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Art Exhibits



During January at the Library:

Brawerman Photographs: George and Ruth Brawerman are displaying recent photographs of scenes captured in Florida and in the local area in an exhibit entitled “Here and There.” While they are concerned primarily with recording the beauty and grace of the natural world, they try to add a personal touch to their finished images, emphasizing impressions elicited by these images.

Stone Carvings by Houmann Oshidari: Houmann Oshidari carves letters into stone the traditional way--by hand, with a mallet and chisel. With the age of technology, one thing is clear: the ancient art of carving words into stone is gradually fading away. When a master stone carver passes away, there is often no one to replace him/her. However, occasionally someone like Oshidari comes along who has enough interest and dedication to carry the torch from one generation to the next. Examples of his work may be seen at Anna Jacques Hospital, Acton Memorial Library, M.I.T., Suffolk University, De Cordova Museum, and Northeastern University. He uses brownstone, bluestone, limestone, slate, marble and granite, while the lettering may be gilded with gold, silver, copper, aluminum or palladium leaf. Mr. Oshidari mounts this exhibit in the library display case in memory of his mentor, Frances B. Bunyard. Most of the items were carved especially for this exhibit and represent two years of work!

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