Town Meeting Results, May 14-15, 2022

Unofficial Results of 2021 Annual Town Meeting

Day One

# Article Result Vote Timestamp
1 Recognize Citizens and Employees for Particular Service to the Town Passed Vote 1:
Vote 2:
2 Pay Previous Fiscal Years Unpaid Bills Passed 87-4
3 Current Year Article Passed 82-6
4 OPEB Funding Passed 84-10
5 Enterprise Fund Budgets Passed 93-5
6 Fiscal Year 2023 Revolving Fund Expenditure Limits Passed 93-10
7 Update Personnel Bylaws and Wage & Classification Plan and Fund Union Agreements Passed 94-12
8 Surface Water Quality Committee Budget Passed 109-9
9 Wastewater FY2022 Budget Request Passed 92-22
10 Fiscal Year 2023 Omnibus Budget Passed Operating Budget: 103-44

Capital Budget:

11 Capital Stabilization Fund Appropriation Passed 129-14
12 Community Preservation Act – Set Asides and Transfers Passed 135-6
13 Amend Outdoor Seating Zoning Bylaw Passed 108-21
14 Lease Agreement for Space on Reeve’s Hill Cell Tower Passed (as amended) 150-4 2:51pm
15 CPA Open Space: Acquisition of 27 Sherman’s Bridge Road Passed 155-23 3:20pm
16 Oxbow Meadow Field ADA Accessibility Funding Passed (as amended) 118-8 3:37pm
17 Local Historic District Bylaw Amendment Passed 111-1
26 Amend Town Code for the Municipal Affordable Housing Trust Fund Passed 87-5
29 Town Acceptance of Whittemore Lane as a Public Way Passed Over 97-3
30 Choose Town Officers Passed 95-2 3:58pm
31 Hear Reports Passed 93-2 4:01pm
32 Sell or Trade Vehicles and Equipment Passed 85-2 4:03pm

Under Article 31, congratulations to Anette Lewis, the Public Ceremonies Committee’s selection for the Lydia Maria Child Award.

Meeting continues to a time certain, ending for the day at 4:05pm

Day Two

18 Amend Bylaw on Finance Committee Reports Passed 121-13 12:37pm
19 Amend Conservation Cluster Bylaw Passed 133-15 12:42pm
20 Appointment of Finance Committee Moved for further study 144-100 12:50pm
21 Council on Aging and Community Center Construction Passed 230-71 approx 1:26pm
22 CPA – Housing: Launcher Way Acquisition Passed 268-31 2:08pm
23 Resolution on Expenditure of Funds for Stonebridge Road Bridge Failed 59-236
24 Rescind Appropriation for Framingham Bridge Passed 255-34 2:59pm
25 Loker Grass Field Construction Passed 254-69 3:02pm
27 CPA – Housing: Fire Sprinkler System at 89 Oxbow Condo Trust Passed 130-11 3:37pm
28 CPA – Historic Preservation: Library Document Preservation Passed 131-0 3:42pm

Meeting adjourned at 3:45pm


5 thoughts on “Town Meeting Results, May 14-15, 2022

  1. It looks like the high population of voters was 323. That’s a bit frightening.

    This general lack of interest seems to be the root of the problems that exist. It would be interesting if the system could be improved.

  2. The root of the problem is not interest. It is accessibility. Currently, the majority are disenfranchised.This is not true democracy. Nearly 1/3 of the town are seniors and long time Wayland residents . Can we expect those 4000 people to attend outside town meetings in the hot sun. Never mind those who may be disabled or ill. Technology exists for this voting to happen over the internet. Other places are doing it. And fortunately There is a Wayland committee exploring this. As it is the voice of the minority is deciding for the whole.

  3. And who has time to sit outside all day, or for two days? I don’t know how to fix it, but these are problems.

  4. According to our electronic voting service provider (OTI),
    1. 211 voters checked in to on Saturday’s Town Meeting session
    2. 374 voters checked in to Sunday’s Town Meeting session
    3. 449 voters checked in to either the Saturday or Sunday Town Meeting session

    Based on the timestamps above, Town Meeting ran for a total of 6.75 hours

    Note that the Select Board’s decision hold the meeting outdoors was prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic; it is not standard Wayland practice. The two sessions were held over the weekend because weekday evenings outdoors would be a mosquito festival.

    Wayland’s ELVIS committee has developed a technical solution to “Remote Participation in Town Meeting” via the internet and cellular networks. This solution has been presented at several public ELVIS meetings, as well as to Moderators across the state as we seek interest and support from other towns.

    The next step is to convince the Massachusetts Legislature to make “Remote Participation” legal; the Select Board is leading that effort.

    Dave Bernstein, Chair ELVIS

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