Public Health Advisory for North Pond of Lake Cochituate Cyanobacteria Bloom Present

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Advisory from the Town:

Visual observations provided by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) indicate the presence of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) cells in North Pond of Lake Cochituate at the Wayland Town Beach Cyanobacteria was also observed by DCR staff at Middle Pond and South Pond of Lake Cochituate. This evidence suggests that the level of cyanobacteria in the water may exceed the MDPH guidelines for recreational waterbodies in Massachusetts and is unsafe for people and pets.

The Wayland Health Department is issuing a PUBLIC HEALTH ADVISORY and signage has been posted at each access point to the Town Beach. MDPH has also recommended that Middle Pond and South Pond issue public health advisories. The advisory is to warn individuals against contact with the water as it is unsafe for people and pets (please see attached sign). We anticipate that ALL sections of Lake Cochituate will have a public health advisory including South Pond, Middle Pond and North Pond.

The Wayland Recreation Department has closed the swimming areas of Lake Cochituate including the Wayland Town beach until further notice. Other nearby cities and towns have also closed public parks and beaches along Lake Cochituate.

MDPH will conduct follow-up sampling at the waterbody when there is no longer visual evidence of a bloom. The Health Department will continue to monitor the lake conditions and post an update on our website once new information is available from the state.


Waterbody Unsafe for People and Pets
Do not swim.
Do not swallow water.
Keep animals away.
Rinse off after contact with water.
Additional info on algae can be found at:

Call the Massachusetts Department of Public Health with questions: 617 624-5757


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