Annual Town Meeting 2022

ATM 2022 Warrant


Information on Articles

Article Listing

Article 1. Recognize Citizens and Employees for Particular Service to the Town

Article 2. Pay Previous Fiscal Years Unpaid Bills

Article 3. Current Year Article 4. OPEB Funding

Article 5. Enterprise Fund Budgets

Article 6. Fiscal Year 2023 Revolving Fund Expenditure Limits

Article 7. Update Personnel Bylaws and Wage & Classification Plan and Fund Union Agreements

Article 8. Surface Water Quality Committee Budget

Article 9. Wastewater FY2022 Budget Request

Article 10. Fiscal Year 2023 Omnibus Budget

Article 11. Capital Stabilization Fund Appropriation

Article 12. Community Preservation Act – Set Asides and Transfers

Article 13. Amend Outdoor Seating Zoning Bylaw

Article 14. Lease Agreement for Space on Reeve’s Hill Cell Tower

Article 15. CPA Open Space: Acquisition of 27 Sherman’s Bridge Road

Article 16. Oxbow Meadow Field ADA Accessibility Funding

Article 17. Local Historic District Bylaw Amendment

Article 18. Amend Bylaw on Finance Committee Reports

Article 19. Amend Conservation Cluster Bylaw

Article 20. Appointment of Finance Committee

Article 21. Council on Aging and Community Center Construction

Article 22. CPA – Housing: Launcher Way Acquisition

Article 23. Resolution on Expenditure of Funds for Stonebridge Road Bridge

Article 24. Rescind Appropriation for Framingham Bridge

Article 25. Loker Grass Field Construction

Article 26. Amend Town Code for the Municipal Affordable Housing Trust Fund

Article 27. CPA – Housing: Fire Sprinkler System at 89 Oxbow Condo Trust

Article 28. CPA – Historic Preservation: Library Document Preservation

Article 29. Town Acceptance of Whittemore Lane as a Public Way

Article 30. Choose Town Officers

Article 31. Hear Reports

Article 32. Sell or Trade Vehicles and Equipment