Wednesday, October 20, 1:30pm in the COA. Join us to celebrate October with a mash-up of traditional New England fall favorites and Oktoberfest traditions. We’ll watch a couple of short videos to get in the spirit: one on Oktoberfest traditions and sights and sounds from Munich, and then a Great Courses lecture called “The Everyday Guide to Beer.” It’s a primer on the history of beer and its place among peoples like the Sumerians, Egyptians, and the Medieval Benedictines. You’ll learn about figures like Dukes William IV and Ludwig X of Bavaria and the Reinheitsgebot, and even hear the fascinating story behind the origin of British pub signs. Between the videos we’ll take a break for fresh local cider, delicious cider donuts, and warm soft pretzels. There might be some polka music….who knows? Please join us! Contact the COA at 508-358-2990 or coa@wayland.ma.us to sign up.


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