Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 71, Section 59C, at each public elementary, secondary and independent vocational school in the commonwealth there shall be a school council consisting of the school principal, parents of students attending the school, teachers who shall be selected by the teachers in such school, and other persons, not parents or teachers of students at the school, drawn from such groups or entities as municipal government, business and labor organizations, institutions of higher education, human services agencies or other interested groups. 50% of the council shall be non-school members.

The school council, including the school principal, shall meet regularly and shall assist in the identification of the educational needs of the students attending the school, make recommendations to the principal for the development, implementation and assessment of the curriculum accommodation plan, and shall assist in the review of the annual school budget and in the formulation of a school improvement plan.


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