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Wayland Town Crier 12/31/08:  Midyear cuts to local aid could be 'devastating'.  Aid to towns and cities could be on the chopping block in a second round of midyear state budget cuts that local officials were grimly expecting, but have little capacity to absorb.  Gov. Deval Patrick announced he will ask the Legislature for expanded authority to cut the state budget because tax collections may drop another $1 billion below projections. This comes just two months after declining tax revenues triggered $1.4 billion in cuts that included state layoffs, but steered clear of the local aid that fuels municipal departments and schools. Patrick said this time, however, local aid is now on the table.

Metrowest Daily News 12/27/08:  Recycling firms deal with price collapse.  Prices have fallen by up to 60% for recycled materials, yet another hit on revenues for local towns.

Washington Post 12/26/08:  First Lady: A job worth a paycheck.  Wayland attorney and author Laureen Stiller Rikleen writes for the Washington Post on the challenge of defining the role of the first lady.

Nashoba Publishing 12/26/08:  Man hit by car driven by Wayland woman in Acton dies.  A car accident in Acton killed a Shirley man on December 23.  The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Breaking News 12/24/08:  The Building and Planning Departments received a letter from the attorney for CVS stating they are withdrawing their application from the ZBA and Planning Board. The applicant did not state whether or when they would resubmit a new application.

Wayland Town Crier 12/24/08:  School budget needs further cuts; bus fees to be introduced.  On the same day Superintendent Gary Burton presented a $32 million budget for the Wayland Public Schools in the 2009-10 school year, he was sent back to the drawing board to cut another $350,000 due to decreasing revenue and state aid expectations.  The schools are looking at a combination of cuts and fees (including a bus fee for all children that the town is not required to bus for free) to meet the budget.

Wayland Town Crier 12/24/08:  Locals show holiday spirit for family.  After learning that the family of coach Adrian Gomes was facing extra bills just to park for hospital trips for daughter Alex's cancer, residents are raising funds to support the family.

Wayland Town Crier 12/24/08:  An editor's story: how I spent my 'summer vacation'.  Town Crier editor Mike Wyner writes candidly about his battle with cancer.

Wayland Town Crier 12/23/08:  Welcome to "Waybury":  Towns brainstorm ideas to consolidate services.  Sudbury and Wayland may soon be collaborating on a number of cost-cutting initiatives in what many local and state officials predict is the wave of the future.  Regionalization was on the agenda of a joint meeting of the two boards of selectmen.  Combining transfer station operations, library services and recreation department administration, programs and equipment were identified as areas where the towns could share services in the near-term, while developing alternative energy sources, police dispatch and lock-up, as well as collaborating on GIS data gathering and Council on Aging services were identified as longer-term projects to study.

Wayland Town Crier 12/23/08:  Man hit by car driven by Wayland woman in Acton dies.  A car accident in Acton killed a Shirley man on December 23.

Wayland Town Crier 12/23/08:  Wayland artist inspired by the legacy of the Moors.  Wayland artist Mary Tinker Hatch's exhibit "New Work in Painting and Drawing," is inspired by the light, rhythm and natural forms that bear witness to the Moorish presence in Spain.

Wayland Town Crier 12/23/08:  Allen Barker died.  The well-known pianist and piano teacher and long-time Wayland resident, died after a courageous battle with cancer.

Wayland Town Crier 12/23/08:  Wayland High students chosen for Senior District Festival. Seventeen Wayland High School students were recently chosen for the Massachusetts Music Educators Association Senior District Festival in January, including seven who were recommended to audition for All-State ensembles.

Bernard Lee Poker 12/22/08: Wayland resident and professional poker player Bernard Lee releases second book with more insights and lessons on the game The book is available for purchase at his website.

Metrowest Daily News 12/18/08:  State funds water conservation projects in Metrowest, including a SuAsCo Basin project funded up to $34,000.

Wayland Public Ceremonies 12/18/08:  Moderator Peter Gossels has made appointments and reappointments to the Public Ceremonies Committee.

Wayland Town Crier 12/18/08:  Economic forecast grim for fiscal year 2010.  Town officials are currently projecting to cover a $67 million budget for the next fiscal year, which lasts from July 2009 to June 2010, with free cash and ambulance receipts. With state aid expected to drop, as well as license and permit fees, the town is looking at cost cutting initiatives.

Wayland Town Crier 12/18/08:  League of Women Voters organizing first annual Civics Bee.  The League of Women Voters is holding the first annual Civics Bee for Sudbury, Wayland and Weston on March 1, 2-4:30pm at the Wayland Town Building. Sudbury, Wayland and Weston teams will compete answering questions based on the Constitution and how it came to be, the federal government, and U.S. history as it relates to the Constitution. Each town will have a team of nine – three middle school students, three high school students, and three adults of any age.

Wayland Town Crier 12/18/08:  Participate in the 49th Annual Concord Christmas Count.   The 49th annual Concord Christmas Count (CCC) will be held on Sunday, January 4. The CCC, like all other Christmas bird counts in the Western Hemisphere, covers a circle with a radius of 7.5 miles and encompasses an area of 177 square miles.  Birders of all levels are invited to participate, and a concerted effort is being made to expand youth involvement. The $5 fee for participants, which helps to cover the costs of generating materials for compilers, producing an annual summary, and maintaining the Web site and database, is waived for those 18 and under.  People interested in taking part in this season’s Concord Christmas Count should email Hank Norwood or call him at 508-358-7524.  For more information visit www.audubon.org/bird/cbc.

Wayland Town Crier 12/18/08:  Wayland Historical Society hosted Holiday Open House on December 7 at the Grout-Heard House.  The open house featured the theme of "Over the River and Through the Woods" based on the famous poem, "A Boy’s Thanksgiving Day" by Wayland resident Lydia Maria Child. For the first time, WayCam photographed the decorations at the Grout-Heard House, and will broadcast their documentary on December 20 and 22 at 10:30am and 4:30pm on both Comcast Channel 9 and Verizon Channel 37.

Wayland Town Crier 12/18/08:  Rejoicing Spirits reaches out to everyone.  The atmosphere is one of buoyant camaraderie on a recent Sunday afternoon when about 40 people gather in the sanctuary of Peace Lutheran Church on Concord Road in Wayland. Indeed, the event is aptly named "Rejoicing Spirits." An adapted Christian worship service designed to enrich the spiritual lives of individuals with developmental disabilities, Rejoicing Spirits is the special project of diaconal minister Susan L. Haley.

Wayland Town Crier 12/17/08:  Area towns receive fire safety grants.  Wayland received about $7500 in fire safety and equipment grants.

Wayland Public Schools 12/15/08:  A Call for Volunteers.  The school are looking for volunteers for a "Futures Team", which will be charged with working together, under the direction of an educational plant planner the town has hired, to develop the district’s Educational Specifications for Wayland High School.

Wayland Town Crier 12/17/08:  Area towns receive fire safety grants.  Wayland received about $7500 in fire safety and equipment grants.

Wayland Public Schools 12/15/08:  A Call for Volunteers.  The school are looking for volunteers for a "Futures Team", which will be charged with working together, under the direction of an educational plant planner the town has hired, to develop the district’s Educational Specifications for Wayland High School.

 Wayland Town Administrator 12/13/08: Preview from the Town Administrator.  Fred Turkington provides a preview of Monday evening's Selectmen's meeting.

Wayland School Committee 12/12/08: Budget process, the High School project, technology, and more. The School Committee's latest newsletter includes updates on the FY10 budget process, the High School building project, an update on the upcoming plan for improving technology in the classrooms, and links to the the fall forum presentation, and the district report card.

Wayland Student Press 12/12/08: Wayland Dunkin' Donuts future in jeopardy  During the next six months, South Wayland’s Dunkin’ Donuts, Morns, Grape Ideas, and Wayland Wellness Center may undergo a major transformation into a brand new, 13,000 square foot CVS.  A CVS representative recently met with the planning board of Wayland and proposed that the store will be increased in size from 7,000 to 13,000 square feet and that it be open from 8am to 10pm, seven days a week.

Wayland Student Press 12/12/08: Labs and oral presentations to be added to MCAS.  The state is aiming to introduce a critical thinking section, most likely including a lab experiment for the 10th grade science exam, as well as oral presentations for a 10th grade US history exam.

Metrowest Daily News 12/12/08:  The rush to install new, safer pool drains.  New federal regulation is aimed at improving the safety of pool drains, but pool operators are finding it challenging to find the necessary parts.  The Wayland Town Pool has made the necessary updates.

Boston Globe 12/11/08:  SAT scores for 2006-07 were made available by the Department of Education.  Wayland's scores ranked 11th in the state.

Boston Globe 12/11/08:  Wayland native Racey Bingham writes in the Globe's Passport blog: "South of Timbuktu, an almost normal life."   Racey Bingham is a Mickey Leland International Hunger fellow who provides technical assistance to a Malian team in western Africa that is implementing the irrigated agriculture portion of a Millennium Challenge Corporation grant. The MCC is a US government corporation that provides grants to developing countries primarily for infrastructure development.

Boston Globe 12/11/08: Bay State players taking stage with Obama. Wayland native speechwriter Sarah Hurwitz is among Massachusetts residents being considered for Obama administration jobs.

Wayland Town Crier 12/11/08:  Two strategies for removing lake weeds.  Two grant proposals seeking money to clean invasive weeds out of Lake Cochituate have been sent to the state.  All sections of Lake Cochituate are now infested with Eurasian milfoil. The methods of removal differ greatly and would be applied to different sections of the lake, which lies in Framingham, Natick and Wayland.   The North Pond, which sits mostly in Framingham and Wayland, with a corner in Natick, would be cleaned using the herbicide triclopyr followed by pulling out remaining weeds by hand.

Wayland Town Crier 12/11/08:  Local children's author makes stop at Library.  Wayland children’s author Jackie Dembar Greene has come up with a new book suitable for the smaller fry on your gift list titled "Nathan’s Hanukkah Bargain."  Published in September, Nathan’s Hanukkah Bargain tells the story of its namesake protagonist who has saved up his money and now wants his grandfather to take him shopping for a Hanukkah menorah of his very own.  Greene will at the Library on Saturday, December 13 at 11am to introduce "Nathan’s Hanukkah Bargain" to local children and their families. Books will be available for purchase and signing.

Wayland Town Crier 12/11/08:  Wayland bikers become curiosities in India.  Wayland residents Herb and Karen Kavet returned from a trip to India, where they set out on bicycle to get more chance to truly know the area.  But, on bikes, transportation mode of only the poorest in India, they were an oddity.

Wayland Town Crier 12/11/08:  Wayland 'A-Z':  M is for Meetinghouse.

Wayland Public Schools Foundation 12/11/08:  Bringing classrooms into the 21st century.  New technology has made it possible for teachers to present information to their students in ways they couldn’t before. The blackboard and other two-dimensional media are quickly becoming obsolete, as is the traditional overhead projector with transparencies.  Check out this video for a brief live demonstration. But while "smart" classrooms are clearly the wave of the future, they are in varying stages of being implemented. Tight budgets are a key reason.  The Wayland Public Schools Foundation (WPSF) has been instrumental in raising money to support cutting-edge programs and technology in the town’s schools.  Currently celebrating its 25th year, the foundation has funded over $1.5 million for nearly 500 teacher grants to promote excellence in Wayland’s schools.  To help support innovation in Wayland’s schools visit www.waylandpublicschoolsfoundation.org.   

Wayland Town Crier 12/10/08:  Area town officials:  State aid predictions a 'nightmare'.  Predictions of state aid cuts of up to 10 percent for cities and towns next fiscal year comes as grim news to local officials, who were already worried about making it through winter. House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi warned Monday that towns and cities could see local aid cuts of 5 to 10 percent in the state budget beginning in July 2009.

Wayland Town Crier 12/9/08:  Local standup comedian releases first DVD.  Standup comedian Brad Mastrangelo of Wayland has just released his first DVD titled "It Just Doesn’t Matter." A 20-year veteran of the standup comedy circuit, he felt it was time for a DVD. He filmed a live one-man show at the Tupelo Music Hall in Derry, N.H., in front of a sold-out crowd. The DVD runs about an hour long and is full of some of his favorite bits from over the years as well as new material about subjects we can all relate to. You can purchase the DVD for $15 (or a CD for $10) by going to www.bradmastrangelo.com.

Wayland Town Crier 12/9/08:  Resident honored as 2008 Biomedical Research Leader.  Against the backdrop of Massachusetts Biomedical Research Day on Oct. 21, the Massachusetts Society for Medical Research (MSMR) honored its 2008 Biomedical Research Leaders, including Dr. Aldo Rossini of Wayland, chief of the Division of Diabetes at the UMass Medical School, for the depth of their contributions to biomedical research and education in the state.

Boston Globe 12/7/08:  Emerson Hospital won't quit life support.  Many hospitals have stopped providing emergency response advanced life support (ALS), ceding the job to local fire departments or private ambulance services. But not Emerson Hospital. Bucking the trend, the 177-bed facility is working to make sure its own emergency team is ready to answer the call for residents of Concord and the dozen communities closest to it - despite the heavy financial burden as reimbursement from health insurance companies has dramatically declined.  To help carry that burden, the hospital has formed a consortium of fire chiefs from 13 communities - Acton, Bedford, Boxborough, Carlisle, Concord, Lincoln, Littleton, Maynard, Stow, Sudbury, Wayland, Westford, and Weston - along with leaders from the hospital. The consortium will meet quarterly to discuss approaches to emergency medical care and ways to keep costs down - all with the goal of maintaining Emerson's 26-year-old ALS program.

UConn Huskies 12/6/08:  Jessi Foreman (WHS '09) returns after an injury to win the 55m dash in UConn's opening meet.

RPI Athletics 12/5/08:  Day one concludes at League Meet.  Priscilla Wright (WHS '08) is part of the Union foursome that shattered the the women’s 200-freestyle relay Liberty League record with a time of 1:39.46. The previous record of 1:41.36 was set in 2006 by the University of Rochester.

Wayland Town Crier 12/4/08:  Wayland resident in Punt, Pass & Kick finals.  Will Gunshenan of Wayland qualified for and placed second overall in the regional finals in the National Football League’s Punt, Pass & Kick Competition.

Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency 12/4/08:  MEMA issues winter weather preparedness information, with tips to prepare your car, home and family.

Wayland Town Crier 12/4/08:  Wayland and Sudbury discuss how to save money by consolidating services.  Town officials in Wayland and Sudbury are discussing how to collaborate over several areas to consolidate expenses as the economic outlook continues to look dire.  Areas of potential collaboration between the two towns include the transfer station, GIS services, recreational programs and the libraries.

Wayland Town Crier 12/4/08:  Waves of relief continue from Wayland to Waveland.  Wayland to Waveland is sponsoring a holiday program, Homes for the Holidays, that allows you to purchase construction supplies and building materials on their Holiday Gift Registry.
They have identified nine needy families who are in the midst of rebuilding homes but have reached a construction standstill due to lack of funds and supplies. They have compiled a list of what they need to complete construction and move in, including nails, light fixtures, bathroom and kitchen fixtures and cabinets, and doors. Visit their Web site to meet these families, complete the Holiday Gift Registry form, and mail it with a check to Wayland to Waveland Homes for the Holidays, c/o Town of Wayland, 41 Cochituate Road, Wayland MA 01778. Your gift is tax deductible, and with your help W2W will once again make a difference in the lives of families in Waveland.

Wayland Town Crier 12/4/08:  Boy Scouts spruce up Parmenter entrance.  Donations, discounts and some strong hands from Boy Scout Troop 1 spruce up the entrance to Parmenter.  Any individual or organization interested in donating to a project on Parmenter’s "wish list" should contact Cindy Mayher or Robin Gunderson, director of development, at 508-358-3000.

Metrowest Daily News 12/4/08:  Four area women to be honored for community work by Jewish Family Service of MetroWest, including Wayland resident Deborah Horwitz, who has been a member of Combined Jewish Philanthropies for about 20 years.

Wayland Town Crier 12/4/08:  Children learn ins and outs of musical theater.  Want to get your kids interested in acting? Enroll them in a musical theater program. Elaine Jarvis and Nancy Peck run a program through the town’s Park & Recreation Department. For a nominal fee, your child gets immersed into a musical theater production, complete with costumes and a formal stage performance at the end.

Wayland Town Crier 12/4/08:  Town Center to open in spring 2010 at the earliest.  The Twenty Wayland development team is now racing to get their Wayland permits finished by January 15, 2009, in order to open up the anchor store Stop & Shop by the spring of 2010.  The developers say the January 15 deadline is crucial in order to maintain financing for the project from Bank of America.

Sudbury Town Crier 12/2/08:  Sudbury Selectmen hear citizen petitions.  Sudbury Selectman Chair Larry O’Brien and Town Manager Maureen Valente recently met with Wayland Selectmen Chairman Michael Tichnor and Town Administrator Fred Turkington to discuss combining different municipal services.

Wayland Town Crier 12/2/08:  Drumming up support for a good cause.  Max Weiss of Sudbury, along with others, including his father, Stephen Weiss (WHS '84), will drum continuously for four hours in hopes of inspiring community members to make a pledge to the organization.  A community "Drum-a-Thon" will be held Sunday, December 7 from 1 to 5pm at the Curtis Middle School auditorium in Sudbury to raise funds for the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation (MHOF), an organization that donates new and refurbished musical instruments to underserved schools, music programs and individual students nationwide.

Wayland Town Crier 12/2/08:  Local legislators push plan to stop toll hikes.  Still awaiting details on the governor's plans for transportation reform and facing mounting pressure from toll-paying commuters, state lawmakers plan to tackle the issue themselves, beginning with four hearings on the matter.  The Massachusetts Turnpike board voted late last month to again raise tolls to pay debt for the Big Dig, prompting strong opposition, especially from MetroWest legislators, with several area lawmakers arguing that a raise in the state gas tax would be more equitable.

Campus Bound Press Release 11/13/08:  Former Wayland High School Guidance Director Norma Greenberg joins Campus Bound.  Campus Bound is pleased to announce that Norma Greenberg, former Guidance Director at Wayland High School, has recently joined the Campus Bound college admissions and financial aid advising team. Ms. Greenberg will be working with students on an individual basis as they progress through the college search and application process.  Ms. Greenberg served as Director of Guidance at Wayland High School for nearly twenty years before her retirement in 2006.

Boston Globe 11/27/08:  Fears of Pike spillover.  As the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority pressed its plan to raise tolls, city and town officials along the highway's corridor said they feared an increase would drive motorists to already congested secondary roads such as routes 9, 20, and 30.  Officials in Watertown, Natick, Wayland, and Newton expressed concerns about the effect a toll increase would have on pedestrian safety, emergency vehicle access, and quality of life for residents.

Wayland Town Crier 11/26/08:  Gov. Patrick is open to raising gas tax instead of tolls.  Gov.  Patrick says he is open to the idea of raising the gas tax as an alternative to raising turnpike tolls but only if the increase is large enough to address some long-term financial problems.  Plans to hike tolls have led many lawmakers to propose a gas tax increase instead.

Wayland Town Crier 11/26/08:  Group seeks volunteers to help with reading, math.  Do you love to teach, read and help elementary school children? SOAR, Service Opportunities After Reaching 55, is seeking volunteers to join its team of Learning Partners and help children with reading and math skills in Wayland and Framingham.

Wayland Town Crier 11/26/08:  MetroWest jobless rate drops for the holidays. MetroWest continued to outperform the rest of the state's economy in October, as its unemployment rate was nearly half a percent less than the state, at 3.9%, well-below the state rate of 5% and federal rate of 6.5%.

Bridgewater Independent and Enterprise 11/26/08:  Bridgewater Selectmen make pick for key post, selecting former Wayland Town Administrator Jeff Ritter to be their interim municipal administrator.

Wayland Town Crier 11/26/08:  Woman rescues herself and her dog from fire.  A woman threw her dog out a first-floor window and then jumped out herself to avoid an early morning fire yesterday at her Rice Spring Hill Lane home, a fire official said.

Wayland Town Crier 11/26/08:  Where everybody knows your name: Dudley Chateau looks to renovate.

Boston Globe 11/26/08:  Wise will head Lippincott.  Rick Wise of Wayland will take over as chief executive of Lippincott, a brand strategy and design consulting firm. Lippincott is a unit of the Oliver Wyman Group, an international management consulting firm.

Wayland Town Crier 11/26/08:  Jazz Arts Trio to play free concert at Wayland High School's Little Theater.  Lifetime friends, the members of the Jazz Arts Trio began playing together over 30 years ago while attending Wayland Junior High School. They will be performing on Friday, December 5 at 8pm at Wayland High School’s Little Theater.

Wayland Town Crier 11/26/08:  Holiday Open House at Russell's Garden Center.  Festivities are planned throughout the weekend, including a visit from Santa  and live animals.  Warm up with holiday refreshments from Russell’s friendly staff and vendors. The event is free.

Wayland Town Crier 11/26/08:  Wayland Charitable Committee needs help.  The Wayland Charitable Committee was founded at the end of 1997 to distribute funds left by Suzanne M.A. Leavitt, a longtime resident, to help others in town who are down on their luck. It is one of 10 trusts in the community administered by our Commissioners of Trust Funds, and helps residents in financial difficulty pay for essential needs.  Because of the spike in energy costs this year, the committee is looking for donations right now. Please make out your checks to the Wayland Charitable Committee, and send them to the Town Treasurer (attention: Mike Patterson), Wayland Town Building, 41 Cochituate Road, Wayland MA 01778.

Wayland Town Crier 11/26/08:  Rabbi aims to help Wayland Police Department.  For the first time in just over ten years, the Wayland Police Department has a chaplain, a volunteer position which provides grief counseling to residents and support to the police staff.

Wayland Town Crier 11/26/08:  Howdy Partner!  Wayland couple creates saloon in their home.  The Judys have turned their family room into a Wild West saloon, the Golden Pearl, complete with bar, and sawdust on the floor.

FireRescue1 11/23/08: Mass paramedic service running in the red. The Central Middlesex EMS Collaborative serves 13 communities, including Wayland. It is currently operating at a loss because Medicare does not cover the entire cost of service, and is considering adding a flat rate charge for Medicare patients, or possibly discontinuing EMS service.

MassCue 11/2008:  Wayland High School wins the MassCue (Massachusetts Computer Using Educators) 2008 Webbie for best website for a school. 

IndianCountry.com 11/22/08:  Heard houses unparalleled collection of Southwest American Indian art.    There is a certain irony in the fact that someone from the cold, damp climate of the northeast (Wayland to be exact) was the driving force behind the creation of the Heard Museum, home of one of the finest collections of American Indian art of the hot, dry southwest.

NECN 11/22/08:  Dream House: Urban cabin. A Massachusetts architect turned a house the owners called a chicken coop into a urban cabin in the woods of Wayland, Massachusetts.

Metrowest Daily News 11/21/08:  "Greening SuAsCo Watershed" forum December 6.  Titled "Greening the SuAsCo Watershed: LEED, LID and Other Tools for Responding to Climate Change" the SuAsCo Watershed Community Council's 10th annual forum will be held on Saturday December 6, 8am-1pm at Clock Tower Place in Maynard.  The registration fee is $35 if postmarked by November. 26, $40 if postmarked by December 1, and $45 at the door. Checks can be made to SuAsCo Watershed Community Council, 118 Great Road, Suite 200, Stow, MA 01775.

UConn Huskies 11/21/08:  Women's Track & Field elects five captains for the 2008-09 season.  Among them, sprinter Jessi Foreman (WHS '05) who is the UConn record holder in the 60m dash and is a two-time NCAA qualifier and a two-time BIG EAST Champion in both the 60m and 100m dash. She also adds a New England Championship title to her list of accolades.

Boston Globe 11/20/08:  Pollution lawsuit pays off: eight towns share MBTE settlement. Eight area communities are among 83 statewide that are receiving settlement money from a lawsuit related to the presence of a gasoline additive in public drinking-water supplies.  Wayland's settlement was $533,000.  Wayland's Town Administrator Frederic Turkington said there is no planned use for the $533,000 settlement his town received. which will be placed in the town's general fund. "As far as contamination, there was none to trace amounts," Turkington said, and no cleanup measures were required.

Wayland Town Crier 11/20/08: Pike board schedules four hearings on toll plan.  The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority has scheduled four public hearings, including one in Framingham (6:30-8:30pm on Wednesday, December 17 in Nevins Hall at the Memorial Building, 150 Concord St., Framingham), about the proposed toll increases voted last week by the Pike Board.

Wayland Town Crier 11/20/08:  Embattled developer owes $450k in taxes and fees.  Already ensnared in bankruptcy court, RTM Framingham LLC, owner of what was supposed to be a one-of-a-kind housing project on a 170-acre parcel near the Wayland line owes almost $450,000 in taxes, interest and fees.

Burlington Free Press 11/20/08:  Stratton Mountain racers to compete in US Ski Team project.  Four Stratton Mountain School alpine racers (including sophomore Blake Pendleton of Wayland) have been chosen to participate in a National Development System camp project with the U.S. Ski Team, December 6 - 13 in Beaver Creek, Colorado, and athletes will have the opportunity to train on the famous “Birds of Prey” World Cup downhill track.   The SMS boys will be part of 24 juniors selected from around the country on the basis of their competitive results from last year.

Boston Herald 11/19/08:  Smith Barney exec honored.  The Winner’s Circle has recognized Wayland resident Harold W. Schwartz as one of the top 50 financial advisers in Massachusetts’ wealth-management industry.

Wayland Town Crier 11/18/08: Legislators move to block toll increase.  A bipartisan group of 36 state lawmakers is backing legislation to freeze toll increases, just days after the Mass. Turnpike Authority board voted to nearly double the cost of commuting on the east end of the Pike.  Legislation, proposed by Rep. Steven Walsh, D-Lynn, and co-sponsored by Sen. Scott Brown, R-Wrentham, would strip the Turnpike Authority board's power to change toll rates until Dec. 31, 2009, or until "a comprehensive transportation plan is passed, whichever is sooner," according to a press release. Brown called last Friday's vote by the Pike board "truly an insult to the commuters of MetroWest who are already getting whacked with other expenses."

Wayland Town Crier 11/18/08:  Veterans and heroes honored during halftime show.  The halftime show at the Wayland High School football game last Friday was unique as it honored our nation’s heroes.  This included not only veterans and those in the armed forces, but also police, fire, EMT and others who help our country. The first veteran-dedicated halftime show was created right after Sept. 11, 2001.  At the halftime show, there were veterans from many wars, including World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, a Pearl Harbor survivor, and soldiers from Iraq. The service was dedicated to all veterans, everywhere. Some names were read of band alumni currently serving, and other Wayland residents who served in the armed forces.

Wayland Town Crier 11/18/08:  JCAM files lawsuit against Wayland Zoning Board of Appeals, claiming they are should not be required to obtain earth moving special permits with site plan approval for their proposed cemetery.  The cemetery project has already been approved by the Board of Health and the Conservation Commission, but still needs ZBA approval.  A ruling made on Aug. 26 by the ZBA required JCAM to obtain earth movement special permits and site plan approval for the new cemetery.

Wayland Town Crier 11/18/08:  Local legislators suggest gas tax increase instead of toll hike.  With credit-rating agencies bearing down, the ever-present Big Dig debt looming, and local commuters crying foul, the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority Board recommended increases in toll fees last week.  The move has prompted at least two legislators, state Rep. David Linsky, D-Natick, and state Rep. Alice Peisch, D-Wellesley, to formally push for an increase in the state's gas tax.  State Senator Scott Brown opposes an increase in the gas tax.

Milford Daily News 11/17/08:  Porrell heads for Coaches' Hall of Fame.  Warrior Basketball coach Joe will be inducted into the Massachusetts Basketball Coaches Association's Hall of Fame at a banquet on Sunday night at Holy Cross.  Porrell coached the Warriors varsity team for twenty years, finishing with a 313-140 record, seven Dual County League championships, and two state titles.

Episcopal Church 11/17/08:  The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit, Wayland, has received a grant of $44,948 to enable its rector, the Rev. Dr. Frederick Moser, to participate in the National Clergy Renewal Program funded by the Indianapolis-based Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Wayland to Waveland 11/17/08:  Wayland to Waveland Efforts Continue.  Recovery efforts in Waveland are still continuing, and FEMA trailors still remain on Waveland's streets.  While their struggle to rebuild lives and homes has drifted from the public consciousness, the public should not assume life is back to normal for the survivors of one of the deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States. Toward that end, W2W will soon provide more details of its Homes for the Holidays project, whereby Wayland can once again extend their hands to our neighbors in Waveland. Thanks in advance to those of you who have already expressed interest in further efforts to help.

Metrowest Daily News 11/16/08:  Wayland man's book portrays Champlain as complex pioneer.  Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David Hackett Fischer followed the 400-year-old trail left by Samuel de Champlain to discover a man of remarkable complexity whose legacy still shapes Canada and North America. In his new book, "Champlain's Dream," the Wayland author has documented his humane treatment and vision of harmonious relations with Indians and his role founding three still-existing cultures in Canada. Subtitled "The European Founding of North America," Fischer's 10th book chronicles Champlain's remarkable accomplishments as a soldier, secret agent, master mariner, explorer, mapmaker, artist and statesman with the verve of a great adventure story.  On Saturday, November 29, Fischer will discuss "Champlain's Dream" on the radio show "Pages to People" hosted by Rob Mitchell. The show can be heard on WBNW-AM 1120 and WPLM-AM 1390 at 6pm.

Wayland Town Crier 11/14/08:  Recaps of Special Town Meeting:

Wayland Town Crier 11/14/08:  Turnpike Board OKs toll hikes.  The authority’s board approved toll hikes of 75 cents at the Weston and Allston-Brighton tollbooths, where drivers currently pay $1.25. It voted to double the tolls at the Sumner and Ted Williams tunnels to $7. Fast Lane users would pay $1.50 at Weston and Allston-Brighton and $6 in the tunnels.

Boston Globe 11/13/08:  Story of hope in Baghdad.  It took "small" miracles for Holliston filmmaker to bring tale to big screen.  The film was inspired by a story in a book borrowed from the Wayland Library ("Figs and Fate: stories about growing up in the Arab World" by author Elsa Marston).  The movie will be shown in a variety of locations around the area, including at the Wayland Library on December 11 at 7:30pm.

Boston Globe 11/13/08:  With tighter limits on funds, some parks take a hard fall.  High court's ruling hits home for cities, towns with little room to create new recreational facilities.  Judges rules against Newton in a CPA case involving an artificial turf field, interpreting the CPA law as not allowing funds to be used to renovate recreational facilities - unless they were initially purchased or created with those funds.  Judges in a related case in Wayland ruled in favor of the Town.  That suit was filed under the state's 10 taxpayer statute, in which residents must (but did not) file before money is spent. Legislators are considering changes to the CPA law, recognizing that there are communities have little open space who still have a need to improve existing recreational spaces.

Wayland Town Crier 11/13/08:  Natick worries as Mall debts loom.  Natick officials have kept a wary eye on how Natick will be affected by the financial troubles facing the owner of Natick Collection, which provides the town with millions in tax revenue each year. General Growth Properties Inc., the nation's second-largest mall owner, announced it may default on some of its $1 billion debt obligation due next month.

Wayland Town Crier 11/13/08:  Wealth of information available at Wayland Library.  The Library's new access to databases provides residents with a wide variety of detailed information sources, including the Auto Repair Reference Center, the Home Improvement Reference Center, and Academic OneFile, which has full-text articles from 8000 academic journals.

Wayland Town Crier 11/13/08:  District attorney's office and Wayland Police work together.  Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone and Wayland Police Chief Robert Irving announced a comprehensive set of new initiatives aimed at combating instances of domestic violence and serving victims in Wayland.

Wayland Town Crier 11/13/08:  Candlelight vigil lights up awareness of domestic violence.  At a recent service at First Parish in Wayland, victims of domestic violence deaths were remembered.  Last year had the highest rate of rate of domestic violence homocides of the past fifteen years.  There are currently 228 active restraining orders in Lincoln, Sudbury and Wayland. 

Wayland Town Crier 11/13/08:  Marathoner moves on with memories of running partner.   Kate Pederson credits community support and two new puppies with helping her complete her first full marathon since her yellow lab, Henry, died earlier this year.  She completed the New York Marathon, and raised funds for City Meals on Wheels.

Wayland Town Crier 11/13/08:  Sgt. Richard Manley on road to recovery.  Wayland police sergeant Richard Manley is recovering from injuries resulting from an accident with a motor vehicle when his bicycling near his home in Stow.  His bike helmet may have saved his life, but he did sustain serious injuries, and will need another 2-4 months to return to work.

Wayland Town Crier 11/13/08:  Congregation Or Atid member wins award from Sudbury Youth Commission for volunteerism. 

Wayland Town Crier 11/10/08:  Patrick planning to dismantle Mass Turnpike.

Wayland School Community Program 11/10/08: Fall plantings brighten school grounds.  A donation from D&D Garden Center in Stow is brightening each of Wayland's schools.

Wayland Town Crier 11/8/08:  Firefighters knock down fire in Wayland. A fire on Plain Road was quickly extinguished by Wayland firefighters. The house was not damaged, but its contents were.

University of Vermont 11/7/08:  Vermont women's lacrosse team names captains. Wayland-native and UVM Sophomore Megan McDonald was selected as one of three captains.  Last year, MacDonald became the first Catamount in the program’s history to garner America East Rookie of the Year honors. She also earned a spot on the America East All-Conference Second Team, All-Rookie Team and the America East All-Championship Team. She finished 2008 ranked second on the team in scoring with 38 points on 29 goals and nine assists. Her 29 goals set a new UVM freshman record for most goals in a single season.

WCVB.com 11/6/08:  Wayland High School's Jeremy Pivor is WCVB Channel 5's Weekly "A+" student on going segment profiling outstanding high school seniors who often overcome incredible odds to be the best in their school.

Wayland Town Crier 11/6/08:  Judge tosses lawsuit against Wayland.

Town of Wayland 11/6/08:  The Town of Wayland has prevailed in litigation seeking to nullify the vote of a November 2006 Special Town Meeting to appropriate $300,000 in Community Preservation Act funds for the construction of a synthetic turf athletic field at Wayland High School.

Wayland Town Crier 11/6/08:  Honoring our veterans next Tuesday.  An outing to an unusual museum evoking the past and an outreach to the generations of the future will mark the commemoration of Veterans Day in Wayland this year. Homage will also be paid to tradition with ceremonies at the Wayland Veterans Memorial starting at 11am on Tuesday, November 11.

Wayland Town Crier 11/6/08:  Wayland Business Association keeps busy.  The 33-year old organization of Wayland business members donates thousands of dollars each year to charitable causes within the town.  This year, they have added a second fundraiser (the first was a jazz brunch in the spring, which raised $8,000) – a silent auction and wine and cheese tasting, to be followed by a performance of the musical "A Man of No Importance" on Saturday, November 20 at Vokes Theatre.  For reservations and additional information call 617-467-6120 or visit www.waylandbusinessassociation.org.

Wayland Town Crier 11/6/08:  Help youth charity group on Saturday.  The mission of Make the Dash Count is to inspire and empower youth leaders to become the next generation of philanthropists by actively engaging them in the process of giving back to help other young people in need.  The group's fundraiser "Recycle and Give Back" will be held on Saturday, November 8, 1-4pm at Wayland Middle School. Area residents are asked to bring their old computers, monitors, printers and cell phones for recycling. The cost is considerably less than through local recycling centers, at $15 to $18 for a computer, $15 for a printer, and $2 for a cell phone. For more information about the organization or upcoming fundraiser, call 508-877-5683 or visit www.makethedashcount.com. You can also make an online donation through the Web site.

Wayland Town Crier 11/5/08:  Rep. Tom Conroy wins decisive victory against Sue Pope. Wayland, Sudbury and Lincoln residents voted decisively – by a 60 percent margin – to re-elect state Rep. Tom Conroy, D-Wayland. Conroy defeated Republican Susan Pope of Wayland, who had hoped to recapture the seat she held six years ago.

Wayland Town Crier 11/5/08:  Residents upset with plans for new CVS.  The developers of a proposed CVS Pharmacy were met earlier this week with outraged residents who feel the store would ruin the area’s village feel.  The project, which would drop a 13,000-square-foot CVS Pharmacy on the corner of East Plain Street and Route 27, was presented during Monday night’s Planning Board meeting.

Wayland Town Crier 11/5/08:  Scott Brown re-elected to state senate, taking nearly 60% of the vote.  Challenger Sara Orozco took more votes in Wayland.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Superior Court 10/29/08:  The Massachusetts Superior Court has ruled in favor of Wayland in the ten-taxpayer suit filed against the Town challenging the lawfulness of the turf field expenditure under the Community Preservation Act. Summary judgment has been entered for Wayland, and the case has been dismissed.

Middlebury 11/5/08:  Men's soccer to host NESCAC Tourney.  Third-seed Trinity's team includes Wayland-native Junior Sam Wisner, who leads the team in scoring and is third in the conference.

Boston Globe 11/4/08:  Tom Conroy wins re-election as State Representative, defeating challenger Susan Pope in all three towns in the district.

Boston Globe 11/4/08:  Scott Brown wins re-election as State Senator, defeating Sara Orozco by a 59-41% margin. Orozco won 53% of the vote in Wayland.

Wayland Town Crier 11/4/08:  Two alarm fire damages artist studio at the corner of East Plain Street and Leary Street.  Most of the artwork was saved, but two cars outside the garage were destroyed.  There were no injuries, and the fire department had the fire under control twenty minutes after their arrival.

Wayland Town Crier 11/4/08:  Wayland police briefs.

Wayland Town Crier 11/4/08:  Lexington actress stars in Vokes' musical season opener.  "A Man of No Importance," runs through November 22 at the Vokes Theatre.

Boston Globe 11/4/08:  Voters this year have rejected almost two-thirds of overrides.  Only 38 of 102 Proposition 2 1/2 override attempts succeeded this year, the worst rate of passage since 1996, when 32% of overrides were approved.  Wayland was among communities bucking the trend, passing a $1.9 million in back April.

Wayland Town Crier 11/4/08:  Local business owners upset about impact of Town Center on parking.  Local business owners were upset after learning that more than half of the parking spaces in front of their buildings would be removed as part of the new 370,000-square-foot Town Center development. The buildings on Cochituate Road near the Collins Market Building on Route 27 currently have about 15 parking spaces where customers and employees can park. According to the project’s special permit, MassHighway asked the town to "modify the on-street parking spaces on the westerly side of Route 27 north of Route 20 in the area of the Collins Market Building so that they are parallel to Route 27." This change would reduce the number of spaces to about six.

Boston Globe 11/3/08:  Time will tell.  No basketball was being played in the Wayland Junior High School gymnasium on Nov. 5, 1968. It was Election Day, and every voting booth was full. John McCain was in a North Vietnamese prison, and Barack Obama was 7. Which would have been more amazed to learn he'd be his party's nominee for president 40 years later?

Boston Globe 11/1/08:  Wayland Sophomore Brett Baker won the 10th Grade Division II 3.1 mile race at the State Coaches Invitational with a time of 16:57.15.

Metrowest Daily News 11/1/08:  Retired teachers lending a helping hand.  Former Wayland High School teacher "Doc" Roemer is now retired and volunteering his help in the schools of his hometown, Franklin, as part of a pilot program to get retired teachers back and involved with the schools.

Metrowest Daily News 11/1/08:  Wayland Gulf station robbed, police search for suspect. Wayland Police are searching for a man who robbed the Wayland Gulf gas station on Main Street Thursday night at about 9pm. A press release says police are looking for a white man, 6 feet tall, 200 pounds with some facial hair, who last night was wearing a hooded sweat shirt and blue latex gloves. The man allegedly approached a store clerk brandishing a medium-sized hunting knife and demanded money. The press release does not say what the man stole, but police communications last night suggested cash and an iPod were taken.  The man fled on foot toward the Cochituate ball field. The Wayland Police Detective Bureau continues to investigate. If you have information, contact police at 508-358-4721.

Natick Bulletin & Tab 10/30/08:  Economy rules state senate debate.  Sara Orozco and Scott Brown debated in Attleboro on Wednesday night.  The debate will be rebroadcast on the Wayland Channel (Comcast 9, Verizon 37) on Monday, November 3, 5-6:30pm.

Wayland Town Crier 10/30/08: Toll plaza changes at 128.  As part of a plan to reconfigure toll lanes and increase traffic flow throughout the Pike, the MassPike East toll plaza near Route128 will be changed this weekend.  All motorists paying cash will be directed to the middle of the toll plaza, while drivers with FastLane transponders will stay to the left side of the toll plaza.

Politiker.com 10/30/08:  Markey to campaign for Orozco, Conroy.  Congressman Edward Markey is slated to appear at a sign standout and rally for state Senate candidate Sara Orozco and state Rep. Tom Conroy on Thursday, according to Orozco's campaign. Markey, a Malden Democrat, will headline a rally at Wayland Center on Thursday, 5:30-7pm.

Wayland Town Crier 10/30/08:  New transportation options for seniors and people with disabilities.  Thanks to a new arrangement between our Council on Aging (COA) and Metrowest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA), exciting transportation options will open up in January for Wayland residents over age 65 and/or handicapped of any age for door-to-door dial-a-ride services on an expanded basis over what is now available through JFK Transportation.

Wayland Town Crier 10/30/08:  Brown and Orozco campaigns for Senate heat up

Wayland Town Crier 10/30/08:  Jack-o'-lanterns light up town center.  Spread the Bread's latest fundraiser was their first ever Light the Spirit event. Every third week in October is National "Make a Difference" Week, and the Spread the Bread event this year was a jack-o’-lantern festivity. There were approximately 35 pumpkins which ranged from a witch pumpkin to a Red Sox pumpkin to a police pumpkin.

Wayland Town Crier 10/30/08:  Profile of candidate Tom Conroy.

Wayland Town Crier 10/30/08:  Profile of candidate Sue Pope.

Wayland Town Crier 10/30/08:  Wayland High School sophomore hits the big top. Sophomore Jamie Nanni spent this past summer touring New England with Circus Smirkus, a traveling youth circus for performers ages 10 to 18.

Wayland Town Crier 10/30/08:  Wayside Hospice founder to speak at Parmenter gala. Edith L. Murray, founder of Wayside Hospice, will be the keynote speaker at the fifth annual Parmenter Gala on Thursday, November 6, at the Newton Marriott.  The evening, with NewsCenter 5’s Ed Harding as emcee, includes a reception, dinner, and silent and live auction items offering excitement, romance, getaways and gift-certificates for children and adults.  To attend the gala, email Robin Gunderson or call her at 508-358-3000, ext. 296, or visit www.parmenter.org.

Bryant University 10/30/08:  Cross-Country gets ready for Northeast Conference Championships; First team to compete for Division I Conference Championship in School History.  Among top competitors for the women is Wayland's Casey Fenwick.

Boston Globe 10/30/08:  Shared services getting a fresh look.  Communities are re-looking at regionalizing some services to save money as budgets get increasingly tighter.

Boston Globe 10/30/08:  Absentee ballots are hot tickets.  Clerks facing surge for Tuesday election.  Voters have until noon Monday to apply for an absentee ballot at Town Building. Late applicants can vote in person at the Town Clerk's office if it is too late for a ballot to be mailed and returned in time. The deadline for the return of a ballot is the closing of the polls at 8pm on Election Day.

Wayland Town Crier 10/29/08:  Special Town Meeting Warrant Hearing and logistics for Special Town Meeting.  The Special Town Meeting Warrant Hearing will be held on Monday, November 3 at 7:30pm during the Board of Selectmen’s meeting at Town Building.  Special Town Meeting is being held in the gymnasium at Wayland Middle School on Wednesday, November 12 at 7:30pm.

Metrowest Daily News 10/29/08:  Wayland selectmen OK traffic plan.  Seeking to improve traffic flow and safety around Claypit Hill school, Selectmen have approved the policemen's plan to make part of Adams Lane one-way during school pick-up and drop-off times.

BernardLeePoker.com 10/28/08:  Massachusetts professional poker player Bernard Lee takes World Poker Finals title.  The Wayland resident beat more than three hundred competitors to win his third title in three years.

Metrowest Daily News 10/28/08:  Many local politicians support minimum gun age.  Some area lawmakers are vowing to back legislation keeping automatic weapons out of the hands of children, following the accidental shooting death of a Connecticut 8-year-old Sunday on a Westfield firing range.

Worcester Telegram 10/28/08: Former Wayland basketball coach Jim Porrell among those to be inducted into the Massachusetts State Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame.  The banquet will be held November 23.  For more information, contact Ilya Nicholas,

Wayland Town Crier 10/28/08:  Both boys crew and girls crew do their part in crew championships.  This past Sunday at the State public school rowing championships, Wayland-Weston Crew walked away with boys team trophy and the girls team trophy. Both teams contributed to the program's winning the overall team trophy and the State championship.

Boston Globe 10/24/08:  High Court rejects Newton's use of tax money for parks.  In a case stemming from Newton, the state's highest court ruled has ruled that a property tax surcharge collected by communities under the Community Preservation Act cannot be used to improve existing parks, a decision that will likely impact park and recreation area improvement projects across the state.  The impact on the Wayland High School artificial turf and pending lawsuit is not known.

Boston Globe 10/26/08:  Kicking in his share of wins.  Brian Harvey (WHS '08) beat out three other freshman to be the No. 1 kicker for the University of Maine football team. On Saturday, the former Wayland High standout booted the game-winning extra point in the Black Bears' 41-40 double-overtime victory against Hofstra.

Boston Globe 10/26/08:  Police Sergeant says thanks- Wayland police Sergeant Richard Manley, speaking by phone from his hospital bed at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, said last week he wanted to express his thanks to everyone who has called him and sent their regards since he was hit by a car October 11 while riding his bicycle in Stow. Manley, 51, was seriously injured, suffering a broken pelvis and collarbone and some swelling in his spine. He is the most senior officer on the force, with 30 years of service. He is also the department's training officer and has been the night shift commander for more than 20 years. Manley could be off the job for several months while he recovers.

Metrowest Daily News 10/24/08:  Saxonville developer drawn into bankruptcy case.  The developer for a proposed one-of-a-kind, 170-acre housing subdivision is being dragged into bankruptcy court by one of its creditors. RTM Framingham, the owner of the project known as Danforth Green, which calls for a mix of 525 homes, apartments and condos, has been pulled into U.S. Bankruptcy Court through an involuntary judicial petition.

Columbia Spectator 10/24/08:  Dartmouth's Jenny looks to build on last season's successes.  Despite some excellent performances from Alex Jenny during his first five games this season, Dartmouth has started the season 0-5, his team looking for its first win against Columbia.

Boston Globe 10/24/08:  Income tax fight costs a lot to wage.  Support for the proposal appears to be dwindling as opponents of eliminating the income tax have gotten their message out.  This battle is clearly seen as important beyond the state's borders;  while opponents have significantly more funding, both sides have received over their half their funding from outside the state.  The question, brought by a voter petition organized by the Wayland-based Committee for Small Government, would become law if approved, and would cut about 40% of the state's revenues. Those figures are enough to unite labor and business interests that ordinarily might clash on Beacon Hill, generating opposition from a broad spectrum of public officials and community leaders.  The report referenced in this article by Global Insight is available online here.

Wayland Town Crier 10/23/08:  Repairs needed to Public Safety Building.  For residents who may be wondering what all the activity around the town’s Public Safety Building is about, the siding is being replaced on almost the entire structure.  The repair work is necessary because of design defects, and the Town is seeking to recover costs from the architect.

Boston Globe 10/23/08:  Education helps insulate region from job loss.  The economic downturn that has led employers across the country to shed jobs is playing out a little differently in the western suburbs, with their high concentration of well-educated workers.  The latest unemployment figures available from the state indicate that Massachusetts is doing better than the rest of the country and that the western suburbs are doing better still.

Wayland Town Crier 10/23/08:  Records fall at Wayland XC Festival.  Nearly 300 runners of all ages and abilities participated in the Wayland XC Festival at Wayland High School on Sunday, Oct. 12. The cross-country running festival included an open 5k race, a 3k race for ages 11 to 14, and a 3k race for ages 10 and under.  For complete results, visit http://www.waylandxc.com

Wayland Town Crier 10/23/08:  'Adopt' a photo for Vokes Players Collection.  The Adopt an Artifact Campaign seeks to find donors to "adopt" 46 photographs and pay for their conservation. For information on adopting a photograph email Donnie Baillargeon at or call 508-358-2011.

Wayland Town Crier 10/23/08:  Learn how to help your child achieve a healthy body weight.

Wayland Town Crier 10/23/08:  Conroy and Pope discuss the economy and their views on the state's budget, ways to save money and their priorities for necessary services.

Wayland Town Crier 10/23/08:  Resident wins award for devotion to golden retrievers. Longtime Wayland resident Joy Viola recently received the Vern Bower Humanitarian Award from the Golden Retriever Club of America for her exemplary contributions and selfless devotion to the breed, including her work in golden retriever rescue.

Wayland Town Crier 10/23/08:  Having a ball at the Harvest Fun Fair.  Although it was chilly, many Wayland High School students, as well as children and their families, showed up for the annual Harvest Day Fun Fair in Wayland on Saturday.  School clubs hosted the event, running a variety of entertaining booths to bring the high school and community together, and to raise money.

WBUR 10/23/08:  The lopsided money and politics behind Question 1.  In November, when they vote on Question One, the people of Massachusetts will decide whether to eliminate the state income tax.  The forces trying to persuade voters on either side of the issue are not evenly matched. On one side is much of the state's political establishment, on the other a small band of determined activists.

PolitickerMA.com 10/22/08:  In Conroy-Pope rematch, legislative effectiveness plays big role.  State Rep. Tom Conroy's rematch this year against Susan Pope, who he beat to take the seat in 2006, appears to hinge on which legislator has best represented Middlesex County's 13th District. And that's exactly how both candidates want it.

Wayland Police Department 10/22/08:  The Wayland Board of Selectmen will consider changes for Claypit Hill School and Adams Lane that have been proposed by the Wayland Police Department to help with traffic flow and safety during the Claypit Hill School drop-off and pick-up times. The Board will consider proposals at the Board of Selectmen meeting scheduled for October 27th at 7:15pm.

Metrowest Daily News 10/22/08:  Old gravel lot may now interest town.  Framingham town officials may look at purchasing all or part of a 170-acre parcel once slated for a sprawling subdivision on the old New England Sand and Gravel property. The Planning Board last night recommended the town take a fresh look at the property for the 525-unit Danforth Green project near the Wayland town line because the development appears stalled.

Metrowest Daily News 10/22/08:  Signs along Sudbury River warn of Mercury-tainted fish.  With a study on cleaning up the Sudbury River still in the works, federal officials are reminding residents of the risks of eating mercury-contaminated fish from the waterway. Over the past few weeks, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency contractors replaced 49 of the now-familiar signs along the river, urging fishermen not to consume what they catch.

Wayland Town Crier 10/21/08:  Suggestions made to Ad Hoc Budget Committee to examine bottom line.  With the budget planning process under way, the Ad Hoc Budget Advisory Committee took suggestions from the public on how the town can save more money. The Ad Hoc Budget Committee, made up of members of the School Committee, Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee, in addition to Town Administrator Fred Turkington and Superintendent Gary Burton, heard ideas for the fiscal year 2010 budget that ranged from reducing energy consumption to cutting educational activities. 

Metrowest Daily News 10/21/08:  MetroWest's unemployment rate lower than state's.  Area businesspeople credit MetroWest's diverse economy for keeping unemployment rates below the state average.  State unemployment levels are about a percentage point lower than the national average, the MetroWest fares better than the state as whole.

Wayland Town Crier 10/21/08:  State senator candidate Orozco failed to vote in four out of six local elections.  While she did vote in nearly all state and federal level elections, Democratic Candidate Sara Orozco failed to vote in several town elections, including three override votes.

Wayland School Committee 10/20/08:  The new school year. The School Committee October newsletter discusses, among several items, the elementary school reconfiguration, full day kindergarten, and search for a new Middle School principal.

Wayland Town Crier 10/17/08:  Town officials meet with state lawmakers.  Following a roundtable session Wednesday, Sudbury and Wayland town officials agreed yesterday that Beacon Hill lawmakers had a better understanding of their financial concerns amid the planned $1 billion in state budget cuts.  Officials met with state Rep. Tom Conroy, D-Sudbury, and House Ways and Means Chairman Robert DeLeo to talk about their worries.

Wayland Finance Committee 10/17/08:  Flexible hiring freeze and spending controls recommended by FinCom to manage upcoming fiscal year budgets. 

Wayland Police Department 10/17/08: Halloween safety tips and free glow sticks.  The police department offers safety tips to trick-or-treaters, parents and homeowners.  Also, they are offering free glow sticks to children at the Public Safety Building.

Wayland Town Crier 10/16/08: Gossels fund for Human Dignity presents talk on Obama candidacy.  The Gossels Fund for Human Dignity, established by Wayland residents Peter and Werner Gossels and their families, exists to promote respect for humanity, peaceful learning and reflection as well as to uphold, treasure and protect the rights of all human beings to live in dignity, freedom and peace.  On Sunday, the Gossels Fund will present African-American writer and critic Ta-Nehisi Coates, who will reflect on how the Obama candidacy has influenced the culture of race in this country.The presentation, co-sponsored by the library, is free and open to the public. It will begin at 4pm at the Wayland Middle School. For more information call 508-358-2311.

Wayland Town Crier 10/16/08:  Wayland students celebrate National Walk to School Day, many of them walking along the abandoned Wayland Rail Trail.  The Friends of the Wayland Rail Trail would like to transform the abandoned rail bed into a recreational asset for Wayland residents of all ages for walking, jogging, biking, cross-country skiing and horseback riding, while respecting the privacy of our neighbors and the environment.
For more information visit www.waylandrailtrail.org

Wayland Town Crier 10/16/08:  Grant from Wayland Children and Parents Association for Beach Buddies to enhance the curriculum for Park & Recreation's summer program for preschoolers at the Town Beach.  More information on the WCPA is available on their website.

Wayland Town Crier 10/16/08:  From Russian with love:  resident offers cuisine walking tour.  Have you ever longed for the taste of a freshly cooked piroshki? Cold borscht soup with a dollop of sour cream? Some blintzes? A tangy touch of caviar?  Thanks to Wayland resident Elina Glazer, a native of Minsk, and Ahla Tours of Brookline, you can easily join a Russian cuisine walking tour that takes place nearby on Saturday afternoons, 2-5pm, starting in Brighton and winding its way to Brookline, making a number of stops along the way to eat, drink, shop, talk and learn.

Boston Globe 10/16/08:  On the trail of a hidden jewel.  200-mile footpath ringing Greater Boston nears completion.  The path winds a similar route to 128's, going from Plum Island to the North to Duxbury in the south, passing though the Castle Hill Conservation Area in Wayland.  [Map of the path.]

Metrowest Daily News 10/16/08:  Speaker shares her story of domestic violence. The Sudbury-Wayland-Lincoln Domestic Roundtable is an all-volunteer organization whose mission is to raise community awareness and reach out to victims of domestic violence. The group meets each month at the Wayland Public Safety building. For more information, including information on resources available to abuse victims, visit www.domesticviolenceroundtable.org.

Bay Windows 10/16/08:  Sara Orozco runs a spirited, uphill race against incumbent.  Battling low name recognition and an incumbent with high approval ratings, Sara Orozco aims to unseat State Senator Scott Brown in November.

Lincoln Journal 10/15/08:  Statements from Candidates for State Representative: 

Wayland Police Department 10/15/08:  Wayland Police Sergeant Richard Manley was involved in a motor vehicle accident while riding his bicycle, off duty.  His injuries are serious, and he is expected to take several months to recover.

Wayland Town Crier 10/15/08:  Selectmen against Question 1; Howell calls forum a 'sham'.  All who attended the public discussion were opposed to Ballot Question 1, an initiative which seeks to eliminate the state income tax.  Attendees called the proposal reckless.  The proposal is being opposed by a variety of media sources (including both the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald), as well as the League of Women Voters and Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation.  Video of opponents after the forum is available online

Wayland Town Crier 10/15/08:  Please help find lost dog.  Denali, a year old husky, remains missing.  Visit www.finddenali.com for photos and contact information.

Wayland Town Crier 10/15/08:  Pope and Conroy debate again, this time in Sudbury.

Boston Globe 10/9/08:  Injecting life into town centers.  Wayland, Maynard, Wellesley, Hudson, and Northborough are among the area communities that have launched efforts to create or revive village centers.  Of 42 communities whose officials were recently interviewed by the Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance, virtually all had smart growth initiatives in the planning stages or already completed.  "Smart Growth" zoning intertwines housing and commerce to create village centers, an idea harkening back to the era of mom and pop stores, when bakeries, hair salons, and dentists formed the core of vibrant neighborhoods, their proprietors often living upstairs.

Wayland Town Crier 10/9/08:  Pope and Conroy discuss health care. State Rep. Thomas Conroy, D-Wayland, and his opponent Susan Pope agree that the health care law is working but they worry that its high cost could end up hurting areas of the state budget that are just as vital.

Wayland Town Crier 10/9/08:  Party celebrates 25 years of Wayland Public School Foundation.  Over 250 guests attended the event at the Weston Golf Club, united in their support and celebration of the WPSF and our schools.  View this short film chronicling the birth and 25-year impact of the Wayland Public Schools Foundation.

Wayland Town Crier 10/9/08:  Residents elected to Board of Overseers at Beth Israel Deaconess.  Jonathan Sandler of Wayland has been elected to the Board of Overseers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Wayland Town Crier 10/9/08:  Learn survey results of possible services for seniors.  The senior citizens of Wayland have weighed in, and there’s a definite interest in creating a local organization on the model of Boston’s Beacon Hill Village, a nonprofit group that seeks to enhance the lives of people age 50 and older in the city’s Back Bay, Beacon Hill, West End, and surrounding neighborhoods.  The results of the survey, including the top five needs and concerns, will be presented in the Selectmen’s Room of the Town Building on Tuesday, October 14 at 2pm.

Wayland Town Crier 10/9/08:  Wayland Public Schools receive major substance abuse prevention grant.  The Wayland Public Schools recently received a Drug Free Communities grant totaling $625,000 from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to support the Wayland Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (WSAPC) over the next five years in addressing youth alcohol, marijuana and other drug use.

Wayland Student Press Network 10/8/08:  WSPN interviews State Representative Tom Conroy.

Metrowest Daily News 10/8/08:  Pope and Conroy wrestle over economy during debate.  The state of the economy was the central issue during Tuesday’s debate between incumbent Democrat Tom Conroy and Republican challenger Susan Pope.  While agreeing on being against Ballot Question 1, wanting to reduce tolls for MetroWest drivers, and being pro-choice, they disagreed on gun control and gay marriage.  Both would like to see more funds returned to towns.

agIPnews 10/8/08:  Texas jury rules against Candela in its patent infringement suit against Palomar Medical Technologies.

Wayland Town Crier 10/7/08:  Connecticut College's ConnChords to perform at concert.  Connecticut College’s ConnChords will be among the a cappella groups performing at the 13th annual College A Cappella Concert on Saturday, November 1 at 7:30pm at the Middle School.  Other groups performing include the Dartmouth Cords and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s Vocal Suspects. Wayland High School’s own popular a cappella groups – the Madrigals, Muses and Testostertones – will also perform. Tickets are available for $15 at Russell’s Garden Center.

Wayland Town Crier 10/7/08:  National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Congress has once again designated October as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.Locally, the Sudbury-Wayland-Lincoln Domestic Violence Roundtable announced its plans for the month that include a special speaker at its October public meeting and an intensified outreach effort to raise community awareness and suggest ways that volunteers can help eradicate abusive behaviors in our towns.  The October meeting will be held October 14 at Wayland Public Safety Building at 3pm.  For more information about the Roundtable, including information about the resources available in the MetroWest area for victims of abusive behaviors, visit www.domesticviolenceroundtable.org.

Town of Wayland 10/7/08:  Ad Hoc Budget Committee schedules public forum on Tuesday, October 21, 7pm, in the Large Hearing Room at the Wayland Town Building. Following a brief presentation on the outcomes of initiatives undertaken as a result of a similar effort three years ago, citizens are invited to provide suggestions on potential areas for cost savings or revenue enhancement.

Tom Conroy's Office 10/6/08:  Rep. Conroy announces visit to Wayland by Massachusetts House of Representatives Ways & Means Committee Chairman Robert DeLeo

Sudbury Valley Trustees 9/29/08:  Wayland Residents received Life Membership Award at Sudbury Valley Trustees 55th Annual Meeting.  Chris & Andi Jenny and Jane Williamson and Stephen Winthrop were honored with Life Membership awards for their efforts on behalf of the Sudbury Valley Trustees.

Boston Globe 10/5/08:  Lost witness to history.  When landmark trees fall, the toll can include memories stretching far beyond their branches.

Boston Globe 10/5/08:  Schools review nurse staffing.  Realignment, cuts change scenario, causing larger nursing loads at Claypit and finding no nurse coverage at Loker during BASE.

Daily News Tribune 10/5/08:  Local candidates speak. Brief statements from candidates in contested races include Tom Conroy and Sue Pope, Sara Orozco and Scott Brown.

Wayland Town Crier 10/2/08:  Work at Nike site picking up speed.  Construction of most off the 16 affordable homes is well underway.  The homes are designed for long-term durability and energy efficiency.

Wayland Town Crier 10/2/08:  Major plans set for Wayland High School's Field House.  Private donations are paying for an overhaul of the Field House, which will improve both safety and usability of the facility.

Wayland Town Crier 10/2/08:  Candidates talk education.  Both Tom Conroy and Sue Pope agree MCAS should not be the sole determinant for high school graduation, both support state aid.  They differ on funding for other initiatives, such as full-day kindergarten and charter schools, which Tom Conroy supports, but Sue Pope questions the funding source.

Wayland Town Crier 10/2/08:  Enjoying a spot of tea at Russell's Garden Center.  Gay Hughes brings tea and baked goods via the GayGrace Mobile Tea Room to Russell’s Garden Center in Wayland on Thursdays. The tea "room" is a truck, decked out to resemble an English cottage, complete with floral arrangements and ivy, "an English cottage on wheels."  The mobile tea room will run through mid-December, and resume in April. 

Wayland Town Crier 10/2/08:  Cable agreement closer to resolution.  The selectmen and WayCAM have been jousting over the specifics of a Memorandum of Agreement since the start of the summer and could finally see an agreement by the next meeting on October 6.

Wayland Town Crier 10/2/08:  Adventure abroad: Wayland High School student in Japan.  Six weeks in Japan showed WHS sophomore Meredith Riley that it's hard to be a vegetarian in Japan, that the schools are unruly and their spaces cramped (but clean and well-utilized), both their fashion and gadgets the latest.

Wayland Town Crier 10/2/08:  Wayland girl excels at unique 'tetrathlon' competition. Alaska Akbar has a dream of becoming an Olympic show jumper. she recently took first place in tetrathlon at the U.S. Pony Club Championships in Lexington, VA competing against more than 20 other young athletes in the intermediate girls division.

Wayland Town Crier 10/2/08:  Plenty of events to keep you busy this weekend in Wayland

PR.com 10/1/08:  InfanteSano.org’s ‘Sponsor a Birth’ program aids maternal and newborn health in the Dominican RepublicInfante Sano has designed a program that partners with existing hospitals to provide training courses and the necessary medical equipment to do their jobs. The core values of the organization (Respect, Improve, Sustain, Empower) drive the program which builds upon local capacity, promotes sustainability and recognizes every person's right to basic health care. It costs $25 to sponsor a birth which is a small price to pay for providing mothers with clean and safe environments in which to deliver their babies.

Metrowest Daily News 9/30/08:  Pint sized yoga.  At Lumina at Longfellow in Wayland, a group of 6- to 9-year-olds are led through a set of creative movement stretches by instructor Carol Kagen. The class is focused on fun, and blends yoga poses with games and activities, providing kids with an energy outlet and a means of relaxation.

Wayland Town Crier 9/30/08:  Wayland High grad visits 10 Downing Street.  Dr. Patricia Y.C.E. Lin (valedictorian of WHS '87) attended a reception commemorating 60 years of United States-United Kingdom Fulbright exchanges at the British Prime Minister's home. Lin was one of only 10 former scholars from the U.S. selected to attend the event.

Boston Globe 9/28/08:  Their turn at the net: Drawn by fitness, social appeal of tennis, women are boosting numbers at area clubs, including a 20% increase in new players at Longfellow in Wayland.

Wayland Town Crier 9/29/08: Marketing team promotes Wayland Town Center.  Despite the downturn in the economy, about half of the 165,000 square feet of office and retail space available in the new $140 million Wayland Town Center project, slated for a fall 2009 or spring 2010 opening, has already been snapped up.

Boston Globe 9/28/08:  Four schools score 100 in MCAS science, which is now a requirement for graduation.  Complete 2008 MCAS score information is available online at the Globe.

Boston Globe 9/28/08:  For area Muslims, Ramadan a time of fasting and faith.  Observance in US presents some special challenges.

Metrowest Daily News 9/27/08:  Principals worry about teen drinking and area schools are looking for ways to help reduce the use of alcohol among underage students.

Wayland Town Crier 9/26/08:  Lake Cochituate hit by oil spill from Natick site.  The site has been cleaned up, and none of the oily spill was dangerous material.

Wayland School Superintendent 9/24/08:  Superintendent's letter to Claypit Hill Community.  The DEP is requiring retesting of ground soil near the school to check if there are any remaining contaminants resulting from the removal of an oil tank 23 years ago.

Metrowest Daily News 9/26/08:  Toll hikes debated at Mass Turnpike.  Among the possible plans outlined yesterday were a $1 hike at the Allston-Brighton and Weston toll booths to $2.25, while other plans called for steep increases in tolls at the Sumner, Callahan and Ted Williams tunnels, in some cases to more than $8.

Boston Globe 9/25/08:  Sudbury police look for suspect in sexual assault.

CNNMoney.com 9/25/08:  Credit crunch freezes hiring, expansion.  When small businesses can't get loans, job growth and economic expansion stall. The case history of Wayland's Sprout Creation demonstrates the credit crunch's impact on small businesses.

Wayland Town Crier 9/25/08:  Local towns may get settlement cash from gas companies.  Several local towns could receive part of a settlement in a lawsuit that public water providers in 17 states brought against major oil companies over contamination from a chemical additive in gasoline. At least nine communities in MetroWest (including Wayland) and the Milford area are parties in litigation over methyl tertiary butyl ether, or MTBE.

Boston Globe 9/25/08:  2008 MCAS Scores are now available by school and school district.

Board of Health 9/25/08:  West Nile Virus confirmed in a dead bird from Wayland.  Make efforts to avoid mosquito bites, to drain standing water in which mosquitoes breed, and report dead birds.

Wayland Town Crier 9/25/08:  See WayCAM for yourself at open house.

Wayland Town Crier 9/25/08:  Tom Conroy wants to focus on budget.  To bring jobs and revenue to the state, Conroy authored a life sciences bill that would generate upward of $500 million for the commonwealth as Massachusetts-based scientific teams achieve medical breakthroughs to cure chronic diseases, according to his website.  If re-elected, Conroy wants to focus on the budget, and wants to significantly increase local aid.

Wayland Town Crier 9/25/08:  Sudbury Valley New Horizons Band keeps growing.

Wayland Town Crier 9/25/08:  Saving the American Chestnut Tree.  Longtime Wayland resident John Emery, who has devoted a considerable amount of time and energy in recent years as a volunteer with The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF), will give an illustrated talk on Sunday, Oct. 5 at Sudbury’s Goodnow Library on "Reviving the ‘Extinct’ American Chestnut Tree."  Emery’s talk, which begins at 3 p.m. in the Community Meeting Room, is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served. For more information call 978-443-1035.  Emery was highlighted in this WBUR piece back in July: The American chestnut returns.

Wayland Town Crier 9/25/08:  New book looks at local prodigy.  The subject is poignantly explored in the new book "A Stolen Childhood" about the life of former Wayland resident and pianist David Earl Moyer (1895-1987), who played for President Teddy Roosevelt in the White House when he was only 10 and for Kaiser Wilhelm II in Germany at the age of about 15.

Wayland Town Crier 9/25/08:  Waldron joins Curriculum Associates as president and COO.  Curriculum Associates, a leading publisher of research-based supplemental curriculum materials and tools for today’s diverse classrooms, has named Robert L. Waldron (WHS '83 and a Wayland resident) as its new president and also appointed him to the newly created position of chief operating officer.

Metrowest Daily News 9/24/08:  Salt price spikes give town a lickin'.  Ice is the nemesis of highway directors, and salt prices have skyrocketed since last summer, up to $70-$90/ton.  Wayland is the fortunate position of having stockpiled on $53/ton salt.

Wayland Town Crier 9/24/08:  Zoning Board of Appeals continues cemetery hearing. When completed, the East Beit Olam cemetery, funded by the Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts (JCAM), will be located roughly between North Cemetery and Holiday Road. The project has already been approved by the Board of Health and the Conservation Commission and now awaits the ZBA’s approval. But residents who live near the site are irate over the proposed cemetery, which has seen its entrance move from its original plan of Concord Road to Holiday Road because of conservation issues.

Wayland Town Crier 9/24/08:  Stop & Shop to be anchor development in Town Center. A smarter, leaner new prototype of Stop & Shop will be the anchor development in the new mixed-use Wayland Town Center, the developers announced Wednesday.  The regionally headquartered supermarket company signed a 20-year lease as the anchor tenant.  The developer has plans for a health club, casual dining restaurants, numerous local boutiques, a fine jewelry store, and a number of local professional offices. Developers also anticipate having a full-service pharmacy, bank, café, candy shop, day spa/salon, ice cream shop, sushi restaurant, shoe store and fine antique store.

Wayland Town Crier 9/24/08:  Wayland School Community Program offerings.  Wayland School Community Programs operates fee- or tuition-based programs to the community by the Wayland Public Schools. For information about any programs, which include The Children's Way, BASE, Pegasus, the Sudbury Valley New Horizons Band and World Languages (Spanish, French and Chinese), call 508-358-3769.

Boston Globe 9/23/08:  New smaller Stop & Shop prototype to anchor Wayland Town Center development.

Boston Globe 9/21/08:  Parents speak out against school shuffle.  Nearly 100 parents filled the last School Committee meeting, speaking out about problems resulting from the school reconfiguration.

Metrowest Daily News 9/21/08:  Verrill Farm main building burns.  Nobody was injured, but the main building was severely damaged.  Fire crews from several nearby towns, including Wayland, responded to the fire.  The job putting out the fire was by distant hydrants, and there was apparently no sprinkler system in place.

Wayland Town Crier 9/18/08:  Bohrer, DeDominici leave W-W crew.  Wayland-Weston crew loses their boys varsity and girls novice coaches to university jobs

Wayland Town Crier 9/18/08: "All That Glitters" gala to raise money for Wayland schools.  The Wayland Public Schools Foundation (WPSF) will commemorate its 25th anniversary with a gala "All That Glitters" celebration at the Weston Golf Club on Saturday, Oct. 4 from 7-11:30 p.m.  For more information, for tickets to the event, which are $125 per person, or for a full list of auction items, visit www.waylandpublicschoolsfoundation.org

Wayland Town Crier 9/18/08:  Make a difference by becoming an English tutor. The ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) program at the Wayland Library is looking for new volunteers to participate in its next tutor training program beginning on Monday, Oct. 20 at 9:30am.

Wayland Town Crier 9/18/08:  Wayland residents in 20th annual Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk.  Twenty-nine Wayland residents are among those walking in the Jimmy Fund cancer fundraiser.  To register for the race, or sponsor a donor, visit www.jimmyfundwalk.org.

Wayland Town Crier 9/18/08:  Wayland chiropractic office takes on new clients, expanding from a human-only business, to now handle animals.

Wayland Town Crier 9/18/08:  Susan Pope aims to reclaim state rep seat this November.  She lost two years ago to current State Representative Tom Conroy, and the two battle in a rematch this year.

Wayland Town Crier 9/18/08:  Second grader at Claypit Hill donates hair to Locks of Love.  Lauren Hanifin donated lengths of her long hair to Locks of Love, an organization that provides hair pieces to financially disadvantaged children with medical hair loss.

Wayland Town Crier 9/18/08: New preschool childcare center opens in Wayland.  The Goddard School, a preschool child care center for children from 6 weeks to 6 years old, located at 367 Commonwealth Road in Wayland, opened Sept. 8. The new state-of-the-art building was designed to accommodate 134 children. The new school will offer flexible schedules for children Monday through Friday, from 7am to 6pm.

Wayland Town Crier 9/18/08:  Parishes join together for faith-building program.  Roman Catholic parishes in Lincoln, Sudbury, Wayland and Weston will present the faith-building initiative ARISE Together in Christ over a six-week period beginning early in October.

Wayland Town Crier 9/16/08:  Parents vent frustrations to School Committee.  A large contingent of parents of elementary school children detailed their frustrations with the beginning of the year in the reconfigured schools.

Metrowest Daily News 9/13/08:  Wayland iguana spotted near Route 30.  Douglas has been missing for nearly two months, but was recently spotted crossing Route 30 near Starbucks.

Wayland Town Crier 9/12/08:  Wayland home damaged by fire. A one-alarm blaze on Friday caused an estimated $70,000 of damage to an unoccupied Draper Road home.

Wayland Schools 9/12/08:  Revised Bus Routes are available online.  A couple of stops have changed buses, and there are a number of changes.

Wayland Town Crier 9/12/08:  Youth group helps rebuild homes, spending Fourth of July in Gulfport, Mississippi. 38 youth and 11 adults from Wayland’s St. Ann and St. Zepherin Churches contributed a week of service helping families whose lives were devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Wayland Town Crier 9/12/08: Bringing business expertise to non-profits.  To learn more about Community Consulting Teams, either as a potential non-profit client or as an MBA alumni volunteer, please visit the CCT web site or contact Carolyn McGuire.

Wayland Town Crier 9/11/08:  Falling wire ignites gas main on Route 20, cutting off power and tying up traffic for hours.

Wayland Town Crier 9/11/08:  Concept home to raise money for charity. Local residents interested in the latest in home design, décor, materials, and technology are invited to tour the brand new $3 million 5,500-square foot concept home in Weston through late September. Proceeds from the admission fees will go to the Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps, which promotes child welfare, juvenile justice, advocacy, care, and treatment in the Commonwealth.

Wayland Town Crier 9/11/08:  Resident to give concert in Lexington.  Oboeist Peggy Pearson will perform on September 20 at 8pm at Follen Community Church, 755 Mass. Ave. in Lexington.  For more information, please call 781-863-2861 or visit www.winsormusic.org.

Wayland Town Crier 9/11/08:  Cultural Council promotes the arts.  The Wayland Cultural Council has announced an October 16 deadline for grant proposals for projects needing funding during this fiscal year (ending 8/31/09).  Grants may be made to individuals, nonprofit organizations, schools, libraries, and religious organizations. Application materials are available online www.massculturalcouncil.org/programs/lccgrants.html

Weston Town Crier 9/11/08:  Weston boys swim team among top in country, with Wayland fifth.  The girls team was first in the nation.

Wayland Town Crier 9/10/08:  Elementary schools adjust hours to solve busing issues.  Accepting responsibility for long bus rides and inconveniences, Superintendent Burton has announced a shift in school start and end times for the three elementary schools to address problems with bus schedules.

Metrowest Daily News 9/8/08:  Ramadan: A time for self-reflection.  Practiced during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan runs this year September 1-30, coming at a time of intense political significance for American Muslims.  Originating through the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed, a 7th century religious and political figure who lived in what is now Saudi Arabia, Islam is a believed to have 1.2-1.8 billion followers, who are required to follow the "five pillars": the profession of faith, prayer five times a day, charity, fasting during Ramadan and, if possible, a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca.

Boston Globe 9/6/08:  Happy in green:  Alex Jenny is living his boyhood dream as Dartmouth's starting quarterback.

WBZtv.com 9/6/08:  Cambridge football player critical after collapse.  A 17-year-old high school junior Buckingham Brown and Nichols football player is in critical condition after he collapsed in the middle of a huddle during a scrimmage at Cochituate Field on Friday night.

Metrowest Daily News 9/5/08:  Wayland woman killed by van is identified as lifelong resident Marie Martino.

Metrowest Daily News 9/4/08:  Pedestrian killed Thursday night crossing West Plain St. An elderly woman was struck by a car and killed as she crossed at a crosswalk near the intersection of West Plain Street and Bent Avenue.

Boston Globe 9/4/08:  Conroy, Pope face off again for House seat.  Fellow Wayland residents Tom Conroy and Sue Pope find themselves in a rematch of the 2006 election, in which Conroy bested Pope by a small margin.

Wayland Town Crier 9/4/08:  Caring for our troops overseas.  Wayland postal worker Mike Baer got mad. Then he got involved. And now he is asking individuals and groups all over MetroWest to help support AdoptaPlatoon, a grassroots effort dedicated to helping U.S. service men and women overseas and to assuring them that they’re not forgotten by those of us back home.

Wayland Town Crier 9/4/08:  Local Olympians share their experiences at Meet the Olympians Night at Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History at Regis College in Weston. The free event will be held Thursday, Sept. 11, from 7 to 9 p.m.

Wayland Town Crier 9/3/08:  Selectmen oppose elimination of state income tax. Selectmen Tuesday night voted unanimously to strongly oppose the ballot proposal that would eliminate the state income tax. The lead proponent of the proposal, which will appear as Question 1 on the November ballot, is Wayland resident Carla Howell. The selectmen’s resolution also encouraged all citizens to vote “no” on the ballot question and further urged the governing bodies of other municipalities also to oppose the initiative.

Boston Globe 9/3/08:   Private lessons expand the home menu. Wayland's Dana Volman is among the clients of German Lam, a private trainer for the kitchen.

WCVB Channel 5 9/2/08:  New grass seed environmentally friendly.  Many of us love having a lush green lawn, but most of us probably wish it wouldn't take so much effort or use too many chemicals.  NewsCenter 5's David Brown reported in this video that there is a brand new grass seed that grows a hassle- and chemical-free lawn.

Wayland Board of Selectmen 9/2/08:  The Wayland Board of Selectmen unanimously adopted a resolution opposing the initiative ballot question seeking to repeal the state income tax. A copy of the resolution is available online.

WCVB Channel 5 9/2/08:  New grass seed environmentally friendly.  Many of us love having a lush green lawn, but most of us probably wish it wouldn't take so much effort or use too many chemicals.  NewsCenter 5's David Brown reported in this video that there is a brand new grass seed that grows a hassle- and chemical-free lawn.

Wayland Police Department 9/2/08:  High School Traffic Signal has been installed and will go into full operation on Monday, September 8th, 2008. 

CBS College Sports 9/2/08:  Recruited rowers arrive on campus.  Among recruits to the MIT crew squad is Wayland's Tess Saxton-Fox.

RunnersWeb.com 9/2/08:  Long distance runners earn seven medals in Holland. Wayland's Florence Cretian came in 20th among elite women.

The Boston Channel 9/1/08:  New grass seed environmentally friendly generating lawns that require little water or upkeep.  Information on the seed and workshops on green homes and lawn care is available at www.pearlspremium.com.

Metrowest Daily News 9/1/08:  Haunting memories of Katrina on Gustav's Eve.

Investment News 9/1/08:  Mutual funds allots portion of fee to charity. The Davlin Philanthropic Fund, which was launched in July, will donate one-half percentage point of its 1.65% expense ratio to charities picked by its investors.  "Instead of paying the fees to the portfolio manager, you are giving it to your favorite charity," said William Davlin, president of Davlin Fund Advisors and the Davlin Foundation of Wayland, Mass.

Boston Magazine September 2008:  The best public high schools.  Boston Magazine has rated 141 Boston-area public high schools, and ranked Wayland 12th in "cost efficiency" and 8th in performance.  Their chart of data for the schools is available online

Boston Globe 8/31/08:  Schools banking on fiscal balancing act.  After an override in the spring, officials say they are still finding ways to save money this year, including reconfiguring the three elementary schools and using private funds for renovations to the high school's field house.  The town and the schools continue to look for ways to find savings in the budget.

Wayland Cultural Council 8/31/08:  Reintroducing the Wayland Cultural Council -- accepting proposals for cultural grants.

Hamilton College 8/30/08:  Alexander de Moor '10 Studies Climate Change, Sediment Accumulation in Antarctica. Alexander de Moor '10 (Wayland, Mass.) began his summer aboard the research vessel Lawrence M. Gould, spending three weeks in Antarctica doing geology research.  A geosciences major, de Moor is also involved in Hamilton Crew, Ultimate Frisbee, and he works during the year as a geosciences lab assistant.

Wayland Town Crier 8/28/08:  Workshop has ultimate home and lawn tips.  A free workshop will be held at Weston Town Hall on September 4.  Jackson Madnick and Bart Berkowitz will be offering a series of free workshops in many communities this fall called Ultimate Green Home and Lawn Tips.

Boston Globe 8/28/08:  State aiming to get a grip on invasive plant.  The state is battling water chestnuts, an invasive weed that is threatening local ponds, lakes and rivers.

Metrowest Daily News 8/28/08:  Franklin resignation adds to growing list of school chief departures.  Citing restrictive budgets and massive layoffs that have kept him from moving the schools "from good to great", Franklin School Superintendent Wayne Ogden (former Wayland assistant superintendent), is stepping down at the end of the year.

Metrowest Daily News 8/27/08:  Framingham man charged with Wayland GPS thefts.

Boston Globe 8/26/08:  EEE, West Nile Virus found in more towns including mosquitoes  with West Nile collected in Wayland.

Metrowest Daily News 8/26/08:  West Nile present in Foxborough, Norfolk, Wayland and Westwood.

Boston Globe 8/17/08:  Where the hybrids are.  Wayland has the seventh highest hybrid ownership percentage in the state.

Kennebec Journal 8/22/08:  Weather contributes to boating death.  John Seiler drowned Wednesday in Maine after a wave knocked him out of the 17-foot Rangeley boat he was bringing to shore.

Wayland School Department 8/21/08:  Bus Routes for 2008-09 Released.

Metrowest Daily News 8/21/08:  Wayward iguana in Wayland.  Douglas the Iguana has been missing from his home (at the intersection of Main St. and Lakeview Rd.) for about a month.

Cincinnati Bengals.com 8/21/08:  Some zip from Fitz.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is the Bengals back-up quarterback, and Wayland resident and Harvard football coach Tim Murphy thinks he has the makings of a starting NFL quarterback.

Wayland Town Crier 8/21/08:  Beautification program looks to local businesses.  The Beautification Committee is implementing an "Adopt-a-Spot" program, allowing local landscapers and businesses to "adopt" areas of land that need maintenance or improvement.  Interested parties are invited to contact the Beautification Committee through the Wayland Town Administrator (508-358-3621). An application process is required before sponsorship is granted.

Wayland Town Crier 8/21/08:  Motorists keep skills sharp with safe driving course.  The AARP Driver Safety Program, an eight-hour refresher course designed for motorists age 50 and older, is just the ticket to ride for anyone who wants to update driver knowledge and skills.  The course will be offered in Wayland on October 15 and 16.

Wayland Town Crier 8/21/08:  Tutwiler pushes to close achievement gap.  Among priorities for the high school's principal are closing the racial achievement gap, and smoothing the transition from middle school to high school.

Wayland Town Crier 8/21/08:  Big changes come to Wayland schools.  The elementary school principals are both looking forward to the new school year.

Wayland Town Crier 8/21/08:  New faces lead Middle School. The Wayland Middle School will begin a new academic year in a few weeks with new faces in the two top administrative positions – John Kavaleski as principal and Betsy Gavron as assistant principal.
Neither, however, is a stranger to the school community. Kavaleski has been the assistant principal for 27 years and Gavron a math teacher for 10.

Wayland Town Crier 8/21/08:  Wayland High Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees this year include Stephen Brooks '76, Laurie Nelson Griffin '74, Tom O'Shea '82 and Jerry Whelchel '60.  The Hall of Fame website is online at www.waylandhof.org.

CSTV,com 8/21/08:  Brandon Anderson named Assistant Baseball coach at Temple.

Wayland Police Department Press Release 8/20/08:  Slow Down Wayland Days. Police Chief Robert Irving advises Wayland residents that the Wayland Police Department will be conducting extra traffic enforcement patrols on Tuesday, September 2nd, through Friday September 5th, in conjunction with the beginning of the new school year in Wayland. 

Metrowest Daily News 8/20/08:  Milestone at Mel's Commonwealth Cafe.  Mel's turns 50 this year, a landmark with longevity measured not only in its own duration, but also that of its owners, employees and customers.

Metrowest Daily News 8/20/08:  No decision yet on Claypit school traffic plan.  Police will monitor the traffic situation at Claypit for several weeks before deciding what changes might be needed in traffic flow at the school.

Eagle Tribune 8/17/08:  Green Mountain Boys.  The undefeated Vermont state champion Burlington Seahorses included Joe O'Shea, a 6-4 guard, the first sophomore ever named state MVP. His father is Wayland High Alumnus Tom O'Shea and his uncle Tim O'Shea.

Boston Globe 8/17/08:  New WayCAM director.  WayCAM has appointed Susan Koffman to its board of directors, to fill a seat vacated by Jane Stabile.

Boston Globe 8/17/08:  Property tax bills climb as values dip.  Facing tough economy, homeowners feel pinch.  Graphic of home values and property taxes across the state.

Wayland Town Crier 8/15/08: District attorney champions public's right to know.  Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone says his office is challenging a judge's ruling on a Wayland Open Meeting Law case because "government should be as transparent as possible."

Boston Globe 8/14/08:  Connection to MBTA on the way.  The MetroWest Regional Transit Authority is moving toward its goal of establishing key transportation services in area communities, tapping newly approved grant funds for a link to the MBTA's Green Line and continuing efforts toward the region's first public bus route between Weston and Marlborough.

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly 8/14/08:  Worker thrown from forklift rendered quadriplegic.  A jury found the defendant not liable in a wrongful death suit stemming from an accident which occurred in Wayland in 1999.

Metrowest Daily News 8/14/08:  A red flag: should civilians be directing traffic?  Balancing fiscal prudence with public safety, Gov. Deval Patrick is taking aim at a sacred cow: police traffic details. Patrick has unveiled a plan that would authorize the use of civilian flaggers for state road projects.

Wayland Town Crier 8/14/08:  Resident writes about experiences with learning disabilities. Wayland resident Michael Murphy's ’s just-published book is "NLD From the Inside Out: Talking to Parents, Teachers, and Teens About Growing Up with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities".  The book is also available as a downloadable PDF.

Wayland Town Crier 8/14/08:  Girls swimming wins national title.  This past winter the girls swim team went undefeated, winning the Dual County League, sectional and state championships. Now add to the list a national championship.  The girls have been awarded with the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association Dual Meet National Championship.

Wayland Town Crier 8/14/08:  Wayland High Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees this year include Brandon Anderson ('03), Jon Mann ('83) and Sally White Eastman ('87).  The Hall of Fame website is online at www.waylandhof.org.

Keene Sentinel 8/14/08:  Owls select lax coach.  Wayland native Katie Arsenault was named head coach of the women's lacrosse team at Keene State.

Wayland Town Crier 8/14/08:  Traditions has served many roles through the years.

Wayland Town Crier 8/14/08:  Locals dash through annual Cape run. Among 10,000 runs from around the world were Wayland's Mark Hunt and Maureen Cavanaugh and Molly and Marthy Murphy.  They completed seven scenic miles along beachfronts, inlets, and Falmouth’s Nobska Lighthouse in the Falmouth Road Race.

Wayland Town Crier 8/14/08:  WayCAM awards two scholarships to graduating high school seniors Chris Platika and Ainsley Washek.  Both prizewinners gained from their efforts with WayCAM during high school, and the scholarships provided $500 towards college costs.

Boston Globe 8/13/08:  This little pig heard Mozart: from swine raised like royalty, cured ham called jamon iberico is finally here. Victor Grillo endured two years on a waiting list before getting his jamon iberico from La Tienda.

WBZ TV 8/11/08:  Ballot question rattles nerves on Beacon Hill. Question 1 on the ballot in November will seek to eliminate the state income tax.  The proposal is being spearheaded by Wayland resident Carla Howell's Committee for Small Government.

Metrowest Daily News 8/9/08: Missing Marlborough hiker found in Wayland woods.  A woman got lost hiking in a conservation area near Moore Rd., but was quickly found by Wayland police.

Wayland Town Crier 8/9/08:  Wayland mulling sex-offender by-law.  The proposed by-law would prohibit Level 2 and 3 sex offenders from moving within 1,000 feet of any school, day care center, park, elderly housing or facility for the mentally challenged - effectively prohibiting Level 2 and 3 offenders from living in 80 percent of the town. If selectmen sign off on the bylaw at their Aug. 18 meeting, the law would need a majority vote at the next Town Meeting. The attorney general would then have 90 days to approve it.

Boston Globe 8/9/08:  E. coli cases traced to Whole Foods beef.  Massachusetts health authorities are warning consumers not to eat ground beef bought from Whole Foods Markets over the last two months after seven infections have been linked to meat bought there, some after a national recall.

Newburyport Daily News Online 8/8/08:  King of the Hill.  Wayland-native Alexander Hill takes over as Northern Essex Community College baseball coach.  The program has been churning out talented university-bound baseball players and has won five Massachusetts Community College Athletic Conference state titles in the past nine years.

eHam.net 8/8/08:  Wayland's Dave Bernstein wins one of six ARRL awards presented in July in Connecticut.  Bernstein won the Amateur Radio Relay League's Technical Innovation Award for his DXLab. Bernstein authored and published the DXLab suite of programs for radio amateurs. The ARRL is the national membership association for Amateur Radio operators.  The ARRL's coverage of the award is available here

Wayland Town Crier 8/6/08:  Proposal to make Adams Lane one-way brings complaints.  Wayland police are seeking to improve safety for Claypit Hill traffic and pedestrians, but their plan is drawing complaints from neighbors of the school.  The police issued this press release to explain the proposed changes.

Wayland Police Department 8/6/08:  Police Chief Robert Irving announced that Sergeant Thomas Galvin will be attending the 235th Session of the F.B.I. National Academy

Wayland Town Crier 8/6/08:  Wayland High Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees this year include George Bradley (WHS '58), Hilary Meyer (WHS '95), and Coach Bill Snow (coach from '68-'07).  The Hall of Fame website is online at www.waylandhof.org.

Wayland Town Crier 8/6/08:  Literature group discusses cultures and traditions.  The relationships among neighboring cultures and traditions will be the theme of this year’s Jewish literature discussion group at the Wayland Public Library. The series, which will once again be moderated by Anna P. Ronell of Wellesley College, is scheduled to start on September 9 with "Journey to the End of the Millennium – A Novel of the Middle Ages" by A.B. Yehoshua.

The Herald News 8/5/08:  Group rallies support for income tax.  Wayland-based Committee for Small Government has placed a question on the November ballot which would eliminate the state income tax.  Groups are organizing to fight the question, which was narrowly defeated several years ago with no organized opposition.

Wayland Town Crier 8/5/08:  Compromise hammered out during Wayland cable meeting. A meeting between the Board of Selectmen and WayCAM started contentiously, but ended with compromise, as the boards made progress working out an agreement which they hope to finalize in the coming weeks.

NECN 8/3/08:  Team Jean members bicycle to raise money for cancer research.

Jerusalem Post 8/1/08:  Arrivals: Diana Brody, a profile of a Wayland native who has been transplanted to Tel Aviv.  Brody, a Wayland High graduate, began her career as a fashion designer, and is now focusing on her work as an artist.

WaylandeNews 8/1/08:  Alaska Akbar wins division in United States Pony Club Championships.  Wayland resident Alaska Akbar (12 years old), won a first place at the 2008 United States Pony Club Championships at the Virginia Horse Park, Lexington, VA. From July 23 to July 27.

Wayland Town Crier 7/31/08:  Schools stretch dollars this summer.  New windows and doors at Happy Hollow will be more energy efficient, private donations have enabled a new project to install new bleachers and rubberized floor in the Field House, and the school reconfiguration saves on personnel costs.  Work on the reconfiguration is ahead of schedule.  A group of elementary school teachers have been working with High School science teachers to improve their skills.

Sudbury Town Crier 7/31/08:  Bird in Sudbury tests positive for West Nile Virus.  After another bird was found with West Nile in Framingham a week ago, Sudbury officials announced that a bird with West Nile was found in Sudbury this past week.

Wayland Town Crier 7/31/08:  Wayland High School Hall of Fame inductees for this year include Gary Chase '72, Kim Pond McGrath '84, and Scott Watts '93.

Wayland Town Crier 7/30/08:  DA to appeal Wayland open meeting ruling.  The District Attorney has filed an appeal seeking to overturn the Superior Court decision in favor of the School Committee in an Open Meeting Law case.  The DA seeks to make the evaluation process as open and transparent as possible, and not wishing to allow a precedent that would enable any part of the process to be done privately.

Wayland Police 7/28/08:  Police to propose changes to traffic flow at Claypit Hill to the Board of Selectmen on Monday August 4th, at 7:15pm.

Boston Globe 7/27/08:  Healing the Sudbury River: EPA works on major study, checks for mercury; restoration planned.

Daily News Transcript 7/25/08:  "The Happiest Music on Earth".  Wayland resident Roger Wiegland has fulfilled a thirty-year old dream, purchasing the Diamond Jubilee band organ.  The Diamond Jubilee will debut at a free concert at the Wayland Town Beach on Sunday, August 3 (3pm), with an August 10 rain date.  For more information about the organ, visit www.carouselorgan.com.

Wayland Town Crier 7/24/08:  Judge backs Wayland schools in Open Meeting law case.  Middlesex Superior Court rules in favor of School Committee in District Attorney for the Northern District v. Wayland School Committee. The Court ruled on July 2 that the School Committee did not violate the Open Meeting Law when it convened in Executive Session in 2004 to discuss the Superintendent's performance evaluation and did not violate the Open Meeting Law when it issued abbreviated minutes.  Full text of the decision is available online.

Wayland Town Crier 7/24/08:  New business keeps seniors in their homes. Michael and Victoria Abend have opened an Extended Family businesss in Wayland, proving an alternative to putting loved ones in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Wayland Town Crier 7/24/08: Farm life stays with local family.  To date, six generations of the Russell family have lived at 395 Boston Post Road, next door to Russell's Garden Center.

Natick Bulletin & Tab 7/24/08:  Maddie Sifantus' final concert with the Golden Tones will be at their "Summer Celebration Concert" on Sunday, August 10 at 6:30pm, at the Community United Methodist Church.

Metrowest Daily News 7/23/08:  Bird found in Framingham with West Nile. A blue jay found near the Wayland town border has tested positive for the West Nile virus, a potentially severe illness transmitted by mosquitoes.

Wayland Town Crier 7/23/08:  Agreement reached on traffic control for Town Center development.

Town of Wayland 7/21/08:  Town officials have reached a settlement with thirteen residents of Glezen Lane who appealed the Planning Board's issuance of a Master Special Permit for the Town Center development, enabling the final permitting of the project to proceed.  The settlement includes traffic calming measures to to discourage users of the Town Center from using the residential neighborhood.

Daily News Transcript 7/20/08: A look at China's Lost Generation.  Wayland author Xujun Eberlein writes about growing up in China.  To learn more about the author, visit her website or her blog.  Her critically acclaimed book is "Apologies Forthcoming".

WBUR.org 7/18/08:  The American chestnut returns, as dedicated rescuers, including Wayland's John Emery, are pollinating wild American chestnut trees.

Sudbury Town Crier 7/18/08:  Towns could feel pain of income tax elimination.  Local aid from the state provides about $5.1 million in revenue to the town of Wayland.  Its loss would result in dramatic cuts and/or tax increases.

Metrowest Daily News 7/18/08:  Framingham Planners take a new look at Danforth Green, Following five years of delays, a one-of-a-kind 170-plus acre, 525-unit subdivision proposal is back before the Framingham Planning Board.

Boston Globe 7/17/08:  Vokes Players bring back 1946 comedy, Born Yesterday, which is playing at the Vokes Theater Thursday-Saturday through August 2.

Wayland Town Crier 7/17/08:  Local actors perform three musicals at Regis, "Seussical", "Thoroughly Modern Millie" and "Bat-Boy: the Musical".

Wayland Town Crier 7/17/08:  Art sale features local sisters' work.  The sale on July 19 and 20 features three sisters, including Wayland's Holly Dickerman.  A percentage of each sale will be donated to a charity selected by the artist.

Wayland Town Crier 7/17/08: Softball carries on in the name of Dan.  The WayCo Softball league is underway, and everything that Dan Burgess had worked toward was finally there - except for Dan, who passed away in March at the age of 20 and will not get the chance to participate in the league that he helped found last summer.

Wayland Town Crier 7/17/08:  Checking out history: Wayland Public Library has long tradition of service to town, as the first public library in Massachusetts and the second in the nation (though a few other libraries make the same claim). 

Wayland Town Crier 7/17/08:  Seniors keeping active with the COA.  The Council on Aging is making improvements to better serve Wayland's seniors, with improved private meeting space, and a kitchen renovation.  The Friends of the COA are looking into additional improvements, such as bettering the library and art space.

Wayland Town Crier 7/17/08:  A golden sendoff.  The Golden Tones will bid farewell to its founder, conductor and leader for the past twenty years.  The Golden Tones will hold a farewell concert on August 10.

Wayland Town Crier 7/16/08:  Yu places second at rhythmic gymnastics meet.  Happy Hollow 4th grader and 2007 Level 4 national champion Regina Yu, competing against gymnastics from throughout the country, placed second overall, and first in her age group at the 2008 Level 5 USA Junior Olympic Compulsory Competition in June in Ohio.

Metrowest Daily News 7/14/08: Foundation awards grants in Framingham, Wayland, Newton, including a grant to Wayland-based John Andrew Mazie Memorial Foundation, which which recruits and trains adult volunteers to serve as positive role models for low-income youth.

WayCAM 7/14/08:  WayCAM adds Verizon Channel 37, and hopes to see continuing growth in the next couple of years, including a second Verizon channel, and possibly a second Comcast channel.

Metrowest Daily News 7/14/08: Livin' Large in Wayland.  Wayland Middle School director Tom Large has the male lead in the Vokes Players production of "Born Yesterday".

Boston Globe 7/13/08:  State budget holds hope for local projects, including invasive-weed control in Wayland.

Metrowest Daily News 7/13/08:  How safe is your local pool?

Metrowest Daily News 7/11/08:  Abandoned pools breed trouble: mosquitoes.  As well as potentially being a safety hazard, unmaintained pools become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and should be drained.

Cape Cod Times 7/11/08:  Cape League Characters: Buzz Bowers.  The former Wayland athletic director is to be part of the inaugural class of 12 being inducted into the Professional Baseball Scouts Hall of Fame.

Wayland Town Crier 7/11/08:  Sinkhole opens on Main Street in Wayland.

Wayland Town Crier 7/10/08:  New group gets active outdoors.  Chaired by Nancy Carapezza, the Sierra Committee of Wayland aims to develop a "green portal" Web site for the town, to promote outdoor recreation, beginning with the Wayside Rail Trail, and outreach and education to the town residents.

Wayland Town Crier 7/10/08:  Getting a green workout at Longfellow Club.  Laury Hammel has been implementing energy and resource conservation at his fitness clubs, replacing lightbulbs, reducing water use, eliminating chlorine in their pools and planning the next set of improvements.

Metrowest Daily News 7/10/08:  Give children a boost: it's the law now.  The new Booster Seat law goes into effect on July 10, 2008. Until age 8, all children under 57" are required to be in a booster seat.

Sudbury Town Crier 7/10/08:  Will energy-saving trend really work?  Sudbury is testing a four-day work week this summer to save on energy costs, and other officials in the area are interested in seeing the public reaction.

Middlesex Superior Court 7/2: Middlesex Superior Court rules in favor of School Committee in District Attorney for the Northern District v. Wayland School Committee. The Court ruled on July 2 that the School Committee did not violate the Open Meeting Law when it convened in Executive Session in 2004 to discuss the Superintendent's performance evaluation and did not violate the Open Meeting Law when it issued abbreviated minutes.

Fox 25 News  7/7/08:  Wayland teen found in Lincoln.

Wayland Town Crier 7/6/08:  Wayland teenage lifeguard reported missing.

WCVB TV5 7/6/08:  Police searching for missing lifeguard believing that the 16 year-old may have run away.

Boston Globe 7/4/08:  Angry hedge fund clients at the gate, looking to regain money lost by Wayland hedge fund manager Michael C. Regan

Metrowest Daily News 7/4/08:  Wayland's Jenny no longer a greenhorn.  Former WHS standout Dartmouth junior Alex Jenny hopes to start at quarterback this coming season.

Boston Globe 7/3/08:  Wayland doctor, entrepreneur form non-profit to boost maternal survival rates in Dominican Republic.  Kim Wilson and Bill Haney founded founded Infante Sano ("Healthy Infant" in Spanish), a Waltham-based nonprofit dedicated to improving the health of mothers and infants across Latin America and the Caribbean.

Boston Globe 7/3/08:  Override questions met a mixed fate.   Voters in 13 "Globe West" communities passed overrides this spring, while 9 others rejected them.  Table of results.

Wayland Town Crier 7/2/08:  Some residents wonder why principal was not fined for violating campaign laws

Wayland Board of Health 7/2/08: Wayland transfer station: all aboard. The Board of Health provides this update on the transition from landfill to transfer station.

Wayland Town Crier 7/2/08:  St. Zepherin's pastor retires. After 8 1/2 years at St. Zepherin's, Father Ronald L. Bourgault retired at the end of June.

Wayland Town Crier 7/2/08:  Wayland woman indicted in $1M Tufts thefts, one of two people charged.  The former director of Tufts' student activities officer is charged with embezzling nearly $400,000 from student activities funds.

Wayland Town Crier 7/2/08:  Wolves in New England.  Cynthia Menard presented “Wolves in New England?” to a standing room only audience at the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge headquarters in Sudbury. The official answer is that “there are no wolves in New England”, or at least “no self sustaining population".

Wayland Town Crier 7/2/08:  Five stores fail liquor/tobacco compliance checks.  Post Road Liquors sold alcohol to a minor, and Rite Aid Pharmacy, Wayland Variety and Deli, Wayland Mobil and Wayland Exxon sold cigarettes to a minor. 

Franchising.com 7/1/08:  Auntie Anne's honors twenty families who give back.  Among twenty families nationwide honored for philanthropic work, Auntie Anne's honored the Eisenson family of Wayland for their efforts on behalf of Horizons for Homeless Children.

Boston Globe 6/29/08:  Rash of auto break-ins hits area towns, including four burglaries on Alpine Drive on June 11 and three at conservation areas in April.

Boston Globe 6/29/08:  The new faces settling into suburbia.  Owners cite practical, spiritual rewards of farm animals as pets.

Worcester Telegram 6/28/09:  Clark professor hit by train called brilliant, versatile. 

Wayland Town Crier 6/26/08:  Wayland man struck and killed by train.  Arthur Chou was hit an MBTA commuter train Wednesday evening in Lincoln near the Concord line.

Boston Globe 6/26/08:  Hands-on education in the nature of fire.  Wayland firefighter Tim Dempsey is among the cadets training at the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy.

Wayland Town Crier 6/26/08:  Landfill to study renewable energy options.  The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative has given the Landfill a $40,000 grant to fund a gas-to-energy feasibility study to determine if it’s economically feasible to capture and burn the methane generated by the current contents of the landfill to produce electricity.

Wayland Town Crier 6/26/08: Loker's Last Last Day.  The last day of school at Loker this year was several lasts - the last day for retiring principal Sue Abrams, the last Clap Out for the fifth graders, and the last day of the school serving as a K-5 school.

Wayland Town Crier 6/26/08: Facility's future looking clean. The Wayland-Sudbury Septage facility got approval from Wayland and Sudbury Selectmen to remain open, having proven itself capable of being self-sustaining in the past year.  The facility still must prove it can safely handle its volume, and continue to cut costs while working to increase revenues.

Metrowest Daily News 6/22/08: Town Center developers hope to blend in by designing an area that matches the architectural style of the surrounding area.

Metrowest Daily News 6/22/08:  Bridge projects affected by restrictions for environment, traffic. Among bridge construction projects in the area is reconstruction of the Route 20 bridge over the Sudbury River.

Providence Journal 6/20/08:  O'Shea reportedly will become Bryant's basketball coach. Former WHS basketball standout Tim O'Shea is expected to move from his coaching job at Ohio University to Bryant University, which is moving up to Division I this fall.

Wayland Town Crier 6/19/08: Officials aim to downsize Chapter 40B project.  After a Supreme Judicial Court ruling favoring the town of Woburn which had downsized a developer's 40B project, Wayland may look to downsize a developer's proposal for rental housing on Commonwealth Road.

Wayland Town Crier 6/19/08: Wayland A-Z: I is for Icehouses.

Wayland Town Crier 6/19/08: Take advantage of museum passes from the library.  The Library has passes that will get you in for free or reduced admission at dozens of nearby museums, parks and zoos.  Passes can even be reserved online.  Visit www.waylandlibrary.org for more information.

Wayland Town Crier 6/19/08: Lynch Landscaping reinvents itself as nursery.  After being told he could no longer run his business from his residentially-zoned site, Mike Lynch put his Old Sudbury Rd site to new use.

Wayland Town Crier 6/19/08: Girls crew team makes impressive showing at championships, sending one boat to the finals in the National Championships, where they finished fourth in the nation. 

Wayland Town Crier 6/19/08:  Life sciences bill: a billion dollar boondoggle.

Wayland Town Crier 6/19/08:  Residents participating in Pan-Mass Challenge.  Seventy-one Wayland residents will ride in the cancer fundraiser.  To support the cause, visit www.pmc.org

Wayland Town Crier 6/17/08:  Finance Committee creates new Capital Improvement Program.

Metrowest Daily News 6/15/08:  Tax report card: area voters split on overrides.  In Metrowest, 8 of 15 overrides have passed this spring (including 3 capital overrides).  Statewide, about half the overrides presented have passed.

Boston Globe 6/15/08:  Criticism for principal on election email.

Metrowest Daily News 6/15/08:  Wayland principal's e-mail broke state law.  The Office of Campaign and Political Finance rules that an email from Middle School principal Charlie Schlegel violated campaign laws by using public resources "to distribute information regarding a ballot question, even if it is intended to be objective and factual". 

US Rowing 6/14/08:  Finals set at the US Rowing Youth National Championships.  The Women's Youth Lightweight 8+- Semi01, Women's Youth 4+-Petite, and the Men's Youth 8+-Semi01 qualified for the finals.

Boston Globe 6/14/08:  Beginning to check into it.  Intercontinental program gives students a glimpse of life in the hotel industry.

NECN 6/12/08:  Mosquito spraying begins in Massachusetts.

Wayland Town Crier 6/11/08:  Upcoming plans for landfill operations.  The town is switching from burying trash in its own site to hauling the garbage off-site.  Services at the facility will remain the same, but prices for landfill stickers will increase by about one-third (from $245 to $320 for a yearly sticker).

Metrowest Daily News 6/11/08:  Income tax cut unlikely, says DiMasi.  The House Speaker says that he does not believe the state would carry out the repeal of the state income tax, proposed by Wayland-based Center for Small Government.

Wayland Town Crier 6/11/08:  Community social at Happy Hollow, the last in a series of events the school promoted over the past several weeks to especially welcome families whose children have been attending Loker Elementary School but are transferring over to Happy Hollow this coming fall.

Wayland Town Crier 6/11/08:  Wayland A-Z:  H is for "Horse Cars and Trolley Lines".

Wayland Town Crier 6/11/08:  Life Sciences initiative to become law.

Wayland Town Crier 6/11/08:  Wayland resident writes book about fighting Lyme disease. Constance Bean has just published "Beating Lyme: Understanding and Treating This Complex and Often Misdiagnosed Disease". She hopes to give the public accurate information about preventing and treating this common back yard disease.

Wayland Town Crier 6/11/08:  Wayland League of Women Voters gets reinvigorated. While membership numbers are down from past years, the League is looking to revive the organization.  They are hosting a major event on "Election 2008" at the Town Building on June 17.

Wayland Town Crier 6/11/08:  Wayland resident aims to popularize Gaelic football.  Mike Moynihan seeks to expand interest in a popular sport from his native country.  For more information about Gaelic football in the area, email Moynihan or visit www.isylboston.org.

Wayland Town Crier 6/11/08:  Resident explores world of triathlons in debut novel.  Inspired by actual events, "Know Regrets", a debut novel by Wayland resident Tim Durant, may be the first ever to come out of the rarefied, excruciatingly competitive, and somewhat esoteric world of the triathlon.

Wayland Town Crier 6/10/08:  Milfoil in Lake Cochituate closes Town Beach last weekend.  The plentiful weeds (see photo) have made the swimming area unsafe.  Divers have been pulling them, and the beach should reopen on June 14.

Wayland Town Crier 6/10/08:  WayCam Scholarships this year went to WHS '08 graduates Ainsley Washek and Chris Platika.

Wayland Town Crier 6/10/08:  Wayland nurse earns award.  Janet O’Connor, RN, of Wayland was recently honored with the Locke Award at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, given annually to a physician and nurse at Newton-Wellesley Hospital who exemplify compassionate and personalized care.

Wayland Town Crier 6/10/08:  Wayland residents earn medals at SkillsUSA.  Minuteman Regional High School students Darren O’Neil and Jake Shearer of Wayland claimed medals at the SkillsUSA State Leadership and Skills Conference held recently in Marlborough.

Wayland Town Crier 6/10/08:  Social networking comes to New England sites.

WSPN.tv 6/9/08: Graduation speeches from:

Metrowest Daily News 6/9/08:  Wayland graduates told to celebrate you.  The 219 members of the Wayland High School Class of 2008 graduated on Sunday, after addresses from Principal Patrick Tutwiler, Superintendent Gary Burton, salutatorians David Goldstein and Theresa Saxton-Fox, and valedictorian Jake Wang.

Metrowest Daily News 6/9/08: Hands down, Wayland man is one of poker's best. Bernard Lee is heading to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker. He hosts The Bernard Lee Poker Show on 1510AM and has a website.

Boston Globe 6/5/08:  Go Celtics!  First graders from Claypit Hill walk past the Celtics banner at the State House yesterday on their "Make Way for Ducklings" tour and Ryan McGonigle participates in a shooting contest at City Hall Plaza.

Wayland Town Crier 6/5/08:  Board of Assessors working on improving system in town, working on improving data and generating fairer assessments throughout the town.

Wayland Town Crier 6/5/08:  Economic development: Towns face challenges in growth.  Wayland, Weston and Sudbury all face the challenges of how to growth their commercial bases.  In Wayland, the Town Center is slated to add significant new commercial space, and sooner still, a new restaurant is planned for the former Finnerty's site.

Wayland Town Crier 6/5/08:  Riverfest winds through Wayland.  The Seventh Annual RiverFest will run the weekend of June 14 to 15, a weekend of celebration of the Sudbury, Assabet, and Concord Rivers.  The celebration includes about 50 events in Wayland and nearby communities.  For more information about RiverFest and the events, call 617-223-5225 or visit www.sudbury-assabet-concord.org.

Wayland Town Crier 6/5/08:  Happy Birthday to Claypit Hill.  Claypit Hill School celebrated its 50th birthday on May 30 with over 550 guests including students, teachers, faculty and staff, parents, as well as former principals and teachers.

Wayland Town Crier 6/3/08:  Two-alarm fire on Knollwood Lane.  No one was injured, and the fire was mostly contained to the garage, but the house sustained about $150,000 in damage.

Wayland Town Crier 6/5/08:  A relay to remember: communities raise money to fight cancer.  About 600 people participated in this year's Relay for Life, and the event raised well over the initial goal of $40,000.  The fundraiser spanned the overnight, going from 6pm on May 31st to 9am on June 1, and teams (of about 10) were required to have someone walking at all times.

Wayland Town Crier 6/5/08:  Wayland resident earns psychiatry award.  Wayland physician and former Board of Health member Steven E. Locke, MD, was awarded the "Ronnie Stangler" Award for Innovation by the American Association of Technology in Psychiatry.  The award is presented to "individuals who have shown creativity and innovation in applying technology to the practice of psychiatry and medicine."

Wayland Town Crier 6/5/08:  Wayland A-Z:  "H" is for "Houses of Worship".

Wayland Town Crier 6/3/08:  Wayland firefighters sport red shorts in support of US troops overseas.  They will be wearing the shirts on Fridays throughout the summer.

Metrowest Daily News 6/3/08:  Wayland comedian keeps it clean.  Brad Mastrangelo cleans carpets by day, tells jokes (clean ones) by night. 

Wayland to Waveland 6/2/08: Wayland High business students donate company ‘profits’ To Wayland To Waveland.  Donation of $2,575 from Silly Pleasures Venture.

dBusinessNews 6/2/08: Lombardo family hosts event raising $53,000 for three charities, including Wayland to Waveland.

Metrowest Daily News 6/1/08:  Wayland looking to build by school rules. The fifteen-member building committee charged with bringing a new high school to Wayland said they want to be the "example child" for collaborating with the state on a design for a new school. Committee Chairwoman Lea Anderson expects Wayland's request to "be much more in line with what the state is seeking."  (Note: description above includes a correction to the number of members of the board; the article lists seven, but the HSBC has 15)

Wayland Town Crier 5/28/08:  Paying tribute to the Loker families.  On Sunday, May 18, more than 50 Wayland residents gathered to dedicate the land between East Plain Street and Commonwealth Road known as Lokerville Green. A ceremony was held to honor the many generations of the Loker family who lived in Wayland beginning in 1638.  John Loker and his family from Londonderry, N.H., attended. Mr. Loker is a direct descendent of the Wayland Lokers. The Loker family unveiled the handsome new sign "Lokerville Green, World War II Memorial" that is underneath the "Cochituate" sign.

Wayland Town Crier 5/28/08:  Help provides people with some 'wheels'. Wheels for the World (WFTW) collects and restores wheelchairs for disabled people around the world.  They seek donations - both monetary donations and equipment (such as wheelchairs, car seats and umbrella strollers).

Wayland Town Crier 5/28/08:  Last hurrah for the Wayland Women's Club. After 106 years of lively engagement, the Wayland Women’s Club is folding its tent, although some of its remaining members will join a similar group in Sudbury.

Wayland Town Crier 5/28/08:  New rates forthcoming for sewage plant.  A new sewage plant slated to be built at 440 Boston Post Road could cost over $5 million, of which Town Center developers will pay 70%.  Funds for the remaining amount (about $1.4 million) have yet to be allocated, but about a dozen property owners who would be hooked up to the plant could face large bills to bridge the price gap.

Wayland Town Crier 5/28/08:  Happy Hollow teacher decides it's time to retire.  Fourth grade teacher Karen Sylva is retiring after over 30 years in the Wayland schools.  A retirement party will be held for her on June 11 at Happy Hollow. All past and present students, parents, colleagues and friends are invited. For more information call the school office at 508-358-2120.

Wayland Town Crier 5/28/08:  Wayland A-Z:  "H" is for "Heard Family".

Wayland Town Crier 5/28/08:  Wayland High School Jazz Ensemble plays in concert.

Weston Town Crier 5/27/08:  Staying active as volunteers through SOAR.  Service Opportunities after Reaching Fifty-Five (SOAR 55) helps link potential volunteers with rewarding opportunities.  If you are interested in volunteering with SOAR or would like to find out more about the agency and the upcoming symposium, visit www.soar-ma.org or call Jan Latorre-Stiller at 617-969-5906, ext. 120.

India New England 5/27/08:  A sound achievement:  Bose inducted into Inventors Hall of Fame.  Wayland resident Amar Bose is honored for his achievements in sound research.

Wayland Town Crier 5/27/08:  Two-alarm basement fire on Old Weston Road.  There were no injuries and fire crews were able to contain the fire to the basement.

Wayland Town Crier 5/27/08:  A fitting tribute to our soldiers on Memorial Day.  On a perfect spring morning, parade goers and crowds of onlookers honored our country's veterans for their service and sacrifices.

Wayland Town Crier 5/27/08:  Sign up for John R. Svenson Classic golf tournament which will be held June 2 at the Belmont Country Club as part of Jimmy Fund Golf, a grassroots charity program that raises money for cancer research and treatment at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  In addition the tournament, there is a dinner and silent auction (including Celtics memorabilia, Sox/Yankees tickets and the chance to be a ball boy or ball girl at a Celtics game).  Tickets for the dinner and auction are still available. Dinner tickets are $150 per person and available by contacting Laraine Levy at rainey149@aol.com.

Wayland Town Crier 5/27/08:  Boys crew team cleans up at states. Both the boys and girls teams won their team trophies, and Wayland-Weston took the combined cup.

Veterans Memorial Committee 5/27/08:  2008 Veterans Freedom Prize Winner Announced.  Sophomore Erica van Sciver wins for her essay "The Torture Word".  The other finalists (and their essay titles) were: Sama Abdul Aziz, (Guilty Before Proven Innocent: Ethnic Profiling of Arabs and Muslims after 9/11), Zoe Banning (Small Steps for Freedom), Zoe Farricker (Gay Marriage), Sarah Glick (My Grandpa’s Fight for Freedom), Julia Goddard (Jena Six), Talya Levitz (Student Free Speech), Virginia Liau (Freedom Rings), Teresa McCarthy (Freedom of Expression in China), Berin Senne (The Purple Heart Battalion), Jessica Wilson (Amnesty International: Defenders of Freedom).

Metrowest Daily News 5/23/08:  Cities may rethink pricey school plans.  The Massachusetts School Building Authority will be looking to control school construction costs by preventing cities and towns from building exorbitant new schools.

Wayland Student Press 5/22/08: Erica van Sciver wins the Wayland Veterans' Memorial Freedom Prize Contest.   The sophomore's winning essay was "The Torture Word".

Wayland Town Crier 5/22/08:  Some residents disputing water bills.

Boston Globe 5/22/08:  Keeping score on overrides.  Towns have been going to the polls all spring to vote up or down overrides.  To date, they have passed in: Wayland, Randolph, Natick, Canton, Brookline, Wenham, Rowley, Rockport, Ipswich, Hamilton.  They have failed in: Harvard, Sudbury, Chelmsford, Holbrook, Shrewsbury, Groveland and Newton. Georgetown voted for an operating override and voted down a series of debt exclusions.

Wayland Town Crier 5/22/08:  Proposal to turn Paine Estate into playing fields.

Wayland Town Crier 5/22/08:  Idea sprouting to purchase Lee's Farm Stand.

Wayland Town Crier 5/22/08:  Author to discuss Cultural Revolution. Xujun Eberlein will read from and discuss her book "Apologies Forthcoming" at the Library on Tuesday, May 27.

Wayland Town Crier 5/21/08:  Donate items for soldiers at Wayland post office

Wayland Town Crier 5/21/08:  Assistant principal for Wayland Middle School named.  Betsy Gavron, a long-time WMS math teacher and house leader, will take over John Kaveleski's role as he moves to principal's office.

Metrowest Daily News 5/20/08:  Wayland man accused of operating improper hedge fund.

FINalternatives 5/20/08:  Massachusetts charges hedge fund manager for solicitations.

Boston Globe 5/19/08:  Hedge fund operator accused of bilking investors.  Michael Regan is accused of soliciting investors to put funds in a hedge fund, which has lost has nearly all of the $15 million he collected.

nj.com 5/18/08:  Wayland-Weston crew teams qualify for nationals at Northeast/ Mid-Atlantic Junior Rowing District Championships.  Both the Men's Varsity 8+ and Men's Lightweight 8+ came in first place, while the Women's Varsity 4+ came in third place, and the Women's Lightweight 8+ came in second, both qualifying for national championships.  Complete results are available online.

Milford Daily News 5/15/08:  Heroines lauded for quiet effect on their world.  Among those honored as unsung heroes for community activism and volunteer work at the State House  was Linda Brooks of Wayland, executive director of A Suitable Image.  A Suitable Image provides low-income women with business clothing.

Wayland Town Crier 5/14/08:  Questions raised about WayCAM spending.  Verizon signed a 15-year deal with Wayland calling for $300,000 in payments to the Town over the first six years of the contract.  WayCAM Board members plan to use the funds for capital investments, and to devote $10,000 each year to educate students who use the WayCAM studio based at Wayland High School as required by the contract.  At issue is an additional $8000 over the next four years that the selectmen would like to see go to the schools.

Wayland Town Crier 5/14/08:  Audit: Tech funding needs to be consistent.  An external consultant found that the Wayland schools require more technology in the classrooms, and teachers desire more staff development and training in the use of technology.  The full report from the consultant is available online.

Wayland Town Crier 5/14/08:  Save some money, save the world Jackson Madnick wants to appeal to our desire to save money to encourage us to do what also saves the world.

Wayland Town Crier 5/14/08:  Young anglers make a catch. More than 75 young anglers and their families turned out May 10 for the Annual Wayland Youth Fishing Derby at Mill Pond sponsored by Tom Antonellis. Proceeds from a concessions stand went to The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Wayland Town Crier 5/14/08: "Book of Remembrance" honors local vets.  About half of the 500 books printed to date have already been sold. The book is now available to the general public at the town clerk’s office in the Wayland Town Building from 8:30am to 4:30pm and costs $25.

Wayland Town Crier 5/14/08:  Baseball field honors memory of Art King.  A baseball field at the Town Building has been dedicated to the late Art King, a coach, WBSA and Park & Rec member. Donations to the field, which will support improvements (such as redoing the infield, dugouts, a scoreboard and a concession stand) can be made to the WBSA, under Art King Memorial Field, and sent to 23 Old Connecticut Path, Wayland.

Wayland Student Press Network 5/14/08:  Tim Cardonna (WHS '11) awarded second place in state-wide piano competition.

Wayland Town Crier 5/14/08:  Wayland A-Z:  The story of Haynes Garrison.

Wayland Town Crier 5/14/08:  High School Building Committee Update.  The Wayland High School Building Committee has begun planning for procurement of an owner’s project manager. The Massachusetts’s School Building Authority (MSBA) has advised Wayland to begin this process in anticipation of conducting a Feasibility Study.  The HSBC invites the community to its newly redesigned its Web site to learn about the progress on the Wayland High School project.

Wayland Town Crier 5/14/08:  State Senator Scott Brown to study war after-effects.

Metrowest Daily News 5/11/08:  A powerful legacy in Wayland.  Police Chief Irving said the town bought and installed a Katolight XP series generator last month, the generator being the legacy of former State Rep. Sue Pope.

Metrowest Daily News 5/9/08:  Woman seriously hurt in Wayland head-on collision.  Mimi Facher was listed in critical condition on Wednesday after an accident in which the other driver veered from his lane and hit Ms. Facher's car head-on.

Wayland Town Crier 5/8/08:  Movie crew descends on Wayland as the filming of Disney's "The Surrogate" takes to Moore Rd.

Daily News Tribune 5/8/08:  Investment firm agrees to give $37 million back to towns, the Pike, including $525,000 to Wayland.  This is not new money to the town, but money the town already had restored from frozen. The Boston Globe ran this table of UBS reimbursement amounts.

Wayland Town Crier 5/8/08:  Wayland residents help people of all abilities learn to ski. The Starr Family has worked with AbilityPLUS helping people with disabilities ranging from autism and Down syndrome to muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy and spina bifida learn to ski.

Wayland Town Crier 5/8/08:  Leader of "ConTrips" honored by town.  This year, the Wayland Public Ceremonies Committee selected retiring Middle School special education teacher Patrick Conaway for his contributions to the community, which have included organizing community service efforts at the Middle School and outdoor education.

Wayland Town Crier 5/8/08:  Process in place for dog disputes.

Wayland Town Crier 5/8/08:  Tips for "healthy snacking" presented at Senior Center.

Wayland Town Crier 5/8/08:  Wayland A-Z:  "G" for "Grout-Heard House"

Wayland Town Crier 5/8/08:  Townwide revaluation project. The appraisal firm of Vision Appraisal Technology has been hired by the town of Wayland to begin a town-wide revaluation project.

Wayland Town Crier 5/8/08:  Inside look at Wayland town and school salaries.

Wayland Town Crier 5/8/08:  Community service ethic ethic and well in Wayland, where awards were given to students and adults who have provided volunteer service.

Wayland Town Crier 5/8/08:  Lifelong educator to spend final year as Middle School principal, as John Kaveleski takes over the post for the next school year.

Wayland Town Crier 5/8/08:  Wayland resident and Mount Auburn physician Varant Hagopian honored with 2008 Award for Distinguished Service to the Massachusetts Medical Society. 

Wayland Police and Fire Depts 5/7/08: Police Chief Robert Irving and Fire Chief Robert Loomer have announced that the generator at Wayland’s primary emergency shelter is now operational.

Wayland Town Crier 5/7/08:  Important talk on emergency planning.  "In Case of Emergency: Are You Prepared?" will be held on Wednesday, May 14 from 11 a.m. to noon in the Senior Center. The meeting will begin with a panel discussion with chiefs Robert Irving and Robert Loomer of the Police and Fire departments; public health nurse Ruth Mori of the Wayland Board of Health office; and representatives of the COA.

Milford Daily News 5/4/08:  Town Meeting looking for digital edge with voting devices.  Tom Conroy proposes funds to buy electronic voting keypads for Town Meeting.

Metrowest Daily News 5/3/08:  Wayland Town Center project gaining approval.  The Massachusetts Environmental Protection Act (MEPA) office said the pending Town Center project "adequately and properly complies" with MEPA guidelines in a March 28 decision based on an Environmental Impact Report submitted by developers Twenty Wayland LLC.

WaylandeNews 5/3/08:  The Lokerville Green Dedication Ceremony scheduled for Sunday May 4 at 2pm has been postponed until Sunday, May 18 at 2pm.

Daily News Tribute 5/2/08:  Lease clears way for 26-mile trail.  The MBTA's board of directors yesterday afternoon approved a 99-year agreement with the state to lease a 26-mile stretch of abandoned railroad right of way between Waltham and Berlin. The board's vote paves the way for the state Department of Conservation and Recreation to convert the land to a bike and walking path.

Poker Listings.com 5/2/08: Lee's poker show celebrates one year on air. Poker pro and Wayland resident Bernard Lee will celebrate the one-year anniversary of his poker radio show in Massachusetts this month with the help of special guests starting May 6.

Wayland Student Press 5/1/08:  Sam Bacon's speech at Community Service Awards Night.  Volunteering is far more than a path to college admissions.

Wayland Town Crier 5/1/08:  Middle School Assistant Principal John Kavaleski has been appointed principal of the school for next year.  He will be retiring at the end of year, and a full search for the next principal will take place during next year.

Boston Globe 5/1/08:  Tax wars in the trenches Override backers, foes use campaign tactics to woo local voters.

Boston Globe 5/1/08:  Sullivans serve a family tradition. Athletic kin inspired Wayland siblings.

Wayland Town Crier 5/1/08:  Wayland Student Press receives national journalism award.  Recognized as an outstanding model of student journalism, Wayland Student Press, the one-year-old student-run news medium of Wayland High School, has received the Online Pacemaker Award from The National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) at the Spring National High School Journalism Convention in Anaheim, California.  The Pacemakers are awards for excellence in American student journalism, given annually since 1927 to high school and college publications. They are considered to be the highest honor in the field, unofficially known as the "Pulitzer Prize" of student journalism.

Wayland Town Crier 5/1/08:  State rep race features familiar faces.  The election will be a battle between two Wayland politicians, current State Rep Tom Conroy and our prior one, Susan Pope.

Daily News Tribune 5/1/08:  Cooking with your own personal chef.  Waltham cook German Lam is bringing his chef skills into the home, starting with the home of Wayland resident Maureen Tacelli.

Wayland Town Crier 5/1/08:  Wayland-Weston crew making great strides.  Now in their eighth year (and 16th season), the team has already developed a history of huge success.  Learn more about Wayland-Weston crew at www.wwcrew.org.

Wayland Town Crier 5/1/08:  State Senator Scott Brown gets 100% rating from Mass Audubon Society.

Wayland Town Crier 4/30/08:  Plans emerging for elementary redistricting.

Wayland Schools 4/29/08:  The school administration presented its redistricting plan for the elementary schools last night.  They have also provided street listings for addresses in the Claypit Hill district and the Happy Hollow district. 

Boston Globe 4/28/08:  Mass housing prices plummet.  But Wayland has bucked the trend with higher median prices (though first quarter numbers show a decline from last year).

Metrowest Daily News 4/28/08:  Who's running for state legislature?  Freshman state Rep. Thomas Conroy will defend his seat against former Republican state Rep. Susan Pope.

Boston Globe 4/27/08: Top marks for high school's online paper. The Wayland Student Press, which began only last year as nothing more than a "good idea," has burgeoned into an award-winning model of student journalism that was honored at the recent National Scholastic Press Association conference. Completely managed and produced by Wayland High students, the Student Press has won a Pacemaker Award for online journalism, one of the highest national honors for student organizations.

Metrowest Daily News 4/27/08: Heat and lead a concern for artificial turf fields, but Wayland Park & Recreation Director Nancy McShea said the town studied off-gassing on artificial fields for about a year before Wayland's field was installed. McShea said research led her and other officials to believe there was "no evidence that harmful chemicals would be off-gassed," since the type of turf installed contained no lead or other harmful chemicals.

Boston Globe 4/27/08: Young stars lift Vermont lacrosse, as Wayland native Megan MacDonald, an All-America performer at Wayland High and a four-time America East Rookie of the Week, was second in team scoring with 27 goals (tying the program record for a freshman) and nine assists. After having an 11-game goal-scoring streak snapped in a 12-11 loss to Oregon, she ended the regular season with five goals (a career high) and three assists in a 23-9 win against Binghamton. Her team has qualified for the America East Conference tournament for the first time since 2002.

Metrowest Daily News 4/27/08: Water bans could be on the horizon. Though Wayland's wells are currently in good shape, there's no reason to wait until a ban is in place to begin conserving.

Metrowest Daily News 4/26/08: School vacation week leads to increase in teen mischief. Reports have poured into police departments throughout the region in recent days about everything from bikes being stolen from a garage in Wayland to mailboxes being vandalized in Sherborn to a tennis ball being super-glued to a car in Hopkinton.

Boston Globe 4/24/08:  They're planting the seed for eco-friendlier lawns.  Once established, eco-Lawn grass needs no watering, and grows slowly, reducing the need for mowing.  Jackson Madnick will talking about grass tips on May 2 at First Parish in Wayland at 7:30pm.

Wayland Town Crier 4/24/08:  Learn "the Ultimate Green Lawn" tips from Jackson Madnick.

Wayland Town Crier 4/24/08:  Wayland police cruiser damaged in collision with another vehicle while making U-turn to pursue a car.

Wayland Town Crier 4/24/08:  Enhancing the lives of Wayland seniors.  The May Wayland COA newsletter will contain a survey designed by a small group of volunteers on "Exploring Your Future".  The survey looks at information on service desires and concerns of the town's seniors.  If you would like a copy and do not get the COA newsletter, extra copies will be available in the Senior Center.

Wayland Town Crier 4/24/08:  Physical Ed's still going strong after moving about a mile from its former location in Wayland to its new spot in Natick. 

Monterey County Herald 4/22/08: Monterey Jazz Festival announces 2008 Next Generation Jazz Orchestra.  The Orchestra nurtures the future generation of jazz stars through a program that selects the best and brightest high school jazz musicians in the country.  This year's orchestra includes Wayland High drummer Daniel Nadeau.

University of Vermont Catamounts:  UVM lacrosse player Megan MacDonald wins America East Women's Lacrosse Weekly Honors as Rookie of the Week for the third straight week and the fourth time overall.

Wayland Town Crier 4/22/08: Police officers investigating car break-ins in Wayland at conservation areas.

Wayland Town Crier 4/22/08:  Wayland residents fighting homelessness. In an effort to illustrate the many faces of homelessness, Kyla Middleton, a 13-year-old from Medford who is formerly homeless, will be performing at the third annual Give US Your Poor Auction. The event will be held on Thursday, May 1, 7-9:30pm at the Sandy Burr Country Club, with proceeds benefiting Give US Your Poor, a national public education and action initiative to end epidemic homelessness.  Tickets can be purchased online for $20 or at the door on the night of the event for $25.

Wayland Clean Up!  4/21/08:  Wayland Cleans Up! exceeds expectations; hundreds sign up at Starbucks in project to clean up and earn beautification money.

Boston Globe 4/20/08:  With baseball in their blood, they are not the retiring type.  Among long-time coaches is WHS' Bill Fulginite, in his 20th season at Wayland and his 34th overall as a head coach.

Wayland Youth & Family Services 4/20/08:  Say thanks On April 29th to Wayland adults and High School students.  Community Service Awards will be presented at the High School to Wayland residents for their volunteer service.

Wayland Town Crier 4/20/08:  Fractious political scene in Wayland as  some believe local politics is polarizing the town.

Boston Globe 4/20/08:  Wayland teen blogging in style.  Kori Perten, is founder of the Fashion-Y Blog, which she launched in February 2007. She has built a sizeable following with nearly 1,000 daily readers across the country.

Metrowest Daily News 4/20/08: Wayland memorial book now available.  The Wayland Veterans Memorial Committee invites all residents to the public debut of the long-awaited "Book of Remembrance," the third and final piece of the Wayland Veterans Memorial. You can get a copy at the Senior Center at the Wayland Town Building on Saturday, April 26 from 10am to 1 pm, whether pre-ordered or a resident making a new purchase.  If you are unable to pick up your copy of the book on this day, you will have another chance on Thursday, May 8 from 7 to 8:30pm in the Senior Center.

Wayland Town Crier 4/17/08:  Wayland Town Meeting approves providing town pool land for the construction of a new pool to be funded with private donations. 

Town Moderator 4/17/08:  Some statistics concerning Wayland's Annual Town Meetings during the last 25 years.  Average attendance has risen dramatically over the last four years from historical levels.  Average attendance from 1984-2004: 282.  Average from 2005-2008:  654.

WaylandeNews 4/17/08:  Summary results of Town Meeting Articles

Boston Globe 4/17/08:  Alert on tainted Sudbury: Mercury levels prompt outreach.  Regional planners are launching an ambitious public education project to warn area residents, including low-income immigrant fishermen and their families, that the Sudbury River is contaminated with mercury.

Wayland Town Crier 4/17/08:  Wayland students find help in Academic Center.  When WHS students need help, tutors, comprised of both other students and adult volunteers, are available.  The Academic Center was the brainchild of Trish Gavett, who is retiring at the end of this school year.

Wayland Town Crier 4/17/08:  The beauty of the Community Gardens. One of the town’s best-kept secrets, the Community Gardens are tucked off of Old Sudbury Road (Route 27) about a half-mile north of the town center.  The Conservation Commission is now taking applications for the upcoming growing season. You can call them at 508-358-3669, download an application and/or drop by their offices in the Town Building. Call ahead of time to be sure someone will be there if you do decide to go in.

Wayland Town Crier 4/17/08:  Wayland gets ready to clean up.  Let’s get out there and pick up trash! Almost every roadway needs clean up. And you can "police" your own neighborhood, or do one of the hot spots in town.  Visit http://cleanup.pointed.com for more information.

Wayland Town Crier 4/17/08:  How to slash energy bills in half.  The Building Energy ’08 conference at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston highlighted energy saving technologies and tips.

Wayland Town Crier 4/17/08:  Residents can try out magic of Geographic Information System.  The system captures, stores, analyzes and displays geographic information. Users can access Wayland’s WebGIS to get detailed information on a property, including building footprints, zoning, wetlands and elevations, school districts, nearby town and federal conservation areas, even the location of utility poles on the street out front.  To access the WebGIS, start at: www.wayland.ma.us/surveying/disclaimer.htm.

Wayland Town Crier 4/17/08:  Wayland Library receives a Massachusetts Clubhouse Coalition award.  On April 1, the Wayland Library was honored at the State House as a Massachusetts Clubhouse Coalition Employer of the Year. This event recognizes Massachusetts employers for providing employment opportunities to citizens recovering from mental illness and celebrates the employment success of clubhouse members.  The library was nominated by C.W. Potter Place in Waltham. The award was accepted by Jan DeMeo, head of circulation, on behalf of the library.

Wayland Town Crier 4/17/08:  Promoting responsible lawns. Suggestions from the Wayland Wellhead Protection Committee on building a lawn without watering or chemicals.

Boston Marathon 4/17/08:  Wayland has 24 runners with bib numbers slated to run in Monday's marathon.  For complete marathon details, visit the Boston Marathon site.

Wayland Town Crier 4/15/08:  Wayland Town Meeting OKs $60.4 million budget.

UVM Catamounts 4/15/08:  Wayland's Megan MacDonald named America East Rookie of the Week in women's lacrosse for the second straight week (and the third time in four weeks).

Wayland Town Crier 4/14/08: With Kulhawick gone, Boston's entertainment TV reporters down to 0.

WaylandeNews 4/14/08:  Wayland Cleans Up! is Saturday (Apr. 19), 7am-3pm.  Sign up at Starbucks in Cochituate to earn money for Wayland Beautification.  More information is available at http://cleanup.pointed.com/

Metrowest Daily News 4/13/08:  Overrides passing in tough times. Of four overrides in Metrowest towns thus far this year, three have passed (Natick, Wayland and Hudson), with only one failure (Sudbury).

Miami Herald 4/13/08:  A celebration of life: For ex-marathon runner Alberto Salazar, a former runner coping with heart trouble, shared memories of life and near-death with his father.

Boston Globe 4/13/08:  Wii gets seniors back in the games including at Wayland's Sunrise Assisted Living Facility.

Boston Globe 4/13/08:  Boston Globe chart shows income change by zip code from 2001 to 2005. Wayland's average income rose from $175,579 to $219,808 (a 25.2% increase).

Metrowest Daily News 4/13/08:  After override, Wayland looks to future, not expecting an override for the next fiscal year. The town is working to develop more commercial tax revenues from the Town Center and to realize efficiencies from the newly approved DPW.

WaylandeNews 4/11/08:  Town Meeting last night got through Article 5, passing all Articles 1 through 5.  Town Meeting will continue on Monday night.

Wayland Town Crier 4/11/08:  Town Meeting votes to create Department of Public Works.  After hours of discussion, annual Town Meeting established the town’s first ever public works department on Thursday night.  Voters approved the measure on a standing head count of 382-291.

Boston Globe 4/10/08:  Active shooter police training.  Public safety officers from Natick, Framingham, Wellesley, Sherborn and Wayland took part in an active shooter training exercise, hosted by Natick PD and held at Kennedy Middle School.

Wayland Town Crier 4/10/08:  Grant brings storyteller to Happy Hollow School.  The Wayland Public Schools Foundation recently funded a grant which brought Tim Van Egmond to a fourth-grade class at Happy Hollow School to discuss "Building a Repertoire for Telling and Writing Personal Narratives."

Wayland Town Crier 4/10/08:  Local actor opens summer theater camp in Weston.  Wayland native Harley Yanoff (WHS '04) will open a youth theater camp in Weston this summer.  The Spotlight Summer Theater Workshop is 8-17 year olds.  Details are available at www.spot-light.org

Wayland Town Crier 4/10/08:  Destination ImagiNation teams score big. Wayland teams enjoyed incredible success at the regional championship held on March 8, with second- and third-place finishes, a rare accomplishment for first-time contenders.

Boston Globe 4/9/08:  Voters back $1.9m override, oust official.

Wayland Town Crier 4/8/08:  Wayland voters pass override; elect Nolan and Correia.  Louis Jurist and Barb Fletcher were re-elected to the School Committee.  Full results are available on the town website.

Boston Globe 4/8/08:  Wayland voters weigh $1.86 million override

Wayland Town Crier 4/8/08:  Important proposals for Town Meeting include the DPW proposal, the reconstruction of the Town Pool, a town-wide property information update, and several others.  Town Meeting starts on Thursday, and the Town Meeting Warrant is available online.

Metrowest Daily News 4/5/08:  New plate special: Wayland diner aims for nostalgia, flavor as it reverts back to its original style and honors the original name, reopening as Benson's II

Wayland Town Crier 4/4/08:  Grant will help battle pollution.   The MetroWest Community Health Care Foundation has awarded a $148,000 grant to a local planning group, the MetroWest Growth Management Committee, to assess the risk river pollution poses to public health.

Wayland Town Crier 4/4/08:  Youth group to build wall on Caribbean island. Members of the Sudbury United Methodist Church Youth Group - a.k.a. the God Squad - will host a benefit auction and dance Saturday at 7pm at the Josiah Smith Tavern in Weston to help pay for the students' trip to Dominica, a tiny Caribbean island. During the trip, the 16 Wayland and Lincoln-Sudbury high school students and 10 adult chaperones plan to build a 200-foot concrete security wall around the Zion Church.

Wayland Town Crier 4/3/08:  Challenging election for town clerk's office.  With several offices void of a candidate, and one write-in candidate facing off against three on the ballot, the town clerk's office expects to be burning the midnight oil manually counting votes.

Wayland Town Crier 4/3/08:  Key public schools staff members to depart.  Departures at the end of this year include Middle School principal Charlie Schlegel, who is returning to his home state of Indiana, and Sue Abrams, who is retiring as principal of Loker School.  Other departures (several of them retirements) include Director of Student Services Doris Goldthwaite, Technology Director Jean Tower, High School Music Director Jane Ezbicki and elementary school English curriculum coordinators Tammy Mulligan and Claire Landrigan.

Wayland Town Crier 4/3/08:  Students direct and star in plays at Wayland High School.  The five one-act plays will be performed in Wayland High School’s Little Theater on April 9 to 12 at 7:30pm (except for Thursday which will start at 4pm due to Town Meeting). On Wednesday and Friday, the performances will be "Savage Love," "Aria Da Capo" and "Pullman car Hiawatha." On Thursday and Saturday, the performances will be "Woman and Wallace" and "The Actors Nightmare."  Tickets are $5 for students and $10 for adults. Tickets will be sold during High School lunches in the Commons, at the door, and on the Wayland Drama Web site.

Wayland Town Crier 4/2/08:  Disagreements continue over elementary school reconfiguration.  School Administrators continue working to work out details over the school reconfiguration plans, while some residents continue to press for answers.

Wayland Town Crier 4/2/08:  Brown returns re-election signatures early. State Senator Scott Brown was the first to turn in papers, in his bid for re-election this fall.

Middle School List Service 3/31/08:  Principal Charlie Schlegel has announced his resignation, effective June 30, 2008.  He has accepted a job heading a charter school in Indianapolis.

Worcester Business Journal 3/31/08:  Softscape dust raises ethics questions. The company's story may serve as a cautionary tale about what tactics one can legally and ethically employ against competitors.

HGTV 3/31/08:  HGTV is running a program at 7pm this evening entitled, "My House is Worth What" featuring homes from Wayland, MA, Dearborn, MI and Ocoee, FL.

Boston Globe 3/30/08: Whatever it takes.  Kate Sanders did whatever was necessary to find her lost yellow lab, Henry, including renting a helicopter, offering a reward and plastering Wayland and nearby towns with signs.  "And even though the effort ended in sadness last week with the discovery of Henry's body, people marveled at how a dog, and his loving owners, could bring a community together."

Metrowest Daily News 3/30/08:  Effect of proposed Wayland override not yet clear.  Under debate is whether failing the override would detrimentally affect Wayland's bond rating, and how much impact a reduced rating would have.  Moody's review of Wayland is available online.

Wayland Town Crier 3/27/08:  Obituary, Daniel G. Burgess.  Dan Burgess, WHS '06, died on Tuesday at the age of 20.

Wayland Town Crier 3/27/08:  Missing dog found dead. After weeks of searching for him, Henry the yellow lab was found dead in a pool in his backyard.

Wayland Town Crier 3/27/08:  Police arrest homeless man in stolen car.  After Wayland police stopped a vehicle, the driver sped away at high speed, and was eventually arrested in Waltham.

Wayland Town Crier 3/27/08:  Moving ahead on Loker closure.  School officials are working on a plan to shuffle significant numbers of faculty, students and bus routes at the town’s three elementary schools by the end of the school year as part of a strategy to partially shut down the Loker School next fall and save money.

Wayland Town Crier 3/27/08:  Debate over the future of Lee Farm Stand site.  Ross Hamlin's proposal is for a project that could generate up to $300,000 in new taxes for the town, and would likely include a bank, coffee shop, restaurant and other "soft retail" shops between 2,000 and 6,000 square feet.  Most nearby residents oppose the project over concerns about traffic and the overdevelopment of green space.  A few support it, preferring it over the likely alternative, affordable housing.

Wayland Town Crier 3/27/08:  Finance Committee explains need for override, noting that cost growth in utilities, pensions and health care eat up almost the entire 2.5% of allowable tax growth without an override.  Revenue growth has been slow, and many fees have already been increased.

Wayland Town Crier 3/27/08:  Welcoming "Lost Boy of Sudan" to Wayland Middle School.   On April 2, sixth-graders at Wayland Middle School will get the opportunity to listen to a "Lost Boy of Sudan." Charles Adeng Chayor was separated from his family at the age of 3, and walked over 1,000 miles to avoid the Northern Sudanese Army during the Sudanese Civil War.  For taking the time to talk about his experiences, Wayland Middle School is having a "Walk for the Children of Sudan" on Friday, April 4 to support Charles’ dream of making a better Sudan. Our goal is to raise money for the Yelei Primary School, as well as awareness about the current situation in Sudan. We will do our best to simulate the walk the "Lost Boys" took with a 4-mile circuit around town. The walk is open to the public and participants are asked to make a minimum donation of $5.

Cornell Chronicle 3/26/08:  Justin Lerner (WHS '98) won the Best Director award at the 29th annual College Television Emmy Awards.

WaylandeNews 3/26/08:  WaylandeNews is pleased to welcome Stephen Perlman to our Editorial Board.  To learn more about Stephen, please visit our Who Are We page.

Westport News 3/26/08:  Health District won't take turf temperature.  Officials in Westport CT see no need to worry about turf temperature, seeing little need for such temperature monitoring because the turf fields that are used mainly for football, soccer and lacrosse get very little use in the summer. They said the health district would consider closing a field in response to a "demonstrated need. How long have turf fields been in use in this country? Burns have not been an issue."

University of Vermont Catamounts:  MacDonald named America East Women's Lacrosse Rookie of the Week.  Wayland native Megan MacDonald led UVM to a 1-1 week. She scored three goals and added five ground balls, four caused turnovers and two draw controls. 

State Rep. Tom Conroy 3/24/08: Tom Conroy discusses casinos and his take on the costs and benefits.

Boston Globe 3/23/08:  Will work for tax break:  seniors take advantage of chance to serve community, save money.  (Here's a similar article in the Metrowest Daily News.)

Metrowest Daily News 3/22/08:  Wayland, Weston finds artificial turf hot to handle.  Concerned that the turf can get extremely hot on hot days, towns are considering posting warning signs. 

Wayland Town Crier 3/21/08:  Former tennis great Jim Courier tries out Longfellow's Zip Zone, a downsized tennis court for young tennis players.

Metrowest Daily News 3/21/08:  Wayland builder ordered to pay up.  Shannon Construction will be forced to pay full wages due to 70 men and women who spent almost a year working on construction jobs in Boston and MetroWest.

Metrowest Daily News 3/20/08:  Two MetroWest lawmakers on committee on opposite sides.  Tom Conroy, serving on the Economic Development Committee, voted to give the casino proposal an unfavorable report.

Wayland Town Crier 3/20/08:  Officials calling Chapter 40B project "oversized".  Selectmen and several other town boards have criticized a Chapter 40B project proposed at 371-373 Commonwealth Road, deeming it out of character and noting traffic and safety issues.  The project requires Zoning Board of Appeals approval.

Wayland Town Crier 3/20/08:  Donations to fix up High School's Field House.  Private donors have raised the funds to renovate the Field House's floor and bleachers and increase gym space.

Wayland Town Crier 3/20/08:  Conservation Commission unanimously approves sonar use in Dudley Pond to battle invasive weeds that are strangling the pond.

Wayland Town Crier 3/20/08:  The Iraq War: five years and counting.  Vigils were held through Metrowest, and the nation, marking the fifth anniversary of the start of the war.

Wayland Town Crier 3/20/08:  Wayland A-Z:  F is for Five Paths, the intersection of Old Connecticut Path and Cochituate Road.  Read the entry to learn what the "fifth path" was.  Note: we have collected the Wayland A-Z entries on our Wayland A-Z Topics page.

Wayland Town Crier 3/20/08:  Keeping up with current events with Great Decisions group.

Wayland Town Crier 3/19/08:  "A Step Above" to perform at Vokes Theater.  A group of 10 girls from Wayland and nearby towns are part of this student-run group that choreograph its own dances.

Wayland Town Crier 3/18/08:  Selectmen vote 4-1 to endorse override.  If the override fails, the Finance and School departments project the town would lose two police officers, at least two teachers or counselors at every school, many school sports and activities, as well as staff in the Recreation and Highway departments.  Other cuts would include reducing library hours from 67 to 57 and only keeping the Council on Aging open four days a week.  For more information on the override, visit WaylandeNews' Override Resource Center.

Weston Town Crier 3/18/08:  Wayland resident and Rivers director of music Chris Memoli is honored as 2008 Orchestra Director of the Year.

Boston Globe 3/17/08:  Across region, call of the wolves. Reported sightings could signal a greater presence, including a sighting at the Wayland/Sudbury line.

Boston Globe 3/16/08:  Wayland makes Boston Globe's list of the top 25 zip codes in Massachusetts for retaining high property values and a high level of charitable giving.

Metrowest Daily News 3/16/08:  Wayland still ready for a fight as the town continues to seek funds from Omnipoint for technical consultants, which he said they are entitled to under state law Chapter 44, Section 53G, which allows boards access to information from applicants that board members need to reach rulings.

Wayland School Committee 3/13/08:  2 1/2 school configuration for the 2008-09 school year.  Q&A from the School Committee on the reconfiguration decision.

Wayland Town Crier 3/13/08:  Rep. Conroy announces local aid increase.  Statewide, state aid to towns increased 4.4%.  Wayland will see an 8% increase, $321,886 over FY08 figures.

Wayland Town Crier 3/13/08:  Wayland marathoner's partner, a yellow lab, runs off.  Kate Sanders' running partner, her 18-month old yellow lab, has been missing since March 10.

Wayland Town Crier 3/13/08:  Parente says she should win pension appeal, Pope not appealing. While Marie Parente is appealing an earlier decision that found her parking space should not be counted as part of salary for determining her pension, Sue Pope has opted not to pursue the additional monies.

Wayland Town Crier 3/13/08:  Wayland's Softscape sued by software rival, SuccessFactors, who claims that that Softscape employees illegally accessed SuccessFactors' computer networks to obtain "information and images'' in a defamatory presentation that was emailed to a number of their customers.

Wayland Town Crier 3/13/08:  Student website earns national honorsWayland Student Press Network has grown from just an idea to attaining a spot in the Pacemaker Awards’ Top Ten Finalists for online journalism – the most prestigious student journalism award in the country.  The site is slick and impressive.  Student volunteers wishing to split their time with WaylandeNews are welcome :-)

Wayland Town Crier 3/13/08:  Lingering resentment on School Committee decision.  Contending that there was a "secret deal" and that the process for selecting which school to keep as the Grade 1-5 school was flawed, some Loker parents are dissatisfied with the decision that partially closed their school.

Wayland Town Crier 3/13/08:  Engrossing presentation at Wayland Middle School.  Dr. Terrance Roberts, one of the Little Rock 9 (nine African-American teenagers who integrated Central High School in Little Rock in 1957), spoke to Wayland Middle School eighth-graders and faculty on March 4. Dr. Roberts spoke to a rapt audience about his experiences dealing with a hostile community and facing the intensity of the opposition.

Wayland Town Crier 3/13/08:  Third female officer on police force. as the Wayland Police Department has appointed Seanna E. Lombardo as the third female officer on the force.

Wayland Town Crier 3/13/08:  Wayland by the Way: Supporting local businesses.  The Wayland Business Association seeks to foster a positive climate for town businesses.  They are running a jazz brunch fundraiser.  For more information, visit their website

Wayland Town Crier 3/11/08:  Sudbury drops Town Center lawsuit. agreeing to negotiate over handling traffic impacts.

Wayland Town Crier 3/11/08:  Wayland resident opens Sweet Beads in Wellesley, offering a variety of beads to both new and experienced beaders.  Visit their website at http://www.sweetbeads.us.

Wayland Town Crier 3/11/08:  Protesters call for Bush Impeachment.  With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visiting a Waltham Elementary School yesterday, protesters gathered outside to asking for Bush's impeachment.

Wayland to Waveland 3/10/08: Wayland to Waveland tops fundraising goal on ‘Mission to Mississippi’ project.  Eighth family selected for final house; events raise final amount needed for project.

Metrowest Daily News 3/10/08:  Teams search for body in Sudbury River. Following an accident Sunday night on the Mass Pike in Framingham, police teams searched the Sudbury River for a body. Wayland Police provided mutual aid to Framingham.

Boston Globe 3/9/08:  Planners pin hopes on a new override: drastic cutbacks are threatened, including an array positions, from police and firefighters to classroom elementary teachers, and hours at both the library and town building offices.  To calculate the cost impact of the override to you, visit our override tax estimator.

Boston Globe 3/9/08:  Override mom activists strike a nerve.  A follow-up to last week's story on "Override Moms", this article describes the region's reaction to the story (the story itself omits the photo of SOS' Lisa Valone that graced the Globe West print edition and the online Globe's home page).

Metrowest Daily News 3/8/08:  Wayland High reacting to vulgar graffiti.   After finding offensive graffiti on a world map at Wayland High School, school officials opted to use it as a teaching moment rather than immediately clean it up.

Metrowest Daily News 3/8/08:  Congratulations to Colleen Belinsky, Lauren Grimanis, and Colin Fulton who were selected as Future Leaders by the Metrowest Daily News.

Wayland Public Schools Foundation 3/8/08: Wayland Public Schools Foundation funds provocative presentations during Winter Week at Wayland High School. including a poetry slam, a play about an abusive relationship, and a presentation from author Michael Tougias about his book on a fascinating true story of survival at sea.

Wayland Town Crier 3/6/08:  Discovering the treasures in our town.  The Grout-Heard House, located next to the Wayland library, is a treasure in our town because of the rich information it offers us about the history of Wayland, both inside and outside the house.

Wayland Town Crier 3/6/08: The shoe fits in Wayland, which was home to several shoe factories in the 1800s.

Wayland Town Crier 3/6/08: Revealing talk on the "Naked Quaker". Historian, former trial attorney and author of "The Naked Quaker: True Crimes and Controversies from the Courts of Colonial New England", Diane Rapaport, will speak on Sunday, March 9 at 2:30pm in the Raytheon Room of the Wayland Library. The event is sponsored by the Wayland Historical Society.

Wayland Town Crier 3/6/08: Sixth annual Souper Bowl of Caring at Claypit Hill. Claypit students collected over 500 cans of soup and other items for Parmenter Food Pantry in their annual "Souper Bowl of Caring".

Wayland Town Crier 3/6/08: Congregation Or Atid gives back on Mitzvah Day.  Honoring the Jewish tradition of doing acts of kindness for others, more than 135 members of Congregation Or Atid in Wayland gathered in early February to raise money, donate blood and create much needed items for eight organizations in Massachusetts and Israel at the second annual "Mitzvah Day."

Metrowest Daily News 3/5/08:  Bill would exempt seniors from override tax hikes.  A bill that has been passed the Massachusetts House would enable residents over 65 meeting certain income conditions to be exempt from tax increases due to overrides of Proposition 2 1/2.

Metrowest Daily News 3/5/08:  Wayland police keep an eye on flood-prone road.  As rain falls and snow melts, police keep watch on Pelham Island Rd, ready to close it if it becomes impassable.

WaylandeNews 3/4/08:  The Board of Selectmen voted last night to put a $1.9 million operational override on the April ballot.

Metrowest Daily News 3/3/08: Time running out on Wayland's landfill. Town employees expect the landfill will run out of room this summer. The Town is considering its options for transporting future trash, and also considering moving to a "pay-as-you-throw" system.

Boston Globe 3/2/08:  Moms for more taxes: women lobby for overrides as Massachusetts towns struggle.  Groups of women across the state, including Save Our Services in Wayland are banding together to save services in their towns.

Wayland Town Crier 2/28/08: Successful shelter drill at Wayland Middle School.  Wayland's Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) successfully completed the first shelter drill for the town.  The team is seeking new members, no special skills required.  If interested, contact Gale McNiff, the Wayland CERT program coordinator.

Wayland Town Crier 2/28/08:  Volunteers help keep town prepared in event of emergency.  Wayland's Medical Reserve Corp helps keep the town prepared for crises, such as a flu pandemic or terrorist attack.

Wayland Town Crier 2/28/08:  Winter week events at Wayland High School. included a variety of powerful presentations by a group of poets and musicians, an author, and a one-woman show in observance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Winter Week, the week following midterms at Wayland High School, is a chance for students to take a break from the academic rigors of a typical week and be exposed to new ideas and different ways of thinking.  Many events were sponsored by grants from the Wayland Public Schools Foundation.

Wayland Town Crier 2/27/08:  Wayland High School student wins first place in state competition.  Stef Scari earned first place in the state in the InvestWrite competition, a national writing competition run in coordination with the Stock Market Game. This is the second consecutive year a Wayland student has taken top honors.

Wayland Town Crier 2/26/08:  Final decision:  Happy Hollow to stay open.  Monday night the School Committee confirmed its decision regarding elementary configuration for September 2008.  In addition to Claypit Hill School, grades 1-5 will attend Happy Hollow School. Kindergartners will attend Loker School.

Boston Globe 2/25/08:  Warriors win Wright way.  Wayland girls repeat as Division II Champions in Swimming, led by sisters Emily and Priscilla Wright.

Wayland Town Crier 2/26/08:  Needham Democrat Sara Orozco to challenge Scott Brown for his seat in the State Senate.

Metrowest Daily News 2/24/08:  On campus: stolen chances.  Former Wayland trackstar Jessi Foreman has injury setback running 60m dash for UConn, but still looks ahead to Olympic trials in June 

Wayland Town Crier 2/24/08:  Brit finds a home on stage.  Jonathan Ashford's British accent in the Vokes' "A Man for All Seasons" is convincing, and should be, as he hails from West London.

Metrowest Daily News 2/24/08:  Selectmen race is down to four. The race for two spots will between Joe Nolan, Alan Reiss (both incumbents), FinCom member Steve Correia and Road Commissioner Mark Santangelo.

Duluth News Tribune 2/24/08:  Wayland native Evelyn Dong takes first place in the 2008 American Birkebeiner, a 51-kilometer cross-country ski race in Wisconsin.  (Another article with less focus on Dong, but no subscription required)

WBZ New Radio 1030 2/22/08:  Brett Stein is one of the top Telemark ("free skiing") skiers in the world.

WaylandeNews 2/21/08:  The slate of candidates for April's elections is nearly complete (candidates have until March 4 to withdraw their names).  Races for two offices are contested (Board of Selectmen and School Committee), while five offices have no candidate.  One candidate is currently set to run for two offices.

Boston Globe 2/21/08:  Towns fighting full levy by MBTA; deductions key to regional plans.  The MBTA double-charged regional transit authority towns by not subtracting their MWRTA fees from their MBTA assessment.  The MBTA has acknowledged the error and intends to correct it.

Wayland Town Crier 2/21/08:  Proposal for assessments seeks fresh property cards.  A petitioner's article seeks to spend up to $250,000 for a complete revisiting of all Wayland homes to freshly generate property cards.

Wayland Town Crier 2/21/08:  Conservation Commission to discuss herbicide in pond, debating whether to use Sonar to rid Dudley Pond of invasive weeds.

Wayland Town Crier 2/21/08:  Wayland A-Z:  "F" is for "Fifties".  The Town's population grew from about 4000 in 1950 to over 10,000 by 1960.  The police force numbered 1 and the fire department was all-volunteer.

Wayland Town Crier 2/19/08:  Contested races in upcoming town election. Four candidates are vying for the two selectmen seats, and three for the two school committee seats.

Wayland Town Crier 2/19/08:  Two committees removed from new DPW proposal.  Selectmen removed the Wastewater Management Commission and Septage Committee because the boards operate self-sustaining facilities using funds outside the town’s budget and already outsource many job functions.

Metrowest Daily News 2/18/08:  Metrowest likely steers clear of bad beef.  So far, it does not appear that any of the Hallmark/Westland beef had been sent to Massachusetts schools.  Stop & Shop and Shaw's have both stated that their meet was not affected by the recall.

Metrowest Daily News 2/18/08:  Perennial flooding returns to Wayland as Pelham Island Road flooded over the weekend, and had to be closed.

Worcester Business Journal 2/18/08:  Shop Talk: The State's ROI.  State Representative Tom Conroy talks about his ideas on Governor Patrick's $1 billion life sciences initiative.

Boston Globe 2/17/08:  Wayland has the Wright stuff. Girls swimming wins the MIAA North Sectional Championship, with Priscilla and Emily Wright two of the many keys to victory.

Metrowest Daily News 2/16/08:  Well-known diner closes up shop. The Corner Stone Cafe closed last week after three years in business.

Metrowest Daily News 2/14/08:  Boston restaurateur eyes Finnerty's site in Wayland.  Owners of the upscale 28 Degrees restaurant and lounge in the South End and Lineage Restaurant in Brookline are in talks to lease the former Finnerty's Country Squire on Main Street in Cochituate, hoping to bring "chic urban cool" into Wayland.

Boston Globe 2/14/08:  Officials defend Town Center project after Wayland neighbors, Sudbury file lawsuits.

Wayland Town Crier 2/14/08:  Wayland family opens up home to new member. The Jones family expanded from 4 to 5 by adopting Eden from Ethiopia.

Wayland Town Crier 2/14/08:  Decision forthcoming on which school to partially close.

Wayland Town Crier 2/14/08:  Christopher's Haven needs help to expand operations.

Wayland Town Crier 2/14/08:  Article submitted for Town Meeting to revamp web site.

Wayland Town Crier 2/14/08:  Course on "Being a Friend to Someone Affected by Cancer"

Wayland Town Crier 2/14/08:  Wayland A to Z:  "F" is for "Fifth Meetinghouse"

Wayland Town Crier 2/14/08:  S.T.O.P. visits Islamic Center of Boston

Wayland Town Crier 2/12/08: Second lawsuit filed against Town Center permit, this one by Glezen Road residents arguing that cut-through traffic generated by the project would make their road unsafe.

Wayland Town Crier 2/12/08: "How Sweet it Is" Benefit to raise money for PTO.

Chicago Tribune 2/10/08:  Green dock:  retro-chic for iPod.  Wayland company, Vers, releases wooden docking station for iPod that wins rave reviews.

Metrowest Daily News 2/9/08:  No bluffing on casino question.  Wayland's State Rep. Tom Conroy is "open minded but skeptical" about Governor Patrick's casino plans.

Boston Globe 2/7/08:  Overrides surface as fiscal fix. Many towns are grappling with financial issues and looking for overrides this spring.

Boston Globe 2/7/08:  Parents await word on schools.  Parents at both Loker and Happy Hollow hope their school will remain open. 

Wayland Town Crier 2/7/08: Treatment facility to clean up water.  Extra funds for a state-of-the-art water treatment facility top the list of the Water Department’s capital budget requests this year.  Acting Water Superintendent Don Millette said the Water Department is seeking to build a 7,000-square-foot multimillion dollar facility to improve water quality.

Wayland Town Crier 2/7/08:  Wayland native remembers the Blizzard of '78 in new book

Wayland Town Crier 2/7/08:  Catch a foreign film at the Wayland library.

Boston Globe 2/7/08:  Mastering the Chinese yo-yo is no trick.  Wayland resident Judy Ting teaches students in the western suburbs. 

Wayland Town Crier 2/6/08:  Wayland to vigorously defend against baseless Sudbury lawsuit.  Interestingly, in the Sudbury posting of this article, Sudbury residents appear to be siding with Wayland.

Wayland Town Crier 2/6/08:  Finance Committee presents $1.9 million figure for override.

Wayland School Committee 2/6/08:  The School Committee newsletter provides details on the final public forum before they decide how to reconfigure the schools for next year.

Town of Wayland 2/6/08:  Primary Election Results.  Wayland voters go for Obama & Romney with 63% voter turnout (links are to Boston Globe maps showing state results)

CSTV.com 2/6/08:  Cincinnati women's soccer signs five, including Wayland's Erin Kaufman.

Wayland Town Crier 2/5/08:  New policy for electronic devices at meetings. The new policy requires that each member "refrain from opening, reading or considering any information provided through e-mail, text messaging or instant messaging related to town business in the jurisdiction of the board during meetings."

Wayland Town Crier 2/5/08:  Excerpt from new Book of Remembrance.  200-page Book of Remembrance which is available for pre-ordering through March 15 and targeted for distribution by mid-April, around Patriots Day. The cost of the book is $25 and can be picked up with no postal charge at the Wayland Town Building in April at times and dates to be announced. It will also be shipped for $6 postage and handling as shown on the order form. For more information on ordering the Book of Remembrance contact Judy Ide at 508-358-2981.

Wayland Town Crier 2/5/08:  Sudbury sues Wayland over Town Center, citing traffic concerns.

Wayland Town Crier 2/5/08:  Pianist returns for Wayland Little Theatre Concert.  Young Estonian-born pianist Hando Nahkur will be the featured artist at the next Wayland Little Theatre Concert at Wayland High School on Friday, Feb. 15 at 8pm. He will play works by J.S. Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Messaien, Scriabin and Liszt, as well as his countryman and contemporary composer Arvo Pärt.  This is the second time Nahkur has performed at a Wayland Little Theatre Concert. His previous appearance was in April of last year.

Finance Committee 2/4/08:  Proposed Fiscal 2009 Budget

Wayland School Committee 2/2/08: Concluding the school configuration discussion and decision. The School Committee will continue to gather information to guide their decision regarding which school to partially close (the kindergarten school) for next year.  A public forum will be held on February 11 before they make a final decision.

Sports Features 1/31/08:  Wayland curler Alex Leichter on curling team at Junior Nationals. The winning teams will represent the US at the 2008 World Junior Championships in Sweden in March

Wayland Town Crier 1/31/08:  WaylandeNews to receive one millionth hit.

Metrowest Daily News 1/31/08:  Trip of a lifetime:  Wayland man pedals his way across Asia.  Jesse Gantz, WHS 2000, has spent time learning Mandarin and teaching in Beijing, before biking through southern China, Tibet, Nepal and India.  For photos of his trip, visit his website.

Boston Globe 1/31/08:  Real time alerts ease sting for commuters facing delays.  The MWRTA launched a network that uses global-positioning devices in ordinary mobile phones to track buses as they travel along their routes.   If commuters know their own location and have a device that lets them access the Internet, they can see whether their ride is nearby or has already passed their stop.

Wayland Youth & Family Services 1/31/08:  Director of Wayland Youth & Family Services retires.  Paul Neustadt retires after seventeen years in the role.

Wayland Town Crier 1/31/08:  Zoning Board of Appeals approves Chapter 40B project.

Wayland Town Crier 1/30/08:  Park & Recreation Commission still not sold on DPW idea.

Wayland Town Crier 1/30/08:  Assessments high around Dudley Pond.  Assessors recognize errors in assessments, and have asked a number of residents to file for abatements.

Wayland Town Crier 1/30/08:  Wayland High School alum returns for performance.

Wayland Town Crier 1/29/08:  School Committee adopts 2 1/2 school model for next school year, voting unanimously to partially close either Loker or Happy Hollow.  The move will save around $250,000, helping to cut the amount of an upcoming override request.

Wayland to Waveland 1/28/08:  Seven families get keys to Waveland, MS homes as ‘Mission to Mississippi’ wraps up.

Metrowest Daily News 1/27/08:  Decision on school cuts looming, as the School Committee debates whether to change the elementary school configuration.

Wayland Town Crier 1/25/08:  Being a friend to someone affected by cancer or serious illness.

Sudbury Valley Trustees 1/25/08:  SVT, the Knox Trail Scout Council and Town of Sudbury Launch Campaign to Conserve 300 Acres of Nobscot Scout Reservation in Sudbury, MA

Media Blvd Magazine 1/24/08:  Wayland native Ryan Sypek talks about his role on Wildfire crediting his sixth grade teacher with getting him started on his interest in acting.

Boston Globe 1/24/08:  Wayland center plan advances:  Board's vote caps years of debate.

Boston Globe 1/24/08:  Off the beaten slope: there's more to winter sports than skiing and sledding, including curling, at Broomstones.

Boston Globe 1/24/08:  A tale exploring loss at sea is presented by author Michael Tougias at the Wayland Library tonight.

Wayland Town Crier 1/24/08:  Remembering veterans in a special book.  After many years in the works, the Wayland Veterans Book of Remembrance, a 200-page hardcover volume featuring personal memories from approximately 100 veterans and more than 40 photos and other illustrations, some in color, can now be pre-ordered, with publication scheduled for mid-April.

Wayland Town Crier 1/24/08:  One year later, two lives changed.    A year after a Wayland woman donated a kidney to a fellow town resident, both of their lives have changed for the better.  Gary Leonard is healthier; Charnan Bray knows she did something meaningful and feels invincible.

Wayland Town Crier 1/24/08:  Figuring out wastewater plant solutions. Local and state officials are working together to find the best solution to the need to upgrade or replace the wastewater treatment facility needed to support the Town Center project.

Wayland Town Crier 1/24/08:  Finding the good in our teens.  Dr. Richard Lerner of Wayland will speak at Lincoln-Sudbury HS on January 31 about his book, "The Good Teen", which focuses on helping making adolescence a positive time of growth and opportunity for kids.

Wayland Town Crier 1/23/08:  Longtime Wayland firefighter remembered  as a family man and dedicated firefighter with a great sense of humor.

Wayland Town Crier 1/23/08:  Metrowest, Wayland graduation rates higher than state average.  After Millis, which graduated 100% of its 2003 freshman four years later, Wayland and Weston both graduated over 98%.

Wayland Town Crier 1/23/08:  Stow man arrested in Wayland for lewdness. after exposing himself to a woman by a boat ramp at the Cochituate State Park in Wayland.

Boston Globe 1/23/08:  School districts strained as state funds fall short. Inflation and operating costs have far outpaced state spending on education, putting intense financial pressure on school districts across the state, according to a preliminary report released yesterday. The report comes as state lawmakers prepare to debate a new budget proposal in what is expected to be a tight fiscal year. The report warned that under the current state budgeting system, even affluent districts might be on the brink of trouble.

Wayland Town Crier 1/23/08:  Verizon welcomed into Wayland as the Board of Selectmen sign an agreement that brings competition in cable TV to Wayland.

Metrowest Daily News 1/20/08:  Wayland police get night vision.

Wayland Town Crier 1/19/08:  Teens strand themselves on river.

Wayland Town Crier 1/18/08:  Planning Board approves Town Center permit.

Boston Business Journal 1/18/08:  $140 million Wayland project gets green light as the Planning Board approved the project.  The project is slated to open in 2009.

WaylandeNews 1/17/08:  The Planning Board voted to grant the Master Special Permit required for the Town Center project (the vote was 4 in favor, 1 opposed).

Boston Globe 1/17/08:  A story in light and shadows:  Businesswoman turns to painting.  Wayland resident Marla Greenfield switched from an MBA life in investments to painting, and now has a watercolor display at the Concord Art Association.

Wayland School Committee 1/17/08:  School Committee opts to reconsider elementary school reconfiguration.  In light of guidelines from the Finance Committee that will not enable level services funding even with an override, the School Committee is reconsidering whether going to a 2 1/2 school model might be the least damaging way to cut the school budget.

Boston Globe 1/17/08:  Mixed views on bike trail.  As Waltham moves ahead with their portion of the Wayside Rail Trail, Weston wonders what role it can play in shaping the path it once stood alone in rejecting

Wayland Town Crier 1/17/08:  Boards still uncertain of new Department of Public Works.  The Board of Selectmen again presented a proposal that seeks to create the town’s first Department of Public Works and merge Wayland’s Highway, Park, Water, Wastewater Management, Landfill and Septage departments into one DPW unit.

Wayland Town Crier 1/17/08:  New member on the Board of Health, as Michael Wegerbauer, a two-year resident of Blossom Lane, was unanimously appointed by the Board of Selectmen last week.

Wayland Town Crier 1/17/08:  Original musical heads to South Africa, as "Twelfth Night" heads to the stage in South Africa later this month.  The musical was the work of Wayland Middle School teachers Tom Large and Stephen Murray, who collaborated on a musical version of the Shakespeare comedy.

Wayland Town Crier 1/17/08:  Animation course offers students a fun end to the week. For the past several weeks, the students have been participating in Multimedia Animation, a 90-minute art workshop in which they create a portfolio of work for a multimedia presentation. The group’s final project was showcased at the annual Winter Concerts held in December.

Wayland Town Crier 1/17/08:  Questions raised over selectman's use of laptop.  After questions were raised regarding Selectman Alan Reiss' use of his laptop at meetings, Town Administrator Fred Turkington investigated the question.  According to the District Attorney's office, taking notes or creating documents is permissible, "research is acceptable at the discretion of the board," and communication "such as instant messaging is outside the boundary."  Turkington said he would bring a draft of the laptop policy before the board for approval when it is completed.

Wayland Town Crier 1/17/08:  Wayland A-Z:  "F" for "Fence Viewers".

NPR's Here and Now 1/16/08: The founder of Freecycle.org appears on NPR's Here and Now to talk about the cyber-sharing clearinghouse.

Wayland Town Crier 1/15/08:  Writing up a storm: author to present incredible story of survival.  Author Michael Tougias will give a slide presentation based on "Fatal Forecast" at the Wayland Library on Thursday, Jan. 24 at 7:30 pm. The book chronicles how, in November of 1980, two fishing boats – the Fair Wind and the Sea Fever – set out from Cape Cod to catch lobsters at Georges Bank, only to encounter an unexpected and severe storm that seemed to sweep out of nowhere shortly after their arrival at the fishing ground. "The slide show will put you right in the boat with these guys," Tougias promised. "There are some incredible photos."

Wayland Town Crier 1/15/08:  Applications being accepted for affordable unit.  The Wayland Housing Authority is accepting applications for individuals and families interested in purchasing an affordable housing unit in Wayland. Currently available is the resale of 11 Millbrook Road in Wayland, a two-bedroom duplex condominium priced at $184,140.  Applications are due to the Wayland Housing Authority by 4pm on January 24. 

Wayland Town Crier 1/15/08:  Sneak peak at two upcoming NOVA shows.  Wayland resident Evan Hadingham, senior science editor for the NOVA series on PBS, will be giving two more of his highly anticipated presentations at the Wayland Library next Wednesday, Jan. 23, and then on Monday, Jan. 28, focusing on a pair of groundbreaking new productions.

Wayland Town Crier 1/15/08:  Pay raise for Town Administrator.  Finding Town Administration Fred Turkington under-compensated relative to peers, the Selectmen unanimously supported a salary increase.

Wayland Town Crier 1/15/08:  Happy 69th wedding anniversary to Curtis and Helen Howland.

Wayland Town Crier 1/15/08:  New Year's resolution for gardening in 2008.

Wayland Public Schools Foundation 1/14/08:  Grant list from the Wayland Public Schools Foundation for 2007-08.

Wayland to Waveland 1/14/08:  ‘Mission to Mississippi’ Wraps Up This Week Preparing for Key-Presentation Ceremony in Waveland, MS.  With construction ahead of schedule, the new homes in Waveland are nearly done.  $225,000 is left to be raised, and coin drives are scheduled to collect some of the remaining funds.

Metrowest Daily News 1/11/08:  Tennis with Zip at the Longfellow Club in Wayland, as the club opens the first in the nation downsized court for young players.

Wayland Town Crier 1/10/08:  Grants infuse classrooms with energy and innovation. as money from the Wayland Public Schools Foundation funds programs, curriculum and technology that would not be possible under the school budget.

Wayland Town Crier 1/10/08:  Community mourns the loss of "energetic" young girl. as Cheyenne Morrell at age 10 lost her four-year battle with cancer.

Wayland Town Crier 1/10/08:  Fascinating exhibit on slavery at Town Building.

Gardner Museum 1/9/08:  Black-tie gala event at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Musuem raised over $400,000 for the museum.  Among Wayland guests that evening were Josh and Anita Bekenstein, Barbara Jordan and Bob Pemberton.

Wayland Town Crier 1/9/08:  Traffic concerns over affordable housing development.  Nearby residents express concern about the volume of traffic coming from the proposed 56-unit project.

Metrowest Daily News 1/9/08:  Election draws more new voters than usual. as new voter registrations are picking up as the deadline to register for the February 5 primary draws near.

Boston Globe 1/9/08:  Club Passim's 50th anniversary celebration brings back many years of performers including Wayland native, Peter Rowan.

US Olympic Team 1/8/08:  Six men's teams qualify for National Championships, including five veteran teams, and one rookie team.  The rookie team includes Wayland native Alex Leichter.

Wayland Town Crier 1/8/08:  School officials paint dire picture without override.  As a rough estimate, Superintendent Gary Burton said he would likely lay off five elementary school classroom teachers, elementary technology, library and music teachers, Middle School classroom teachers of English, math, social studies and science, and High School teachers of language, math, technology and physical education.  Also cut would be all Middle School athletics as well as the High School golf team.

Wayland Town Crier 1/8/08:  Take the civics challenge quiz this month.  Thomas Jefferson said that democracy’s existence depends on citizens’ knowledge of current affairs and of American democracy itself. Some local folks wondered how is Wayland doing on this front.  Sandy Coy, and other members of Congressional District 7 Chapter of Progressive Democrats of America, offer Wayland citizens the same 100-question test immigrants take to become U.S. citizens. Appleton Post-Crescent 1/8/08:  Wayland curler Alex Leichter on Wisconsin-based team heading to national curling championship.

Wayland to Waveland 1/7/08:  Live from Waveland: a special show, entitled “Wayland to Waveland (W2W) Part II: Live from Waveland!” will be aired on the Wayland Channel 9 on Saturday, January 12, at 1 and 5 pm and Thursday, January 17, at 1 and 4 pm

Metrowest Daily News 1/6/08:  Promoting peace amid poverty, Anna Hadingham talks about her efforts volunteering in Guatemala.

Metrowest Daily News 1/6/08:  Residents to get a crack at home values. Residents curious about whether their home's assessed value and property taxes have changed more than other taxpayers this year can now crunch their own numbers.

Boston Globe 1/6/08:  Funding woes dog transit service.  Officials blame state's aid formula which is not providing enough aid to properly fund regional transit authorities, including the MetroWest Transit Authority, which serves Wayland.

Wayland Town Crier 1/4/08:  Salt, sand, snow eat away at budgets.  In Wayland, and across the state, December's snowfall has drained snow removal budgets.

Wayland School Committee 1/4/08:  School Committee seeks public input on near-future school configuration, providing details of a variety of options and seeking feedback on a series of questions.

Metrowest Daily News 1/4/08:  150 acres preserved across Metrowest. The state signed off on new restrictions for 11,202 acres statewide last year - more than three times the area protected in 2006, including a small parcel Wayland to protect Snake Brook.

Town of Wayland 1/4/08:  Board of Selectmen plan meetings on the proposed DPW. meeting with Boards and town residents to discuss a possible transition to a Department of Public Works.

Wayland Town Crier 1/4/08:  Romney, Obama fare best in Metrowest, leading the rest of the pack in attracting donations in this area.

Wayland Veterans Memorial Committee 1/3/08:  Wayland Veterans Publish "Book of Remembrance" for the World.  The book will be available for pre-ordering between January 2 and March 15 and targeted for distribution by mid April, around Patriots Day.

Wayland Town Crier 1/3/08:  Come blow your horn.  The Sudbury Valley New Horizons Band is recruiting members, regardless of their experience level. For those interested, introductory meetings will be held on the evenings of Jan. 9 and 16 in the Wayland Middle School cafeteria.

Wayland Town Crier 1/3/08:  Gingerbread houses overrun Starbucks.  Thirty-four gingerbread houses were entered into the contest, most of which were donated to St. Francis House in Boston.

Wayland Town Crier 1/3/08:  Officials expecting a full plate coming up for 2008, including the Town Center, an upgraded treatment facility, use of the $3 million gift, and the DPW.

Wayland Town Crier 1/3/08:  'Wayland A-Z': 'E' for Estates.  A history of estates in Wayland from Wayland A-Z: A Dictionary of Then and Now.

Metrowest Daily News 1/1/08:  Cable choice nearly a reality for Wayland.  Final details need working out, but the town expects to finalize a deal with Verizon in January.

Wayland Town Crier 12/31/07:  Town has limited control over Chapter 40B housing proposal on Route 30.  While many have complained the 56-unit rental development is too big, the town's ability to review and control the project is limited.

Metrowest Daily News 12/31/07:  Towns worry numbers won't add up in '08. Wayland is among many MetroWest towns looking at possible overrides in the spring.

Wayland Town Crier 12/31/07:  Carpenter organizes relief efforts for Marlborough fire victims.  Tom Antonellis has organized food, clothing, gift cards and other items for the fire victims, who include a current and former employee.

Metrowest Daily News 12/31/07:  Turnpike toll hike takes effect.  Tolls in Weston and at Allston-Brighton/Cambridge go up 25 cents, as MetroWest commuters continue to pay for Big Dig debt.

Boston Globe 12/31/07: Pakistan Muslims recall Bhutto: Leader memorialized at prayer service in Wayland.

Wayland Town Crier 12/27/07:  Crier's top stories for 2007:

Wayland Town Crier 12/27/07:  Crier's top people for 2007:

Wayland Town Crier 12/27/07:  Help out with Concord Christmas bird count.  People interested in taking part in this season’s Concord Christmas Count should call Norwood at 508-358-7524 or e-mail him at hankn583@aol.com.  For more information visit www.audubon.org/bird/cbc

Wayland Town Crier 12/27/07:  Crier's Gifts of Hope campaign this year supports Wayland to Waveland.

Boston Globe 12/27/07: State Rep. Tom Conroy puts his support behind Barack Obama.

Boston Globe 12/27/07: Bedford Historical Society sells stamps of the Bedford flag. They got their idea after reading about the Friends of the Wayland Council on Aging's stamp contest.

Boston Herald 12/21/07:  We regret to report the death of 10 year old Cheyenne Morrell following a long illness that she faced bravely.  Visitations will be held on Sunday, December 23, 2007, 2-4pm only at the John C. Bryant Funeral Home, Wayland.  A Memorial Service celebrating her life will be held at a later date at a time and place to be announced.  Town Crier obituary.Boston Globe 12/20/07:  Students from Medfield get involved in Wayland to Waveland's Mission to Mississippi.

Wayland Town Crier 12/20/07:  Traffic talks continue over Town Center development.  The Board of Selectmen met with Liberty Lane residents seeking input on traffic migitation plans for the Town Center project.

Wayland Town Crier 12/20/07:  Local high schools earn spot on national rankings.  US News & World report rated high schools across America.  WHS was awarded a "silver medal" placing the school in top 500 country-wide.

Wayland Town Crier 12/20/07:  Confusion over capital requests in school budget.  The School Committee seeks clarification on whether it remains responsible for making capital requests to the Finance Committee, or whether that job now resides in the hands of Facilities Director John Moynihan.

Wayland Town Crier 12/20/07:  Rep. Conroy wants payback for life sciences investment.  Rep. Tom Conroy proposes developing a revolving equity trust that would house equity that the state could get back as a return on its investment in promising young scientists.

Wayland Town Crier 12/20/07:  Resident wins Student Entrepreneurs Competition.  George Keeler wins a $5000 grant at Lehigh to develop his business plan for a backpack for outdoor enthusiasts.

Wayland Town Crier 12/20/07:  Residents bike along a boycotted Burma.  Wayland resident Herb Kavet writes about his travels in Burma.

Wayland Town Crier 12/17/07:  Waste water chairman ousted.  Members of the Waste Water Management District Commission voted to replace chair Blair Davies with David Schofield after being surprised by a letter Davies had written to the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act office, a letter which Selectmen perceived as discouraging the issuance of the treatment facility permit needed for the Town Center.

Boston Globe 12/16/07:  16 homes are set to grow at Nike site.  The Wayland housing project beat out six other projects applying for state funds.  The proactive collaboration of town boards and neighbors has made the project successful.

Texas Observer 12/14/07:  Muslim punk rockers met in Wayland.  Shahjehan Khan and Basim Usmani began their friendship at Wayland's Islamic Center of Boston.

Wayland Firefighter's Association 12/13/07:  Santa's Ride Schedule.

Wayland Town Crier 12/13/07:  Wayland opts not to split tax rate, continuing with the same tax rate for both residential and commercial properties.

Wayland Town Crier 12/13/07:  Friends of the Council on Aging forms to support the town's Council on Aging department.  To support the Friends, you may make a tax-deductible contribution with a check, made out to the "Friends of the Wayland Council on Aging Inc." and mail it to the COA at 41 Cochituate Road, Wayland.

Wayland Town Crier 12/13/07:  'Tis the seaon to be green. and Boy Scouts Troop One contributes to the greenery with its annual tree sale.

Wayland Town Crier 12/13/07:  Physical Ed's moving to Natick. to Route 27 in Natick, at the site of an old Rolls-Royce and Bentley dealership.

Wayland Town Crier 12/13/07:  Waves of skilled workers head down to Mississippi.  Over 400 skilled workers have been working in Waveland to build eight new homes for Waveland residents. 

Wayland Town Crier 12/13/07:  Residents named Massachusetts Super Lawyers.  Two Wayland attorneys, Edward F. Perlman and Lawrence M. Green were among the attorneys honored.

Wayland Town Crier 12/13/07:  Remembering a special kid. Dozens of friends, family members and teachers gathered at Wayland Middle School to remember John Martin, who was struck and killed by a motorist last year.  The Middle School Garden now includes a new stone marker with a plaque bearing Martin’s name, dedicated at the ceremony.

Wayland Town Crier 12/13/07:  Wayland resident Ginny MacDowell named to the Boys' and Girls' Clubs board.

Worcester Business Journal 12/13/07:  Getting a piece for the Commonwealth.  Rep. Tom Conroy proposes developing a revolving equity trust that would house equity that the state could get back as a return on its investment in promising young scientists.

Wayland Town Crier 12/12/07:  Update from High School Building Committee

eMediaWire 12/12/07:  Youth grantmaking boards seek grants applications.  The Make the Dash Count Foundation is soliciting applications from non-profits that focus on helping youth reach their full potential. On-line inquiries are due by December 15, 2007.

Wayland Town Crier 12/11/07:  Celebration International Church members to go India.  A group of 11 people from Celebration International Church in Wayland just returned from Hyderabad, India, where they spent their time helping children orphaned by AIDS providing medical help, educational help, construction help and clothing.

MSNBC  12/12/07:  Wayland man among 29 granted presidential pardons.

Wayland Town Crier 12/10/07:  Cochituate in danger of becoming more crowded as several affordable housing projects are being proposed.

Wayland Town Crier 12/10/07:  Acton teenager acquitted in fatal accident trial.

Boston Globe 12/11/07:  Jury clears teenage driver in death of 12-year old boy.

Metrowest Daily News 12/11/07:  Jury clears teen drivers in fatal crash.

Wayland Town Crier 12/10/07:  Lake Cochituate losing the battle with invasive weeds.  Natick is looking to find a solution to weeds in the lake without endangering their water supply.

WaylandeNews 12/10/07:  Phoebe Morss runs well at nationals.

Metrowest Daily News 12/8/07:  Negligence ruling hinges on fraction of a second in the case of a Wayland student killed as a pedestrian in a car accident. Jurors have heard evidence about the circumstances of the crash, including lighting, speed, and marijuana use of the victim.

Boston Globe 12/6/07:  Police official grew into job.  Patrick Swanick, a member of the Wayland Police Department since 1988, steps into a new role as police lieutenant.

Wayland Town Crier 12/6/07:  Local builders step up to help Waveland.   The Town Crier's annual Gifts of Hope campaign is for Wayland to Waveland’s Mission to Mississippi. If you can give a Gift of Hope, please make your check payable to Wayland to Waveland’s Mission to Mississippi, and send it to the Town Crier, 33 New York Ave., Framingham MA 01701.

Metrowest Daily News 12/6/07:  Judge disallows evidence of pot in pedestrian accident.  The prosecution cannot introduce a toxicology report indicating that the teen struck and killed by a car last year outside Wayland High School had marijuana in his bloodstream, a district court judge has ruled. 

Wayland Town Crier 12/6/07:  Holiday Gingerbread Contest.  Spread the Bread is running their second annual gingerbread house contest at Starbucks on December 19.

Wayland Town Crier 12/6/07:  Parents can help stop cyberbullying.

Wayland Town Crier 12/6/07:  A user's guide to the landfill.  For more information, visit the Massachusetts DEP webpage on recycling

Wayland Town Crier 12/6/07:  Wayland residents performing in The Nutcracker:  José Mateo Ballet Theatre’s "The Nutcracker" from Dec. 7 to 23. and the Dance Prism on December 8

Wayland Town Crier 12/5/07:  Various comments from the state on Town Center.  Remarks from state agencies suggested the need for further research before the project could be permitted, including those from the Executive Office of Transportation relating to traffic.  Town Center developers plan to resubmit the Final Environmental Impact Report before the end of December.

Wayland Town Crier 12/4/07:  Finance Committee anticipates $2.6 million shortfall.  With health and pension costs alone escalating more than the maximum allowable tax increase without an override, FinCom projects a shortfall.

Wayland Town Crier 12/4/07:  State pledges $1.77 million for Nike site. Tina Brooks, undersecretary of the state Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), said the agency has pledged to provide $1.77 million to help convert the former Nike Missile Site into 16 units of affordable housing on Oxbow Road in north Wayland.

Wayland Town Crier 12/4/07:  Documentary screening at Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  "Creating Harmony: The Displaced Persons Orchestra from St. Ottilien," produced by Boston College filmmakers John Michalczyk of Wayland and Ronald Marsh, will be shown Sunday, December 9 at 7pm in the Remis Auditorium, 465 Huntington Ave. Tickets are $12 to $15. The box office can be reached at 617-369-3306.  The documentary is the story of musicians who survived the Nazis during World War II, whose orchestra helped bring hope and inspiration to fellow survivors and the world.

Wayland Town Crier 12/4/07:  New signs help mark historic district.  A dedication of five markers on major thoroughfares leading into the Wayland Center Historic District was held on the day after Thanksgiving with members of the Wayland Historic District Commission and the Secor family, which funded the new signs.

Wayland Town Crier 12/4/07:  Guess the image at Wayland photo exhibit.  Photographer John Grabill's latest exhibit, which opens in the Library's Raytheon Room this Saturday, is called "Near and Far (Contextual Viewing)."

TVWeek.com 12/2/07: Digital dealmakers feature profiles Brian Steel, CEO of Volo Media, and Wayland native.

Boston Globe 12/2/07:  11 school projects on state aid list including Wayland High School.  The town will now work with the state to determine whether new construction or significant renovation will be required to fix problems the school has meeting its educational program.

Metrowest Daily News 12/2/07:  Money for high school in sight as the High School Building Committee can now begin on work using funds approved at Town Meeting once the state invited the town to submit a feasibility assessment.

Wayland Town Crier 11/29/07:  Discovery Channel invades Wayland Library.  The Audio Spotlight, invention of WHS '91 Joseph Pompei, was the subject of a SciQ episode, filmed at the Wayland Library.

Wayland Town Crier 11/29/07:  Class Reunion:  looking back 50 years.  WHS '57 assembles for its 50-year reunion.

Wayland Town Crier 11/29/07:  Gifts of Hope: looking back on Wayland to Waveland. The Town Crier's annual Gifts of Hope campaign is for Wayland to Waveland’s Mission to Mississippi.
If you can give a Gift of Hope, please make your check payable to Wayland to Waveland’s Mission to Mississippi, and send it to the Town Crier, 33 New York Ave., Framingham MA 01701.

Boston Globe 11/28/07:  83 schools make first cut for state school construction money.  Wayland is among the schools invited for a feasibility study.  The 83 schools were selected from among 423 that applied.  State Treasurer Tim Cahill said school systems identified for feasibility studies should feel comfortable seeking funding from their town meetings with assurance from the state that their building projects are viable.

Wayland School Committee 11/28/07:  School Committee maintains three elementary schools in their proposed budget for 2008-09.  and conveys a working group to evaluate which elementary school makes more sense to close when appropriate.

Boston Globe 11/28/07:  Chelmsford 23, Wayland 20.  Chelmsford comes from behind to beat Wayland on a 36-yard field goal with three seconds remaining on the clock.

 Wayland Town Crier 11/27/07:  Disagreement over Route 20 septage facility.

Wayland Town Crier 11/27/07:  Russell's Garden Center holds toy drive.

Wayland Town Crier 11/27/07:  Three-day suspension for Water Lily.

Boston Globe 11/25/07: Local police unions join in coalition. The new group, which include police unions from Andover, Arlington, Belmont, Cambridge, Framingham, Lawrence, Lexington, Marlborough, Medford, Natick, Newton, Somerville, and Wayland, will also speak up collectively on certain personnel grievances.

Worcester Telegram 11/25/07: Battle of Brains. Wayland among four small schools to battle in the March state academic decathlon competition.

Boston Globe 11/25/07: Fraser Field gets a new tenant, as baseball team owner and Wayland resident Philip Rosenfield moved his team from Holyoke to Lynn.

Boston Globe 11/23/07:  Suburban developers thinking bigger.  A development in Westwood is among several in Boston's suburbs.

Boston Globe 11/23/07:  Playoff picture in High School football.  The Warriors will host Chelmsford in Round 1 on Tuesday, November 27, 7pm at Wayland High School.  Should they win, save December 1 for the Super Bowl at Gillette Stadium.

Boston Globe 11/23/07:  Playoff-bound Wayland can't be waylaid. More on breaking the tie in the Dual County League.

Boston Globe 11/22/07:  Wayland football team heads to the post season.  With wins by both Acton-Boxboro and Lincoln-Sudbury, the tie-breakers favor the Warriors, who win a playoff spot.  A-B was eliminated by having the lowest first-half point differential, and Wayland defeated L-S in head-to-head competition.

Carlisle (PA) Sentinel 11/22/07:  Former classmates connect again 75 years later. 94 year-old Wayland resident Emma Rosow reconnects with a former High School classmate she found at www.classmates.com.

Carrboro (NC) Citizen 11/22/07:  New sign points to a great man.  Betsy Green Moyer attends the unveiling for a historical marker in honor of her father in North Carolina. 

Metrowest Daily News 11/21/07:  Vandals deface Wayland town sign on Route 27. 

Wayland Town Crier 11/21/07:  Town Center Developers withdraw report to state, but plan to refile soon.  A mistake in the Town Center filing resulted in confusion over the end date for the comment period.  The developers have withdrawn the erroneous application, and will submit a new one.

Wayland Town Crier 11/21/07:  Rethinking elementary school configuration.  Facing budget shortfalls and future enrollment declines, school officials are considering changes to the elementary schools that could put all kindergarteners at Loker and either have two neighborhood schools for grades 1-5 or split Happy Hollow and Claypit by grades.

Wayland Town Crier 11/21/07:  Gifts of Hope:  Connection between two towns.  The Town Crier is once again holding a Gifts of Hope campaign for a local charity. This year we have selected the Wayland to Waveland effort, which is helping in the recovery efforts after Hurricane Katrina. If you can give a Gift of Hope, please make your check payable to Wayland to Waveland Hurricane Relief Fund, and send it to the Town Crier, 33 New York Ave., Framingham MA 01701.

Wayland Town Crier 11/21/07:  Wayland A-Z:  E is for Education

Wayland Town Crier 11/21/07:  Foreign exchange student finds new home.  An American Field Service exchange student from Bolivia found a new placement in a Wayland home after an imperfect initial match.

Boston Globe 11/21/07:  Warriors in the best position in DCL football playoff race.  Confused about the details?  This blog explains the possibilities.

UConn Huskies 11/19/07:  Jessi Foreman honored for last year's accomplishments in Track and Field.  She was selected to the NCAA All-Academic Individual Team.

Wayland to Waveland 11/19/07:  Work Moves Inside: Electrical, Plumbing for Week 5 of ‘Mission to Mississippi’ in Waveland, MS.  Watch Live On Web at www.missiontomississippi.org.  Also, visit W2W's new blog.

Metrowest Daily News 11/18/07:  Decision from Massachusetts School Building Authority on High School funding could come next week.

Holyoke Giants 11/16/07:  Giants bid Farewell to Holyoke. and will move to Lynn.  The New England Collegiate Baseball team owned by Wayland's Philip Rosenfield will be playing in their new home for the 2008 season.

Cape Cod Times 11/15/07:  Volunteer 'angels' provide support.  The concept of volunteers banding together to help people in crisis has spread from Wayland to nearby other towns, and hopefully will spread still farther.

Wayland Town Crier 11/15/07:  Block party shows off awesome Wayland school grants with over 250 residents joining Wayland educators for a sold-out evening of learning, dancing and fun.

Wayland Town Crier 11/15/07:  Water Lily fails police compliance check for the second time in two years.  The restaurant will face a hearing, and possible fine and suspension of their liquor license.  Water Lily was the only restaurant that failed this round's check.

Wayland Town Crier 11/15/07:  Wayland resident Jeanne Parent competed in 2007 Special Olympics World Summer games. She won gold, silver and bronze medals in swimming competitions during the 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Shanghai, China.

Wayland Town Crier 11/12/07:  Discussion on preserving our heritage. Gretchen Schuler will talk about historical sites in Wayland on Sunday at 2:15 at the Library's Raytheon Room.

Wayland Town Crier 11/11/07:  Voters approve resolution regarding water revenue.  Following the recommendation of the Finance Committee, voters opted a resolution of intent to keep water revenues for the water department, and not a Water Enterprise funds and the funds' interest for water use only.

WaylandeNews 11/10/07:  Congratulations to the Wayland-Weston Pop Warner "B" Team who are now Eastern Mass Champions.  Their next playoff game will be against Holliston on Sunday, November 11th at 2pm at the Hormel Stadium in Medford.

WaylandeNews 11/9/07:  Special Town Meeting Results.

Boston Globe 11/8/07:  Staying true to Katrina mission.  Wayland to Waveland effort continues in earnest two years after Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast region.

Boston Globe 11/8/07:  Wayland architect Stephen Chung designed an addition for his home.  Check it out online.

Wayland Town Crier 11/8/07:  Glezen Lane residents want more input on traffic.  Though the Public Hearings on the Master Special Permit for the Town Center are closed, Glezen Road residents are still looking to ensure that traffic mitigations contain the impact on their street.

Wayland Town Crier 11/8/07:  Neighbors unhappy with parked buses.  Having moved the school busses to meet with DEP requirements, Selectmen are now hearing complaints from neighbors of the school regarding the current parking spot.  Few options are available for other sites.

Wayland Town Crier 11/8/07:  Amazing progress in Waveland, Mississippi with eight new homes under construction.  Wayland to Waveland is still seeking donations and is now selling gear at www.waylandtowaveland.org

Wayland Town Crier 11/8/07:  Binge drinking talk:  what the beer bottle doesn't say.  Dr. Richard Schwartzstein spoke in a talk funded by the Wayland Police and organized by the Wayland Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, on the importance of education regarding drinking.  Instead of ordering them to stay away from alcohol and hoping for the best, young men and women should be equipped to make responsible decisions when faced with the inevitable alcohol related choices.

Wayland Town Crier 11/8/07:  Schools come together for special concert.  On Nov.14 at Wayland High School’s Field House, the string sections of the Wayland and Weston High School Orchestras will perform with an innovative and international nine-member string group called Barrage.

Metrowest Daily News 11/7/07:  Selectmen approve traffic light near Wayland High School. Addressing safety concerns at the crosswalk in which a Wayland student was killed a year ago, Selectmen have opted to install a traffic light subject to available funding.  The programming of the light will be flexible, enabling different programming at different times of the day.

WaylandeNews 11/6/07:  Wayland Pop Warner "B" Team Eastern Mass Championship Game is Thursday, Nov 8th v. Reading.  The game will be at 8pm at Malden Catholic.

Wayland Town Crier 11/6/07:  Officials to decide to delay Department of Public Works plan.  Selectmen will opt to pass over the DPW article at Special Town Meeting to allow more time for public forum and discussion, and expect to re-introduce the article at Town Meeting in April.

Wayland Town Crier 11/6/07:  Parmenter's Fourth Annual Gala exceeds expectations, raising $118,000 for the non-profit organization.

Wayland Town Crier 11/6/07:  Taking care of all our veterans.  Veteran Affairs in Wayland are handled by Veterans' Agent John Turchinetz, who has won a Points of Light Award from the state of Massachusetts.  In honor of Veterans Day, Turchinetz has put together an exhibit in the Wayland Library that will run through November. On Monday, a Veterans Day ceremony will be held at the Wayland Veterans Memorial at 11am, followed by a reception at noon at the Senior Center. All are welcome.

Wayland Town Crier 11/6/07:  Busy season for Spread the Bread.  During National Fire Prevention Month, bakers made bread for the Wayland Firefighters.  A spirited community bread drive followed on Oct. 22 to 28 resulting in dozens of loaves distributed to Wayland Council on Aging, Meals on Wheels, Angel families, A Place to Turn Food Pantry, Pathways Family Shelter, Brandon Residential Treatment Center, Wayland Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, and local police and firefighters and some Wayland veterans. Next was the Great Pumpkin Carve just before Halloween, and the baking continues through December 15 in the Million Bread Bake.

Wayland Town Crier 11/6/07:  Popular a capella concert returns.  One of Wayland’s most popular family musical events, the annual College A Cappella Concert, returns to the Wayland Middle School auditorium on Saturday, Dec. 1. Featured performers are Mount Holyoke College’s Nice Shoes, Wesleyan University’s Quasimodal and The Baker’s Dozen from Yale University. Wayland High School’s own a cappella groups, the Madrigals, the Muses and the Testostertones, will also perform.

Wayland Town Crier 11/6/07:  Annual Lights of Remembrance ceremony.  WAYLAND - The Annual Lights of Remembrance ceremony to illuminate the Dora Efthim Healing Garden will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 20 from 4 to 6 p.m. The lighting of the garden during the holiday season is a special reminder that love and thankfulness enlighten even in the utter darkens of the winter months. It is a meaningful way to honor loved ones and support the mission of Wayside Hospice – to provide quality hospice care in the home and at the Miriam Boyd Parlin Residence. Anyone interested in placing a light in memory or honor of a loved one may purchase a light or make a donation by sending in this online form.

WaylandeNews 11/6/07:  Veterans' Day Ceremonies schedule of events.

Eagle Tribune 11/6/07: Wayland-Weston Pop Warner "B" team plays Monday Night Football in Gillette Stadium, Wayland defeating Methuen, 19-6. Their next playoff game will be the Eastern Mass Championship on Thursday.

Wayland Town Crier 11/6/07:  Sudbury River mercury pollution solution needed. Federal environmental officials will spend the next year studying the best way to deal with mercury that pollutes about 26 miles of the Sudbury River.

Wayland to Waveland 11/5/07:  Amazing Progress Achieved Through Three Weeks of ‘Mission to Mississippi’.  All Eight Houses Framed, Roofed in Waveland, MS.

WaylandeNews 11/6/07:  Veterans' Day Ceremonies schedule of events.

Eagle Tribune 11/6/07: Wayland-Weston Pop Warner "B" team plays Monday Night Football in Gillette Stadium, Wayland defeating Methuen, 19-6. Their next playoff game will be the Eastern Mass Championship on Thursday

Wayland Town Crier 11/6/07:  Sudbury River mercury pollution solution needed. Federal environmental officials will spend the next year studying the best way to deal with mercury that pollutes about 26 miles of the Sudbury River.

Wayland to Waveland 11/5/07:  Amazing Progress Achieved Through Three Weeks of ‘Mission to Mississippi’.  All Eight Houses Framed, Roofed in Waveland, MS.

Wayland Town Crier 11/4/07:  Chemicals may be only solution for Dudley Pond.  The debate continues over the use of Sonar in Dudley Pond, with some residents seeking the return of the chemicals that had kept weeds at bay in recent years, and others looking to give mechanical harvesters more time to work.

Milford Daily News 11/3/07:  AG's cyber training good first step, police say.  Police departments from throughout the state, including Wayland, attended "Cyber Crimes 101," a program hosted by Attorney General Martha Coakley and Microsoft. The seminar was the first step in training police officers how to investigate cyber crimes, and was part of the attorney general's new Massachusetts Strategic Plan for Cyber Crime.

CNNMoney.com 11/2/07:  Wayland residents to benefit from Verizon Wireless network expansion.  as Verizon has added to its network with a new cell site increasing coverage and capacity along Routes 20, 27, and 126 in Wayland, as well as the surrounding area.

Wayland Town Crier 11/1/07:  Reconfiguration of elementary schools a possibility.  School officials are looking at the options for budget reductions, including changing from neighborhood schools to grade-based schools.

Wayland Town Crier 11/1/07:  Fighting homelessness with music.  John McGah is the executive director of Give US Your Poor, a public education and action initiative based at UMass Boston.  The group has just released a groundbreaking new CD, "Give US Your Poor: 17 New Recordings to Help End Homelessness."

Wayland Town Crier 11/1/07:  Planning Board closes Town Center hearing.  Town planners will now begin deliberating on the project and considering a more detailed plan from developers called Phase I Site Plan review. The Planning Board has 90 days to deliberate, starting from October 30.

SI.com 10/31/07:  Wayland native Alberto Salazar featured in Sports Illustrated.  His heart once powered him to a world's best in the marathon. On June 30 it stopped for 14 minutes. Now Alberto Salazar knows that life is the only long run that really matters.

Wayland Town Crier 10/30/07:  Christopher's Haven charity marks special anniversary.  Christopher’s Haven, a home away from home for pediatric cancer patients and their families, celebrated its one year anniversary of hosting families in September 2007.

Wayland Town Crier 10/30/07:  Helpful information at 'Planning for your Future'.  Thursday, Nov. 15, 5:30-8:30pm, the Council on Aging hosts "Planning for your Future"  in the Wayland Town Building Hearing Room.Speakers and exhibitors will cover medical, legal, housing and financial topics.

New York Times 10/29/07:  Less Homework, More Yoga, from a Principal who hates stress.  Wayland is among suburban schools around Boston addressing stress among students.  (registration to NYTimes required)

Wayland Town Crier 10/29/07:  Verizon has activated its tower on Reeves Hill.  

Metrowest Daily News 10/29/07:  Temple Shir Tikva honors mitzvah heroes, ordinary people bettering the world by doing good deeds.

New York Times 10/28/07:  Marathoner Speaks to His God.  (registration to NYTimes required), a brief account of the life of the Alberto Salazar. 

Metrowest Daily News 10/28/07:  Route 20 repairs far from over.  Traffic is expected to get worse before it gets better, as work should begin shortly after a November 15 site meeting on the Route 20 bridge over the Sudbury River. 

Boston Globe 10/28/07:  Alive and kicking:  over-the-hill soccer plays ignore aging for the game they love.

Boston Globe 10/28/07:  Ten thousand in Boston rally against war, include Paul and Linda Doerr of Wayland.

Wayland Town Crier 10/26/07:  Five teens charged in break-in at Sandy Burr Country Club.  One of the five is from Wayland, the other four from nearby towns.

Wayland Town Crier 10/25/07:  63 marathons in 63 days.  Tim Borland began running daily marathons on September 3 in his A-T CureTour.  In Lexington, on Thursday, November 1, Borland will run his 60th marathon; Wayland High School Freshman Keaton Sakowich will ride his custom-made hand-propelled bike alongside Borland for the final mile-and-a-half. Friends and supporters are invited to cheer them on and celebrate with them at a "tailgate party."

Wayland Town Crier 10/25/07:  Town officials to discuss Dudley Pond concerns hosting a meeting on Thursday, November 1 at 7 pm in the Wayland Senior Center.

Wayland Town Crier 10/25/07:  Stop the presses:  budding journalists at Happy Hollow.   Fifth graders at Happy Hollow have started a student-run weekly newspaper.  It is available online.

Wayland Town Crier 10/25/07:  Traffic light possible at Wayland High School.  Traffic consultant Kevin Dandrade presented the town with three options to address safety issues at the High School crosswalk: widen Route 126 and install a full-cycle traffic light ($375,000), keep the road the same width and install a traffic light ($81,000), or post a yellow "crosswalk warning assembly" sign ($21,000).   Dandrade's recommendation is to go with the traffic light, but without widening the road.

Wayland Town Crier 10/25/07:  Enhancing the lives of seniors. An overflow crowd of Wayland seniors and other interested guests filled the Senior Center last Wednesday to hear about Beacon Hill Village, a nonprofit organization that seeks to enhance the lives of people age 50 or older in the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, the West End, and surrounding neighborhoods. The Council on Aging is now forming an exploratory committee to assess the feasibility of a similar organization in Wayland.

Wayland Town Crier 10/25/07:  Supporting foundation at rockin' block party. The Wayland Public Schools Foundation provides grants to the schools for creative and enriching programs outside of the standard curriculum and budget. Their fundraising Block Party will be held Friday, November 2, 7:30-11:30pm at Sandy Burr Country Club. Advance tickets still available at www.waylandpublicschoolsfoundation.org.

Wayland Town Crier 10/25/07:  Civil rights activist to speak. Internationally renowned legal scholar and civil rights activist Professor Charles Ogletree of Harvard Law School will speak on the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot and the case for reparations to its survivors as well as to some of their descendents this Sunday, October 28 at 4pm at the Wayland Middle School.

Wayland Town Crier 10/25/07:  The Wayland Business Association recently gave businesses in town a whole new reason to join – free online business listings on its Web site.

Wayland Police 10/23/07:  Halloween safety tips and free glow bracelets from the Wayland Police.

IvyLeagueSports.com 10/22/07:  Alex Jenny named to "Ivy League Honor Roll" for performance at quarterback in Dartmouth's game this past weekend completing 14-of-23 passes for 189 yards without an interception.

Bloomberg 10/22/07:  Wayland native J. Christopher Flowers, now a leveraged buyout banker and founder of NY-based J.C. Flowers & Co., makes waves in the financial world with a risky move in the proposed Sallie Mae buyout. 

Wayland to Waveland 10/22/07:  Four of eight new homes are framed during Week One of ‘Mission to Mississippi’ Hurricane Katrina Relief; Work started on next four in Waveland, MS.   Watch Live On Web at www.missiontomississippi.org.  Volunteers and money are still needed.

Metrowest Daily News 10/20/07:  Sue Pope appointed to Finance Committee taking over for Karl Geiger who will retire from his post after Special Town Meeting.  Her term will expire in June 2008.

WMUR 10/19/07:  Quarterback Alex Jenny comes in off the bench to lead Dartmouth to victory.

US News and World Report 10/18/07:  Lessons of a near upset in Massachusetts.   While Jim Ogonowki ran better than Bush in Lowell and Lawrence, "high-income, culturally liberal" suburbs like Wayland picked Tsongas by even wider margins than Bush lost in 2004.

Wayland Town Crier 10/18/07:  Emergency planning helps schools stay prepared, as the School, Police and Fire departments worked together to produce and distribute the latest revision of the "Crisis Response Reference Guide for School Personnel".

Wayland Town Crier 10/18/07:  Important tips for National Fire Prevention Month from the Wayland and Weston Fire Chiefs.

Wayland Town Crier 10/18/07:  Senator Scott Brown pushes for veteran bonuses looking to ensure that veterans receive the bonuses to which they are entitled.

Wayland Town Crier 10/18/07:  Keeping the change from cards.  Senator Brown has co-sponsored legislation which would require stores to exchange gift cards with under $10 remaining on them for cash.

Wayland Town Crier 10/18/07:  Covering all the (tri)angles.  Wayland artist Ruta Smilskalns has a display of brightly colored 3-D art at the Lincoln Library.

Wayland Town Crier 10/17/07:  Town Center project needs state and local approval.  In addition to Planning Board approval, the project also requires an OK from the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act Office.  The next scheduled Planning Board meeting on the Town Center is October 23, at which point the Planning Board may be prepared to close the hearing.

Metrowest Daily News 10/17/07:  Tsongas wins Fifth District race.  Wayland's turnout was 29%, with Tsongas favored over Ogonowski by nearly a 2:1 margin.

Wayland Town Crier 10/16/07:  Fundraiser for fire victim, nature photographer Steve Maka.  Maka lost all his photographic equipment as well as thousands of photographs.  The fundraiser run by the Sudbury Valley Nature Photographers will be Thursday, November 1, 7pm at the Wayland Town Building.

Wayland Town Crier 10/16/07:  Interfaith groups sponsor important talk, Resolving Intractable Conflicts In The World's Most Challenging Places, on the prospects for a just and lasting peace between Israel and Palestine.  The Wayland/Weston Interfaith Action Group hosts this discussion on Sunday, October 28, 7-9 at Weston High School.

Wayland to Waveland 10/15/07:  ‘Mission to Mississippi’ hammers first nails Tuesday On eight new homes in Waveland, MS.  Watch live On Web at www.missiontomississippi.org.  While Wayland remains the center of the effort, the group's name has been changed to reflect the broadening base of support beyond Wayland.  Fundraising is halfway to its $1.6 million goal.  Coming soon:  Mission to MIssissippi gear (t-shirts, pullovers, jackets, wristbands).  Check the website for more information.

High School Building Committee 10/15/07:  The Massachusetts School Building Authority is reviewing priority projects to make their funding decisions as the state assistance to school building projects resumes.  The HSBC holds their next meeting October 18.

WaylandeNews 10/15/07:  The Second Annual XC Challenge saw great performances from local runners.  Full results are available at http://www.waylandxc.com

Boston Globe 10/14/07: Massachusetts High Schools vying to update old science labs..  Like Wayland High School, many of the schools requesting funds for MSBA construction are suffering with poor science labs, which impact the quality of teaching possible in a key curriculum area.

Metrowest Daily News 10/14/07:  Rail Trail Projects growing..  The Department of Conservation and Recreation plans to expand the network of rail-trails

Wayland Town Crier 10/11/07:  Financial Outlook:  Override a possibility next fiscal year.  While numbers are preliminary as budgets are being drafted, increasing health care costs, coupled with rising pensions and small increases in salaries are pointing to a shortfall of over $2 million.

Wayland Town Crier 10/11/07:  First Person:  Finding inspiration in Ghana.  Wayland High student Lauren Grimanis writes of her experiences in Ghana.

Wayland Town Crier 10/11/07:  A band for all ages forming in Wayland.  Wayland Middle School Band Director Diane Muffitt is forming a New Horizons Band starting in January. Anyone with an interest in being part of the organizational team for the band is invited to join Muffitt at the Wayland Middle School on Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 7 pm in the Wayland Middle School Library.  There will be informational meetings for interested musicians on Jan. 9 and 16. For more information e-mail muffitt@bandnotes.info.

Wayland Town Crier 10/11/07:  New stamp designs promote community.  Winning designs were selected among entries from schoolchildren and the community as a whole.  These stamps are available at the Council on Aging for use as regular postage.

Wayland Town Crier 10/11/07:  Pair of proposals for future of water funds.  Two Town Meeting articles seek to set aside water revenues for water purposes and keep them out of the general town funds.

Wayland Town Crier 10/11/07:  Discovery channel hits Wayland home.  This coming spring, a uniquely "green" home on Edgewood Road will be one of seven locations in the country to be featured on the Discovery Channel’s Planet Green network for its energy efficient architecture.

Wayland Town Crier 10/11/07:  Historical Society looking to grow membership. The Historical Society, which provides mostly free research-related services, as well preservation work and hosts free programs on an almost monthly basis, is seeking new members.

Wayland Town Crier 10/11/07:  Story of romance from Sunrise Assisted Living. Sunrise care management employee meets her future spouse on a Sunrise whale watch.

Wayland Town Crier 10/11/07:  ZBA Chair to stay on for Tripolis Circle hearing.  Abutters complained that the ZBA Chair had pre-judged a permit application, but the Chair contended that his comments had been misconstrued.  He will continue to stay on for the hearing.

Wayland Town Crier 10/11/07:  New top dog at Sunrise Assisted Living. Sunrise has a new golden retriever, Jack, from Save a Dog.

Wayland Town Crier 10/11/07:  Powerful stories of contemporary slavery at a private showing of "HERvoices: Survivors of Contemporary Slavery," a multimedia program of three women’s life journeys produced by a Newton-based organization called HERvoices.

Metrowest Daily News 10/10/07:  Pike toll increase hearings this week.

Wayland Town Crier 10/9/07:  Best selling author comes to Wayland Library on Thursday, October 18 to kick off the Library's "Come and Meet the Author Series".

Wayland Town Crier 10/9/07:  Town Center developers plan for less "typical" stores, looking to create a unique, alive and warm suburban shopping center.

Boston Globe 10/8/07:  State eyes extensive bike trail expansion, which could ultimately include the Mass Central Bike Trail, from Waltham to Berlin.

Wayland to Waveland 10/8/07:  Wayland to Waveland’s ‘Mission to Mississippi Displays Live Video Feeds from three Sites Online. Construction is scheduled to start October 15. In the meantime, the first trucks have begun rolling in with tools and supplies. The live video feeds are from security cameras at all three construction sites in Waveland, Mississippi. They can be viewed 24x7 from now thru February.

Fox25 News 10/5/07:  Fox25 News reported from Wayland High School on Friday as part of their "High School Friday” series, shown on their morning news and at 5pm. The segment includes live guests and taped pieces to show off the school during both broadcasts.

Radio Boston 10/5/07:  WHS environmental science teacher, Emily Norton, was profiled on WBUR 90.9 FM on a segment on state parks on Friday at approximately 1pm.

Wayland Town Crier 10/4/07:  The newest Wayland High School Warrior.  New Principal Patrick Tutwiler impressed with the teachers and students as he begins his first year on the job.  He's already showing that he's willing to make changes, evidenced through his challenge to the Class of 2008 to find a better year-end tradition than Hill Night. 

Wayland Town Crier 10/4/07:  More high schoolers pass MCAS in '07.  MCAS scores were up this year.  Every Wayland 10th grader passed both the Math and Language Arts tests.  Wayland's scores are available here.

Wayland Town Crier 10/4/07:  Resident receives Morgan Volunteer award.  Karen Sirkin of Wayland received the prestigious Morgan Volunteer Award at Sudbury Valley Trustees’ 54th Annual Meeting on Sept. 26 at Wolbach Farm.

Wayland Town Crier 10/4/07:  A school building for the future.  Wayland family donates funds for new building at the Meadowbrook School in the Weston.

Wayland Town Crier 10/4/07:  Out of Africa: High School senior visits Ghana.  Wayland student teaches in the classroom in Ghana

Wayland Town Crier 10/4/07:  Take a load off at Zen Message Center.  Charnan Bray's new Zen Message Center in Sudbury, staffed with certified therapists, is a peaceful oasis. 

Wayland Town Crier 10/3/07:  Shaping the future look of Town Center.  The latest Town Center hearing focused on signage, lighting and landscaping.  The next, and possibly final, hearing will be October 15.

Boston Globe 10/3/07:  State will study school proposals:  step is first in process to approve funding.  The state will begin feasibility studies for local school projects about a month earlier than anticipated, potentially allowing some projects to be ready for Town Meeting votes next spring. On Nov. 2, the state School Building Authority will decide which school districts' proposed projects to study first. Other districts will be selected on a rolling basis after that.

Boston Globe 10/3/07:  Wayland's pop hit:  Shakespeare the Musical.  Wayland Middle School drama instructor Tom Large and choral director Stephen Murray teamed up to write a raucous musical version of Twelfth Night.

Boston Globe 10/3/07:  Keeping up with the dead: as land at cemeteries dwindles, officials try to maximize space.  In Wayland, Beit Olam, has purchased new land to expand.

Wayland Town Crier 10/2/07:  Route 20 bridge to be rebuilt.

Wayland Town Crier 10/2/07:  Selectmen Briefs.  Selectmen endorse grant application for housing project near Dudley Pond; Selectmen opt not to make an exception to extend the deadline for Beit Olam Cemetery warrant article.

ThomasNet Industrial News Room 10/2/07:  A team of future engineers, comprised of students from Wayland High School, Cambridge Ringe and Latin, the John D. O'Bryant School of Math & Science and MIT has created a Segway knock-off that rivals the original.  The DIY version of Dean Kamen’s polished, commercial invention weighs less than 50 lbs. with a battery, automatically balances itself, comes equipped with “lean” steering, and cost less than $1000 to create.  The Wayland project is #7 of the 10 listed.

Wayland Town Crier 10/1/07:  An accident to remember.

Wayland Town Crier 10/1/07:  Cemetery expansion misses Town Meeting deadline.  A proposal to the Beit Olam Cemetery missed the Town Meeting deadline by one day, and Selectmen are considering whether to allow the late article on the warrant.

Wayland Town Crier 9/28/07:  Natick tribe to hold powwow at Lake Cochituate.  Beside the shores of Lake Cochituate, under a full moon peeking out in the daylight, the Praying Indians of Natick tribe and guests will celebrate the Harvest Moon and Creator's Praise Saturday and Sunday.

Wayland Town Crier 9/27/07:  Wayland Depot hosts special railroad tour.  On Saturday, September 15, the Wayland Depot was the last stop on an all-day Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts special tour.

Wayland Town Crier 9/27/07:  Dudley Swamp:  petition seeks chemicals to treat pond, hoping to use SONAR to kill off weeds and save the pond from becoming a swamp.

Wayland Town Crier 9/27/07:  Wayland resident becomes role model for others.  Marina Keegan is helping to support those with Celiac disease and to educate the public about it.

Wayland Town Crier 9/27/07:  Wayland Police warn against jury duty scam, in which scammers call residents, claiming to be jury coordinators and ask for a Social Security number and date of birth so they can "verify the information and cancel an arrest warrant."

Wayland Town Crier 9/27/07:  Town Administrator gets high marks in annual review from Board of Selectmen.

Wayland Town Crier 9/27/07:  Sisterhood of the Traveling Apron is a new event sponsored by Spread the Bread, encouraging groups across the country to get on the bread-baking bandwagon.

Wayland Town Crier 9/27/07:  Unearthed treasures valued at church event.

Wayland Town Crier 9/26/07:  Agreement reached between School Committee and teachers.  The agreement specifies pay raises for the next three years. 

The Auto Channel 9/25/07:  Jackson Madnick a regional hero for helping to save the planet at the AltWheels festival.  AltWheel's profile of Jackson is available here.

Wayland Town Crier 9/25/07:  Proposal coming together for new DPW.  A new DPW would merge merge Wayland’s Highway, Park, Water, Wastewater Management, Landfill and Septage departments into one DPW.  A separate Recreation Commission would be elected by the Town.  The town plans to hold a series of public forums on the DPW proposal before the November Special Town Meeting, with the first tentatively scheduled for October 15.

skiracing.com 9/24/07:  Wayland's Brett Stein joins the U.S. telemark A team.

Wayland to Waveland 9/24/07:  Wayland to Waveland Hurricane Katrina Relief Group Kicks Off Fundraising Effort.  $1.6 Million Needed, Less than $500K raised so far

Wayland Town Crier 9/24/07:  Water ban lifted and replaced with voluntary odd/even watering from 7pm-7am.  Please make every effort to continue to conserve water.

Boston Globe 9/23/07:  College behind him, Wayland's Roblin tries professional ball.  After graduating from University of Michigan, Brad Roblin just finished a team-leading season with the Frontier League Traverse City Beach Bums.

Boston Globe 9/23/07:  Group hopes to inspire by spreading the bread.

Metrowest Daily News 9/23/07:  License given for affordable housing on Nike site.

Wayland Town Crier 9/21/07:  Important forum on new housing development options.

CNN Money.com 9/21/07:  AT&T Wireless expanding in Massachusetts.  Eleven additional GSM cell sites planned in Massachusetts this year will improve wireless coverage for AT&T customers in a number of areas, including Wayland, along Route 20.

Boston Globe 9/21/07:  Man beats bank:  Peter Gossels challenged his bank for overcharging him for a foreign currency transaction.  Eight years later, the court found in favor of Gossels.

Wayland Town Crier 9/20/07:  Wayland woman injured in two-alarm blaze.    Flames from a fire on the second floor of a Mitchell Street home hospitalized a 41-year old Wayland woman with burns.  Crews from two towns extinguished the blaze.

Wayland Town Crier 9/20/07:  New DPW proposals to dominate next Town Meeting.  A warrant article at the November Special Town Meeting will look to merge the town’s Highway, Park, Water, Wastewater Management, Landfill and Septage departments into one Department of Public Works. 

Wayland Town Crier 9/20/07:  Briefs from the Board of Selectmen.  The Board of Selectmen unanimously appointed Joy Viola to the Conservation Commission and Harvey Montague to the Housing Partnership Committee.

Wayland Town Crier 9/20/07:  Check out "The Faces of Uganda" at the Wayland Library.  The exhibit this month in the upper foyer of the Wayland Public Library is a splendid photo essay by Natick resident and Angels of Hope founder Fay DeAvignon.  Angels of Hope is a nonprofit that provides free medical treatment, nutrition programs, educational scholarships and micro-business opportunities to improve the lives of women and children in Uganda.

Wayland Town Crier 9/20/07:  Join the Million Bread Bake.  Spread the Bread is looking for a million loaves of bread to baked to honor a hero or someone in need.  To register for the Million Bread Bake, visit www.spreadthebread.org. To get your organization more involved or to ask any questions e-mail info@spreadthebread.org.

Wayland Town Crier 9/20/07:  Must-See TV:  Wayland High students create new cable show.  Co-hosted by two WHS seniors, the program premiered Sept. 18. The show seeks to "link the community and the school by focusing on stuff that’s important to both" and airs Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm.

Wayland Town Crier 9/20/07:  Raising awareness of polycystic kidney disease.  Polycystic kidney disease (PKD), one of the most common hereditary diseases that few have heard of, affects more than 600,000 Americans, 12,800 Massachusetts residents, and 1 in every 500 people.  Last week, the U.S. Senate passed a resolution declaring Sept. 9 to 16, 2007, as National Polycystic Kidney Disease Awareness Week.  Wayland resident Beth Leven is passionate about finding a cure for PKD, and is the coordinator of the Boston Walk for PKD to be held on Sunday, Sept. 23 at Artesani Park in Brighton. Please pledge your support to Beth’s Budd’s at www.pkdcure.org. You can contact Leven at bostonwalk@pkdcure.org

Wayland Town Crier 9/20/07:  Welcome to new Wayland Public Schools staff.  An impressive group of new staff are joining the Wayland Public Schools, including a WHS alum and a new principal at Wayland High School.

Wayland Town Crier 9/20/07:  Affordable housing in works for Doran Road.  As early as this spring, officials may ask voters to approve a plan to build a 29-bedroom development on town-owned land between Pond Drive and Doran Road.

Wayland Town Crier 9/20/07:  Town Center traffic studies tally over half a million dollars.  Results from over a half million dollars worth of traffic data may be enough for Wayland officials from three elected boards to complete a significant portion of the permitting process for the pending Wayland Town Center project.

Wayland Town Crier 9/18/07:  Library and Senior Center topic candidates for Town Center.  A multi-use library and senior center appears to be the front-runner for the municipal space in the Town Center.  Selectmen are also mulling options for the $3 million gift from the developer.

Sudbury Valley Trustees 9/17/07:  Wayland's Karen Sirkin among award recipients at Sudbury Valley Trustees Annual Meeting.

Boston Globe 9/16/07:  Katrina victims to get new home from local group

Boston Globe 9/16/07:  Globe's Community Snapshot of Wayland.

WaylandeNews 9/15/07:  Photos of the new Wayland High School Artificial Turf field.  These are before and after photos of the new field, which was open for its first game on Friday, September 14, when the Warriors handily defeated Boston Latin.

Wayland Town Crier 9/13/07:  Lee's Farm stand proposal taking shape.  According to the project's architect, the shopping center would rest on about 30% of the 10-acre lot due to wetlands restrictions, and could include a bank, coffee shop, restaurant and other "soft retail" shops between 2000 and 6000 square feet.

Wayland Town Crier 9/13/07:  Lee's Farm neighbors provide input.  Nearby residents responding to a survey about the Lee's property nearly unanimously oppose the idea of a shopping center on the site.

Boston Globe 9/13/07:  Minus marquee names, Wayland has good show.  Warriors trounce Marlborough in their opening game, winning 30-7 and not allowing Marlborough's offense to cross its own 30-yard line all night.  They followed up this win with a 40-0 romp on their first game on the new artificial turf field.

Boston Globe 9/13/07:  Grass-roots uprising:  Health, environmental issues slow dash to build artificial playing fields.  A band of Wayland and Newton residents have formed to work together to battle the installation of artificial turf fields in the western suburbs.

Wayland Town Crier 9/13/07:  Parmenter holds 4th Annual Gala.  Parmenter Community Health/Wayside Hospice welcomes WCVB-TV’s Susan Wornick as emcee for its Fourth Annual Gala, "A Salute to Health and Happiness," on Wednesday, Oct. 24 at the Newton Marriott.  For details on tickets or sponsorship opportunities, visit www.parmenter.org

Wayland Town Crier 9/13/07:  Team Cure gearing up for another walk to raise funds to battle juvenile diabetes.   For links to pages of Team Cure participants, click here.

Wayland Town Crier 9/13/07:  Trinitarian Congregational Church breaks ground.

Wayland Town Crier 9/13/07:  Water Department trying to protect funds.  The Water Department has submitted a warrant article to create a "Water Revenues Enterprise Fund" which would earmark water revenues for the water department.  A similar article was defeated at Town Meeting in 2005.

Daily News Tribune 9/13/07:  Coyotes attack small dog in Waltham.  Tips from Wayland veterinarian Amy Shroff on protecting pets from coyotes.

Bates 9/13/07:  Wayland's Eliza Kano-Bower dominating in her first varsity tennis match at Bates.

Wayland Town Crier 9/11/07:  Wayland children grieve for grandmother who died on 9/11. 

Wayland Town Crier 9/11/07:  Tips for the ultimate lawn.  Jackson Madnick will be presenting a free educational talk at the Wayland Town Building on Monday, Sept. 17 at 7 p.m. in the large hearing room on environmental conscious ways to have a green lawn.

Wayland Town Crier 9/11/07:  Waveland mayor visits and thanks Wayland.  "The words 'Thank you' just don't quite express how we feel," said Waveland's mayor Tommy Longo.  Wayland has proven it's "in for the long haul" as Wayland to Waveland undertakes a new effort to build eight new homes in Waveland.

NECN 9/10/07:  Massachusetts town helps rebuilding Waveland, MS.  A video report on the Wayland to Waveland effort.

Wayland Town Crier 9/10/07:  Lighter fluid robbery suspect arraigned in Natick.  The man who police say threatened to light a Brooks Pharmacy clerk on fire with lighter fluid during a robbery is facing a total of 10 charges from Natick and Wayland police, authorities said at his arraignment yesterday.

Boston Globe 9/9/07:  Entryway spat stalls project.  Wanting to develop a Town Center and not a cul-de-sac, Town Center Developers have stated they will not proceed with the project unless there are two entry points to the site.

Wayland Town Crier 9/8/07:  Wayland hires full-time facilities director.  John Moynihan, a Pepperell resident with 25 years of experience in facilities management, was selected this month to care for the entire 759,461 square feet of space in school and town buildings.

Wayland to Waveland 9/7/07:  Press Release regarding news conference with Waveland Mayor Tommy Longo.

Wayland Town Crier 9/6/07:  Lifetime engineer ready for Conservation Commission.  The Board of Selectmen appointed Robert Goldsmith, a semi-retired chemical and environmental engineer with about four decades of experience, to a three-year term.

Wayland Town Crier 9/6/07:  Wayland builder remembered fondly.  Edward Swiedler, who built nearly 400 homes in Wayland and Weston, mostly in the 50s and 60s, died in August.

Wayland Town Crier 9/6/07:  Gearing up for Touch a Truck event.  Wayland’s second annual Touch a Truck event will be held Saturday, September 8, 10am-1pm at Wayland High School.

Wayland Town Crier 9/6/07:  Wayland A-Z:  D for Dudley Pond.

Metrowest Daily News 9/6/07:  Lighter fluid robbery suspect arraigned in Natick.

Metrowest Daily News 9/5/07:  Brooks Pharmacy robbery suspect caught in Natick.

Channel 7 News 9/5/07:  Robber sparks threat at Wayland Pharmacy.

Wayland Town Crier 9/5/07:  Ogonowski, Tsongas win 5th District Primary.

Wayland Town Crier 9/3/07:  Residents pitch ideas for municipal spot in Town Center.

Wayland Town Crier 9/3/07:  Wayland High's new principal already a hit.

Boston Globe 9/2/07: Property tax bills soar as services fall across the state.   Map showing property tax and changes in tax across the state.

Boston Globe 9/2/07:  Summary of athletic fees across the region.  Wayland High's $200/student/season is typical of surrounding towns, but lacks the family total cap that many systems have.

Metrowest Daily News 9/1/07:  Expanded Natick Mall serves up medley of restaurants, including a suburban version of Sel de la Terre, run by Wayland's Geoff Gardner.

Metrowest Daily News 9/1/07:  Many major retail developments in the works in MetroWest.

Metrowest Daily News 9/1/07:  Sprinklers, heat running Wayland dry.  Low rainfall in August has lowered levels in Wayland wells.  Water commissioners are requiring that residents adhere to a watering ban, Wayland's first in five years.

Wayland Town Crier 8/31/07:  Wayland limits water use.  

Boston Globe 8/30/07:  Recalling life with grandfather.  Wayland storyteller Helena Leet-Pellegrini performs a one-woman show, "The Luigi Code", about her years growing up with her Italian anarchist grandfather.

Wayland Town Crier 8/30/07:  Friday night lights:  Football team ready for artificial turf.  As the first football home game of the year approaches on September 14, the turf project nears completion,

Wayland Town Crier 8/30/07:  Major advances for Wayland to Waveland, which is building eight homes this fall and winter.

Wayland Town Crier 8/30/07:  Getting ready for a new school year, as about 2800 students and 230 teachers prepare to head back to the classroom.

Wayland Town Crier 8/30/07:  Beacon Hill Roll Call.

Wayland Town Crier 8/30/07:  Wayland couple knows what's cooking.  Bob Baker switched from  a high-tech career to kitchen design.

Wayland Town Crier 8/30/07:  Last chance for Fifth District Candidates to debate.

Wayland Town Crier 8/30/07:  A driver refresher course for senior citizens will be offered by the AARP next month at the Wayland Senior Center.

Metrowest Daily News 8/29/07:  Locals say not enough has been done to help Katrina victims.  Those who have been visiting stricken areas have seen slow improvement, and believe the federal government's assistance has been inadequate.

Wayland Town Crier 8/29/07:  Arrests for lewdness at Cochituate State Park.

Wayland Town Crier 8/29/07:  Coach Dubie's Wayland career comes to end.

Metrowest Daily News 8/26/07:  Portraits of healing.  Artisits, including Wayland's Melody Winnig, painted portraits of the Virginia Tech Massacre victims.

Boston Globe 8/26/07:  Wayland Middle School teacher Daniel Fernandez-Davila is also a archeologist from Peru often called upon as an expert.  This summer he journeyed to the Andes and delivered school supplies to a remote village.

Boston Globe 8/26/07:  Towns fighting back against McMansions.  While Wellesley has been plagued by the construction of large homes on lots that don't support them, Wayland, with bigger lots, is among those towns that has had less of a problem.

Metrowest Daily News 8/26/07:  Wayland residents seek traffic restrictions near Town Center.  Bow Road residents would like to see their street turned into a cul-de-sac, a solution not preferred by the traffic consultants or the the police and fire chiefs.

Boston Globe 8/25/07:  GOP sees cause for hope in Fifth District.  While still seen as a long-shot Fifth Congressional District candidate Jim Ogonowski has a chance to add a Republican to the Massachusetts delegation in the first race in six years in which a Republican will face off against a Democrat who is not an incumbant.

Wayland Police Dept 8/24/07:  Slow Down Wayland Days.  The Wayland Police Department will be conducting extra traffic enforcement patrols on Thursday, September 6th, and Friday September 7th, in conjunction with the beginning of the new school year in Wayland. These days will be “Slow Down Wayland Days” and all residents and commuters are asked to carefully monitor their speeds as they drive on local roads. 

Wall Street Journal 8/24/07:  Baldwin/Welsh & Parker Insurance Agency is going to be one of the first links Google will find if you look to find insurance in Wayland.

Wayland Town Crier 8/23/07:  Legislators unhappy with possible toll hikes.   Under a proposal approved 10 years ago, this January tolls in Allston and Weston would rise from $1 to $1.25, while booths in the Sumner and Ted Williams tunnels would charge $3.50, up from $3. Turnpike officials are now saying those increases could be more than initially proposed, and local lawmakers are vowing to fight.

Wayland Town Crier 8/23/07:  Life is a highway:  Trip from West Coast to Wayland Depot.  Bryn Adams keeps a family tradition alive by bicycling coast to coast with her father, Wayland native Jon Adams.

Wayland Town Crier 8/23/07:  Adults head back to school at Lifelong Learning program.  Adult education classes at Regis include a range of topics at inexpensive prices.

Wayland Town Crier 8/23/07:  Police chief offers safety tips.  After a gruesome murder in the quiet suburban hometown of Police Chief Irving, the chief offers safety tips.  

Wayland Town Crier 8/23/07:  Promoting the "Holy Grail" of lawns.  Hoping to keep fertilizer runoff out of water sources, the Surface Water Quality Committee is promoting the use of a hardy grass that does requires little mowing, watering or fertilization.

Wayland Town Crier 8/23/07:  Selectmen briefs:  Bow Road residents meet with traffic consultants, Town Board vacancies, Town administration evaluation.

Wayland Town Crier 8/23/07:  One2One Bodyscapes gym opens its doors in Wayland.  One2One offers personal training without a gym membership.

Wayland Town Crier 8/23/07:  Fifth district campaign notes

Wayland Town Crier 8/23/07:  From the shower to Tanglewood.  Though Jon Saxton took up singing just a few years ago, this summer he is off to Europe touring with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Wayland Town Crier 8/23/07: Jewish literature discussion group starts up.  The Wayland Library will be hosting a Jewish literature discussion group, which will meet every other Tuesday evening starting on Sept. 11

Wayland Town Crier 8/22/07:  Parking lot agreement withdrawn by the Trinitarian Church, citing their priority for good relations with the community over the additional parking.

Sudbury Town Crier 8/22/07:  Bullfinches' chef creates gourmet meals from items in your fridge, and films the results for the local cable show Guerilla Gourmet.

Wayland Town Crier 8/21/07:  Nike site housing needs more CPA funding.  An additional $600k is likely to be requested at this fall's Special Town Meeting.

Wayland Town Crier 8/21/07:  The LWV's Fifth Congressional District candidates forum will be held on Thursday, August 23, in Andover, and will be available via Webcast at www.wbztv.com starting on Friday.

Wayland Town Crier 8/21/07:  Register for annual Dudley Pond Run.  The 11th annual Dudley Pond Run, a 5K Run/Walk and Kids’ Race, will be held Sunday, Sept. 9.  The Dudley Pond Association is adding a new noncompetitive Fitness Walk this year.  Proceeds benefit the Dudley Pond Association. 

Wayland Town Crier 8/17/07:  Residents file lawsuit to stop parking lot.  Eleven residents file suit to try to prevent Park & Recreation's agreement to enable the Trinitarian Church from using their land.  The suit is based on a separation of church and state argument.  A copy of the complaint is available here.

Wayland Town Crier 8/17/07:  Residents file lawsuit to stop parking lot.  Eleven residents file suit to try to prevent Park & Recreation's agreement to enable the Trinitarian Church from using their land.  The suit is based on a separation of church and state argument.  A copy of the complaint is available here.

Boston Globe 8/17/07:  Fifth District debate focuses on local issues.  The five Democratic candidates for the Fifth Congressional District seat underscored their varying qualifications for the job at a debate that covered national and local issues.

Boston Globe 8/16/07:  Candidates try new tactics to draw voters.  Ice cream, running with a candidate, even playing wiffle ball among tactics candidates using to draw attention to the 5th District race

Wayland Town Crier 8/16/07:  Fifth District Campaign Notes, including endorsements and some upcoming meetings.

Wayland Town Crier 8/16/07:  Environmental Monitoring on Town Center Site.  The legacy of several 1950s building and their surrounding parking lot at Wayland’s center could delay the permitting process of a large-scale development planned at the now-vacant site.

Wayland Town Crier 8/16/07:  Collage represents Wayland's best.  The next time residents drop by the shared lobby of the Wayland Post Office and the Middlesex Savings Bank on Route 30, they’ll be treated to a combination of a history lesson, a community outreach effort, and a stunning visual display.

Wayland Town Crier 8/16/07:  Exploring the crazy world of Dr. Seuss.  "Seussical" takes the works of famous children’s author Dr. Seuss and combines them to address a range of real world issues.  Remaining performances are August 24 and 25 at 7 p.m. and Aug. 26 at 2 p.m. For more information, visit www.mftsudbury.org

Wayland Town Crier 8/16/07:  Greenbaum trades in law degree for landscaping.  After a career in law, Sherre Greenbaum built a landscaping business out of her passion for gardening. 

Wayland Town Crier 8/16/07:  Free smoke detectors for seniors.  If you are a senior in need of new smoke detectors, call the Council on Aging at 508-358-2990.

Wayland Town Crier 8/16/07:  Beacon Hill Roll Call

Wayland Town Crier 8/14/07:  Merchants benefit from tax-free weekend.

Wayland Town Crier 8/13/07:  State triages schools that need repair.  Over the past 18 months, the building authority received about 430 requests for funding school repair and replacement projects from 161 school districts. Officials will review those requests and should have them organized by greatest need by year's end.

Wayland Town Crier 8/13/07:  Wayland native shares stories of time in Iraq.  Wayland native and WHS 2000 grad Chris Ramsey has spent eight years in the military, including two tours of duty in Iraq.

Boston Globe 8/13/07:  Scouts look to expand the tent, attracting more Latinos to the Scouts. Wayland's Felix Soto has become a scouting guru, and trains parents to volunteer.

Metrowest Daily News 8/13/07:  Creating affordable housing in Wayland has been more expensive than expected as the cost of the Nike site development is exceeding initial estimates.

Boston Globe 8/9/07:  Consolidation plan has some doubters.  Wayland officials are continuing to work on a proposal to consolidate six town offices into a new DPW.  The plan may go before voters at Town Meeting this fall, despite resistance from Park & Recreation, whose role would change under the proposal.

Wayland Town Crier 8/9/07: Moyers stay busier than ever in retirement.  The Town Crier begins a series on residents enjoying creative pursuits in retirement or middle age.  The first in the series is on Bill & Betsy Moyer.

Wayland Town Crier 8/9/07:  What do you want to see happen at Lee's Farm Stand?  What is the best use of the former Lee’s Farm market site? Members of the Planning Board posed this question to neighbors at its Aug. 7 meeting.  A survey on possible uses for nearby Wayland residents is available here.

Wayland Town Crier 8/9/07:  Beacon Hill Roll Call

Wayland Town Crier 8/9/07:  Public Safety Building leaks prompt litigation.  The town is suing the Safety Building architects for faulty design.  According to a town legal invoice, the building has an improperly designed exterior wall system, and will require a new groundwater control system.

Wayland Town Crier 8/9/07:  Efforts in Waveland, MS continue.  Wayland to Waveland efforts continue to work to restore life to normal in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  The groups is still looking for volunteers, and accepts monetary donations as well. For more information, visit www.waylandtowaveland.org

Wayland Town Crier 8/9/07:  Tools to help you learn a foreign language.  The Wayland Library now offers online language lessons from home using Rosetta Stone.

Wayland Town Crier 8/8/07:  Applying lessons to Lee's Farm Stand proposal.  The Planning Board is holding meetings with Ross Hamlin regarding a proposal for a mixed-use project at the site of the former Lee's Farm Stand.

Wayland Town Crier 8/7/07:  Fifth District campaign notes.  To vote in the upcoming primaries for the seat vacated by Marty Meehan, you must be registered to vote by August 15.

Wayland Town Crier 8/7/07:  Board of Selectmen still questioning parking lot.  The Board of Selectmen questions whether the lot is consistent with town policies, and is urging Park & Recreation to continue discussions with the public.

Wayland Town Crier 8/7/07:  New personal training center in Wayland.  A new One2One BodyScapes Personal Training Center has opened at 241 Boston Post Road.

Wayland Town Crier 8/7/07:  Wayland Business Association elects new officers.  The Wayland Business Association (WBA) has elected Susan Collins of Collins & Collins, Attorneys, and David D’Orlando of Baldwin Insurance Agency, as co-presidents.

Wayland Town Crier 8/7/07:  Community looks for dog.  8/12/07 Update:  Cody was found!  A happy ending to a lost dog saga...  See www.twostep.com/cody for complete details.

Wayland Town Crier 8/7/07:  Ideas sought for town space.  The Selectmen will solicit input from various town departments, most notably the Council on Aging and Wayland Library trustees, for plans regarding how they would use the municipal space at the Town Center.

Wayland Town Crier 8/7/07:  A breath of Fresh Air.  Five city kids from New York spent part of their summer vacation in Wayland, thanks to three host families as part of the Fresh Air program.

Metrowest Daily News 8/3/07:  Stites is remembered as aviatrix, artist and mother.  Former Wayland resident Carol Cox Stites died at 86.  Services for her will be held on Sunday in Woodstock, VT. 

Wayland Town Crier 8/2/07:  School Building Authority receives 426 "statements of interest" for school building projects, including Wayland's statement of interest for work at Wayland High School.

Boston Globe 8/2/07:  Questions remain about turf field.  The artificial turf field should be ready for use when school starts in September.  In the meantime, though an environmental challenge was settled, a suit charging that the turf is an improper use of CPA funds is still pending.

Boston Globe 8/2/07:  Special efforts lead to China.  Jeanne Parent of Wayland is one of 7000 athletes from around the world heading to the 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games in China.  In China, she will compete in the 100- and 200-meter freestyle, 100-meter individual medley, and the relay.

Wayland Town Crier 8/2/07:  Officials pleased with new law on pensions.  After investing employee pension funds with the Middlesex County Retirement Board for about the last 60 years, Wayland will now be allowed to permanently transfer their pension investments to the state Pension Reserves Investment Management Board (PRIM).

Wayland Town Crier 8/2/07:  Mastering the art of eBay.  Cliff McGann will talk at the Library on Tuesday night.  "Buying and Selling on eBay" will be a chance for people to learn how to safely and productively use the huge virtual shopping center.

Wayland Town Crier 8/2/07:  Debates sponsored by the League of Women Voters.  The LWV will host debates on August 21 (in Acton) and August 23 (in Andover) between candidates for the 5th congressional district seat.  There will be two additional debates after the Sept 4 primary in advance of the October 16 election.

Wayland Town Crier 8/2/07:  Finalizing new plans for DPW.  Selectmen have now reviewed three drafts of the DPW Town Meeting article.  The DPW proposal separates Park and Recreation, with the Park Department joining the DPW, but not Recreation.  The town plans to hold public forums on the proposal before the November Town Meeting.

Wayland Town Crier 8/2/07:  Keeping Wayland pool afloat.  If pool revenues have been high enough to keep the costs of sustaining the town pool below the original estimate.  A private group is continuing its investigation of creating a new facility.

Wayland Town Crier 8/2/07:  Resident named head of National Garden Clubs.  Wayland resident Barbara May is the 40th president of the National Garden Clubs, and seeks to promote environmental landscaping.  She was featured in a recent Boston Globe article as well.

Wayland Town Crier 8/2/07:  Wayland's ambassador to France.  Stephanie Colwell spent her junior year of high school studying in France.

Wayland Town Crier 8/2/07:  McGonigle captures Bay State Games softball gold.  McGonigle was selected to play on the Northeast Massachusetts Bay State Games softball team at the end of June and last month her squad won its competition and she took home a gold medal.

Wayland Town Crier 8/2/07:  They're playing in a league of their own.  Four WHS graduates used Facebook to spread the word about a new softball league, and pulled together four competitive teams to play at the High School throughout the summer.

Metrowest Daily News 8/1/07:  Church parking lot plan is approved.  The number of spaces was cut from 30 to 14 in a compromise offered by the Planning Board in an effort to retain green space.

Metrowest Daily News 7/29/07:  Officials hungry for interest in former Finnerty's restaurant. 

Wayland Town Crier 7/26/07:  Developer has ideas for shopping center at Lee's Farm Stand.   Developer Ross Hamlin envisions a mixed-use development on the site of Lee's Farm Stand, including a bank, coffee shop, restaurant and other small "soft retail" space.

Wayland Town Crier 7/26/07:  Decision delayed on new parking lot.  The Planning Board will hold a public forum before issuing a decision.  While the linked article mentions an August 9 date for this hearing, the public hearing is on the Planning Board agenda for July 31.

Wayland Town Crier 7/26/07:  Keeping property records accurate.  The Assessors welcome residents' review of property records as they switch over to a new system.

Wayland Town Crier 7/26/07:  Nike project needs more money.  The funding gap on the project has grown from $400k to $787k, and the Selectmen are drafting a letter of intent to support a $600k contribution from the CPA fund.

Wayland Town Crier 7/26/07:  Cycling to make a difference.  The Pan Mass Challenge, in which riders bicycle 192 miles to raise funds for cancer research, will be held on August 4 and 5.  There are 92 Wayland riders registered for the ride.  If you wish to support any of them in their ride, click here for links to all the riders' donation pages.

Wayland Town Crier 7/26/07:  Finegold pledges to make his voice heard.

Wayland Town Crier 7/26/07:  Fifth District campaign notes.

Wayland Town Crier 7/26/07:  Pegasus program enriches children's summers

Wayland Town Crier 7/26/07:  Pat Rogers earns Wayland's first ever male All-America distinction in diving.

Wayland Town Crier 7/26/07:  Brandon Anderson is on a baseball odyssey, and was recently signed as a pro player by the Kalamazoo Kings.

Boston Globe 7/26/07:  Now it's Plan C vs. pond invaders.  Wayland is testing solar-powered circulators to kill off Eurasian milfoil, hoping to avoid the use of herbicides or hand-pulling of the weeds.

Boston Globe 7/26/07:  Included among winners in the Bay State Games, Tom Yang of Wayland took bronze in the men's masters singles badminton competition and silver in the men's masters doubles match.

Metrowest Daily News 7/26/07:  Sewers factor in Town Center project.  The fourth Planning Board Town Center hearing focused on the aging sewage treatment plant that will serve the Town Center.  A study to analyze the plant will be complete in August.

Metrowest Daily News 7/25/07:  Wayland agrees to regularly test turf field.  The town and a citizen group that had attempted to block the turf field signed an agreement that avoids litigation.  The town will test runoff from the new field to ensure there is no health impact on the water supply, while the citizen group has agreed not to file further appeals. 

Metrowest Daily News 7/25/07:  Regular hydrant maintenance key for firefighters.

Wayland Town Crier 7/23/07:  Wayland's oldest tree, struck by lightning a couple of years ago and now dead, was taken down today.

MEMA Press Releases:  In consideration of "Hurricane Preparedness Month", the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency has issued several press releases with information regarding preparation for hurricanes.

Boston Globe 7/19/07:  Study urges western suburbs to plan now for smart growth.  The Metropolitan Area Planning Council is looking at future scenarios and recommending measures for towns to take to plan successfully for future growth.

Boston Globe 7/19/07:  Wayland's Ben Balter is a 12-year old who plays competitively on the US Challenge Cup, and has scored two recent hole-in-ones.

Boston Globe 7/19/07:  Putting on parties for Potter.  Among many events celebrating the impending release of the final Harry Potter book is "Magic for Muggles" at the Wayland Library.

Wayland Police Dept 7/17/07:  Join the Wayland Police Department in the 2007 Jimmy Fund Canister Drive

Wayland Town Crier 7/17/07:  Delving into traffic plans for proposed Town Center.  A Public Hearing on Monday night focused on traffic.

Wayland Town Crier 7/17/07:  Thousands of dollars of equipment missing.  Over $3000 of baseball equipment (uniforms and equipment bags with helmets and shin protectors) were stolen from a locked storage room at Town Building.

Wayland Town Crier 7/17/07:  Notes from the Fifth District Congressional Campaign.

Wayland Town Crier 7/17/07:  The Vokes' production Blithe Spirit will include Marlborough resident Bethany Boles, who grew up at the Vokes.

Boston Globe 7/15/07: Center builders offer to alter site moving the plan for the municipal building to so it would be next to a small green.

Metrowest Daily News 7/15/07:  Invasive plants apply chokehold on lakes, ponds and rivers

Metrowest Daily News 7/15/07: Wayland spruces up tennis court, field.  The tennis courts will undergo patching to repair cracks, and the artificial turf work proceeds at the high school.

Our Sports Central 7/13/07:  Wayland native Brad Roblin signs on with the (Frontier League) Traverse City Beach Bums.

Wayland Town Crier 7/13/07:  Consultant asks for answers on Town Center.  Among unanswered questions are the plans for the municipal pad and the number of entrance points to the site.

Wayland Town Crier 7/13/07:  Senator Scott Brown returns from military duty.  Senator Brown is a member of the National Guard, and spent two weeks in June in Kazakhstan on training missions.

Wayland Town Crier 7/13/07:  New board members at Newton-Wellesley Hospital.  Wayland residents appointed to the hospital's Board of Overseers include Elizabeth Bell, Barbara Fox and Jean Whitney.

Wayland Town Crier 7/13/07:  Weston Drama Workshop presents three shows.

Wayland Town Crier 7/13/07:  Dudley Pond full of weeds (and solutions).  A weed harvester and circulator are two pieces of equipment being put to the challenge of controlling weeds in Dudley Pond.

Wayland Town Crier 7/13/07:  News briefs from Board of Selectmen meeting.  Selectmen discuss Bow Rd. traffic ideas, the church parking lot proposal and cell towers.

Wayland Town Crier 7/13/07:  New volunteer coordinator at Council on Aging.  Maureen DeJong takes over as volunteer coordinator at Council on Aging, utilizing well her experience coordinating volunteers for the Wayland Angels.

Wayland Town Crier 7/13/07:  Take advantage of museum passes from library.  The library offers lots of passes. Click here to reserve a pass.

Wayland Town Crier 7/13/07:  Vokes production dedicated to Jo Wilson.  The current production at the Vokes is Blithe Spirit, which begins on July 19 and is dedicated to the memory of longtime town resident and volunteer Jo Wilson, who died earlier this year at the age of 83.

Wayland Town Crier 7/13/07:  Kin reconnecting at kiln.  Two sisters work together on pottery that will be on display in Sudbury.

Wayland Town Crier 7/13/07:  Fifth district campaign notes

Boston Globe 7/12/07:  Planning Board move irks many.  Several residents have questioned the chair's decision to move the Associate Member away from the table during meetings

Boston Globe 7/12/07:  Local transportation district would pull in federal funds.  Senator Karen Spilka (D-Ashland) has sponsored a bill calling for the creation of a new 495 Metrowest Regional Planning and Economic Development district, which could qualify the region (which includes Wayland) for millions in state and federal funding.

Wayland Town Crier 7/11/07:  Traffic watch in Wayland.  MassHighway is re-looking at the intersection of Routes 20 and 27/126 to change the timing of lights to improve the flow of traffic.

Wayland Town Crier 7/11/07:  Town Center dispute resolved. The Town reaffirmed its obligation to provide wastewater capacity to the Town Center.

Metrowest Daily News 7/10/07:  Wayland bar gets two-day suspension.  The Dudley Chateau's liquor license was suspended for two-days for selling alcohol to a minor.

UConn Huskies 7/10/07:  Jessi Foreman among UConn students honored for academic and athletic performance.

Wayland Town Crier 7/9/07:  State evaluates condition of Wayland High School.  The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) conducted a detailed assessment of the condition of the school as part of their program to determine how to distribute funds for school construction.

Metrowest Daily News 7/9/07:  Roads & Rails: New traffic study will fix mix-up in Wayland and other news from the trail

Wayland Town Crier 7/9/07:  Cochituate State Park closes when it overflows with visitors.

Boston Globe 7/8/07:  Alberto Salazar reportedly "doing great" as he is released from an Oregon hospital after a heart attack.

Daily American 7/8/07:  Skip Foley wins the gold medal in the 40-45 division of the 2007 USA Cycling Masters Criterium

Summit Daily News 7/6/07:  Brett Stein named to the U.S. Telemark Ski Team's "A" squad.  The World Cup begins in France in January and wraps up March 22 with finals in Canada.

Boston Globe 7/5/07:  Clover is once again considered a good thing for your lawn.

Metrowest Daily News 7/5/07:  Debate scheduled between candidates for 5th Congressional District seat.  Debates will be held Tuesday, August 21 at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School, and Thursday, August 23, at the Phillips Academy Cochran Chapel in Andover.

Wayland Town Crier 7/5/07:  Finance committee looks to the future, as three key town buildings will need to be replaced or upgraded within the next ten years - the high school, the library and the maintenance garage.

Wayland Town Crier 7/5/07:  Journalist (and Wayland High grad) Ted Wayman meets with Pegasus kids interested in journalism.

Wayland Town Crier 7/5/07:  Libraries promote summer reading.  Wayland's summer program enables kids to read for a cause, donations to the Waveland Library.

Wayland Town Crier 7/5/07:  Wayland family works hard to grow blueberries.  The Astleys grow blueberry hobby is hard work, but results in home grown food on their table.

Wayland Town Crier 7/5/07:  Beacon Hill Roll Call

Boston Globe 7/3/07:  John Svenson, Celtics-co-owner died of cancer Saturday.  Funeral services will take place today, July 3, at Temple Shir Tikva in Wayland at 1pm. Donations in Mr. Svenson's memory may be made to Horizons for Homeless Children, 90 Cushing Ave., Dorchester, MA 02125, or Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, 10 Brookline Place West, Sixth Floor, Brookline, MA 02445-7226.

Nashua Telegraph 7/3/07:  Alberto Salazar's condition upgraded from serious to fair after a heart attack over the weekend.

Wayland Town Crier 7/3/07:  Park & Recreation has slate of summer activities for kids and adults.  For full details, visit http://www.wayland.ma.us/park/index.htm

Wayland Town Crier 7/2/07:  Bereavement support group meets. Parmenter’s Wayside Hospice in Wayland will be offering a Bereavement Support Group on Tuesdays in July from the 10th to the 31st, 4-5:30pm.

Boston Globe 7/1/07:   Planning Board begins scrutiny of Town Center plans, and has expressed unhappiness over the current planned placement of the municipal pad.

Boston Globe 7/1/07:  Western suburbs are healthier than the rest of the state. While health is generally better in MetroWest than other parts of the state, a surprising finding was higher rates of underage drinking.  Wayland has begun using Youth Substance Abuse Initiative grants to combat the problem.

Metrowest Daily News 6/30/07:  Lawsuits stacking up against Wayland.  Suits have been filed by residents challenging the use of CPA funds for for an artificial turf field, and by T-Mobile challenging a Zoning Board of Appeals ruling denying three cellular towers to be placed in Wayland, and now there's a possible suit over Wayland's legal obligation to provide the Town Center with 45,000 gallons of sewage capacity per day.

Metrowest Daily News 6/29/07:  Court ruling leaves school desegregation programs in limbo, including Metco, which sends 132 children to the Wayland schools.

Seacoast Online 6/29/07:  Wayland's Skip Foley finishes 4th in the 25th Annual Exeter Criterium, a 28 mile bike race with 121 competitors.

WaylandeNews.com 6/29/07:  The Police Department has sent out a notice that the Level Three Sex Offender that was residing and working in Wayland is no longer in town.

Boston Globe 6/28/07:  Regional transit authority sets its wheels in motion.

Boston Globe 6/28/07:  Lemonade Mouth Tour.  Wayland author Mark Hughes will be driving cross-country in their lemonade-decorated Honda Odyssey.

Wayland Town Crier 6/28/07:  Neighbors voice concern over housing project.  The Tripolis Circle 40B housing project near Old Farm Road has generated concerns from nearby residents.  Concerns include the size of the project (large homes abutting a neighborhood of average ones) and drainage and septic issues.

Wayland Town Crier 6/28/07:  Park & Rec still unsure of new DPW.  While the Selectmen are supportive of a changeover to a DPW, the Park & Recreation Commission remains unconvinced that Park & Rec should be a part of it.

Wayland Town Crier 6/28/07:  Wayland Middle School Student makes a difference.    Claire Nishioka wanted to help after visiting the Community Day Center in Waltham, and raised funds to provide phone service for the homeless and low-income people who visit the center.

Wayland Town Crier 6/28/07:  Resident produces new baseball TV series.  Wayland resident and New England Collegiate Baseball League team owner Philip Rosenfield is the executive producer of a Fox Sports Network documentary entitled "Eye on the Dream."  Click here for airtimes (Fox Sports Network is shown on Wayland cable on Channel 52)

Wayland Town Crier 6/28/07:  Join the fun at 'High School Musical'.  The MetroWest Family Theater kicks off its summer with a four-day run of "High School Musical," a production adapted from last year’s hugely popular Disney Channel original movie, July 5-8.  See our events listing for complete details.

Wayland Town Crier 6/28/07:  Beacon Hill Roll Call

Wayland Police Department 6/27/07:  Level Three Sex Offender in residing in Wayland

Metrowest Daily News 6/27/07:  Wayland police warn residents of sex offender.

Wayland Town Crier 6/26/07:  Planning Board gets down to business at first Town Center hearing.

Wayland Town Crier 6/26/07:  Water experts converge at Wayland conference.

Boston Globe 6/24/07:  Wayland police get sleeker look with new cruisers.

Metrowest Daily News 6/24/07:  Associate member banished to Wayland Planning Board audience.

Metrowest Daily News 6/22/07:  Wayland peace vigil goes off without a hitch after an angry motorist threatened a war protestor last week.

Wayland Town Crier 6/21/07:  Video of Ballet Space performers and Golden Tones at the June 16 Congress of Lakes and Ponds (COLAP) Annual Meeting at Wayland Middle School.

Wayland Town Crier 6/21/07:  Olivia Blahut, winner of this year's Freedom Prize essay contest, discusses her choice of Iraqi women as her essay topic.

Wayland Wayland Police Dept. 6/21/07:  Lieutenant Bruce Cook announces retirement after 37 years.

Wayland Town Crier 6/21/07: Doing ‘something real’.  12-year old Sophie Facher-Yarin spent a day with Rebuilding Together.

Wayland Town Crier 6/21/07: Reviewing dog disputes in Wayland.  With dogs and people spending more time together outdoors, it is worth of quick review of the Dog Control Bylaw

Wayland Town Crier 6/21/07: Beacon Hill Roll Call

Wayland Town Crier 6/21/07: Two Wayland school administrators moving on.  HS Principal Charlie Ruopp and long-time Claypit principal Cyndi Dunham (last year's Assistant Superintendent) are both leaving Wayland schools.  Ruopp will become principal of Buckingham, Browne & Nichols; Dunham goes back to a role as an elementary principal, this time in Rhode Island.

Wayland Town Crier 6/21/07: Park & Rec unsure of DPW, and its members have boted unanimously for their board to be left out of the proposed DPW structure.

Wayland Town Crier 6/21/07: Police lieutenant reflects on four decades of service.  Lt. Bruce Cook is retiring from the Wayland Police Department this month after 37 years as a police officer.

indieWIRE 6/20/07:  Justin Lerner shot "The Replacement Child" in hometown Wayland MA, winning Best Sound Design student award in UCLA's School of Theater, Film and Television's Directors Spotlight competition.

Wayland Town Crier 6/20/07:  Auto dealer Herb Chambers acquires Foreign Motors West

WaylandeNews 6/20/07:  Wayland High School Selected by MSBA for Pilot Assessment

Wayland Town Crier 6/20/07:  Planning Board and Trinitarian Church continue discussions over church parking lot.

Wayland Town Crier 6/19/07:  Six Wayland stores fail police compliance, selling tobacco or alcohol to a minor.

Wayland Town Crier 6/18/07:  Cable station may get boost.  If cable licensing negotiations with Verizon are successful, WayCam could see triple their current revenues.

Metrowest Daily News 6/17/07:  The new commissioner of the Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources is Wayland resident Philip Giudice who will work "to make sure the state is energy efficient and to encourage renewable sources of power."

Wayland Town Crier 6/14/07:  Wayland part of MSBA pilot program.  Wayland was one of 18 communities picked to be part of the Massachusetts School Building Assistance program piloting their assessment procedures before they expand them to state-wide.

Wayland Town Crier 6/14/07:  Work starts on artificial turf field.  Looking to have the new artificial turf field at the High School installed before the start of fall sports, the project is now underway.

Wayland Town Crier 6/14/07:  Potential change in Town Center plans.  Changes in the market have prompted Town Center developers to consider renting some or all of the residential units.

Wayland Town Crier 6/14/07:  Soslow joins medical center.  Arnold Soslow, MD, a member of the Wayland Board of Health, recently joined Caritas St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, a Tufts University School of Medicine teaching hospital.

Wayland Town Crier 6/14/07:  Foundation funds science and math.  The Wayland Public Schools Foundation exists to enrich the education of Wayland’s students by funding grants for projects and units of study not funded by the regular school budget.

Wayland Town Crier 6/14/07:  Looking back at another war.  After looking in detail on World War II, Wayland High School History Project now builds a new chapter on the Vietnam War.

Wayland Town Crier 6/14/07:  Traffic troubles at intersection?  Traffic in Wayland Center seems to have gotten much worse, rather than better, after MassHighway changes to the intersection.

Wayland Town Crier 6/14/07:  Resident to carry Special Olympics torch.  Swimmer Jeanne Parent has been selected as a torch bearer at the Massachusetts Special Olympics Opening Ceremony, taking place tomorrow at Boston University.

Wayland Town Crier 6/14/07:  Celebrate RiverFest this weekend.  A variety of activities will take place in the region this weekend to celebrate the Sudbury, Assabet and Concord Rivers.  For details, visit www.sudbury-assabet-concord.org

Wayland Town Crier 6/14/07:  Team effort to track down greyhound.  Wellesley greyhound lucky to have gotten lost in Wayland, where Wayland police and Wayland dispatch managed to find and retrieve him.

Worcester Business Journal 6/13/07:  Zero vacancy for Wayland office building.  The Commonwealth Rd. building is now completely full.

EARTHtimes.org 6/11/07:  Huge demand for Beit Olam expansion.  The Board of Directors of the Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts has unanimously voted to go forward with its plans to construct the Beit Olam East Cemetery in Wayland.  For more information, contact JCAM at 617-244-6509 or visit their website.

Posted to WaylandeNews 6/11/07:  Wayland to Waveland Sets Next Wave of Help.  Local Premier Home Builders Commit to Project To Build Eight New Homes In Mississippi.  If you'd like to help in any way, click here to volunteer.

Boston Globe 6/10/07:  Their own lifeline, from Wayland to Hispaniola.  The Wayland grassroots organization Kids to Kids seeks to help Dominican and Haitian children.

Metrowest Daily News 6/10/07:  Wayland sees boom in affordable housing.  A recent explosion in 40B applications has Wayland finally gaining ground on closing in on the state's goal of having 10% of a town's housing units affordable.

Boston Globe 6/7/07:  Sherborn eyeing regional transit, considering joining the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority, which Wayland has already joined. 

Wayland Town Crier 6/7/07:  Connector road possible for CVS.  The Planning Board is considering a proposal to add a connector road between Russell's Garden Shop and the CVS that is slated to go in next door.

Wayland Town Crier 6/7/07:  Will the dust settle at Wayland Commons?   Many of the roads within the Wayland Commons site will be paved this week, easing the dust problem that has plagued Old Sudbury Road for several months.

Wayland Town Crier 6/7/07:  Community service right here at home.  This summer, Wayland Youth & Family Services is running a community service program for students entering grades 9-12.  For full details, contact program director Paul Neustadt.

Wayland Town Crier 6/7/07:  Resident promotes sports from Ireland.  Mike Moynihan, a Wayland elementary schoolteacher, coach and parent, has been appointed to the position of Games Development Administrator by the Irish Sports Youth League (ISYL).  For more information contact Moynihan directly in Wayland, or visit the ISYL Web site.

Wayland Town Crier 6/7/07:  Special water conference in Wayland.  The Congress of Lakes and Ponds (COLAP) water conference (Saturday, June 16 at 9:30am at the Middle School) is about science and nature, innovation, water, and ends with a powerful theatrical water show involving local choirs, 30 dancers and water fountains. Reserve your place ASAP at www.macolap.org as the event may sell out due to limited seating.  The first 100 people from MetroWest who register before June 12 will get reduced fee $10 tickets.  Entry at the door is $20 to cover event expenses.  For more information contact Jackson Madnick.

Wayland Town Crier 6/7/07:  Basking in beautiful Israel on a bike.  Three MetroWest residents, including Wayland resident Kurt Linden, participated in the 5th annual Israel Environmental Bike Ride.

Wayland Town Crier 6/5/07:  New Town Center talks give sense of deja vu.  Renewed discussions over the Town Center bring back the issue of allowing consultants to communicate without town boards directly involved.

Boston Globe 6/5/07:  Patrick names energy official.  Wayland energy executive Philip Giudice is named as commissioner of the state Division of Energy Resources next month.

Metrowest Daily News 6/5/07:  The local archaeologist/teacher heads to Peru to work on TV documentary.  Middle School teacher Daniel Fernandez-Davila will spend the summer hiking in the jungles of Peru in search of ancient ruins and mummies as part of a new show on the Discovery Channel.

Metrowest Daily News 6/4/07:  Wayland High Principal Charlie Ruopp sees off his final class.  At ceremonies yesterday, WHS graduated 232 students in the Class of 2007.  List of WHS 07 Graduates.

Metrowest Daily News 6/3/07:  Wayland plans to hire director to oversee public buildings.  The town hopes the new employee will be onboard by July to take care of 759,461 square feet of buildings comprised mainly of five schools, the library and the Public Safety Building.

WaylandeNews 5/31/07:  Wayland baseball team owner Philip Rosenfield is executive producer of a 10-part documentary on amateur baseball airing on Fox Sports New England.  The series begins on Saturday night at 6pm. 

Wayland Town Crier 5/31/07:  Traditions residents look back at World War II. Six WWII veterans who live at Traditions share their memories of the war.

Wayland Town Crier 5/31/07:  Local residents honored by Arc of Massachusetts.  Among 12 individuals and organizations honored by the Arc of Massachusetts at the 2007 Distinguished Citizen Awards Ceremony at the State House was Sam Bacon.  Bacon was cited for his volunteer work for people with disabilities.

Wayland Town Crier 5/31/07:  Associate member's role under discussion.  The Planning Board's Associate Member serves to ensure that there are sufficient members available to vote in the event a full member cannot.  The Planning Board will be deciding on the Associate Member's role during the review process.  The chair's research indicates that the question of whether the Associate Member has a regular speaking part and can ask questions is generally left to the discretion of the chair.

Wayland Town Crier 5/31/07:  Beacon Hill Roll Call

Wayland Town Crier 5/31/07:  Wayland Police hire second female officer.  The newest member of the Wayland Police force is 29-year old Jennifer Ordway, who was sworn in last month.

Wayland Town Crier 5/31/07:  Community gathers for annual tribute to the nation's veterans in Memorial Day services and parade.

Wayland Town Crier 5/31/07:  Police chief responds to complaint

UConn Huskies 5/31/07:  Jessi Foreman wins All-East Region Honors, and will be heading to the NCAA Championships in the 100m dash.  The Championships will be held June 6 through 9th in California.

Metrowest Daily News 5/30/07:  Interest grows as state eyes lifting school construction funding moratorium.  Authority officials are launching a pilot program in 18 school districts, including Wayland, to evaluate building conditions.  The authority will determine whether schools meet the state's funding priorities through a rating system based on the information they collect regarding the school's need.

Vermont Catamounts 5/30/07:  University of Vermont women's lacrosse team announces 2008 recruits.  MacDonald has been a four-year, multi-sport standout at Wayland High School. She served as captain of the soccer, ice hockey and lacrosse teams as a senior this past year. She was named the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association Outstanding Female Athlete in 2007. She also garnered spots on the Boston Globe and Boston Herald All-Scholastic Lacrosse Teams and was a U.S. Lacrosse High School All-American (First Team) in 2006. During her four year career, MacDonald totaled 161 points on 94 goals and 67 assists.

UConn Huskies 5/29/07:  Jessi Foreman qualifies for NCAA Championships in 100m dash.

Metrowest Daily News 5/27/07:  Health violations in restaurants across MetroWest (note: none of those listed are in Wayland)

Boston Globe 5/27/07:  Ticks used to be rare in this area, but now they are plentiful.  But ticks and other bugs shouldn't drive people  indoors.  People just need to be aware of what to look for, and how to respond.

Metrowest Daily News 5/27/07:  Wayland cell phone coverage to improve.  Cingular, T-Mobile and Sprint/Nextel are all already operating on the Reeves Hill Tower.  Verizon has just signed  lease to operate on the new tower as well, and should be operating by summer.

Boston Globe 5/26/07:  Wayland resident Barbara May begins her two-year term as the 40th president of the National Garden Clubs, the largest federation of garden clubs in the nation.  She will be working extensively throughout the nation to promote landscaping with native plants.

Colby College 5/25/07:  Wayland's Geoff Buckle was among 37 Colby College athletes named to the 2007 New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) Spring All-Academic Team.  To qualify, a student-athlete must have reached junior academic standing and be a varsity letter winner with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.35.  Geoff is a senior lacrosse player.

Boston Globe 5/24/07:  Choosing a champion gerbil.  Among the 200 gerbil lovers at the New England Gerbil Show last Saturday were Wayland residents Judi and Emily Poirier of Wayland, who have been showing gerbils for the last four years.

Boston Globe 5/24/07: Wayland 686th on Newsweek's list of America's Top High Schools.

WaylandeNews 5/25/07:  Review of Wayland Public Schools Foundation grants for 2006-07.  Among the $275,000 in grants to the schools were Computers in the Guidance Center for use by students who do not have access to computers at home at the High School, a Software program to improve retention of number facts at the Middle School, and A portable sound system for use in all three elementary schools that will help students develop better listening and performance skills.  

Wayland Town Crier 5/24/07:  James Lee will be the new Happy Hollow principal.  His interests in learning and teaching have been lifelong.

Wayland Town Crier 5/24/07:  To pave or not to pave.  The Trinitarian Church's plan to pave 30 new spaces for the church on town land may require approval at Town Meeting.

Wayland Town Crier 5/24/07:  This flour has power.  Spread the Bread is running a Bread Marathon in May.  Their Bread Mobile in the Memorial Day parade will be loaded with breads baked by Wayland bakers.  For more information, visit www.spreadthebread.org

Wayland Town Crier 5/24/07:  The New Friends of the Council on Aging group is expanding the mission of the COA.  Their kickoff event is a postal stamp design contest depicting friends helping friends.

Wayland Town Crier 5/24/07:  Neighbors of a possible 40B development by Dudley Pond are concerned about the prospect of as many as 29 new units at the end of Doran Rd by Dudley Pond.

Wayland Town Crier 5/24/07:  Olivia Blahut is the winner of this year's Freedom Prize for her essay on Iraqi women.

Lincoln Town Crier 5/24/07:  Wayland's Fiona Stephenson and her son, Duncan, are part of the Lincoln Minute Men, a group which does revolutionary area re-enactments and demonstrations.  For more information on the group, visit their website.

Wayland Town Crier 5/24/07:  New co-chairs of Wayland's Republican Committee.  John Toto and Alan Vogt were named co-chairmen of the Wayland Republican Town Committee.

The Sun Chronicle 5/23/07:  Bill aims to reform changing districts.  State Senator Scott Brown has co-signed a bill redraw state district boundaries. 

Wayland Town Crier 5/22/07:  Beloved Wayland Mom passes away.  Nancy Rousseau died early Monday morning after a year-long battle with pancreatic cancer.  Services will be the John C. Bryant Funeral Home on Friday, May 25.  The wake will be from 3-7pm, memorial service from 7-8pm.  In lieu of flowers, gifts in her memory may be sent to The Nancy Fund Trust, PO Box 5534, Wayland MA 01778.

Wayland Town Crier 5/22/07:  Town center filed.  The Town Center developers have filed their proposal with the Planning Board.

Boston Globe 5/22/07 Developer revives $140m Wayland retail-housing bid

Boston Globe 5/22/07 For Wayland tie doesn't fit. An earlier match with Lexington resulted in an 11-11 tie, but this time the Wayland girls' lacrosse team came away victors, 20-19.

Wayland Town Crier 5/21/07: Tuesday MEPA site visit at Baldwin. Wayland residents are invited to attend and participate in the Tuesday, May 22, 1:30 pm public meeting to review the proposed water filtration plant at Baldwin. The meeting will be held at the project site, 101 Old Sudbury Rd. Comments on the project are welcome by May 29, and may be emailed to holly.s.johnson@state.ma.us.

Boston Globe 5/20/07:  Town Center project once again on building block.

Wayland Town Crier 5/17/07:  Speed bumps jolt motorists.  Speed bumps installed on Glezen Lane were too high, requiring drivers to nearly stop, rather than just slow down.  New, lower bumps will be installed.

Wayland Town Crier 5/17/07:  Claypit teacher promoted to principal of Happy Hollow.  James Lee, a Claypit teacher since 1992, was selected from an applicant pool of 25. 

Wayland Town Crier 5/17/07:  First steps taken on DPW plan.  Selectmen are working out the details of a possible transition to a DPW, grappling with how to organize the management of the DPW.

Metrowest Daily News 5/16/07: Ceremony in Natick honors police on Police Officers Memorial Day.  About 100 people attended the event, which included the Natick Police, the Natick, Wayland and Wellesley color guards, the Natick Police Flag Raising Detail and the Natick Police Rifle Unit.

Wayland Town Crier 5/16/07:  Youthful optimism provides spark for clothing line.  Why Not?  Why Settle?  Dream Big!  and raise funds for organizations that improve the world.  Visit www.whynotclothes.com to learn what Wayland parent Sheila Carel is selling.

Wayland Town Crier 5/16/07:  Three Wayland High School students are planning to enter the armed forces after high school not for the financial assistance with college, but because they want to.

Wayland Town Crier 5/16/07:  The Town Center revival awaits. New chairs on the Planning Board and Road Commission were said to be prequisites to bring back the Town Center.  

WaylandeNews 5/16/07:  The Wayland Cultural Council announces the opening of a new exhibit curated by the Massachusetts Archaeological Society.

Boston Globe 5/14/07:  Wayland hires new basketball coach.

Boston Globe 5/13/07:  Wayland attorney honored for her efforts in support of victims of domestic abuse.  Laureen Stiller Rikleen received the Barbara Gray Humanitarian Award from Voices Against Violence.

Metrowest Daily News 5/13/07:  Threats at High School cause officials to move MIAA Tennis Tourney.

Metrowest Daily News 5/13/07:  Playground aided by Wayland volunteers.

UConn Huskies 5/13/07:  Jessi Foreman breaks own school record in the 100m dash, running it in 11.48

UConn Huskies 5/12/07:  Jessi Foreman qualified for the NCAC finals in the 100m dash

WaylandeNews 5/11/07:  New threats at HS prompt school officials to move May 12 events.  Click here for email from High School Principal Charlie Ruopp.

Metrowest Daily News 5/11/07:  A graphic reminder of the consequences of drunk driving. 

Boston Globe 5/10/07:  Making disaster plans for pets.  Emergency plans must make provisions for pets.  For more information on disaster planning for pets, visit smart-mass.org, or for Wayland information, visit http://www.waylandcert.org.

Wayland Town Crier 5/10/07:  Improving safety at High School crosswalk may require widening 126 and adding a traffic light.  During morning

Wayland Town Crier 5/10/07:  Town joins regional transit group.  Wayland Selectmen have voted to join the MetroWest RTA, and will add a second senior transportation van.  The fees for the group will be deducted from MBTA Assessments, and will not cost the town additional fees.

Wayland Town Crier 5/10/07:  Petition to state legislators.  Representatives of Save Our Services, Martha Gordon and Malcolm Astley, presented over 900 online signatures to State Representative Tom Conroy.  The petition seeks state initiatives to fund education more reliably.  To view the petition, click here.

Wayland Town Crier 5/10/07:  Unknown future for sewage disposal facility.  Regardless of how the Raytheon property is developed, the town has to be able to provide 45,000 gallons of wastewater capacity to the site.  Upgrades to the facility may be needed.

Wayland Town Crier 5/10/07:  Making waves in audio technology.  Eight years from his career at Wayland High School, Joseph Pompeii founded Holosonic Research Labs.  Another eight years later, and they are selling the Audio Spotlight, which can direct sound to particular spots.

Wayland Town Crier 5/10/07:  Bread Marathon in May.  Spread the Bread is running a Bread marathon in the month of May.  After the bakers have crossed the finish line, or in bread terms, after they’ve "baked a difference," they should send Spread the Bread an e-mail at info@spreadthebread.org so the organization can tally the loaves of bread spread and the miles of smiles spanned.  For more information visit http://www.spreadthebread.org.

Wayland Town Crier 5/10/07:  Family drama with some humor.  The Twilight of the Gods is playing at the Vokes Thursday-Saturday through May 19.  For tickets or more information, visit http://www.vokesplayers.org

Metrowest Daily News 5/8/07:  The Beer Nut: Evolution of a Brewer.  Wayland's Grant Wood is brewing manager for Sam Adams.

Metrowest Daily News 5/8/07:  Framingham and Wayland fire crews battle brush fires under power lines.

Wayland Town Crier 5/7/07:  Marlborough man's identity revealed by police's new fingerprinting hardware.

Boston Globe 5/6/07:  Officials rekindle talk of Town Center.  New Planning Board Chair Bill Steinberg and Co-Chair Ira Montague are  looking to improve communication with developers and within the board. 

Metrowest Daily News 5/6/07:  Wayland attorney to receive Barbara Gray award for community service.  The award will be presented at the Voices Against Violence fundraiser in Natick on May 10.

Metrowest Daily News 5/6/07:  Wayland couple victimized by scam.

Boston Globe 5/3/07: Common ground on teen drinking.  Parents are working together to form community guidelines for dealing with teen drinking.  "Be a Parent, Not a Pal" presentation will help parents understand their liability in party hosting.

Wayland Town Crier 5/3/07:  Be a Parent, Not a Pal. 

Articles on Threats at High School

Wayland Town Crier 5/3/07:  Feeding the hungry, one step at a time.  The Walk for Hunger will be held this year on May 6, starting at the Boston Common.  For more information, visit the Project Bread website.

Wayland Town Crier 5/3/07:  Spreading joy of music.  Joanne Hammil runs two chorus groups: the Choral Connection (for children in grades 2-4), the Greater Boston Intergenerational Chorus (for anyone ten and older).  Upcoming concerts are: the Choral Connection at the Congregational Church of Weston, 130 Newton St., May 9 and 10 at 6pm. Admission is free. The Intergenerational Chorus's spring concert will be May 22 at the First Parish Church, 35 Church St., Watertown, at 7pm. There is a suggested donation of $5 per person (maximum of $12 per family) at the door.

Wayland Town Crier 5/3/07:  Young 'Juliet's Dance to Shakespeare.

Wayland Town Crier 5/3/07:  Resolution to protect town's water.  The last article at Town Meeting was focused on protecting the town's water supply by urging compliance with a DEP report. 

Boston Globe 5/1/07:  Wayland's Cristin Reno awarded one of the state's 24 Goldwater scholarships, a prestigious scholarship awarded to undergraduates studying in mathematics, science or engineering.

Wayland Town Crier 4/30/07:  Town Meeting approves pension measure.  The town is looking to switch from from the Middlesex Retirement System to the state's Pension Reserves Investment Management Board (PRIM) in an effort to reduce the costs of pensions to taxpayers.

Wayland Town Crier 4/30/07:  Driver doesn't remember crash.  A Framingham man drove his SUV into a car full of girls' crew team members.

WaylandeNews.com 4/30/07:  Town Meeting is completed in one (long) afternoon.  The FY2008 Omnibus Budget was passed without amendment.  The Town voted to acquire the Moon parcel, and to provide funds for an application to the MSBA for the High School facility, and for a study of flood mitigation options for Pelham Island Rd.  For complete results, click here.   

Metrowest Daily News 4/30/07:  Coverage of Sunday's Town Meeting. 

Boston Globe 4/29/07:  Election revives developer's hope.  The elections of Eric Knapp, Alan Shubin and Kevin Murphy are expected to bring change to the chairmanship of the Board of Road Commissioners and Planning Board.  These changes would bring Town Center Developer Twenty Wayland back to the table.

UConn Huskies 4/27/07:  Jessi Foreman on UConn 4x100 relay team that takes second in ECAC finals.  Then the same team broke a school record in winning the 4x200 the next day.

Laconia Citizen 4/27/07:  Wayland snowboarder places at National Snowboarder Championships.  Jamie Mills placed fourth in the Women's Youth Slalom. She also took fifth place in the Giant Slalom.

WaylandeNews.com 4/27/07:  SADD, with the support of Wayland's Baldwin Insurance, develops anti-drinking and driving signs for student parking lot.  The signs reading “Don’t Be Selfish, Think Twice, Somebody Loves You” will be installed on May 1.

Boston Herald 4/26/07:  Governor uses sway to stall foreclosure on Nancy Rousseau's home.  Patrick requested the Division of Banks call Ameriquest and negotiated an extension until the end of July on foreclosure proceedings.  If you'd like to help the family, donations are welcome.  Send a check payable to Nancy's Fund to: Nancy's Fund, P.O. Box 5534, Wayland, MA  01778.

Wayland Town Crier 4/26/07:  Selectmen declare May 6th "Golden Tones Sunday".  The Golden Tones will celebrate with a special gala benefit concert, "Let There Be Music: Singing into Our 20th Year," at the Wayland Middle School at 3pm.

Wayland Town Crier 4/26/07:  Wayland Pizza House celebrates 35th Anniversary.  The Kosivas family has been running the pizza house since 1972.

Metrowest Daily News 4/26/07:  Wayland break-ins likely linked.  There have been three recent late-night burglaries, each involving entry through an unlocked door, in the Westway/Pinebrook area of Wayland.  Police advice locking doors, windows and cars.

Wayland Town Crier 4/26/07:  Complaints of brown water on the rise.  Although not a health hazard, residents (mostly along Plain, Draper and Decatur roads) have been complaining about discolored water.  The problem could be the result of reactivating a well which had been shut down for repairs.

Wayland Town Crier 4/26/07:  Wayland residents part of ambitious concert.  The choruses of Concord MA and Concord NH combine to 160 members (including Pat Hanson, Cindy Colella and Ruth Hartt of Wayland).  They will perform Mendelssohn's Elijah.  Performances will be Saturday, May 5 at 8pm at Cary Hall in Lexington, and on Sunday, May 6 at 4pm in Concord, N.H.’s Concord City Auditorium.  Tickets ($20 for adults, $16 for students and seniors) are available at the door or by calling 508-224-0770.

Wayland Town Crier 4/25/07:  Three cell towers sought by Omnipoint Communications denied by Zoning Board of Appeals. 

Wayland Town Crier 4/25/07:  Musical siblings perform in concert for the first time.  Brother and sister Nathaniel Erde and Ruth Hartt will perform together classical music concert, "If Music Be the Food of Love," Presbyterian Church, 330 Concord Road in Sudbury on Saturday, April 28 at 7:30pm.  Click here for a YouTube video of them performing.

Wayland Town Crier 4/25/07:  Wayland High School Theater Ensemble rehearsing original drama, "Returning Road".  Performances will be May 2-5, and tickets are available via www.waylanddrama.org.

Metrowest Daily News 4/25/07:  Governor Patrick is looking to help the Wayland family facing foreclosure while mother Nancy Rousseau is dying of cancer.  Friends and neighbors have already fundraised over $30,000 for the family. 

Wayland Town Crier 4/24/07:  Election results in. Tichnor wins re-election, Murphy for Planning Board, Knapp & Shubin in as Road Commissioners, Arnold Soslow wins write-in campagin for Board of Health and the Debt Exclusion was passed.  All wins were by large margins and across all four precincts.  Complete results are available on the town website.

Wayland Town Crier 4/24/07:  Developers are not pushing for a particular slate of candidates.  They are looking to see a change in the leadership of the Planning Board and Road Commission.

Wayland Town Crier 4/24/07:  Land plan would honor Moon.  Elizabeth Moon would like to honor Ken Moon's legacy in Conservation by selling the town seven of the ten acres of land they owned together on Reservoir Road.

Boston Globe 4/22/07:  Wayland voters to weigh fix-up bills.  The debt exclusion on Tuesday's ballot would repair leaky windows, among other fixes. 

Boston Globe 4/22/07: A second chance, a second wind.  18-year old Katya Gould, who spent 10 years in Russian orphanage, is now a Wayland High School senior.  She finished last week's Boston Marathon in 3 hours, 22 minutes.   She was among the 17 local kids to finish the Boston Marathon.

Metrowest Daily News 4/22/07:  Wayland hopes to honor Moon by preserving property.  The Wayland Conservation Commission will ask Town Meeting for CPA funds to purchase 7 acres of Reservoir Road property.  A walking tour of the land will be given by the SVT on April 28 at 10 am and is open to all residents. The tour begins at the Hamlen Woods entrance on Rice Road.

UConn Huskies 4/21/07:  Jessi Foreman continues to own the 100m and 200m dash, winning both at the UConn Select Invitational.

Wayland Town Crier 4/19/07: 'Step It Up' offers solutions for earth.  Local activists, children and their parents tried to send a strong message to their local, state and nationally elected officials to "Step It Up" and address global warming and climate change for the planet. They joined together to speak out and learn what they can do on Saturday, April 14 as part of over 1,700 events going on all over the country.

Wayland Town Crier 4/19/07: Storm cuts off power, floods roads.  Marathon Monday was a mess in Wayland, with about 20% of the town losing power, and Pelham Island Rd. was closed.

Wayland Town Crier 4/19/07: Towns get reprieve for septage facility.  Wayland-Sudbury septage facility gets reprieve from state, enabling it to remain open at least another two years, possibly more.

Wayland Town Crier 4/19/07: Help for resident continues.  An update to this story:  Nancy's team has now raised over $40,000, and hopes to enable the family to clear their debt and buy a smaller, more affordable home.

Wayland Town Crier 4/19/07: Police obtain crime-fighting tools.  Wayland police now have a new fingerprinting tool which enables fast turnaround of fingerprint identifications, and a digital video lab which can improve the quality of surveillance video.  Both new tools were purchased through Homeland Security grants.

Wayland Town Crier 4/19/07: Residents prepared for the worst.  A group of Wayland and Sudbury residents graduated from a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training course.  The training included first aid, triage, search and rescue, fire safety, terrorism, disaster situations and disaster psychology. The trainees watched videos, and had some hands-on experience, such as using fire extinguishers to put out a fire.

Wayland Town Crier 4/19/07:  Why study a foreign language?  The Town Building ArtSpace exhibit features works of Middle School students addressing the question "Why study a foreign language?"

Wayland Town Crier 4/19/07: Brown receives Metco award.  State Senator Scott Brown received an award from METCO in recognition for his work to further the success of the program.

Wayland Town Crier 4/16/07:  Wayland looking at joining Regional Transit Authority.  Wayland can opt to join the Regional Transit Authority with funds that would have gone toward the town's MBTA assessment.  Possible services would be "The Ride", which provides transportation for disabled residents.

WaylandeNews 4/14/07:  Dr. Arnold Soslow and Bill Currier have announced write-in campaigns for the open Board of Health seat.  There are no candidates on the ballot for that seat.

Boston Globe 4/14/07:  Wayland native Alberto Salazar was the last American to dominate distance running.

Boston Globe 4/13/07:  Grief is a never ending journey, like a marathon.  Stephanie Holland-Brodney plans to run the Boston Marathon in honor of her mother, who died on 9/11. To support Stephanie in her run, click here.

Wayland Town Crier 4/12/07:  Holocaust speaker at Congregation Or Atid.  A writer on the Holocaust, a Holocaust survivor and a soldier there at the liberation of Dachau will share their stories at a service at Congregation Or Atid.

Wayland Town Crier 4/12/07:  Parmenter Wayside Golf Open.  A few openings remain for teams and sponsors, but register soon to play in the May 21 Parmenter fundraiser.

Wayland Town Crier 4/12/07:  Former teacher leads Greece tour.  Former WHS classics teacher Helene (Mensh) Lerner will be leading a tour of Greece for adults in October.  For those interested, please RSVP to Leslie Jacques to attend an informational session on May 1 at 7pm.

Wayland Town Crier 4/12/07:  Students meet with famed primatologist.  Wayland Middle School students had an opportunity to meet with Jane Goodall during her recent visit to Harvard.

Wayland Town Crier 4/12/07:  New child care center in Wayland.  A new Bright Horizons child care center opened on Commonwealth Road, with a capacity to handle 153 children.

Wayland Town Crier 4/12/07:  Volunteers honored at Community Service Awards.  The awards honored both student and adult volunteers who have taken part in community service.  Among the winners were Sam Bacon who coaches a basketball team for kids with special needs, Daniel Harper who works with a Roxbury daycare center for kids who might otherwise be on the streets, and Eliza Brennan-Pratt who held a supply drive for Honduras schools and then spent nearly a month in Honduras training villagers in using computers.

Wayland Town Crier 4/12/07:  Town Meeting through the years.  While Town Meeting has undergone changes over the years, the key point that remains is the unique opportunity to participate directly in local decision making.

Boston Globe 4/12/07:  College professor Arlene Petri of Wayland is one of 15 members of the over-50 women's hockey team that will compete in a national tournament starting tomorrow.

Wayland Town Crier 4/12/07:  School requests 1.1% budget increase for FY08.  The budget nearly level funded was presented at the School Committee's Budget Forum on Monday night.

Wayland Town Crier 4/12/07:  Middle School Students take action for Darfur.  The Middle School's Amnesty International chapter held a Save Darfur rally

Wayland Town Crier 4/12/07:  Dog finds its way back to Wayland.  The Gylys/Iannace's dog, Java, somehow ended up in Northfield, but through a lucky coincidence was identified there by a Wayland resident.  To protect your pet, consider a microchip.  There are upcoming clinics at Especially for Pets.

Wayland Town Crier 4/12/07:  A small group of town employees now have salaries over $100,000.   Among the 13 employees with salaries over $100k are the school superintendent, principals, police and fire chiefs and the town administrator.

Metrowest Daily News 4/11/07:  What can you do for a friend?  Angels provide support for neighbors in need.  The original Angels network started in Wayland, but the concept has spread to other nearby towns.

Metrowest Daily News 4/9/07:  The driver in the accident that seriously injured two Framingham girls is a Wayland man, alleged to have been drinking and to have been on prescription drugs.

Metrowest Daily News 4/9/07:  Wayland woman running the Boston Marathon in honor of her mother.  Stephanie Holland-Brodney is running in honor of Cora Holland, who died on 9/11.  To support Stephanie in her run, click here.

Wayland to Waveland 4/9/07:  Wayland to Waveland sweeps in to finish Ms.Hazel's home

Boston Globe 4/8/07:  Wayland's Linda Brooks runs A Suitable Image, a Framingham-based non-profit that provides business clothing to women looking for a new job or a new start.

Boston Globe 4/8/07:  Town Center proponents look to change composition of town boards to revive Town Center project.

UConn Huskies 4/7/07:  Wayland's Jessi Foreman places first in the 100m dash and second in the 200m in the UConn Invitational track and field event.

Wayland Town Crier 4/5/07:  13th Middlesex District gets boost in local aid.

WaylandeNews 4/5/07:  The state legislature revamped Governor Patrick's proposed state aid allocations.  The new allocation has more than $220,000 more than what Governor Patrick had proposed, and totals a $375,179 increase in state aid to the town, or 10%, over Fiscal Year 2007 funding levels.

High School Building Committee 4/5/07:  The High School Building Committee:  A Fresh Start.  High School Building Committee member Jennifer Steel writes about the new charge to the new committee operating under the MSBA rules.

WaylandeNews 4/5/07:  Earth Day Litter Cleanup Event planned.

Boston Globe 4/5/07: Wayland resident Jan Volk moves from Celtics GM to youth sports photographer,

Wayland Town Crier 4/5/07: New methods for battling weeds.   The Dudley Pond Association honored Jackson Madnick for his environmental work in town.  The group explored solutions and tools to combat weed problems in the pond.

Wayland Town Crier 4/5/07: Going underneath the surface. On Sunday, April 15, George Lewis will talk at the library's for a Historical Society presentation entitled "Wayland’s Topographical Landscape: Time and the Ice Age."

Wayland Town Crier 4/5/07: Volunteers to be honored.  Eleven adults and 39 students will be honored for the community service at a ceremony on Monday, April 9 at the High School.

Wayland Town Crier 4/5/07: Two work days set for playground.  Volunteers, including the Troop 1 Cochituate Boy Scouts, will work to repair Hannah Williams Playground and restore it to full use. 

Wayland Town Crier 4/5/07: New head of Little Theatre Concert Series.  After 42 years at the helm, Allen Barker turns over the reigns

Wayland Town Crier 4/5/07: Cell tower applications.  The ZBA will be considering three applications for cell towers (at Riverview Circle, Celebration International Church and at the Wayland Nursing and Rehabilitation Center).

Wayland Town Crier 4/5/07: Trying to help Rousseau family.  Wayland family fights to keep their home while mother Nancy Rousseau is dying of cancer. 

Wayland Town Crier 4/4/07:  Weston driver in two accidents.  A driver totaled his car in a second accident after a first accident a few minutes before.  An update on the story from the 4/5 MetroWest Daily News appears here.

WaylandeNews 4/3/07: Please be careful when purchasing food for your pets.  A Wayland pet business purchased a variety pack of Iams at a Sudbury grocery store today that contained recalled food.  For details on the Pet Food recall, visit the FDA website.

Skidmore Throughbreds 4/3/07:  Wayland native Sasha Diamond-Lenow was named Liberty League performer of the week.  She hit .692 with 5 doubles and 3 RBIs in a week in which Skidmore went unbeaten in four games. 

The Michigan Daily 4/3/07:  Senior outfielder Brad Roblin has "strange success", scoring four runs in a double-header in which he went 1-6.

Wayland Town Crier 4/2/07:  Affordable housing project causes stir in Wayland.  The developer of the Chapter 40B project at 373 Commonwealth Rd. now owns the adjacent parcel, and is proposing a much larger project than originally planned.

Metrowest Daily News 4/2/07: Wayland family fights to keep their home while mother Nancy Rousseau is dying of cancer.  If you'd like to help by making a contribution, click here.

theday.com 4/2/07:  Cadets back up task force findings.  Among cadets talking about issues facing the Coast Guard is Wayland-native John Gustus.Wayland Town Crier 3/30/07:  Coverage of Candidates Night debates:

Boston Globe 4/1/07:  During winter in New Hampshire, a hint of Hollywood.  Wayland native Gregg Kavet talks about how they ended up filming their independent movie in New Hampshire.

Boston Globe 4/1/07:  WHS student Brett Stein won a bronze medal in the junior ski championships in Switzerland, the best showing ever by an American.

UConn Huskies 3/31/07:  Wayland native Jessi Foreman on 4x100 relay team that regionally qualified for NCAAs at highly competitive Yellow Jacket Invitational.

NPR 3/29/07:  Wayland native Gregg Kavet speaks about the release of his independent film "Live Free or Die".  Town Crier Coverage 3/28/07: From 'Seinfeld' to feature film

The Heights 3/29/07:  Wayland's Alex Rikleen among eight nominated for Mr. BC 2007.

Wayland Town Crier 3/28/07:  Selectman hopefuls debate at Candidates Night.  Incumbent Michael Tichnor talked about the fiscal constraints under which the town has operated and long-term plans for maintaining services and fiscal stability.  Challenger Steven Glovsky addressed the school budget as typifying the biggest problem in Wayland government. 

Wayland Town Crier 3/28/07:  CERT stays prepared.  Wayland's Community Emergency Response Team is tasked with ensuring Wayland can remain self-sufficient for 72 hours after a disaster.  Fifteen resident volunteers are already certified, with a second group due to be certified in a few weeks.

Wayland Town Crier 3/28/07:   Debt exclusion override.  The Finance Committee has recommended debt exclusions totally $1.855 million, including funding for school, library and pool repairs, Public Safety Building renovations, High School Building Committee application costs, and a Highway Department plow.  Board of Road Commissioners Chair Mark Santangelo was disappointed that funding for a new $11 million Highway garage was excluded from the Town Meeting warrant.

Wayland Town Crier 3/28/07:   Town counsel recovering.  Wayland Town Counsel Mark Lanza has upgraded to stable to fair condition after his heart attack last week.

Wayland Town Crier 3/27/07:  Town Center remains on the table.  Depending on the outcome of town elections and the resulting composition of key town boards, Twenty Wayland would consider filing their application for the Town Center shortly after the April elections. 

Wayland Town Crier 3/28/07:  Revisiting 'Long Ago Days'

Wayland Town Crier 3/28/07:  Utility work at Wayland Commons site

Wayland Town Crier 3/28/07:  Intergenerational bonding at Sunrise

Wayland Town Crier 3/28/07:   School Committee candidate

Wayland Town Crier 3/28/07:   Cantorial voices come together

Wayland Town Crier 3/27/07:  Town Center remains on the table.  Depending on the outcome of town elections and the resulting composition of key town boards, Twenty Wayland would consider filing their application for the Town Center shortly after the April elections. 

Worcester Telegram 3/27/07:  Impact of hunting on three refuges is sought.  A nationwide lawsuit by The Fund for Animals has prompted public comment on hunt programs, including the waterfowl and deer that can be hunted in Great Meadows in Wayland.

Wayland Town Crier 3/26/07:  Happy Hollow principal Brad Crozier selected as new Wayland Assistant Superintendent.

High School Building Committee 3/25/2007:  What to do about Falling Concrete at Wayland High School. High School Building Committee member Eric Sheffels describes some of the deficiencies at the current high school, and the necessity of a short-term fix to maintain accreditation, while balancing that investment with the longer-term need for a permanent solution.

Boston Globe 3/25/07:  Fostering a new chance for dogs.  Wayland's Save A Dog places dogs in foster homes while they await adoption.  To date, the organization has placed over 2,000 dogs.

WaylandeNews 3/23/07:  Update on Reeves Hill Cell Tower.  Construction is finished for Cingular, Sprint and T Mobile. T-Mobile's tower has been live since March 1.   Cingular and Sprint may already be live, and if not, should be soon.  The town appears to be in final stages of lease negotiation with Verizon. Town equipment (emergency radio equipment) is moved from the old tower (which is not down yet).  Plan is to remove the old tower when/if Verizon goes up.

Wayland Town Crier 3/22/07:  Town counsel in hospital.  Wayland Town Counsel Mark Lanza suffered a heart attack at home sometime after a Board of Selectmen’s meeting in Harvard Tuesday night, where he is also a town counsel, and was taken to Emerson Hospital.

Wayland Town Crier 3/22/07:  Future leaders: Zoe Leavitt, Robert Gaglini, Danielle Gaglini

Wayland Town Crier 3/22/07:  Snow takes out some mailboxes.  While the Highway Department takes care not to hit private property, mailboxes are a common casualty of New England snowstorms.

Wayland Town Crier 3/22/07:  Think spring at Community Gardens.  The Wayland Community Gardens, about a half-mile north of town center, off Route 27, are one of the town’s best-kept secrets.  The Conservation Commission is now taking applications for the upcoming growing season. You can call them at 508-358-3669, download an application by logging on to and/or drop by their offices in the Town Building.

Wayland Town Crier 3/22/07:  Bids pour in for turf field proposal.  Ten firms submitted bids to conduct the artificial turf project at the High School. The selected engineers will need to submit an explanation of how they will comply with DEP requirements and the Conservation Commission's order of conditions.

Wayland Town Crier 3/22/07:  Students ready for robotics competition.  A group of four WHS sophomores are competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition, joining MIT's Team 97. 

Wayland Town Crier 3/22/07:  Local architect ready to educate world.  Wayland architect Stephen Chung is developing a TV show to highlight what's "cool" in public architecture.

Wayland Town Crier 3/22/07:  Letter 'B' in 'Wayland A-Z'.  Learn about Wayland's Bridges from the authoritative A-Z guide to the town.

Wayland Town Crier 3/22/07:  WHS Honor Roll

Wayland Town Crier 3/22/07:  O'Shea leads Ohio University men's basketball.  WHS alum (and Hall of Fame inductee) Tim O'Shea is head basketball coach at Division I Ohio University.

Wayland Town Crier 3/21/07:  Conversations after fatal accident under consideration by judge.  Sari Lelchook's attorney is seeking to suppress statements she made immediately after the fatal car-pedestrian accident back in November.

Boston Globe 3/21/07:  Muslims find more halal restaurants and food providers.

CSTV.com 3/20/07:  Wayland's Melissa Pond named to Atlantic 10 Academic All-Conference swim and diving team.

Points of Light Foundation 3/20/2007:  Wayland's Sam Bacon received the Points of Light award for his years of service coaching a Special Olympics basketball Team. This year he organized and coached his own team, the Wayland Heated Lions. They worked together all winter, with the goal to play the Special Olympics Winter Games in Worcester, MA earlier this month. They took home a fourth place ribbon!  Sam is only second Wayland resident to win this nationwide honor, the first being Gail Shapiro back in 2002.   Wayland's Veteran's Agent John Turchinetz won a Governor's Point of Light award in 2004.

Boston Globe 3/18/2007:  Wayland's Lindsay Gardel, a freshman at Tufts, earned All-America honors in her 8th place finish at the NCAA Division 3 swimming and diving championships.

Metrowest Daily News 3/18/2007: Fix needed for Pelham Island flooding.  A petitioners article by residents of Pelham Island seeks a permanent solution to flooding problems.

Wayland Town Crier 3/15/2007:  Developer more than doubles number of units.  Having acquired an adjacent property, the developer of the housing project on the site of the Barton Nursing Home now looks to build 60 rather than 30 housing units.

Wayland Town Crier 3/15/07:  Wayland Metco student wins contest.  Wayland Middle School student Adam Nurse won the grand-prize in the 5th Annual Metco student contest.  Entrants wrote a letter to the governor describing how Metco had transformed their lives.

WaylandeNews 3/15/07:  Wayland Public School Foundation Grants make learning fun

Wayland Town Crier 3/15/07:  New principal expects to fit right in.  Patrick Tutwiler will take over as principal of Wayland High School on July 1st.  He was selected from a pool of 23 applicants and went through a rigorous process of review with 12 parents, 11 students, 10 administrators, 9 teachers, 8 department heads and a partridge in a pear tree.

Wayland Town Crier 3/15/07:  Generations come together for agency.  A Wayland family and the man who used to own their home work together in support of Parmenter Community Health.

Wayland Town Crier 3/15/07:  ‘A Funny Thing Happened' in Wayland.  A Middle School cast of 80 performed the ancient Greek comedy.

Wayland Town Crier 3/15/07:  Students produce TV shows.  Wayland elementary students get a chance to put together their own television shows for Wayland cable.

Wayland Town Crier 3/15/07:  Tips for aspiring writers.  Wayland writer Jacqueline Dembar Greene will talk at the Wayland Library on writing and publishing children's picture books.  Her talk will be on March 22 at 7pm.

Wayland Town Crier 3/15/07:  Chef's choice: Spotlight on Geoff Gardner.  Gardner is co-owner is Sel del la Terre, an award-winning French restaurant in Boston.  Gardner will be opening a second Sel del la Terra in Natick late this summer.

Anti-Defamation League 3/14/2007:  Anti-Semitic incidents hold steady in 2006 relative to 2005.  Among 96 incidents, one in Wayland in cited.Boston Globe 3/13/2007:  Meehan's departure lures many candidates to the 5th Congressional District.

Boston Globe 3/14/2007:  Rare opening means big, expensive race.  Fifth Congressional District Congressman Marty Meehan's departure leaves an opening that many would like to fill.

Liberty League 3/12/2007:  Wayland native John DeWitt named to Liberty League first team in squash.  DeWitt is a sophomore at Hamilton College.

Wayland Town Crier 3/11/2007:  Pucker Up:  "Lemonade Mouth" is more sweet than sour.  Wayland author Mark Peter Hughes writes "Lemonade Mouth", a young adult novel about a high school band.

Metrowest Daily News 3/11/2007:  Wayland-Sudbury septage facility in danger of closure.
Town officials say that upgrades required by the DEP will be more costly than can be justified. The facility could close at the end of the fiscal year, in June.

High School Building Committee 3/11/2007:  Wayland High School: News from the State. Representative Conroy describes the process by which the town and the Massachusetts School Building Authority would work together to determine a solution for the facility problems at Wayland High School, a budget and a reimbursement rate.

Telluride Daily Planet 3/9/2007:  So who sent the check?  Fundraisers for the Valley Floor in Telluride, Colorado, are thrilled to be receiving checks from around the country, including one from Wayland, Massachusetts.

Wayland Town Crier 3/8/2007:  Opera for the masses. Opera del West will be presenting a free performance at Wayland Middle School on March 16.

Wayland Town Crier 3/8/2007:  Parking banned on east side of Bent Ave.  Selectmen approved the Housing Authority's request for No Parking signs on one side of the street, in an effort to reduce traffic congestion on Bent Ave.

Wayland Town Crier 3/8/2007:  Wilkins promoted to community services officer.  Mark Wilkins will take the role previously owned by Officer Frank Mackenzie-Lamb.  He has been with the Wayland Police Department since 2001.

Wayland Town Crier 3/8/2007:  DEP requires drainage plans for turf field.  The Department of Environmental Protection requested changes to the drainage from the high school athletic field.  The changes, which are required whether or not the town is able to go ahead and install an artificial turf, are expected to cost $10,000-$20,000 and are seen as doable.

Wayland Town Crier 3/8/2007:  Highway garage proposal blocked.  The Road Commissioners requested funding to replace an antiquated and inadequate facility, fraught with health and safety issues.  Recognizing the need for the new facility, the Board of Selectmen has voted down the proposal, looking for the expected new DPW director to lead the effort.

Wayland Town Crier 3/8/2007:  Art that sets the mood for spring.  Cynthia Lincoln's exhibit at the library is entitled, "New England Landscapes & Seascapes".  Her 16 paintings will be on display throughout March. 

Wayland Town Crier 3/8/2007:  Future unclear for septage facility.  Pending decisions from the DEP regarding discharge rates will determine the financial viability of the facility.

Wayland Town Crier 3/8/2007:  Theater Review: Shakespeare at Vokes.  The reviewer was impressed with the production, which runs through March 17.  For more information, visit www.vokesplayers.org or call 508-358-4034.

Wayland Town Crier 3/8/2007:  Lineup for town elections all set.  There are three contested seats up for election in April: there are two candidates for one seat on the Board of Selectmen, three candidates for two seats on the Board of Road Commissioners and two candidates for a five-year term seat on the Planning Board.

WaylandeNews 3/7/2007:  Dr. Burton appoints new Wayland High School Principal.  Mr. Patrick Tutwiler will assume the post after the end of the current school year.

WaylandeNews 3/5/2007:  Congratulations to Michael Testa, WHS '08, for placing 5th at the New England Wrestling Championships in New Haven, CT. He is the first Wayland Wrestler to place at this tournament since 1993 and the first non-senior to do so in 20 years.

UConn Huskies 3/4/2007:  Jessi Foreman places 2nd at ECAC Championships in the 60m dash.

Boston Globe 3/4/07:  Power of music enriches senior singers and audience.  After nearly two decades, the Golden Tones continue to provide a creative outlet for seniors.  They hold 50 practices and 60 performances per year.  Their gala on May 6th will kick off their 20th year.

Metrowest Daily News 3/4/07:  Resident complains that the town moved too slowly in removing a dead deer from his property.  The deer was on private property, and the town is not obligated to remove it.

Boston Globe 3/4/07:  Schools driving aid increases.  While many area towns are seeing large increases in school aid (Wellesley's will grow by 33%, Framingham and Ashland up 11%, Weston 6.5%), Wayland will see a more modest 5% growth.  Governor Patrick's Proposed Budget for FY08 would allocate 2,846,834 to Wayland in Chapter 70 Aid (versus FY07's allocation of $2,706,784), an increase of $140,000.

Metrowest Daily News 3/4/07:  Rivalries go high tech.  Rather than yelling across the bleachers, high school students now use facebook.com to post their rants.

Manchester Union Leader 3/3/07:  A new generation carries on a mushing tradition, taking over for the last generation of leaders - which included Dr. Roland Lombard of Wayland, who won eight Alaskan Fur Rendezvous races between 1963 and 1974.

High School Building Committee 3/2/07:  Bringing Wayland High School into the 21st century.  The current facility is overcrowded; the HSBC explains why the existing space serves fewer students than it did when the building was initially constructed.

Boston Globe 3/2/07:  Newton plan spurs debate on citizenship.  Newton Alderman approved a proposal similar to the one Wayland passed at Town Meeting last April.

Wayland Town Crier 3/1/07:  Girls swimming team repeats as state champions.  For the second year in a row, girls swimming won the Division 2 championship.

Wayland Town Crier 3/1/07:  Town election update.  Just five days remain to return papers to run for town offices.  There are 13 offices up for election.  18 residents have taken out papers (10 of these have been returned to date).

Wayland Town Crier 3/1/07:  A new use for CPA Money?  Resident suggests using CPA funds to improve the town's wastewater treatment facility.

Wayland Town Crier 3/1/07:  Mitzvah Day a big success!  Congregation members of Temple Or Atid worked on mitzvah projects, putting into action the temple's commitment to social action.

Wayland Town Crier 3/1/07:  Kids to Kids making a difference for children in the Dominican Republic.  To learn more or to donate, visit www.kidstokidsdr.org.

Wayland Town Crier 3/1/07:  Residents deal with dust at site.  Residents near the Wayland Commons development are dealing with dust from the site.  Recent snows have helped provide cover, but the developer will need to find a better solution as warmer weather approaches.

Wayland Town Crier 3/1/07:  Firefighters take icy plunge for safety.  Wayland firefighters take an annual plunge into icy waters to practice rescues.

Wayland Town Crier 3/1/07:  Board denies pension boost.  The state retirement board turned down pension increase requests by three retired lawmakers, including Wayland's Sue Pope. 

Wayland Town Crier 3/1/07:  Brown hasn't gotten letter asking him to apologize

Wayland Town Crier 3/1/07:  Remembering a magnificent mansion.  The Mansion Inn used to reside on Old Connecticut Path near the Framingham border, but was destroyed by fire in 1956.

Quinnipiac Chronicle 2/28/07:  Ben Shapiro listed in fair condition after car accident two weeks back.

WBZ TV 2/28/07:  New school reimbursement has some worried.  Wayland can expect to receive less reimbursement for new school construction than in the past, while construction costs have escalated since the initial high school building proposal.Wayland Town Crier 2/26/07:  Local coverage on YouTube.  Among items you might find at www.youtube.com are a Wayland board meeting.

Newton Tab 2/28/07:  Newton follows suit of Cambridge, Amherst and Wayland in seeking local voting rights for permanent resident non-citizens.

Boston Herald 2/26/07:  Wayland Girls win Division 2 swimming championship.  Sarah Pond took first place in the diving competition.

Wayland to Waveland 2/26/07:  Ms. Hazel Preparing to Move Back Into Her House After 18 Months in a FEMA Trailer

Boston Globe 2/25/07:  Broomstones-based curling team takes silver medal at Junior Nationals.

UConn Huskies 2/24/07:  Jessi Foreman sets a New England record in the 55m dash winning the New England Indoor Championship.

Metrowest Daily News 2/22/07:  Communities try new ideas to sell overrides.  Most towns offer "all-or-nothing" votes, though some are trying menus or "pyramid" approaches.  Selectman Alan Reiss last year proposed a menu, but many find menus to be divisive, pitting departments against each other.

Boston Globe 2/23/07:  Board rejects pension-boost request for former lawmakers.

Boston Globe 2/22/07:  Retirement Board rejects pension increase of former lawmakers. 

Wayland Town Crier 2/22/07:  Sibling skaters compete at national championship.  Neill and Lara Shelton placed 12th in the National Championships last month.

Wayland Town Crier 2/22/07:  Moms recruit VIPs for fund-raiser.  A group of Wayland mothers have pulled together an auction for Give US Your Poor.

Wayland Town Crier 2/22/07:  Helping pet rescue.  The Wayland Fire Department received a donation of oxygen masks specially designed for dogs and cats from Best Friends Sudbury Pet Care Center.

Wayland Town Crier 2/22/07:  Water Department staffing changes.  Paul Hatfield and Don Millette have taken on the responsibilities left vacant by the departure of Dave Fields.

Wayland Town Crier 2/22/07:  Retirees earn service award.  John and Kathy Heckscher received a community service award from Baypath Elder Services for their efforts on behalf of the Council on Aging.

Wayland Town Crier 2/22/07:  Beacon Hill roll call

Wayland Town Crier 2/22/07:  Board members look to improve communication.  Planning Board members offer suggestions for improving communication among town boards.

Quinnipiac Chronicle 2/21/07:  Wayland native in car accident in Connecticut.  College senior Ben Shapiro is improving, but his condition remains guarded.

UConn Huskies 2/21/07:  Jessi Foreman honored as ECAC Track Athlete of the Week.

Metrowest Daily News 2/21/07:  Pike tolls could increase for MetroWest drivers in 2008.

Wayland Town Crier 2/19/07: Boards deadlock on Planning Board appointment.  A 4-4 tie between candidates for an interim appointment to the Planning Board means the position remains unfilled.  It may remain vacant until the April elections.

UConn Huskies 2/18/07:  Wayland native Jessi Foreman won the Big East title in the 60m dash and now heads to the NCAA Championship.

Metrowest Daily News 2/18/07:  False alarms place a burden on the police department. Fees enacted in recent years have helped to cut the number of false alarms, but Wayland police still responded to nearly 800 false alarms last year.

Milford Daily News 2/18/07: Jonathan Graves sworn in as new postmaster in Wayland.

Boston Globe 2/18/07:  Wayland native creates paper dolls with a message.  Newton artist Jane Maxwell uses large paper-dolls to examine the feminine figure.

Boston Globe 2/18/07:  Wayland's Christian Pena wins the 215-pound wrestling crown in the MIAA Division 3 Wrestling Tournament held at Wayland High this weekend.

Wayland Town Crier 2/15/07:  Water violations near Happy Hollow well.  The town will need to address a number of violations, ranging from school bus parking and drainage from the athletic field.

Wayland Town Crier 2/15/07:  Architectural safari.  College professor-turned realtor Peter Kaufman will talk about modern architecture in a series of talks at the Wayland library.

Wayland Town Crier 2/15/07:  Ms. Frieling goes to Washington.  Casey Frieling will be among 150 children with Type I (Juvenile) Diabetes who will travel to Washington to urge lawmakers to provide funding to find a cure.  Ms. Frieling will argue on behalf of stem cell research in this effort.

Wayland Town Crier 2/15/07:  Sudbury Valley Trustees debut online auction as part of their "It's Easy Being Green" party.  Visit the online auction.

Wayland Town Crier 2/15/07:  FinCom works 'no override' magic.  The town's FY08 budget is largely level funded, other than contractual salary increases.

Wayland Town Crier 2/15/07:  Brown speaks out on controversial presentation.  Senator Brown quoted expletives from an uncomplimentary facebook.com posting about him, and named the posting students at a talk at Wrentham High School.  Debate continues over the appropriateness of his confrontational approach.

Wayland Town Crier 2/15/07:  Travelship Award.  Kathy Hawkins, a seventh-grade life science teacher at Wayland Middle School, has been awarded the 2007 Mary L. Johnson Travelship Award.

Wayland to Waveland 2/12/07:  W2W Aims to Complete First Projects in Waveland;  Starting to Look for Future Projects.  Partnering with Other Local Groups Keeps the Momentum Building

Metrowest Daily News 2/12/07:  Why danger lurks in High School parking lots.

Metrowest Daily News 2/11/07: Metrowest Making Progress on Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance.  The High School has non-compliance issues.  HSBC Chair Lea Anderson says fixes have been patchwork, and a permanent solution is needed.

Boston Globe 2/11/07:  Scott Parseghian named Coach of the Year.

Boston Globe 2/11/07:  Scholastic Art Awards.  Four Wayland High School students earn honors in the Globe's Scholastic Art Awards.

Metrowest Daily News 2/8/07:  Wayland residents home after kidney transplant.  Both donor and recipient are doing well.

Metrowest Daily News 2/8/07:  Framingham teen crashes car after high-speed chase that went through Wayland.  

Boston Globe 2/8/07:  Will some teams be name-droppers?  The Wayland Warriors are among at least 46 schools in Massachusetts that use Native American mascots.  The MIAA is discussing whether to urge schools to change their nicknames.

Metrowest Daily News 2/9/07:  The MIAA is discussing whether to urge schools to change their nicknames.

Wayland Town Crier 2/8/07:  DEP ponders response to turf appeal.  An appeal of the Conservation Commission's Order of Conditions by a group of residents prompts the state to review the artificial turf plan.

Wayland Town Crier 2/8/07:  Bridging generation gap with art.  The library is hosting an exhibit this month featuring 84-year old painter Betty Wu and her glass-blowing high school senior grandson, Kyle.

Wayland Town Crier 2/8/07:  One step closer to Beit Olam East.  JCAM has set a goal of 1000 reservations prior to their go/no go decision on May 1.  Visit www.jcam.org for more information.

Wayland Town Crier 2/8/07:  Possible Doran Road project.  Selectmen are considering a Chapter 40B housing project on Doran Road.

Wayland Town Crier 2/8/07:  Basketball program fosters connections.  Bart mizvah project for student at Congregation Or Atid turns into Challenger Basketball program, a program for children with special needs.

Wayland Town Crier 2/8/07:  Flowers say it all.  Neil Churchill works with clients to deliver the right flowers for the occasion.

Wayland Town Crier 2/8/07:  Improving High School crosswalk.  Both parents and police seek improvements in safety at High School crosswalk.

Wayland Town Crier 2/8/07:  High School Building Committee Update.  Tours of Wayland High School are scheduled on the second Tuesday and second Saturday of the next three months. The dates are Saturday, Feb. 10 at 9 am, Tuesday, Feb. 13 at 4 pm, Saturday, March 10 at 9 am, Tuesday, March 13 at 4 pm, Tuesday, April 10 at 4 pm, and Saturday, April 14 at 9 am. The community is welcome to attend any of the tours. Please meet outside the main entrance.

Lincoln Journal 2/8/07:  Do you know where your legislator is?   The MetroWest Daily News asked local politicians to recreate their January schedules.

Lincoln Journal 2/8/07:  Annual bird count a day of camaraderie

Boston Herald 2/8/07:  Ben Sherry to play next year at Trinity.

Yahoo Press Release 2/7/07:  Verizon Brings FiOS to Wayland.  Residential customers who want to find out if FiOS service is available at their address, can visit Verizon's FiOS web site..  If you're among the 22% of Wayland residents with buried cable, you're out of the luck for now.

Idaho Mountain Express and Guide 2/7/07:  Wayland's Evelyn Dong among the skiing elite on the Wells Fargo Boulder Mountain Ski Tour.

MetroWest Daily News 2/7/07:  Tony Torres heads to Northeastern.

Northeastern Huskies 2/7/07:  Tony Torres heads to Northeastern.

Boston Globe 2/6/07:  Phyllis Ames Cox, wife of Watergate Prosecutor Archibald Cox, dies at 93.  A memorial service is being planned for late spring at the Unitarian Church in Wayland, where the Coxes were married.

Boston Globe 2/6/07:  Changes in Football Superbowls for next year.  Officials site Wayland fans missing the start of last year's Superbowl as a reason to leave more time between games next year.

Boston Herald 2/5/07:  Wayland native Ryan Sypek gains fame in Hollywood.  Sypek plays Junior on the ABC series "Wildfire.  Click here for his IMDB listing.

iBerkshires.com 2/5/07:  Wayland skater Sarah Mitty wins the gold for her group in the Pre-Preliminaries Girls Free Skate Competition.

EARTHtimes.org 2/5/07:  One step closer to Beit Olam expansion.  JCAM has set a goal of 1000 reservations prior to their go/no go decision on May 1.

Wayland Town Crier 2/4/07:  Wayland teen damages police cruiser.

Boston Globe 2/4/07:  Wayland professor teams up with actor Joe Pantoliano on symposium on mental health issues and together they spread the word about the film "Canvas".  The film depicts "the realities of schizophrenia" and contains a message of hope.

Metrowest Daily News 2/4/07:  MetroWest towns seek to join state insurance pool, hoping to contain spiraling healthcare costs.

Wayland alum in the sports news:

Framingham Tab 2/2/07:  Wayland High graduate Marianne Stabile is fundraising for a volunteer trip to an Ethiopian orphanage.  For more information on her project, visit www.ethiopiateacher.com.

Metrowest Daily News 2/2/07:  Statewide, graduation rates are too low, according to Education Commissioner Dave Driscoll.  Wayland's graduation rate is on the highest end, at 96.8%.  Details are available at the DOE website.

Harris Online 2/1/07:  Wayland blogger Steve Safran was the first to identify the Lite Brite scare in Boston.

Wayland Town Crier 2/1/07:  New Chapter 40B project.  The permitting process is underway for a new 16-unit housing project, Post Road Village at Wayland Forest, which will be located on Boston Post Road between Luigi's Restaurant and Classic Clocks.

Wayland Town Crier 2/1/07:  Reconsidering pensions.  Marie Parente is arguing for a higher pension based on benefits as well as pay. Sue Pope has made a similar filing.

Wayland Town Crier 2/1/07:  Landfill space limited.  There appear to be about 18 months of space left, though there may be some room to stretch that.

Wayland Town Crier 2/1/07:  Budget talks.  After meetings with Police and Fire Chiefs, the Council on Aging and Wayland Youth Services, FinCom hopes to have a 2008 budget by February 12.

Wayland Town Crier 2/1/07:  Replacing lost trees.  A plan to replace trees cut down during work on the Wayland Commons housing project is in the works.

Wayland Town Crier 2/1/07:  Born to curl.  Three local curling teams are helping establish Massachusetts as a Curling powerhouse.

Wayland Town Crier 2/1/07:  Longtime town clerk steps down.  After a 20-year tenure as Town Clerk, Judy St. Croix is retiring.  A retirement party for St. Croix will be held Thursday, March 1 at the Sandy Burr Country Club and is open to the public. The party includes cocktails at 6 pm and dinner at 7.  Tickets are $40 and are available through Assistant Town Clerk Lois Toombs at 508-358-3630 or by mail through the Town Clerk’s Office at 41 Cochituate Road, Wayland MA 01778. Please RSVP and send in your payment by Feb. 15.

Wayland Town Crier 2/1/07:  Resident receives Silver Beaver award.  Tom Antonellis is awarded Silver Beaver Award by the Boy Scouts of America, recognizing his service to kids at a local level.  Activities to which he has lent his support include:  Wayland baseball, Wayland Outdoor Education, Wayland Youth Fishing Derby, Rebuilding Together, and the AIDS Walk Africa.

Wayland Town Crier 2/1/07:  Wheels for the World.  Cindy Leonard headed the first Wheels for the World collection drive in 2002, and is now the New England Regional Coordinator for the group. WFTW collects wheelchairs, canes, walkers and other mobility aids and donates them elsewhere around the world where needed for people with disabilities.

Sports Features 1/31/07:  Wayland curlers at Junior Nationals.  The Massachusetts women's team is based out of Broomstones, while both of the men's teams include players or coaches from Wayland.

Wayland Town Crier 1/31/07:  Trail Tails:  Walk in Fields of Gold.

Metrowest Daily News 1/30/07:  Kidney transplant a success.  Both donor Charnan Bray and recipient Gary Leonard are doing well following a kidney transplant.

Wayland Town Crier 1/29/07:  If we "let it be" projected growth would overwhelm MetroWest.  The challenge will be to "imagine" our way to be better planning for the future.

Boston Globe 1/28/07:  Tragedy shifts focus of principals.

Boston Globe 1/28/07:  Obesity ads aim to jolt parents.  Wayland parent Susan Green was on the taskforce that developed the ads.  More coverage on the campaign in the MetroWest Daily News.

Metrowest Daily News 1/28/07:  Thousands in DC War Protest, including Wayland's Fran Friedman.

Boston Globe 1/28/07:  Wayland in the sports headlines.  Broomstones Team heads to Junior Curling Nationals; Coach Bill Fulginite heads to Massachusetts Baseball Coaching Hall of Fame; Tony Torres heads to Northeastern on full scholarship, while Ben Sherry mulls options.

Boston Globe 1/27/07:  Religious groups supporting Darfur.

Metrowest Daily News 1/26/07:  Legislators seek increased pension based on reimbursements in addition to salary.

Wayland Town Crier 1/25/07:  Two Wayland natives bike for charity.  To support them in their quests, use the links below: 

Wayland Town Crier 1/25/07:  Talking to kids about sexuality.  Dr. Sharon Maxwell will be speaking at the Wayland Middle School on February 6 as part of the lecture series  "Helping Our Kids Be True to Themselves: Supporting Their Emotional and Social Development," sponsored by Wayland Youth and Family Services, the Wayland Elementary and Middle School PTOs, and the Wayland High School Parent Organization.

Wayland Town Crier 1/25/07:  Bags of hope for brokenhearted.  The Sudbury-Wayland-Lincoln Domestic Violence Roundtable will deliver "bags of hope" to men, women and children temporarily housed in shelters in Framingham, Waltham and Newton.  Check the article for donation items sought.  Donation deadline is February 11.

Wayland Town Crier 1/25/07:  Conroy files first bills as state rep.  Tom Conroy files three bills: (1) a bill to clarify the laws surrounding public access to preliminary individual evaluations of school superintendents by school committee members, (2) a bill to add phrasing to the Community Preservation Act which would specifically address funds for artificial turf fields, and (3) a bill to enable local voting rights for permanent resident aliens, an act passed at Wayland Town Meeting last year.

Boston Globe 1/25/07:  Wayland wrestlers back on winning track.  After having their winning streak snapped, the Warriors have returned to winning ways.

Wayland Town Crier 1/25/07:  Slowing down Bow Road traffic.  Bow Road residents met with Selectmen, Road Commissioners and Chief Irving for a discussion of options for traffic calming on Bow Road.  Speed bumps will be placed on the road, regardless of what happens with the Town Center.

Wayland Town Crier 1/25/07:  Speaker on poverty   Alex Counts, President and CEO of the Grameen Foundation, will speak on "Microfinance as a Solution to Poverty" on Sunday, February 28.

Wayland Town Crier 1/25/07:  High School Building Committee Update.   The HSBC will be conducting high school tours, and will be scheduling dates shortly. The School Committee has revised its charge to the HSBC to: "By way of general direction, the School Committee places highest priority on health and safety code compliance, and on providing for fully adequate and functional core academic spaces. Secondary priority attaches to the modernization of non-core academic spaces, common spaces and spaces for extracurricular activities."  The committee's next meeting will be February 1.

Wayland Town Crier 1/25/07:  Dr. Tom Cottle to speak at Regis on life-long learning.

Metrowest Daily News 1/25/07:  Conroy-Pope Race the most expensive in Metrowest.

Worcester Telegram 1/21/07:  Regional curling tourney held at Petersham Curling Club will include a team from Wayland.

Metrowest Daily News 1/21/07:  Wayland is considering whether to join the Metrowest Regional Transit Authority.

Metrowest Daily News 1/21/07:  Wait nearly over for kidney transplant recipient.  Wayland resident Gary Leonard will be receiving a new kidney from fellow resident Charnan Bray, though the two have never met.

Metrowest Daily News 1/21/07:  Jewish cemetery rapidly expands in Wayland.  Beit Olam opened in 1999 and is already nearly full.

Metrowest Daily News 1/20/07:  Secret individual reviews sought for school chiefs.  Wayland's new state representative, Tom Conroy, is the lead sponsor for the house version of the bill.

Boston Globe 1/18/07:  Little fuss over Sudbury field using CPA funds.

Developers have declared the Town Center "dead" under current planning board leadership:

Boston Globe 1/18/07:  Cub scouts sleep over at the Museum of Science.  When you go, don't forget the air mattress.

Wayland Town Crier 1/18/07:  Driver arraigned in fatal crash.  The 18-year old from Acton was arraigned on charges stemming from the death of a Wayland teen.

Wayland Town Crier 1/18/07:  Special charity hits close to home.  Local attorney has had great success raising funds for Special Olympics.

Wayland Town Crier 1/18/07:  Legendary town volunteer dies.  Jo Wilson contributed greatly to the Town of Wayland, leaves a legacy behind.

Wayland Town Crier 1/18/07:  Finance Committee hearing.  Budget submissions are in from all town departments, and the FY08 budget is taking shape.

Wayland Town Crier 1/18/07:  Great Decisions meets.  Topics for upcoming meetings are:  the Middle East (Jan 26), Climate Change/Global Warming (Feb 16), Mexico (March 2), Migration (March 23), South Africa (April 6)

Wayland Town Crier 1/18/07:  Curling team wins regional championship, and will head off to the nationals in Seattle in February.

Wayland Town Crier 1/18/07:  Record year for Gifts of Hope.  Town Crier's Gifts of Hope campaign raises nearly $7000 for Christopher's Haven.

Wayland Town Crier 1/18/07:  Wayland wrestler on the verge of his 100th career win.

Boston Channel 1/17/07:  Driver in fatal car accident appears in court.  This article from Channel 5 includes a video segment.

Wayland Town Crier 1/17/07:  Driver in fatal car accident to be arraigned.  The clerk magistrate found there was probable cause in the case against the 18-year old driver.

Metrowest Daily News 1/14/07:  Be careful before lighting starting fires in your fireplace or woodstove.  Chimney inspections and cleanings are key to burning fires safely.  Chief Loomer warns to be especially careful in older homes with unlined chimneys.

UConn Huskies 1/13/07:  Jessi Foreman still on track at UConn, winning the 60m dash at the Black Knight Invitational at Army.

UConn Huskies 1/12/07:  Wayland's Jessi Foreman back in action for UConn Track.

(Southern Oregon) Mail Tribune 1/12/07:  Wayland native Evelyn Dong is among an elite group of skiiers training for the Olympics.

Boston Globe  1/11/07:  Harold MacNeill, who built a global firm from a basement, dies at 99.  The father of Golden Tones' Maddie Sifantus was active in the Golden Tones.

Wayland Town Crier 1/11/07:  Harold MacNeill departs on a high note.

Wayland Town Crier 1/11/07:  Budget aims to preserve local schools.

Wayland Town Crier 1/11/07:  Town Center again in jeopardy.  A dispute over communication between traffic consultants leaves developer Dean Stratouly ready to withdraw the project.

Boston Globe 1/11/07:   Carbon Monoxide Calls Surge with Detector Use.  Nine months after a state law required carbon monoxide detectors to be installed in most residences, calls to Fire Departments regarding CO alarms are becoming more common.  They believe the detectors are improving people's health -- and sometimes saving their lives.

Wayland Town Crier 1/11/07:  Taking control of 'clutter'.  Next Wednesday, January 17 the Council on Aging will be presenting a talk by Lesley Barnette of Jazz Personal Management titled "Say Goodbye to Clutter and Hello to Being Organized."

Wayland Town Crier 1/11/07:  High School Building Committee Update.  The school must address deficiencies highlighted by the NEASC report.  Escalation has been much higher than expected during the last few years due to the demand for building materials in China, the effects of Hurricane Katrina, the Iraq war and the price of oil.  Price per square foot has risen from $245 to $320-$330.

Wayland Town Crier 1/11/07:  Bringing back 'The Rat Pack'.  Wayland resident Ronnie Catanese's Framingham restaurant the "Rat Pack" celebrates the "good things in life."

Wayland Town Crier 1/11/07:  What's in a street name?  Sunday, January 14 at 2:15pm, the Wayland Historical Society's Dick Hoyt will give a talk titled "Routes and Branches: What’s In a Street Name?"

Wayland Town Crier 1/11/07: Unit named after trooper struck by Wayland teen.  "Ellen's Bus" is a mobile command post, enabling police to run more efficient roadblocks.  The bus is named for Ellen Engelhardt, who was struck by a drunk Wayland teen in 2003.

Wayland Town Crier 1/11/07: Potluck to feature comedienneTissi Hammi will perform at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Weston.  She is one of very few female Muslim comedians.  The performance is sponsored by the Weston-Wayland Interfaith Action Group.

Boston Globe 1/11/07:  This may be nitpicking, but she's willing to do it.  Needham's Helen Hadley is a professional nitpicker.  This isn't a Wayland article, but as there has been much talk of lice during this unusually warm winter, we thought we'd include this piece, which hopefully will be of no interest to you!

Wayland Town Crier 1/10/07:  Baseball Coach Bill Fulginite headed to Massachusetts State Coaches Baseball Association Hall of Fame.

Wayland Town Crier 1/10/07:  Wrestling team win streak snapped at 41.

Milford Daily News 1/10/07:  Troop surge could impact local soldiers.  Local demonstrations have been held in Wayland to protest the decision to increase in troops in Iraq.

Wayland Town Crier 1/9/07:  Wayland teen siblings face drug charges.

WaylandeNews 1/8/07:  It is with great sadness that we report that long-time Wayland resident Jo Wilson passed away on Saturday, January 6. We extend our deepest condolences to her family. She contributed to the town in many ways, and will be greatly missed.  Services are planned for Saturday, February 3, 2pm at First Parish in Wayland.

Wayland Town Crier 1/8/07:  Residents still worried about traffic.

Boston Globe 1/7/07:  Wayland's Barn-Raising.org recognizes the importance of using social networks for finding jobs.

Wayland Town Crier 1/5/07:  No decision yet on charges in fatal car accident.  Wayland police filed charges against high school senior Sari Lelchook of Acton, but it is up to a clerk magistrate to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to proceed with the case.

Boston Globe 1/4/07:  Health costs hit town in wallet, with many towns in the Globe West region struggling to find ways to contain the costs.

Wayland Town Crier 1/4/07:  New reps sworn in.  Tom Conroy takes over as State Representative, describing his priorities as implementing the new state health care law, promoting energy efficiency, increasing state aid and the state economy.

Wayland Town Crier 1/4/07:  Movie takes it to the extreme.  Wayland resident Dan Bowhers debuts his first feature-length film titled "Chaos Theory" Jan. 5. at Landry’s Bike Shop in Natick.

Wayland Town Crier 1/4/07:  Wildflower prints bloom in library.  Wayland nature photographer Betsy Moyer is exhibiting wildflower prints during January in the Library's Raytheon Room.

Wayland Town Crier 1/4/07:  Upcoming issues for new year.  Police Chief Irving is hoping to fund a staff position that was lost in 2004, School Committee member Jeff Dieffenbach looks to address the deficiencies of the high school facility, Board of Selectmen Chair Joe Nolan looks to progress the town center project and develop the DPW proposal.

Wayland Town Crier 1/4/07:  Club owner writes about responsible businesses.  Longfellow's Laury Hammel wrote "Growing Local Value: How to Build Business Partnerships That Strengthen Your Community," to describe how to build a business that is a good member of the local community.

Wayland Town Crier 1/4/07:  New cable contract.  The Board of Selectmen will hire a special counsel to negotiate a new cable contract with Verizon.

Wayland Town Crier 1/4/07:  Police cruising in Dodge Charger, a new vehicle added to the force's fleet.

Wayland Town Crier 1/4/07:  Readers: Wayland "bald eagle" was a hawk Bald eagles have been on the rise, and have been sited as nearby as Framingham.  Do we have one in Wayland, too?

Wayland Town Crier 1/4/07:  Beacon Hill Roll Call

Sudbury Town Crier 1/4/07:  Wayland and Sudbury officials working together on Reverse 911.  The town is currently in the process of talking with Wayland officials on sharing the phone lines each community has dedicated to their Reverse 911 systems, this would make 16 phones lines available to either community whenever the emergency was localized and affected only one of us, thus cutting the notification period in half.

Metrowest Daily News 1/4/07:  Neighbor towns expected to join transportation group.  BoS Chair Joe Nolan believes the authority could be important to the success of the proposed town center.

Yahoo Finance 1/3/07:  Beit Olam Cemetary plans major expansion.

Boston Globe 1/2/07:  Property taxes rising across the state.  After passing an override for FY07, Wayland is cited as one of several towns with "double digit percentage increases" for this year.  At 9.8% (including new growth), Wayland was one of 19 municipalities in this group, based on publicly available data (data was not available on the DOR site for 59 out of 351 municipalities in Massachusetts in the DOR database).

Boston Globe 1/1/07:  Wayland's Karen Kiefer is one of 6 Globe picks for people who make Boston a better place.  Together with friend Juliette Fay, Kiefer has built Spread the Bread into a nationally recognized organization, and is making a difference loaf by loaf.

Daily News Tribune 1/1/07: Santa's workshop is open year-round.   Toys for Tots distributes toys to children in need.

Metrowest Daily News 12/31/06: Lawyers will work pro bono for Turf.  Wayland residents and attorneys John Donovan and Harvey Wolkoff (both of Ropes & Grey) will represent the town defending the use of CPA funds for the artificial turf that was approved at November's Town Meeting.

Wayland Town Crier 12/28/06:  Town Crier picks 10 people and organizations of the year.  The Crier selects (apologies where links to the original articles are missing!): 

Wayland Town Crier 12/28/06:  Town Crier picks 10 stories of the year:

Wayland Town Crier 12/28/06:  HSBC reviews prior communications, including results of the 2005 town-wide survey.  The next meeting, on January 4 at 7:30pm, the the HSBC will discuss the accreditation review of Wayland High by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the letter from the Division of Occupational Safety, and begin reexamining assumptions, beginning with construction costs.  The public is welcome to attend.

Wayland Town Crier 12/28/06:  Youth group puts kids at ease, volunteering for Christopher's Haven.

Boston Globe 12/27/06:  Adele Margolis, the Julia Child of sewing, talked at the Wayland library about her new books on sewing and on poetry.

Boston Globe 12/25/06:  100% of Wayland seniors have taken the SAT, but rates across the state are generally much lower.

Wayland CERT Press Release 12/24/06:  Wayland CERT Conducts Test of Its Mobilization Plan

Boston Globe 12/24/06:  Interfaith dialog is the kind of encounter needed to build bridges.

Boston Globe 12/24/06:  Caution urged on charity phone pitches.  When local groups hire telemarketers, they keep little of what is raised.  The Wayland Police and Firefighters kept the highest percentage of local groups, but still only 42%.  It is possible, instead, to donate directly to such groups.

Metrowest Daily News 12/24/06:  Wayland septage facility is threatened.

Boston Herald 12/21/06:  Ben Sherry is the Boston Herald's football player of the year.

Boston Globe 12/21/06:  Wayland architect Stephen Chung is working on a pilot show on contemporary public-space architecture.

Wayland Town Crier 12/21/06:  More waves of assistance.  The Board of Selectmen honored Peter Bachman, who has led work in rebuilding in Waveland homes, with a citation.  For more information on the effort, visit www.waylandtowaveland.org.

Wayland Town Crier 12/21/06:  Wayland teens are angels, helping to rake out yards for older residents.  Wayland teens who would like to learn about opportunities to assist others in need in our town can e-mail the Wayland Angels.

Wayland Town Crier 12/21/06:  Parents clued in to survey results.  Findings from the 2005-06 Wayland Adolescent Behavior Survey with a new baseline parent survey were presented last week at a community forum at Wayland Middle School.

Wayland Town Crier 12/21/06: Selectmen Briefs.  The Selectmen agreed to purchase a $30,000 lot of land near Mill Pond to settle a lawsuit brought by a couple who had wished to build on a protected lot, and set a uniform tax rate for residential and commercial properties for the FY07 tax year.

Wayland Town Crier 12/21/06:  New Claypit Hill School principal.  Claypit interim principal Debbie Bearse appointed to position as a permanent role.

Wayland Town Crier 12/21/06:  Chiefs plan on level funding.  Both the police and fire chiefs submitted virtually level funded budgets for the next fiscal year.

Wayland Town Crier 12/21/06:  Update on Nike housing.  A proposed schedule for the approvals process for a housing project at the former Nike site could have developers ready to begin building by May.

Wayland Town Crier 12/21/06:  Hopeful future for 'Haven'.  Christopher's Haven provides a housing for families with children battling cancer, and is the Town Crier's Gift of Hope charity for this year. If you can give a Gift of Hope, please make your check payable to Christopher’s Haven, and send it to the Town Crier, 33 New York Ave., Framingham MA 01701.  Donors will receive an acknowledgement letter and be recognized in the Town Crier, unless they wish to remain anonymous.

Boston Globe 12/19/06:  Wayland investment company fined $500,000 for improperly steering elderly clients to unsuitable investments.

Metrowest Daily News 12/19/06:  Wayland company Candela files another patent infringement suit against rival company

Wayland Town Crier 12/18/06:  Last suspect arrested in Donelan's robbery.

Wayland Town Crier 12/18/06:  Environmental appeal filed looking for additional conditions for artificial turf.

Inc.com 12/18/06:  Greatness is a moving target, so says Tim Skehan of Russell's Garden Shop.

Wayland Town Crier 12/16/06:  Wayland teen arrested for assault and auto theft in Marlborough.

Boston Globe 12/14/06:  Panel: Unite departments in one DPW.  Wayland is one of the few communities of its size that doesn't have a DPW.  The switch could save $50-$100 thousand per year.

Boston Globe 12/14/06:  Wayland's literary tradition is alive and well (at bottom of article). 

Boston Globe 12/14/06:  Schools limit gift giving to teachers.  Wayland's limits are based on the state conflict-of-interest law.  Wayland's gift giving policy is available here.

Boston Globe 12/14/06:  Christmas trees getting bigger and bigger.  About 10% of Russells' tree sales are trees over 10 feet in height.

Wayland Town Crier 12/14/06:  Pope bids adieu to State House.  Sue Pope served the 13th Middlesex District for 10 years, never missing a day of work. 

Wayland Town Crier 12/14/06:  Town Meeting preview.  The town will look to create a Stabilization Fund, to contribute to Wayland’s Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds. and to obtain permission for the town to sign a petition to withdraw its employee pension plans from the Middlesex Retirement System and move them to the Public Employees’ Retirement Administration Commission.

Wayland Town Crier 12/14/06:  'Afternoon of African Music and Advocacy for Darfur'.  Approximately 600 people attended a fundraiser for Darfur at Temple Shir Tikva.  The event raised about $7500 for the cause.

Wayland Town Crier 12/14/06:  Frustrations with Wayland Commons developer.  Discussions continue over mitigation of tree cutting at Wayland Commons site.

Wayland Town Crier 12/14/06:  Neighborhood enjoys Turkey Day Classic.  Annual football game among Saddle Lane residents pits the Sharks against the Titans.

Wayland Town Crier 12/14/06:  Doctor has history of caring.  Howard Weinstein, a doctor on the board of Christopher's Haven, had previously set up a Ronald McDonald House.  If you would like to help support, Christopher's Haven, the Town Crier's Gift of Hope charity for this year, please make your check payable to Christopher’s Haven, and send it to the Town Crier, 33 New York Ave., Framingham MA 01701.  Donors will receive an acknowledgement letter and be recognized in the Town Crier, unless they wish to remain anonymous. 

Wayland Town Crier 12/14/06:  Uniform tax rate likely for FY07.  Board of Assessor's recommends a uniform tax rate for commercial and residential properties.  So far, Selectmen seem to agree, at least while the commercial base is as small as it currently is.

Wayland Town Crier 12/14/06:  Jenny/Sherry connection is serious business.  Wayland's star quarterbacks from this year and last have a paternal connection that goes back decades to business school in Cambridge.

Telegram & Gazette 12/13/06:  Despite tree theft in Wayland, there's no epidemic of grinches.

Daily News Tribute 12/11/06:  Middle School student stepped up to help out after Salvation Army kettle was stolen in Waltham.

Boston Globe 12/10/06:  The Globe ranks the football Warriors #2 in the state.  Here's their Top 20, as well as the boston.com Top 100

Boston Globe 12/10/06:  Wayland High Baseball Coach Bill Fulginite to be inducted into Massachusetts Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

Wayland Town Crier 12/9/06:  Member of the Board of Road Commissioners resigns.  The Board of Road Commissioners and Selectmen will jointly select a replacement for outgoing member Tony Timperio.

Boston Globe 12/7/06:  Another look at the Warriors' Superbowl victory.

Wayland Town Crier 12/7/06:  Holiday spirit triumphs over theft.  After a thief stole much of the Boy Scouts funding for the year (through the theft of 40-50 Christmas trees), many donors came forth to replace the loss.

Wayland Town Crier 12/7/06:  Town Center approvals.  Developers believe state permitting process could be complete even before the town's Master Special Permitting Process (scheduled to be complete in mid-April).  The Draft Environmental Impact Report is available online.  Comments from the public are due by January 5.  Send them to: Mr. Robert Golledge Jr., Secretary of Environmental Affairs, MEPA Office, Attn: Holly Johnson, 100 Cambridge St., Suite 900, Boston MA 02114.

Wayland Town Crier 12/7/06:  Town weighs options to mitigate Town Center traffic.  Bow Road residents have asked for a forum to discuss traffic options; Town Administrator Fred Turkington said a forum would be held most likely next month. 

Wayland Town Crier 12/7/06:  Local support for Christopher's Haven

Wayland Town Crier 12/7/06:  Omnipoint eyes three locations in Wayland for cellular antennas:  a 68-foot flagpole style antenna at 188 Commonwealth Road (Wayland Nursing and Rehabilitation Center), a 85-foot monopole style antenna at 4 Meadowview Road (Wayland Rod & Gun Club), and a smaller antenna inside the spire of the Celebration International Church at 6 Loker St.

Wayland Town Crier 12/7/06:  Wayland Public Schools Foundation awards grants

Wayland Town Crier 12/7/06:  Wayland team in shelter exercise.  Wayland and Concord worked together on an exercise to prepare for a local emergency.

Wayland Town Crier 12/7/06:  Building committee reviews prior school studies.  The High School Building Committee reviewed the three design options generated in 2004.  They are discussing a possible warrant article for the April Town Meeting for funds to develop an application to the state for a building project.

Wayland Town Crier 12/7/06:  How sweet it is.  Wayland football coach Scott Parseghian reflects on a terrific year.

Wayland Town Crier 12/7/06:  Warriors are simply super

Boston Globe 12/6/06:  Tree theft spawns forest of good will. 

Broken Link:  Metrowest Daily News 12/6/06:  Donations grow after theft

Boston Globe 12/5/06:  Thieves stole trees, not Christmas, from Boy Scouts.

Broken Link:  Metrowest Daily News 12/5/06:  Wayland Football coach Scott Parseghian named Daily News co-Coach of the Year and Ben Sherry named co-Player of the Year.

Broken Link:  Metrowest Daily News 12/4/06:  Thief steals 40+ trees from Boy Scout Christmas tree stand.

Boston Globe 12/3/06: Wayland wins Division 1A Football Championship, blanking Marshfield, 28-0.

Broken Link:  Metrowest Daily News 12/3/06:   Wayland completes perfect season unbeaten with lucky 13 wins, demolishing Marshfield in Superbowl.

Broken Link:  Metrowest Daily News 12/3/06:  Selectmen to place article in Town Meeting warrant to form Department of Public Works.

Boston Globe 12/3/06:  Town picks developer for Nike site.

Metrowest Daily News 12/3/06:  Sudbury is on track financially, and has kept recent tax growth below other similar demographic towns. 

Broken Link:  Metrowest Daily News 12/2/06:  Scott Parseghian is right where he's wanted to be, coaching Wayland football.

Wayland Town Crier ~12/1/06:  Wayland football heads to Division 1A Super Bowl

Patriot Ledger 12/1/06:  A look at the Warriors from Marshfield's point of view.

Boston Globe 12/1/06:  Football Superbowl Preview.  One Globe writer picks Marshfield over Wayland, 34-17.  We're not buying it...  Another Globe writer agrees with us, predicting a Wayland win, 21-10.  Go Warriors!

Broken Link:  Metrowest Daily News 12/1/06:  The ever-ready Warrior, Ben Sherry's main target has been Wade Critides, who has also learned to love other aspects of the game.

Broken Link:  Metrowest Daily News 12/1/06:  Mission accomplished as Warriors pummeled Weston at the Thanksgiving Day game.

Broken Link:  Metrowest Daily News 11/30/06:  Wayland gets right back to work

Broken Link:  Metrowest Daily News 11/30/06:  Boy's death touches many lives

Wayland Town Crier 11/30/06:  Community mourning young teen

Broken Link:  Wayland Town Crier 11/30/06:  Bike path idea

Broken Link:  Wayland Town Crier 11/30/06:  Builder picked for Nike site project

Wayland Town Crier 11/30/06:  Gifts of Hope: Even better than 'Charlie's Angels'

Wayland Town Crier 11/30/06:  A day in the life of a Metco student begins early to make the morning bus and ends late, but the education is worth the effort.

Broken Link:  Wayland Town Crier 11/30/06:  High school building update

Wayland Town Crier 11/30/06:  Beacon Hill Roll Call

Broken Link:  Wayland Town Crier 11/30/06:  Library roof repair

Broken Link:  Wayland Town Crier 11/30/06:  Driver faces charges

Broken Link:  Wayland Town Crier 11/30/06:  Shopping locally

Wayland Town Crier 11/30/06:  Through the looking glass

Wayland Town Crier 11/30/06:  Finding inspiration ’Suddenly on Christmas Eve’

Wayland Town Crier 11/30/06:  Warriors head to Superbowl

Broken Link:  Wayland Town Crier 11/30/06:  Warriors execute game plan

Broken Link:  Wayland Town Crier 11/30/06:  The defense made the difference

Broken Link:  Wayland Town Crier 11/30/06:  Nitehawks earn 3rd place at regionals

Boston Globe 11/30/06:  Rwandan Samputu to perform at Temple Shir Tikva to benefit Darfur.

Boston Globe 11/30/06:  Parmenter's Wayside Hospice works to comfort the dying and their families.  Sidebar in the Globe provides examples of services at Parmenter and some statistics on numbers of people served by Parmenter.

Boston Globe 11/29/06:  Wayland keeps rolling.  Outstanding performances by long-time buddies Ben Sherry and Tony Torres carry the Warriors to the Superbowl.

Metrowest Daily News 11/29/06:  Warriors beat Central Catholic 34-24 and will play Marshfield in the Superbowl.  Broken Link:  QB Ben Sherry had a great game on both sides of the ball.

Metrowest Daily News 11/29/06:  Driver faces charges in fatal car accident.

Boston Globe 11/28/06:  Driver charged in fatal car accident.  The teenaged driver from Acton was charged with failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk and motor vehicle homicide.

Boston Globe 11/28/06:  Warriors face a large physical team in Central Catholic.

Metrowest Daily News 11/28/06:  Warriors have not only a powerful offense, but a stingy defense as well.

WaylandeNews 11/27/06:  Wayland Warriors to play in Football Div 1A Semi-Finals at Lowell's Cawley Stadium on Tuesday 11/28 at 7pm.  For directions, click here (and look under Football).

Boston Globe 11/26/06:  Wayland Charitable Committee provides short-term assistance to residents in financial need.

Metrowest Daily News 11/26/06:  Schools look to improve elementary writing program. 

Metrowest Daily News 11/25/06:  Warriors prepare for big post-season game on L-S' Artificial Turf.

We are saddened to report the death of John Martin, 13, an eighth grader at Wayland Middle School, who was hit by a car Wednesday night on Route 126 across from the high school.
     Obituary from Metrowest Daily News 11/27/06
     Obituary from Metrowest Daily News 11/26/06
     Metrowest Daily News 11/25/06
     Metrowest Daily News 11/24/06
     CBS4Boston 11/23/06 

Metrowest Daily News 11/24/06:  Warriors defeat Weston in Thanksgiving Game.

Boston Globe 11/23/06:  Wayland crushed Weston in the traditional Turkey Day football game.  The game's final score was Wayland 38, Weston 0.

Fay Observer 11/23/06:  What kids are thankful for, including quotes from some Wayland High School students.

Boston Globe 11/23/06:  Wayland football stars fast friends since second grade. 

Boston Globe 11/23/06:  In CPA case, group of thirteen residents sue over artificial turf funding.

Broken Link:  Metrowest Daily News 11/23/06:  Preview of Wayland-Weston Thanksgiving Day Game.

Wayland Town Crier 11/22/06:  No herbicides in lake.  A state ruling will prevent the use of herbicides to combat weeds in Lake Cochituate.

Wayland Town Crier 11/22/06:  Longtime business forced out.  Zoning Board rules Lynch Landscaping was operating in violation of town bylaws regarding residential use of his land.

Wayland Town Crier 11/22/06:  Four finalists for Nike site project make their case to be the developer for the project.

Wayland Town Crier 11/22/06:  Gifts of Hope: Home away from home.  Town Crier selects Christopher's Haven for their Gift of Hope campaign for a local charity this year.  If you would like to contribute, please make your check payable to Christopher’s Haven, and send it to the Town Crier, 33 New York Ave., Framingham MA 01701.

Wayland Town Crier 11/22/06:  Enjoy audiobooks downloaded from the Wayland Library. 

Wayland Town Crier 11/22/06:  Dual County League votes to expand to include Arlington and Waltham.

Wayland Town Crier 11/22/06:  Beacon Hill Roll Call

Wayland Town Crier 11/22/06:  All in the family for Weston Friendly Society's 'Annie'

Wayland Town Crier 11/22/06:  Brown wins Army's Commendation Medal and named Assistant Minority Whip in Legislature

Wayland Town Crier 11/22/06:  Residents raise money at PMC.  60 Wayland residents participated in the Pan Mass Challenge and raised $661,331

Metrowest Daily News 11/19/06:  Opponents file suit to try to stop artificial turf field and nullify town meeting vote.  Selectmen confident turf is appropriate use.  A correction to this article listed in the 11/22/06 Crier:  "The article "Should CPA dough be used for fake turf?" ( Sunday Crier, p. A1) should not have implied that attorney George Harris is one of the 13 plaintiffs. In addition, one of the lawsuits filed in Newton over the appropriate use of Community Preservation Act money is still active."

Metrowest Daily News 11/19/06:  If "Queen for the Day", Kristin Kiesel would advocate for more state aid back to cities and towns.

Town of Wayland Press Release 11/17/06:  Selectmen vow to defend town meeting vote on CPA funding for turf field.

WaylandeNews 11/17/06: We are pleased to report that State Representative Susan W. Pope has agreed to serve on the WaylandeNews editorial board. We are honored to have her join us. Please refer to our Who We Are link to learn more about her decades long career of public service in Wayland as a Selectman, School Committee member, and state legislator.

WaylandeNews 11/17/06:  Conservation Commission voted 5-1 to approve Artificial Turf project.

WaylandeNews 11/17/06:  Lawsuit filed seeking to prevent the town from using CPC funds for Artificial Turf. 

Metrowest Daily News 11/17/06:  Friends, foes as state forbids herbicide.  The state affirmed the decision of Natick's Conservation Commission to keep herbicides out of Lake Cochituate.

Boston Globe 11/16/06:  State blocks use of chemical for lake.  The state affirmed the decision of Natick's Conservation Commission to keep herbicides out of Lake Cochituate.

Boston Globe 11/16/06:  2 local imams arrested in alleged visa scheme; the religious director of Islamic Center of Boston in Wayland is shocked by the allegations.

Metrowest Daily News 11/16/06: Verizon campaign targets licensing; the company hopes to offer cable services in Wayland and seeks resident support via their website, www.tvchoicema.com.

Wayland Town Crier 11/16/06:  Trying to get a handle on Town Center.  The Planning Board and Developer work to build a closer working relationship to enable timely completion of the Master Special Permitting process

Wayland Town Crier 11/16/06:  Town Meeting wrap-up.  All articles approved at Town Meeting, except for Article 1 which was passed over.  A correction to this article issued in the 11/22 Crier:  " In the Town Meeting wrap-up article (Nov. 16), the quote from Jackson Madnick, chairman of the Surface Water Quality Committee, about weevils should have said that the weevils were just deployed in Dudley Pond and it is too soon yet to tell the results."

Wayland Town Crier 11/16/06:  Voters approve money for artificial turf field.  Town Meeting voters approve turf at High School by 3:1 margin. 

Wayland Town Crier 11/16/06:  Remembering a ’free spirit’.  Jean Seiden, co-founder of Wayland Angels, will be remembered warmly by area residents.

Wayland Town Crier 11/16/06:  Record number of breads delivered by Spread the Bread for Make a Difference Day.

Wayland Town Crier 11/16/06:  More work needed on tree plan.  The tree restitution plan presented by Wayland Commons developer Intoccia Construction was not well-received by town officials.

Wayland Town Crier 11/16/06:  'Flagbrigade' shows their patriotism at memorial, planting flags and singing the national anthem, among other tributes to our veterans.

Wayland Town Crier 11/16/06:  Students immersed in Chinese culture.  Chinese language and culture class taught after-school at Happy Hollow. 

Wayland Town Crier 11/16/06:  Temple hosts Teach-In on Darfur as 350 adults and students gathered to learn about the Darfur crisis and devise a plan of action to help.

Wayland Town Crier 11/16/06:  Golden Tones wins $2500 grant to advance cultural participation, education and community outreach.

Wayland Town Crier 11/16/06:  Firms narrowed down for Nike site, with Selectmen and Nike Committee members selecting from among four firms

Wayland Town Crier 11/16/06:  Football team: A perfect 10.  The Warriors are 10-0 heading into the annual Thanksgiving Day game at Weston.

Metrowest Daily News 11/15/06:  School committees want preliminary evaluations of superintendents from individual committee members kept private

Metrowest Daily News 11/15/06:  Unbeaten football Warriors head into their Thanksgiving game v. Weston

Metrowest Daily News 11/14/06:  Discussion continues over possible elimination of Pike Tolls west of 128.

Metrowest Daily News 11/14/06:  32 racers braved the elements on Sunday to run the Dr. Bill Adelson Road Race benefiting community arts.

Boston Globe 11/12/06:  Tom Conroy describes his objectives as new state representative.

Metrowest Daily News 11/12/06:  Pelham Island Bridge re-opens earlier than planned.

Boston Globe 11/12/06:  Beware the stink bug.

Boston Globe 11/12/06:  Patrick had huge support in the western suburbs.

Boston Globe 11/12/06:  Towns delaying flu clinics as expected vaccine has been coming in late; Wayland expects to hold a clinic in early December, but has not yet set a date.

Metrowest Daily News 11/11/06:  Football team clinches DCL title.

Wayland Town Crier 11/10/06:  Voters approve new artificial turf field at High School.  All articles approved at Town Meeting on Nov 9, except for Article 1 which was passed over.

Wayland Town Crier 11/9/06:  Wayland residents to debate and vote on Artificial Turf.

Wayland Town Crier 11/9/06:  Selectmen consider hiring a building director to oversee building issues town-wide.

Wayland Town Crier 11/9/06:  Tom Conroy elected as new state representative.

Wayland Town Crier 11/9/06:  Flagbrigade to run 'Honor Vigil" for Veterans' Day

Wayland Town Crier 11/9/06:  Story of Jewish soldier to highlight Veterans Day.  Longtime Wayland resident Jack Goldstein will speak on his experiences with the occupation forces in Austria after World War II through the eyes of an American Jewish soldier at the Veterans Day program to be held at the Trinitarian Congregational Church starting at 10 am on Saturday.

Wayland Town Crier 11/9/06:  Traditions volunteer introduces opera and her dog

Wayland Town Crier 11/9/06:  Creative license in ’Godspell’.  High School drama group staging Godspell at the Little Theater Wednesday, November 15 through Saturday, November 18.  For tickets, e-mail waylanddrama@yahoo.com. Tickets will also be sold during lunches in the HS Commons.

Wayland Town Crier 11/9/06:  A place to call home.  Wayland-based Christopher's Haven provides housing to families of children undergoing cancer treatment.

Wayland Town Crier 11/9/06:  Wagner: Enjoy a day at local museum.  Passes from the library provide free or discounted access to many area museums.

Amherst College Athletic News 11/9/06:  Four Jeffs Earn NESCAC Honors.  Amherst College soccer player Matt Lewis earns "Rookie of the Year" honors in the New England Small College Athletic Conference.

Milford Daily News 11/9/06:  Area interests react to Patrick win.  Laury Hammel, president and owner of Longfellow Clubs, looks to Governor-Elect Deval Patrick to tackle issues facing small business, such as health insurance and alternative energy sources.

Boston Globe 11/9/06:  Wayland HS Football team looks to continue unbeaten season after huge win over Acton-Boxborough.

Town Website 11/8/06:  Wayland tallies in Elections.

Boston Globe 11/8/06:  Sue Pope loses House seat to Tom Conroy.

Metrowest Daily News 11/8/06:  Tom Conroy narrowly wins House seat.

Wayland Town Crier 11/8/06:  Fire damages Gage Road home.  Metrowest Daily News 11/8/06:  Fire damages Gage Road home.

Metrowest Daily News 11/7/06:  WHS Football Player Tony Torres named MDN Offensive Player of the Week

Boston Globe 11/4/06:  WHS Football "thrashes" rival Acton-Boxborough, 45-6.  Footage of the scores in the game is available at the Globe article.  Metrowest Daily News coverage of the game.

Wayland Town Crier 11/2/06:  Town Center project may be delayed.  Town Center developers may choose to delay the project timeline by about six months to enable the concept plan review to be completed and to wait until after April Town Elections for the Master Permit Plan vote.

Wayland Town Crier 11/2/06:  FinCom says no override.  At the Finance Committee's Budget Hearing, FinCom members indicated their intent to keep the town from needing an override for FY08.

Wayland Town Crier 11/2/06:  Two more arrests made in Donelan's robbery.  Wayland Police have now made three arrests and have a warrant out for a fourth suspect.

Wayland Town Crier 11/2/06:  Get lost in Hamlen Woods.  Hamlen Woods offer a wonderful fall hiking experience, full of fall colors and wildlife.

Wayland Town Crier 11/2/06:  Review of High School building history since 1989 renovation.

Wayland Town Crier 11/2/06:  It's a bird! it's a plane!  WHS Sophomore Ethan Aaron was a member of the three-person US team that won the World Aeromodeling Championship, and came in 2nd in the individual junior competition.

Wayland Town Crier 11/2/06:  'Urinetown' mixes social commentary with humor.  A glowing review of the current production at the Vokes.

Wayland Town Crier 11/2/06:  Vietnamese music to delight audiences.  The first Wayland Little Theatre Concert of the season will take place Nov. 3 at 8 pm at the WHS Little Theater, featuring bamboo and strings from Vietnam. 

Boston Globe 11/2/06:  From Vietnam, a music mix

Broken Link:  Wayland Town Crier 11/2/06:  DCL Championship may be on the line, Acton-Boxborough at Wayland Friday night.

Metrowest Daily News 10/29/06:  Wayland woman to donate kidney to another Wayland resident, but one she has never met.

Metrowest Daily News 10/29/06:  SADD celebrates 25th Anniversary of its founding.  SADD was started by Robert Anastas and a group of 15 students at Wayland High School in 1981.

Metrowest Daily News 10/29/06:  Town considers combining six departments into Department of Public Works.  Combined would be:  Park & Recreation, Highway, Water, Septage, Landfill and Wastewater.

Metrowest Daily News 10/29/06:  Statements from State Representative candidates Sue Pope and Tom Conroy.

Metrowest Daily News 10/29/06:  Housing starts down in most of MetroWest, but up in Wayland.

Boston Globe 10/26/06:  Wayland Police Chief Irving recommends voting against Question 1.

Toronto Star 10/26/06:  Bermuda through the eyes of a Wayland freelance writer.

Wayland Town Crier 10/26/06:  Pope and Conroy face off in debate.

Boston Globe 10/26/06: Wayland has had the best quarterback in the DCL for the past five years

Wayland Town Crier 10/26/06: Wayland students travel to Missippi to help sister city

Wayland Town Crier 10/26/06: The town's request to stop work on the Wayland Commons site pending resolution of the illegal tree cutting was denied. 

Wayland Town Crier 10/26/06: Many applicants for the Claypit Hill principal job and the town hopes to fill the job around the end of the calendar year.

Wayland Town Crier 10/26/06: Pelham Island bridge closed for month for repairs.

Wayland Town Crier 10/26/06: Sixteen former athletes and coaches honored in Hall of Fame induction!

Wayland Town Crier 10/26/06: Police offer Halloween safety tips

Wayland Town Crier 10/26/06: New mathematics curriculum debuts.  There will be a public forum to introduce "Everyday Mathematics" to Wayland residents on Monday, Oct. 30 at the Claypit Hill Elementary School starting at 6:30 p.m.

Wayland Town Crier 10/26/06: Former selectman chair Betsy Connelly appointed to CPC

Wayland Town Crier 10/26/06: Compelling story of slaves on the run.  Performance at the library to reenact the story of Ellen Craft, a light-skinned Georgia slave who, in the winter of 1848, made escaped from the south, disguised as a white man with her husband William posing as her slave.  The Gossels Fund for Human Dignity sponsors the performance.

Metrowest Daily News 10/25/06:  Metrowest residents less likely to smoke than others in state.

Wayland to Waveland 10/23/06:  Three house projects completed (almost) as planned!  Crew coming home.

WaylandeNews 10/22/06:  Wayland native Whitney Post and teammate Caryn Davies place 7th in women's championship double sculls at the Head of the Charles.  For the schedule of events today, click here.

Metrowest Daily News 10/22/06:  Conservation Commission holds a hearing on the Artificial Turf proposal.  They will be waiting for leaching test results before voting on the article.  The Water Commission sees nothing alarming in the proposal.

Metrowest Daily News 10/22/06: Special Town Meeting article seeking funds for Dudley Pond weed harvesting is time sensitive, or Finance Committee members would be looking to delay it until the annual Town Meeting. 

Metrowest Daily News 10/22/06:  Candidate statements from Sue Pope and Tom Conroy.  Visit their websites at www.suepope.org and www.tomconroy.org

Boston Globe 10/21/06:  Football Warriors remain unbeaten.  Metrowest Daily News coverage of the game is available here.

Boston Globe 10/20/06:  Wayland native Whitney Post and teammate Caryn Davies are favored to win the women's championship double sculls at the Head of the Charles.  Several Wayland teams will be competing as well.  Five boats from the Wayland Weston High School Crew team will be competing at the Head of the Charles on Sunday October 22.  Event 33, 9:12 am, Mens Junior 2x ,bow #10, Event 36, 10:08, Womens Junior 4+, bow #50, Event 37, 10:40 am, Mens Junior 8+, bow #32 and bow #57, Event 38, 11:10am, Womens Junior 8+, bow #13.  For complete information, visit the Head of the Charles website

Boston Globe 10/19/06:  Town demands that Wayland Commons developer replace trees. 

Metrowest Daily News 10/19/06:  SolarBee water circulator being used to combat weeds in Lake Cochituate.

Wayland Town Crier 10/19/06:  Surplus land sale to bring in money.  The town is looking to bring in about $400,000 in sales of 20 parcels of land throughout the town.

Boston Globe 10/19/06:  Increasingly, libraries are the place to learn English. In Wayland, over 200 students have been matched with ESL tutors over the last 16 years.

Wayland Town Crier 10/19/06:  The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program at the Wayland library needs new tutors.

Wayland Town Crier 10/19/06:  New spot possible for the library.  Selectmen are looking at how to best use the "municipal pad" space at the Town Center.  The Library, a likely choice for the space, will need only 32 of the 40,000 square feet available, leaving some decisions regarding the remaining space.

Wayland Town Crier 10/19/06:  Changes brewing at cable studio.  WayCam is looking to upgrade its studio to enable broadcasting of more programs.

Wayland Town Crier 10/19/06:  Brick By Brick ...  Wayland is raising money for the METCO program through the sale of bricks at each of the town's schools.  Information on purchasing a brick is available online.

Wayland Town Crier 10/19/06:  High School Building Committee expands to include four new members.  The team provided this update on the status of high school building issues.

Wayland Town Crier 10/19/06:  Earliest settlers in Wayland will be the topic of a Historical Society presentation at the Grout-Heard House at 2 pm on Sunday. The speakers will be Paul Gardescu and Evelyn Wolfson.

Wayland Town Crier 10/19/06:  New nail salon opens in Wayland.

Sudbury Town Crier 10/19/06:  Enjoy Hamlen Woods trail walk while the leaves are in color.

Boston Globe 10/19/06:  Matching Wayland's MCAS scores a goal for other towns.  Complete MCAS score details for all grades are available here.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise 10/18/06:  Happy Anniversary, SADD!  Students Against Drunk Driving (now Students Against Destructive Decisions) started 25 years ago in Wayland.  Teacher and coach Robert Anastas and first SADD president Carl Olson started the organization.

Metrowest Daily News 10/18/06:  Is the grass greener?  The Patriots are wishing they could switch to artificial turf.  Park & Recreation hosted a forum regarding Wayland's proposed artificial turf last night.

WaylandeNews 10/16/06:  High School Trip Successful; 2nd Wave At Work; Fundraising Kicks Off

Metrowest Daily News 10/15/06:  Town looks for Verizon to take last spot on cell tower and fill gap in cellular service.

Wayland Town Crier 10/12/06:  Rough Waters: Taking a ride on pond.  Selectmen Alan Reiss and Joe Nolan toured Dudley Pond to view weed infestation.  Based on what they saw, both will endorse an article that would address the problem.

Wayland Town Crier 10/12/06:  State rep candidates to debate next week.  Incumbent Sue Pope will debate Democratic challenger Tom Conroy on October 18 at 7pm at Sudbury's Goodnow Library.

Wayland Town Crier 10/12/06:  Blog taken off School Committee's website, and will be replaced by other communications from the Committee as a whole.  The blog has been moved to www.deepbrook.com/waylandblog

Wayland Town Crier 10/12/06:  Wayland woman leaves great legacy

Wayland Town Crier 10/12/06:  A message from the tree warden.  Before you remove or contract to remove any tree in or near the right of way you should contact the Park & Recreation office at 508-358-3660.

Wayland Town Crier 10/12/06:  Beacon Hill Roll Call

Wayland Town Crier 10/12/06:  Popular art lecturer at library.  Judy Schurgin will present lectures on Thursdays through mid-November on famous artists.

Wayland Town Crier 10/12/06:  Wayland dentist catches David Ortiz' 54th homerun.

Wayland Town Crier 10/12/06:  'SandWitch-A-Thon' looking for help.  Spread the Bread is seeking volunteers to pick up and deliver sandwiches to local shelters and food banks, and is seeking bread and sandwich donations.

Boston Globe 10/12/06:  Foliage drives around Boston.

Planning Livable Communities 10/10/06:  Heard Pond a favorite local walk. 

WaylandeNews 10/10/06:  Wayland Schools recognized by Standard & Poor's as one of 30 Massachusetts school districts rated as academic "outperformers".  This is Wayland's fourth consecutive year earning this distinction. 

WaylandeNews 10/10/06:  Update on Reeves Hill Cell Tower:  T-Mobile, Sprint and Cingular will be located on the new tower (Verizon remains in negotiation). The tower itself should be active within six weeks.

Wayland Town Crier 10/10/06:  Police Chief argues against upcoming ballot question, Question 1.

Metrowest Daily News 10/8/06:  Residents seek quaint, New England-style Town Center.

Metrowest Daily News 10/8/06:  Firefighter Lt. Daniel Buentello named finalist in Massachusetts Fire & Life Safety Educator of the Year.

Metrowest Daily News 10/8/06:  Residents enjoy Give and Take at the Landfill

Boston Globe 10/7/06:  Wayland football wins the battle of the unbeatens.    Metrowest Daily News coverage of the story.

Boston Globe 10/5/06:  Officials lobby to keep Fast Lane Discount for Pike users

Boston Globe 10/5/06:  Wayland football switches from passing to running game

Boston Globe 10/5/06:  Sudbury seeking road layout solutions to traffic congestion.

Wayland Town Crier 10/5/06:  Restitution sought for lost trees Town officials are looking for trees to be replaced on Wayland Commons site.

Wayland Town Crier 10/5/06:  Wayland Police make arrest in Donelan's robbery.  One man arrested, police to issue warrants for three other suspects.

Wayland Town Crier 10/5/06:  Edmund Rice descendants tour family landmarks.  About 50 descendants of one of Wayland's earliest settlers toured Rice-related sites in Wayland and neighboring areas.

Wayland Town Crier 10/5/06:  Elizabeth Lee Boutique opens by Cornerstone Cafe

Wayland Town Crier 10/5/06:  Lovely Rita finds a home For more about Parmenter's Adult Day Health Center, call Audrey at 508-358-3000, ext. 313. or visit www.parmenter.org. For information about hydrocephalus, visit www.hydrocephalus.org

Wayland Town Crier 10/5/06:  A final report from Route 20 Intersection Reporter as construction work comes to a close.

Wayland Town Crier 10/5/06:  Holistic pet help to be presented on Thursday evening, Oct. 12 at 7 pm at the Library by Shirley Moore (founder and director of the Wayland-based humane society Save a Dog), and Dr. Ronna Kabler (a holistic vet who practices in MetroWest).

Boston Globe 10/3/06:  Warriror football has dramatically improved in recent years; now a force to be reckoned with in the DCL.

Metrowest Daily News 10/3/06:  Wayland software firm sponsors martial arts fighter who is preparing to compete in the mixed martial arts World Lightweight Championship championship.

Metrowest Daily News 10/1/06:  Zoning Board of Appeals denies three variances required by developer for proposal for expanded gas station.

Boston Globe 10/1/06:  Wayland 10th Grade MCAS scores among the top in the state.  For details of scores, click here

Metrowest Daily News 10/1/06:  School nurses do far more than they used to, including training teachers and supporting parents.

Wayland Town Crier 9/28/06:  Making progress on the Nike site.  The Selectmen hope to have a developer selected by the end of November.  Their RFP limits the number of units to be built on the site at 16, with no more than 37 bedrooms totaled across the units (which will each be two or three-bedrooms).  The Nike Committee is looking to have at least 10 of the 16 units classified as "affordable".

Wayland Town Crier 9/28/06:  Tips for dealing with your teens.  Joani Geltman discusses dealing with teenagers in a forum held last week.  It will be broadcast on cable Monday 10/2 at 7pm.

Wayland Town Crier 9/28/06:  Town Administrator Fred Turkington earns high marks in his first evaluation

Wayland Town Crier 9/28/06:  Resident rescues abandoned bunny.  See related story about abandoned bunnies from the Metrowest Daily News.

Wayland Town Crier 9/28/06:  Guidelines for parties.  The linked article contains guidelines developed by a group of parents in collaboration with the Wayland Substance Prevention Coalition.  See related article here:  Community action on substance abuse.

Wayland Town Crier 9/28/06:  Time for local fall festivals

Wayland Town Crier 9/28/06:  Lovely quilts 

Wayland Town Crier 9/28/06:  Gillespie wins bridge tourney

Wayland Town Crier 9/28/06:  College A Cappella Concert returns This year's featured groups are the Boston College Dynamics, Brown University's Ursa Minors and the Tufts Beelzebubs. Wayland High School's own popular a cappella groups, the Madrigals, the Muses and the Testostertones, will also give short performances after intermission.

Wayland Town Crier 9/28/06:  Extraordinary gift to Parmenter Parmenter Community Health has received the largest gift in its 50-year history - $1 million from local residents Christa and Walter Oechsle.

Wayland Town Crier 9/28/06:  Student volunteers

Boston Globe 9/28/06:  Wayland v. Boston Latin football on the Globe's "must-watch list"

Alfred University 9/28/06:  Alex Crowell named to Empire 8's President List, which honors academic performance (GPA over 3.75) by student-athletes.

The Daily Record 9/26/06:  Betsy Moyer speaks about her father, but don't mark your calendar -- this meeting is in North Carolina.

Metrowest Daily News 9/24/06:  Some have abandoned domesticated bunnies - but please don't - they can't survive in the wild.

Metrowest Daily News 9/24/06:  Wayland Town Meeting to vote on using CPA funds for artificial turf field.

Boston Globe 9/23/06:  Wayland working to ensure Town Center has intimate, neighborly appeal.

Boston Globe 9/21/06:  Ask Ann Butler for help if you decide to build a treehouse.

Wayland Town Crier 9/21/06:  Town is working to resolve proper restitution for Wayland Commons tree cutting.

Wayland Town Crier 9/21/06:  Community action on substance abuse The Wayland Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition met to plan strategies to protect the town's youth from drugs and alcohol.

Wayland Town Crier 9/21/06:  Patrick captures local Democratic vote.  Wayland had 33% voter turnout.  For complete voting results, click here.

Wayland Town Crier 9/21/06:  Bio retention cell created near Wayland Middle School to control runoff and remove pollutants from water near Dudley Pond.

Wayland Town Crier 9/21/06:  Residents propose rail trail as use of Town Center Developer's gift

Wayland Town Crier 9/21/06:  Wayland to Waveland working on October trip to Mississippi

Wayland Town Crier 9/21/06:  Helping siblings with diabetes.  There are 16 Wayland students with Type I Juvenile Diabetes.  To help, learn about Team Cure, Wayland's team in the Walk for Juvenile Diabetes.  Team Cure was the country's second largest team in last year's walk.

Wayland Town Crier 9/21/06:  Touched by Wayland's 'Angels'.  Wayland Angels have helped many families in need.  Now they are expanding to include Teen Angels, and the concept is also growing across the region.

Wayland Town Crier 9/21/06:  Check out AltWheels The 4th annual AltWheels Alternative Transportation & Energy Festival will take place free of charge at Boston's City Hall Plaza on Friday, Sept. 22 from 7am-7pm a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday, Sept. 23 from 10 am to 4 pm.

Wayland Town Crier 9/21/06:  Reading group on Jewish literature begins September 26 by discussing Badenheim 1939.

Metrowest Daily News 9/15/06:  METCO Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Nashua Telegraph 9/15/06:  A Wayland wedding as reported from Nashua

Boston Globe 9/14/06:  Wild neighbors welcome for a visit.

Wayland Town Crier 9/14/06:  Democratic Town Committee expects a close race for gubernatorial primary.

Wayland Town Crier 9/14/06:  Police pursue leads in Donelan's robbery

Wayland Town Crier 9/14/06:  Officials move cautiously on cable competition

Wayland Town Crier 9/14/06:  Barn-Raising.org receives $150,000 grant

Wayland Town Crier 9/14/06: Celebrating success of METCO at gala.  METCO is in its 40th year, and has proven to be highly successful.  From the article:  "By virtually every measure, METCO has been a runaway success. It has significantly narrowed the "achievement gap" between urban students and their suburban counterparts, while promoting greater understanding of racial and ethnic differences.  In 2005, the latest year for which data is available, every METCO student passed the MCAS graduation requirement. METCO students also outpaced the Massachusetts college attendance average by 10 points, with 87 percent of its graduates heading for college over the last three years."

Wayland Town Crier 9/14/06: Wayland Public Schools Foundation is accepting grant applications

Wayland Town Crier 9/14/06: Reliving good ol' 'school days'

Wayland Town Crier 9/14/06: Volunteers work hard at town pool

Wayland Town Crier 9/14/06: Middle School Music teacher Stephen Murray wins second place in contest

Wayland Town Crier 9/14/06: Firsthand account of Battle of the Bulge

Wayland Town Crier 9/14/06: Stories make the world go ’round

Wayland Town Crier 9/10/06: Hall of Fame induction scheduled for October 21

Metrowest Daily News 9/13/06:  Barn-raising.org receives $150,000 grant.

Metrowest Daily News 9/8/06:  Developer presents Town Center plan using 3-D model at Planning Board Design Concept presentation.

Boston Globe 9/8/06:  Planning Board raises concerns with Town Center design.  Discussions between the Developers and Planning Board have been productive, but a few issues with layout remain.

Metrowest Daily News 9/8/06:  September 11 victims gone, but never forgotten.

Metrowest Daily News 9/8/06:  Kindergartener measures the time since 9/11.

Metrowest Daily News 9/8/06:  Male teachers in Wayland elementary schools changing the stereotypes.

Boston Globe 9/8/06:  You knew you grew up in Metrowest if...

Boston Globe 9/8/06:  Wayland Warriors have one of the top websites in Eastern Mass football.

Boston Globe 9/8/06:  Many prepare for 9/11 5th Anniversary tributes.

Boston Globe 9/7/06:  Wayland's Temple Shir Tikva among organizations looking to help in Darfur.

Wayland Town Crier 9/7/06:  Wayland's newest police officer is Chris Musick.

Wayland Town Crier 9/7/06:  Fresh Air program brings city kids to woody suburbs like Wayland.  For more information on the program, visit www.freshair.org

Wayland Town Crier 9/7/06:  Wayland kid builds tutoring company for kids who want to be tutored by other kids.

Wayland Town Crier 9/7/06:  Police pursuing leads in Donelan's robbery.

Wayland Town Crier 9/7/06:  Wayland student writes about his experience helping Katrina victims on Gulf Coast.  For video of Matt McConnell's TV appearance, click here.

Metrowest Daily News 9/7/06:  Patrick getting the most MetroWest donations, but Reilly is getting the biggest.

Wayland Town Crier 9/7/06:  Increasing awareness of kidney disease, Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD).  The Boston Walk for PKD will be held on Sunday, Sept. 17 at Artesani Park at the Charles River Reservation in Brighton. Registration begins at 9 a.m. and the walk begins at 10:30 a.m. It is a beautiful three-mile walk along the Charles River. For more information, visit www.pkdcure.org or contact Beth at levenpkd@comcast.net

Concord Journal 9/7/06:  Wayland cited as having the second most successful diabetes fundraising team in the country.

WaylandeNews 9/6/06:  Cell tower construction is underway on Reeves Hill. 

WaylandeNews 9/6/06:  Verizon is actively installing fiber optic lines throughout North Wayland for their fiber optic internet service (most of South Wayland is already wired).

WaylandeNews 9/6/06:  The Cable TV Advisory Committee will be meeting with Selectmen on 9/11/06  to discuss Verizon's desire to offer cable TV services to Wayland residents via their fiber optic network.  We have been hearing that Comcast has been calling some of their customers offering reduced rates for customers who commit to a one-year contract. 

Christian Science Monitor 9/6/06:  Cardio Tennis, offered at Longfellow Club in Wayland, is spreading nationwide.

Boston Globe 9/3/06:  Local school districts take many different approaches to lunch for students.

Boston Globe 9/3/06:  Statewide there was a drop in SAT scores, but Wayland scores stayed virtually the same.

Boston Globe 9/3/06:  Town will require remediation from Wayland Commons developer for trees that were cut down.

Boston Globe 9/3/06:  Sycamore Road resident seeks to get road paved.

Metrowest Daily News 9/3/06:  Planning Board sets schedule of upcoming meetings regarding Town Center.  Sept. 6:  First design concept review.  Sept. 12:  draft rules and regulations.  October 4: Public Forum.  October 16:  Traffic.

Metrowest Daily News 9/3/06:  New machine to be used in Lake Cochituate to try to control milfoil

Wayland Planning Board 9/1/06:  Presentation of the Wayland Town Center Concept Plan, September 6th at 7:30 PM, Wayland Town Building, Large Hearing Room.  For more information contact the Planning Department office at 508-358-3615 or visit www.wayland.ma.us/planning

Metrowest Daily News 9/1/06:  Selectmen discuss options regarding remediation for Wayland Commons tree cutting.

Boston Globe 8/31/06:  Golden Tones Director Maddie Sifantus inspires a circle of kindness.

Wayland Town Crier 8/31/06:  No suspects in marijuana case.

Wayland Town Crier 8/31/06:  How local schools are working on improving food choices  to respond to the federal mandate to encourage healthier students.

Wayland Town Crier 8/31/06:  The impact on parents and students as freshman year in college begins...

Sudbury Town Crier 8/31/06:  Student builds business offering kid-to-kid tutoring.

Wayland Town Crier 8/31/06:  Wayland coaches and athletes to be inducted into Wayland Hall of Fame.

Wayland Town Crier 8/31/06:  Firemen rescue pet cockatiel from tree.

Wayland Town Crier 8/31/06:  Athletic directors working to promote sportsmanship among both parents and students.

Wayland Town Crier 8/31/06:  Brief descriptions of new staff in the Wayland schools.

Wayland Town Crier 8/31/06:  More delays in Route 20/27/126 intersection as paving contractor yet to be seen.

Wayland Town Crier 8/31/06:  School Committee discusses building needs of High School and setting new goals for the school system as a whole.

Wayland Town Crier 8/31/06:  Town's Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) forms Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

Wayland Town Crier 8/31/06:  Beacon Hill Roll Call

Wayland Town Crier 8/31/06:  Local students present fashion show at Wayland Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Metrowest Daily News 8/30/06:  Rape charges dropped.

CBS4boston 8/28/06:  Wayland church group aids Katrina victims.  Video of the report available here.

Boston Globe 8/27/06:  Senior Softball league's Raiders play at Cochituate Field, and they play to win.

Metrowest Daily News 8/27/06:  Wayland police seek accreditation.

Metrowest Daily News 8/26/06:  Police do not find outdoor marijuana plots often.  They unearthed 18 plants after watching them for a month and not finding the growers.

Wayland Town Crier 8/25/06:  Police find marijuana plants growing in Wayland.  They were unable to identify the growers and have pulled up the plants.

Wayland Town Crier 8/24/06:  Wayland and Sudbury officials yet to determine future for Wayland-Sudbury Septage facility.

Wayland Town Crier 8/24/06:  Update on Route 20/27/126 Intersection work - the end is in sight.

Wayland Town Crier 8/24/06:  Wayland and Sudbury Selectmen meet to discuss Town Center.

Wayland Town Crier 8/24/06:  Wayland student travels to Tanzania to volunteer. Anna Stern is now working to build a library there, collecting and sending books.  If you have books to donate, call her at 508-358-0234.

Wayland Town Crier 8/24/06:  Wayland student releases EP and is accepted as iTunes artist.

Wayland Town Crier 8/24/06:  Wayland residents run Marlborough shoe manufacturing company.

Wayland Town Crier 8/24/06:  Wayland's Alison Quandt is going to be missed at BC.

Metrowest Daily news 8/23/06:  Police encourage civilian help in catching criminals, but not confrontation.

Metrowest Daily News 8/20/06:  Wayland Commons project starts with removal of trees that developer had agreed to retain.    The project's tree cutter removed all but one tree (saved due to police intervention) along the border with Old Sudbury Rd.

Boston Globe 8/20/06:  Many area groups, including Wayland's Wayland to Waveland, have been continuing to help Katrina and Rita victims. 

Boston Globe 8/17/06:  Many debates around the state over the use of herbicides to combat invasive weeds, Lake Cochituate most prominent among them.

Acton Beacon 8/17/06:  Nashoba Valley Pedalers training for 100 mile bike rides.

Marlborough Enterprise 8/17/06:  Works of Wayland sculptor John Pauplis featured in Colorado art show

Wayland Town Crier 8/17/06:  Board of Health is looking for volunteers to form Medical Reserve Corp (MRC).   For general information concerning the MRC, log on to www.medicalreservecorps.gov.  For further information about the MRC being formed here in Wayland, to indicate your interest in volunteering, or to learn more about the upcoming meetings, contact the BOH at 508-358-3617.  Meetings with information on the MRC will be held on Thursday, Sept. 7 from 7-8pm and on Monday, Sept. 11 from 10-11am, both at the Public Safety Building.

Wayland Town Crier 8/17/06:  Same sex marriage a key issue for many voters.

Wayland Town Crier 8/17/06:  School Committee uses a more open process for superintendent evaluation.

Wayland Town Crier 8/17/06:  Dog rescued from Hurricane Katrina has found a new home at Sunrise Assisted Living.  Tovah was rescued by Save a Dog Foundation's Shirley Moore.

Wayland Town Crier 8/17/06:  Local families of 9/11 victims discuss "World Trade Center"

Wayland Town Crier 8/17/06:  Wayland couple donates $1 million to Land Trust Alliance

Wayland Town Crier 8/17/06:  New England Boys' Lacrosse team, featuring two from Wayland, wins Junior Olympics gold

Wayland Town Crier 8/17/06:  Wayland's Scott Colantropo named to Metrowest Daily News All-Star baseball team.

Metrowest Daily News 8/13/06:  Wayland among the first to file a statement of intent in the new School Building Assistance Program.

Boston Globe 8/13/06:  Most local community websites leave much to be desired. 

Milford Daily News 8/13/06:  Wayland Fire Department receives $35,000 federal grant for communications equipment.

Metrowest Daily News 8/13/06:  Wayland student on trip to Israel.

Metrowest Daily News 8/11/06:  Wayland and Burlington firms in patent dispute over laser hair removal system.

Boston Globe 8/10/06:  A proposal that would let towns use the state's insurance commission to purchase insurance for employees could help rising costs.

Wayland Town Crier 8/10/06:  Russell's Farmer's Market a home for local growers.

Wayland Town Crier 8/10/06:  New member of Wayland's Council on Aging seeks to improve interaction between the board and the community.

Wayland Town Crier 8/10/06:  Wayland's Pandemic Flu Task force seeks volunteers.

Wayland Town Crier 8/10/06:  Recap of week's work on Route 20 road construction.

Wayland Town Crier 8/10/06:  Several closely watched bills were not approved this year and will need to refiled in the next legislative session.  Bills on illegal immigrants, sex offenders, training for driver's licenses and junk food in schools were not acted on this year.

Wayland Town Crier 8/10/06:  Local legislator's votes on Beacon Hill for July 24-August 4.

Wayland Town Crier 8/10/06:  Wayland father and son run with the bulls in Spain.

Wayland Town Crier 8/10/06:  Framingham man arrested in Wayland for drug trafficking during traffic stop.

Wayland Town Crier 8/10/06:  Selectmen look at affordable housing project and use of Town Center's municipal lot and whether to hold a Fall town meeting.

Wayland Town Crier 8/10/06: Developer planning new development at 229 Rice Road using town's Conservation Cluster by-law. 

Wayland Town Crier 8/10/06:  Photographer Stan Klein's "Eclectic Photo Visions" showcased at Library exhibit.

Weston Town Crier 8/10/06:  Skyhawks Sports Academy working to make camps safer for kids.  Wayland is among the towns with requiring more stringent standards for camps.

Metrowest Daily News 8/10/06:  Wayland couple donates $1 million to Land Trust Alliance.

Metrowest Daily News 8/9/06:  Wayland's Dana Aaron working on building a community.  Barn-Raising.org seeks to help the unemployed find jobs through networking.

Boston Globe 8/6/06:  Working to remove weeds at Dudley Pond.

Metrowest Daily News 8/6/06:  Residents meet with MEPA (Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act) office to discuss concerns about Town Center.

Wayland Town Crier 8/3/06:  Developer finally removes old gas tanks from ground at 78 Boston Post Rd.

Wayland Town Crier 8/3/06:  Town Clerk Judy St. Croix leads effort to clean and organize storage at Town Building.

Weston Town Crier 8/3/06:  Extra Chapter 90 money will help Wayland stay on schedule on road projects.

Wayland Town Crier 8/3/06:  Work on the Wayland Center intersection is nearing completion.

Wayland Town Crier 8/3/06:  Nike Site Reuse Advisory Committee ready to write request for proposal to developers to building affordable housing development.

Wayland Town Crier 8/3/06:  Wayland teens among church group to help rebuild in New Orleans.

Wayland Town Crier 8/3/06:  Wayland resident directs PBS documentary "Raising Cain"

Wayland Town Crier 8/3/06:  Massachusetts Shoppers to have tax-free holiday on August 12 and 13.  Governor Romney is expected to sign the legislation, which passed easily in both the House and Senate.

Ipswich Chronicle 8/3/06:  Former Wayland resident Howard Gray won two gold medals at the Massachusetts Senior Games for the 100- and 50-meter backstrokes in the 85 and older division.

Boston Globe 8/3/06:  Wayland's Eve Budnick brings opera to the suburbs. 

Wayland Town Crier 8/3/06:  Wayland's Eve Budnick directs Opera del West which holds its first performance at The Center for Arts in Natick on Sunday August 6th.

Wayland Town Crier 8/3/06:  WHS Senior Danielle Ashley performed a 45-minute set prior to the Nashua Pride-Brockton Rox game in Nashua.

Metrowest Daily News 7/31/06:  Federal grant will help MetroWest communities identify spots prone to flooding, wind, storms and fires, and devise plans to prevent natural disasters in those areas.

Metrowest Daily News 7/30/06:  Selectmen solicit ideas for use of municipal space at Town Center.  Interested groups include the Library Trustees and the Council on Aging.  Despite reports in the linked article, the Wayland Aquatic Community Center is not looking for space at the site.

Wayland Town Crier 7/27/06:  Tony Triano rides sixth Pan Mass Challenge

Wayland Town Crier 7/27/06:  Board of Selectmen opt to reappoint Michael Patterson to the Community Preservation Committee, but he rejects reappointment

Wayland Town Crier 7/27/06:   Board of Health opts to rescind landfill surcharge on pick-up trucks but, at least for now, retains ban on waste wood disposal.  Statement from the Board of Health available here and the official revised fees and policies are available here.

Wellesley Townsman 7/27/06:  Dunkin Donuts on Route 9 robbed, after recent Wayland and Wellesley Dunkin Donuts robberies.

Wayland Town Crier 7/27/06:  Wayland police on alert over sighting of big wild cat

Boston Herald 7/27/06:  Wayland police on alert over sighting of big wild cat

Wayland Town Crier 7/27/06:  Add water chestnut to the list of invasive weeds in Lake Cochituate.

Sudbury Town Crier 7/27/06:  Grant provides for milfoil removal in Dudley Pond.

Wayland Town Crier 7/27/06:  The Vokes Theater presents "The Crucible"

Wayland Town Crier 7/27/06:  Jimmy Simmons taking on Eagle Scout Challenge

Wayland Town Crier 7/27/06:  New Park & Recreation town event looking for sponsors.  Park & Recreation is planning a "Touch a Truck" event which provide event goers a chance to climb inside trucks from the Police, Fire, Water and Highway departments.

Wayland Town Crier 7/27/06:  Wayland's Chris Bryant returns from national Special Olympics with three medals in swimming.

Brookline Tab 7/27/06:  Kudos to kosher.  Wayland native Neil Rosenbaum conducts surveys of Kosher food providers.  Visit here for the results of his Boston survey of Kosher delis, bakeries and butchers.

Metrowest Daily News 7/26/06:  Local businesses back minimum wage increase.

Metrowest Daily News 7/26/06:  Problems with Route 109 and Big Dig paving contractor don't extend to Wayland.

Metrowest Daily News 7/25/05:  Another invasive weed in Lake Cochituate.  Now there's water chestnut, too.

Metrowest Daily News 7/23/06:  Board of Health hears from angry residents regarding landfill fees and waste wood disposal ban.

Metrowest Daily News 7/23/06:  Bill Bowhers is Metrowest Daily News' Chef of the Week

Boston Globe 7/23/06:  Town officials debate use of CPA funds for artificial turf.

Boston Globe 7/23/06:  Senior Softball league's Raiders play at Cochituate Field, and they play to win.

Beliefnet 7/22/06:  Amid Middle East Conflict, US Interfaith Groups work to build bridges.  Wayland's Islamic Center of Boston and Temple Shir Tikva continue working to build ties despite fighting in Middle East.

Metrowest Daily News 7/21/06:  Wayland is a "friendly town", hosting city kids in the fresh air.

Metrowest Daily News 7/21/06:  Theft at Dunkin Donuts appears to similar to Wellesley theft the same night.

PR Leap 7/20/06:  Sudbury and Wayland business leaders to be jailed until they raise funds for Jerry's Kids

Wayland Town Crier 7/20/06:  Maddie Sifantus returns to Golden Tones for a concert in the park on Sunday.  The Golden Tones are looking to recover financially and seek donations. 

Boston Globe 7/20/06:  No final resolution yet on handling of milfoil in Lake Cochituate.  The state's DEP to review residents' appeal of Natick Conservation Commission.

Wayland Town Crier 7/20/06: Anger over new landfill regulations.  The Board of Health has added a meeting on 7/20 to deal with complaints regarding new landfill policies.

Wayland Town Crier 7/20/06: Wayland’s Rosenfield moves into baseball business

Wayland Town Crier 7/20/06: Wayland’s own Fear Factor at Summer Adventure.  Read on to learn whether they had a real worm eating contest. 

Wayland Town Crier 7/20/06: Islamic Center, interfaith group respond to attacks in Lebanon

Wayland Town Crier 7/20/06:  Surface Water Quality Commission works to preserve Wayland's surface water quality (and ultimately the quality of drinking water).  The committee is looking for new volunteers.

Boston Globe 7/20/06:  The Vokes theater set to start performances of The Crucible.   Note:  this story is toward the bottom of the linked article.

Wayland Town Crier 7/20/06: Vokes production features teenage actress.

Boston Globe 7/20/06:  Boston Bolts headed for national championships.  The U-16 youth soccer team includes Wayland's Erin Kaufman.  Note: this story is at the very bottom of the linked article.

Metrowest Daily News 7/16/06:  Nike site cleanup cost estimate from $80,000-$400,000.

Metrowest Daily News 7/16/06:  Sudbury officials concerned about traffic impact from Town Center.

Wayland Town Crier 7/13/06:  Questions persist on turf field but the Community Preservation Commission votes to recommend funds for it.

Wayland Town Crier 7/13/06:  Thursday's Farmer's Market the fulfillment of a long-standing dream of Lew Russell.

Wayland Town Crier 7/13/06:  Wayland's Chapter 70 funding to increase $273,000 over last year.

Wayland Town Crier 7/13/06:  Boston man pleads guilty to espresso machine theft.  He was fined $1000 and given one year's probation.

Wayland Town Crier 7/13/06:  "Chessman" to donate chess teaching earnings to expansion and renovation of Trinitarian Church.

Wayland Town Crier 7/13/06:  Gay marriage issue back at legislators.  Wayland's Senator, Scott Brown, said that at this point he supports the amendment which would end gay marriage in Massachusetts.

Wayland Town Crier 7/13/06:  Alex Jenny's athletic career at WHS profiled.

Wayland Town Crier 7/13/06:  Several young Wayland athletes place in regional competition, making them eligible for the Northeast Regional team.

Alfred University 7/12/06:  Wayland's Alex Crowell honored as an Academic All-American honorable mention in swimming for attaining a GPA of 3.50 or higher while making national qualifying cut times.

Metrowest Daily News 7/11/06:  Wayland Police Department the model for Holliston residents.

Boston Globe 7/9/06:  School Committee declines to release individual comments on superintendent evaluation.

Boston Globe 7/9/06:  Local officials welcome news of increased state aid.  Wayland's Chapter 70 figure for FY07 looks to be about $270,000 over FY06.

Metrowest Daily News 7/9/06:  Area groups fighting highway herbicides.

Metrowest Daily News 7/9/06:  Local jazz quintet prepares for first show, to be held at Amazing Things Art Center.  Quintet includes WHS student Dan Nadeau.

Holliston Tab 7/6/06:  Marcie Crowley wins Regional Spirit Award.

Wayland Town Crier 7/6/06:  Selectmen consider how to manage buildings.

Wayland Town Crier 7/6/06:  More volunteers needed for expanded High School Building Committee.

Wayland Town Crier 7/6/06:  Outdoor watering ban goes into effect.  The Board of Water Commissioners have declared a State of Water Supply Conservation and have restricted the use of water to odd/even day outdoor watering and only between the hours of 6:00 pm and 7:00 am. The following restriction is in effect beginning June 26, 2006:  Outdoor watering by water users with odd numbered addresses is restricted to odd numbered days.  Outdoor watering by water users with even numbered addresses is restricted to even numbered days.  Outdoor watering by all water users is restricted to watering between the hours of 6:00 pm and 7:00 am.  Handheld hose watering is not restricted (handheld hose watering is allowed any time of day and any day of the week).

Wayland Town Crier 7/6/06:  Ken Moon honored posthumously with River Steward Award.

Wayland Town Crier 7/6/06:  Two long-time residents and volunteers reflect on their combined century in Wayland.

Hamilton-Wenham Chronicle 7/6/06:  Wayland among towns discussed in forum looking at how new developments that include affordable housing can also be designed to protect critical open spaces.  

Metrowest Daily News 7/6/06:  Wayland Police arrest espresso thief.

Wayland Town Crier 7/6/06:  Fourteen Middle School students complete Junior Police Academy.

Medfield Press 7/6/06:  Wayland's Parmenter Visiting Nurse/Wayside Hospice presents the first of three articles concerning hospice and end-of-life care.

Wayland Town Crier 7/6/06:  Wayland's Jeff Porter named to Lawdragon's 2006 list of "500 New Stars, New Worlds".  Full list available here.

Metrowest Daily News 7/5/06:  WHS' Sam Pegram and Marqus Lorelike named to 2006 Boys Daily News All-Star Track Team

Metrowest Daily News 7/4/06:  No fireworks in Natick.  Nearest fireworks this year are in Bellingham, Acton and Lincoln.

Boston Globe 7/2/06:  Wayland School Committee blog earns a mention in the Globe's Cyberscene column

Metrowest Daily News 7/2/06:  Rep. Sue Pope wins a generator for the Middle School shelter.

Hartford Courant 6/29/06:  Wayland's Benjamin Kaye among those honored by Farmington CT's police as Samaritans

Boston Globe 6/29/06:  Funding for Wayland's Barn-raising.org among projects vetoed by Governor Romney

Metrowest Daily News 6/29/06:  Wayland resident writes book on women in the workplace.  For details on the book, click here.

Metrowest Daily News 6/29/06:  West Nile mosquito found in Needham.

Wayland Town Crier 6/29/06:  Wayland Town Beach a "hidden jewel"

Wayland Town Crier 6/29/06:  Summer Adventure has new director his year.

Wayland Town Crier 6/29/06:  Residents react to settlement with Landfill Superintendent Charlie Kiley

Wayland Town Crier 6/29/06:  DA reviews evaluation processes  (Wayland not mentioned in this article)

Metrowest Daily News 6/26/06:  Wayland woman back in the classroom at 69.  Catherine McEllin is earning As and Bs at Harvard.

Daily News Tribune 6/26/06:  DCL looking to expand and divide.  Waltham and Arlington are targets for the larger school half of the DCL. 

Boston Globe 6/24/06:  Towns finding healthcare to be a budget-buster.  More town employees are choosing the town's healthcare program over their spouses as private industry can move more quickly to reduce benefits or increase costs.

Metrowest Daily News 6/23/06:  WHS Baseball made a great run at the championship.

Wayland Town Crier 6/22/06:  Neighbors concerned about affordable housing project at site of Kathryn Barton nursing home.

Wayland Town Crier 6/22/06:  Future of Wayland-Sudbury septage facility depends on decision by DEP.  The DEP is looking for the facility to improve pollution controls, but the towns may not be able to afford the improved equipment necessary to meet DEP requirements.

Wayland Town Crier 6/22/06:  WMS students help with Rebuilding Together project, upgrading a home in Roxbury.  Visit the Rebuilding Together website to learn more about their work.

Wayland Town Crier 6/22/06:  Landfill stickers for FY07 on sale beginning June 24.  Visit the Board of Health website for more information.

Wayland Town Crier 6/22/06:  Wayland residents ride in Pan Mass Challenge.  To sponsor them, visit our Philanthropy Page.

Wayland Town Crier 6/22/06:  Votes on Beacon Hill.

Wayland Town Crier 6/22/06:  Library offers audio book downloads.  Books can be downloaded to MP3 players or PCs (but not Macs or iPods).  To check it out (pun intended): click here.

Wayland Town Crier 6/22/06:  School Committee opts not to release emails from individual members in generation of superintendent evaluation.

UConn Huskies 6/20/06:  UConn's Jessi Foreman (WHS '05) heading to Outdoor Track National Championships.

Metrowest Daily News 6/20/06:  A perfect match saves Wayland woman who needed a kidney.

Metrowest Daily News 6/20/06:  Even in summer, towns require private weather forecasting.

Metrowest Daily News 6/18/06:  Neighbors file suit fighting Reeves Hill cell tower.

Metrowest Daily News 6/17/06:  Board of Health member arrested for writing bad checks in Las Vegas.

Metrowest Daily News 6/17/06:  Wayland Native Adam Ezra finding his music in unusual places.

Yahoo! Finance  6/16/06:  WHS Physics Teacher Ken Altshuler chosen as Raytheon's first Extern.

Boston Globe 6/16/06:  Starts & Stops entry on Route 20 Road Work.  The project should be completed by late summer, which is when the left turn arrow will become active.

Boston Globe 6/15/06:  WHS Baseball heads to Eastern Massachusetts championship game.

Wayland Town Crier 6/15/06:  Boosters seeks to use CPA funding for artificial turf recreational field.

Wayland Town Crier 6/15/06:  Task force preparing for possible disasters

Wayland Town Crier 6/15/06:  Claypit Hill's Cynthia Dunham to take over as interim assistant superintendent for next year, filling the gap created by the departure of Wayne Ogden.

Wayland Town Crier 6/15/06:  Update on road work at Route 20/Route 27 Intersection.

Wayland Town Crier 6/15/06:  Wayland Democratic delegates support Patrick in Governor's race.

Wayland Town Crier 6/15/06:  Norma Greenberg retires after 19 years in Guidance Department.

Lincoln Journal 6/15/06:  Wayland's Tom Conroy to formally announce his candidacy against State Rep. Sue Pope. 

Metrowest Daily News 6/13/06:  Wayland eliminates Danvers in Div 2 North Semifinals in Baseball.

Sports Features 6/11/06:  Wayland/Weston crew among top finishers in the nation. 

Boston Globe 6/11/06:  Local Heroes award for Gale McNiff.

Metrowest Daily News 6/11/06:  Heavy rains may bring a bad mosquito season.

Metrowest Daily News 6/11/06:  Town and Landfill Supervisor reach settlement

Metrowest Daily News 6/11/06  Editorial suggesting ways to boost voter turnout.  Wayland has little problem in this arena, topping area voter turnout at 63%.

Cape Cod Times 6/9/06:  Wayland's Florence Chretian expected to compete for the women's title at the Hyannis Sprint Triathlon

Wayland Town Crier 6/8/06:  Wayland events among the fun during RiverFest.

Wayland Town Crier 6/8/06:  Whole Foods given one-day liquor license suspension and one-year probation for selling alcohol to a minor.

Wayland Town Crier 6/8/06:  Purple cows mark Parmenter's Legacy Walk.

Wayland Town Crier 6/8/06:  Wayland Archeological Group is holding workshops.  Participants may sign up for Saturdays, June 3 to 24, or for Tuesdays and Thursdays, May 30 through June 22; or for both sessions. There is no fee. For more information call Paul Gardescu at 508-358-2669.

Wayland Town Crier 6/8/06:  The Cochituate State Park Advisory Committee is interested in hearing the public's opinion on the best use for an old stone pumphouse on the shores of Lake Cochituate near Lakeview Cemetery in Wayland.

Wayland Town Crier 6/8/06:  Zoe Leavitt's winning essay in the Freedom Prize Contest.

Wayland Town Crier 6/8/06:  Awards for Wayland students.

Wayland Town Crier 6/8/06:  Wayland Boys' Track team places 2nd at State Division 3 meet.  Sam Pegram wins the state title in the long jump.

WaylandeNews Exclusive 6/6/06:  Hoping for better cell coverage in Wayland?  Sprint, T-Mobile and Cingular will be locating on the Reeves Hill cell tower. Verizon has not committed to date, but has been in conversations with the tower company.  The tower is expected to be in service early this fall.

Metrowest Daily News 6/6/06:  WHS' Sam Pegram wins the state title in the long jump.

Metrowest Daily News 6/5/06:  The Class of 2006 graduates from Wayland High School.  A full class list is available here.

Metrowest Daily News 6/4/06:  Wayland man searches for new kidney.  He needs a donor with blood type B or O.

Boston Globe 6/4/06:  WHS Seniors Sam Wolfson and Zach Jackson highlighted for their efforts that "inspired, enriched, and empowered their classmates."

Metrowest Daily News 6/4/06:  It's issues and races that bring voters to the polls.  Wayland had both this year.

Metrowest Daily News 6/4/06:  All-State Track Meet delayed until Monday.  Wayland has five athletes in the top 10 of their events.

Metrowest Daily News 6/4/06:  Loss of town services makes home sales more difficult.

Metrowest Daily News 6/2/06:  Wayland Girls' Lacrosse advances to Division 2 Semifinals.  They play Tuesday in Winchester.

Metrowest Daily News 6/2/06:  Proposed Natick project could add traffic to Route 27.

Colby College 6/1/06:  Geoff Buckle (Colby College, Lacrosse), named to the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) Spring All-Academic Team.

Wayland Town Crier 6/1/06:  First ever sibling valedictorians for WHS.  Liese Pruitt is first in class for 2006; her sister was valedictorian four years ago.  6/8/06 correction:  Davis siblings were co-valedictorians in the 1990s.

Wayland Town Crier 6/1/06:  Healthy Wayland Health Fair will feature over 50 exhibitors and speakers.

Wayland Town Crier 6/1/06:  Wayland's Gale McNiff honored with a "Community Impact Heroes Award".  McNiff chairs Wayland's Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), and has led the committee to become one of the first fully certified by the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.

Wayland Town Crier 6/1/06:  Wayland man arrested for rape.

Wayland Town Crier 6/1/06: Director of Longfellow's Handi-Racket tennis program, which has enabled hundreds of people with disabilities to play tennis, honored at US Tennis Association's New England awards luncheon.

Wayland Town Crier 6/1/06:  Wayland librarian performs in memoir of his father.  DVD to be shown at Raytheon Room Sunday June 4 at 2:30

Boston Globe 6/1/06:  Local coaches say no to "slaughter" penalty.

Boston Globe 6/1/06:  SAT as a timed test?  Wayland's Norma Greenberg questions whether perhaps all students should be given as much time as needed to complete the SAT.

Boston Globe 5/28/06:  Wayland article would allow noncitizens to vote.

Metrowest Daily News 5/28/06:  Theater competition later this week includes entry from Wayland's Vokesplayers.

Metrowest Daily News 5/28/06:  Sgt Patrick Swanick named new Detective Division commander for Wayland Police Department.

Metrowest Daily News 5/28/06:  Landfill Superintendent Charles Kiley and the Board of Health agree to one year of paid leave prior to the termination of his employment with the town next year.  Amid allegations of illegal dumping (and other undisclosed issues), Kiley ends his 19-year career with Wayland.

Boston Herald 5/28/06:  WHS Grad Holly Carmody named New England Women's and Men's Athletic Conference Lacrosse Player of the Year.

Metrowest Daily News 5/26/06:  Need a summer job?  Wayland may still be hiring for alternate lifeguards and landfill sticker sales people.

Wayland Town Crier 5/25/06:  Former Wayland High School student Albert Keung wins academic prize at Stanford.  Keung was among the top ranking students at Stanford, and was awarded the Frederick Emmons Terman Engineering Scholastic Award. Each student was asked to nominate a teacher from their pre-college years that had the most influence on their academic careers. Keung chose his orchestra teacher, Jane Ezbicki, current fine arts director of the Wayland school system.

Weston Town Crier 5/25/06:  Wayland/Weston crew takes State Championship.

Wayland Town Crier 5/25/06:  Developer beyond deadline in removing tank at gas station site.

Wayland Town Crier 5/25/06:  Raytheon holds public session to answer questions about cleanup. Raytheon representatives assured residents that state laws will protect the town from an unsafe use of the site.  A next Q&A session will be held in the fall.

Wayland Town Crier 5/25/06:  Wayland attorney Victoria Walton honored with "Rising Star" award and featured in May issue of Boston Magazine.

Wayland Town Crier 5/25/06:  Healthy Wayland fair on Saturday, June 10, will feature nutrition and fitness advice, among many topics covered.  Visit www.healthywayland.org for full details.

Wayland Town Crier 5/25/06:  WHS Sophomore Zoe Leavitt wins the Freedom Prize for her essay on freedom of the press.

Wayland Town Crier 5/25/06:  Longfellow is hosting its sixth annual ALS bike ride.   Longfellow is hosting rides ranging from a short kids' ride to a 50 mile trek to raise funds for ALS on June 4.

Wayland Town Crier 5/25/06:  Selectmen suggest compromise in church expansion plan.

Wayland Town Crier 5/25/06:  Wayland Beautification Committee does landscaping and planting and leads the Keep Wayland Tidy Campaign.

Wayland Town Crier 5/25/06:  Wayland Junior Prom the "best part of Junior Year"

Boston Globe 5/21/06:  Wayland resident Susan Michalcyzk notes how much has changed at BC since the college went fully co-ed

Boston Globe 5/21/06:  While many towns are taking action against illegal immigration, Wayland is seeking to expand rights for permanent legal residents.

Metrowest Daily News 5/21/06:  A new development has changed the character of one resident's backyard.

Metrowest Daily News 5/21/06:  Last phase of Mainstone condominiums will be luxurious.

Metrowest Daily News 5/20/06:  WHS '05 Jessi Foreman excelling in track at UConn.  She won the Big East Title in the 100m

Metrowest Daily News 5/19/06:  Multitown group argues in favor of chemical use in Lake Cochituate.

Boston Globe 5/18/06:  Preparing for the worst on Prom Night.  Kids need to keep getting the message about drinking and driving.

Wayland Town Crier 5/18/06:  It's unclear what the savings would be from consolidating departments into a DPW.

Wayland Town Crier 5/18/06:  Town boards consider options for plans for expanding the Trinitarian Church.

Wayland Town Crier 5/18/06:  Claypit students send books to Uganda.  For more information on the book project, visit Africa Reads

Wayland Town Crier 5/18/06:  Local residents are raising money for the Brain Tumor Society.  Their upcoming bike ride is at rider capacity, but to donate, visit their website.

Wayland Town Crier 5/18/06:  Why were those shoes hidden in the walls?  On Tuesday, May 23 Jessica Geisler Costello will give a presentation at the annual meeting of the Wayland Historical Society on the concealment of shoes.  Costello's talk will begin around 7:30 pm, after the annual meeting of the Historical Society. It is free and open to the public. For further information call 508-358-7959.

Wayland Town Crier 5/18/06:  10th (and final) Walk for A-T this Sunday, May 21.

Wayland Town Crier 5/18/06:  Forum on Internet Safety. 

Wayland Town Crier 5/18/06:  Wayland residents go to Waveland to help in the rebuilding process.  Visit the Wayland to Waveland website for more information, photographs, notes about the trip, and how you can help.

Metrowest Daily News 5/17/06:  New Chapter begins in giant Saxonville Project.  The Framingham Conservation Commission will hold an intent hearing tonight at 9:30pm regarding the Sudbury Landing project (formerly known as Danforth Farm).

Metrowest Daily News 5/17/06:  Bonnie Drexler awarded the 2006 Elizabeth Abernathy Hull Award by the Garden Club of America, one of three in the country to win the award.

Metrowest Daily News 5/17/06:  State not going to appeal Natick's decision to deny the use of chemicals in Lake Cochituate.

Metrowest Daily News 5/16/06:  Bill would let special education students who fail the MCAS to walk in graduation ceremonies.  To date, all Wayland special education students have been able to graduate - either by passing the MCAS or by filing a successful appeal with the state.

Metrowest Daily News 5/16/06:  It's wet here, but so far, Wayland has been spared from the worst of the flooding.

Metrowest Daily News 5/14/06:  High turnout at Town Meeting reveals deficiencies in Field House as venue for town business.

Boston Globe 5/14/06:  New School aid formula improves picture for suburban schools.  Proposed aid amounts for individual districts available here.  Wayland's Chapter 70 aid would increase from by about $400,000.

Boston Globe 5/13/06:  Wayland Mom featured in Globe article on Motherhood Connections.

Boston Globe 5/11/06:  Emergency Healthcare taking shape.  

Boston Globe 5/11/06:  Costs soaring in Framingham area.

Wayland Town Crier 5/11/06:  Record Town Meeting crowd supports Town Center.  Now the project begins its move forward.

Wayland Town Crier 5/11/06:  Wayland voters turn down overlay district bylaw.

Wayland Town Crier 5/11/06:  Wayland among schools on Newsweek's list of top US high schools.  (Note: the sole criteria for this rating was AP courses taken per student)

Wayland Town Crier 5/11/06:  Fire Department sponsors Fire Safety Poster contest.

Wayland Town Crier 5/11/06:  Natick Labs introduces Wayland veterans to the Future Force Warrior.

Wayland Town Crier 5/11/06:  Wayland kids aspire to show biz careers; see them in the meantime in Walnut Hill's Bye-Bye Birdie.

Wayland Town Crier 5/11/06:  Local residents go to New Orleans to help rebuild for Katrina victims.

Wayland Town Crier 5/11/06:  Spread the Bread for Memorial Day

Skidmore News 5/11/06:  Skidmore Sophomore and Wayland native softball infielder Sasha Diamond-Lenow named to All-Liberty League Second Team all-stars.  She finished the season with a .391 batting average and led the team in RBIs.

UConn Huskies 5/7/06:  Jessi Foreman wins the Big East title in the 100m with a 11.63 personal best.  Photo from the Hartford Courant available here.

Boston Globe 5/7/06:  Developer to begin to signup tenants for Town Center project

Boston Globe 5/7/06:  Cost of living growing in Framingham area

Metrowest Daily New 5/7/06:  Metrowest costs up 18% from April 2001 to October 2005.  Wayland has the lowest unemployment rate of the communities studied at 2.7%

Boston Globe 5/7/06:  Wayland Veterinarian Amy Schroff of Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center of New England offers courses on first-aid for cat owners.   A schedule of future classes can be found at www.vescone.com.

Metrowest Daily News 5/7/06:  Many iPod Thefts at Wayland High School this year.

Metrowest Daily News 5/7/06:  9/11 Families seek tighter security

Boston Globe 5/7/06:  Franklin schools pick Wayland Assistant Superintendent Wayne Ogden as their new school superintendent.

Milford Daily News 5/7/06:  Wayland kids among the cast of Walnut Hill School's Bye-Bye Birdie

Boston Globe 5/4/06:  Schools await new state aid figures.

Boston Globe 5/4/06:  Volunteer group organizes healthcare in the event of bird flu or some other medical emergency in western suburbs.

Boston Globe 5/4/06:  Natick rejects use of chemicals on weeds in Lake Cochituate.  Wayland has directed the state to try all other options first, but has not outright rejected the use of chemicals.

Boston Globe 5/4/06:  As Newton seeks to use CPA funds for artificial turf, Wayland case is their obstacle.

Daily Princetonian 5/4/06:  Wayland's Brendan Luby writes on Fraternities and House Parties at Princeton.

Wayland Town Crier 5/4/06:  Wayland approves Town Center proposal at record-setting town meeting.  80% of Town Meeting members supported the by-law.

Wayland Town Crier 5/4/06:  Wayland giving a voice to legal immigrants.  (disclaimer:  this article features WaylandeNews webmaster Kim Reichelt)

Wayland Town Crier 5/4/06:  Wayland's Annual Town Meeting concludes on second night. 

Wayland Town Crier 5/4/06:  Franklin schools select Wayland Assistant Superintendent Wayne Ogden as their new superintendent 

Wayland Town Crier 5/4/06:  Wayland voters approve override; switch retirees' health plan.

Wayland Town Crier 5/4/06:  Wayland Conservation Commission allows herbicide use as last resort.  Natick rejected them entirely, Framingham approved them with conditions.

WaylandeNews 5/4/06:  Wayland Youth & Family Services presented their first annual Community Service Awards on May 2.

Wayland Town Crier 5/4/06:  Wayland's Golden Tones "Keep on Singing" as director Maddie Sifantus recovers from injuries from a car accident.

Milford Daily News 5/3/06   Franklin schools select Wayland Assistant Superintendent Wayne Ogden as their new superintendent

Metrowest Daily News 5/3/06  Wayland residents assist in rebuilding in New Orleans.

Boston Globe 5/3/06:  Eating better at Wayland High School

Metrowest Daily News 5/3/06:  Wayland seeks local voting rights for non-citizens with green cards.  (disclaimer:  this article features WaylandeNews webmaster Kim Reichelt)

        Boston Herald 5/3/06:  Wayland seeks local voting rights for non-citizens with green cards  (short version of article)

        Democracy Dispatches 5/3/06:  Noncitizen voting passed in Wayland

Boston Globe 4/30/06:  New vote on Town Center plan.

Metrowest Daily News 4/30/06:  Spread the Bread one of ten charitable organizations nationwide honored by Newman's Own with a National Make a Difference Day award.

Metrowest Daily News 4/30/06:  Assistant Superintendent Wayne Ogden answers questions in search for Franklin Superintendent.

Burlington Free Press 4/29/06:  Wayland students at University of Vermont take course in managing a family business.

Metrowest Daily News 4/28/06:  Voters pass budget and vote to switch retirees' health plan

Wayland Town Crier 4/27/06:  Huge turnout in Wayland as voters pass override.

Wayland Town Crier 4/27/06:  Alice Salos completes marathon.  She has raised over $45,000 for Wayside Hospice, but has not quite reached her $50,000 goal.  To donate in support of her walk, visit www.parmenter.org

Wayland Town Crier 4/27/06:  Wayland resident and lymphoma survivor Jeremy Dexter-Smith, raised nearly $10,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and participating in the "Hike for Discovery".  Anyone who wants to help Dexter-Smith push past his new goal of $10,000 can click here to donate

Wayland Town Crier 4/27/06:  Assistant Superintendent Ogden named as finalist in Franklin Superintendent search.

Wayland Town Crier 4/27/06:  Lawn signs went missing during political campaign.

Wayland Town Crier 4/27/06:  Commercial appraisal missing from Town Center financial report.

Wayland Town Crier 4/27/06:  Financial analyst Judi Barrett presented financial impact numbers regarding the Town Center at a public hearing on April 24.

Wayland Town Crier 4/27/06:  Fire department uses boat to combat brush fire near Sudbury line.

Metrowest Daily News 4/23/06:  Planning Board holds hearing on traffic impacts of Town Center; votes out chairman at the end.

Metrowest Daily News 4/23/06:  Sometimes local politics gets downright personal.  Personal conflicts between boards and commissions are common throughout MetroWest.

Boston Globe 4/23/06:  WHS Senior Alex Jenny among 22 honored as scholar-athletes in Eastern Massachusetts.

WaylandeNews 4/22/06  Wayland resident Lauren Stiller Rikleen has published a book entitled Ending the Gauntlet – Removing Barriers to Women’s Success in the Law. The purpose of the book is to educate women, the leadership of the professional service firms they work for (who are predominantly male) and business professionals overall about what makes women successful in legal practice.

Metrowest Daily News 4/22/06:  Wayland Firefighters use boat to fight fire.

Boston Globe 4/20/06:  Override vote upcoming in Wayland.

Wayland Town Crier 4/20/06:  Candidate's Night Discussions:

Wayland Town Crier 4/20/06:  Review of Selectmen's Meeting

Wayland Town Crier 4/20/06:  Expressing opinions about the override:  no photo please

Wayland Town Crier 4/20/06:  How to Make the Dash Count    (www.makethedashcount.com)

Wayland Town Crier 4/20/06:  WayCam moves into the 21st Century

Wayland Town Crier 4/20/06:  Surface Water Committee invites public to look at Wellesley's plan for managing land and water resources.

Wayland Town Crier 4/20/06:  Wayland Public Schools Foundation awards grants to Wayland schools

Congratulations to the 20 Wayland residents who completed the Boston Marathon (with bib numbers) Todd Seeber was the first to finish at 3:25:55, Eric Hoke finished a full second later, and Deb Gilmore was the third Waylander to cross at 3:31:14.  Complete Wayland results available here.

The Dartmouth 4/17/06:  Dartmouth looks forward to adding Alex Jenny to their football squad.

Metrowest Daily News 4/16/06:  Former Dow Neighbor (and cancer patient) raises money for cancer research.

Metrowest Daily News 4/16/06:  Elected Town Clerks on Decline.

Metrowest Daily News 4/16/06:  Manager of Landfill Disciplined.

Wayland Town Crier 4/13/06:  Water Lily and Chateau are put on probation, but keep liquor licenses, after selling alcohol to a minor in a police sting.

Wayland Town Crier 4/13/06:  Tom Conroy seeks Sue Pope's seat in the State House of Representatives.

Wayland Town Crier 4/13/06:  Minutes of meeting questioned. 

Wayland Town Crier 4/13/06:  You can drink your glass and take home the bottle, too.  A new state law lets customers bring home unfinished bottles of wine from restaurants, re-sealed (and not be consumed on the way!)

Wayland Town Crier 4/13/06:  Library series spotlights Shakespeare

Wayland Town Crier 4/13/06:  Library runs workshop on storytelling for 12-15 year olds.

Metrowest Daily News 4/11/06:  Accused flasher pleads not guilty.

Metrowest Daily News 4/11/06:  House allocates less money for area schools than Romney's proposal.

Boston Globe 4/10/06:  Not everyone in Wayland is a Sox fanatic.

Herald Standard 4/10/06: Balloons released in Pennsylvania turning up everywhere, including Wayland.

Metrowest Daily News 4/9/06:  Man accused of exposing himself to two teens in Lake Road area.

Metrowest Daily News 4/9/06:  Residents hope Pelham Island won't flood during bridge construction

Metrowest Daily News 4/7/06:  Study links fluoride to bone cancer in boys.

Metrowest Daily News 4/7/06:  Wayland grandmother seeks to raise $50,000 walking her sixth marathon.

Wayland Town Crier 4/6/06:  Wayland's eighty-year old Alice Salos out to raise $50,000 for Parmenter and Wayland Hospice by walking Boston Marathon.

Boston Globe 4/6/06:  WHS student Josh Cunningham one of 8 Massachusetts players awarded a Courageous Player Award

Sudbury Town Crier 4/6/06:  Wayland's Tom Conroy to run against Sue Pope for state representative seat.

Wayland Town Crier 4/6/06:  Wayland's top salary earners.

Wayland Town Crier 4/6/06:   Wayland receives Chapter 90 money for road repairs earlier than expected.

Wayland Town Crier 4/6/06:  Wayland featured in news piece on students seeking special accommodations for SATs

Wayland Town Crier 4/6/06:  Natick Board of Health rejects state plan for use of herbicides in Lake Cochituate.  Wayland's Conservation Commission will continue its deliberations on Tuesday

Wayland Town Crier 4/6/06:  Wayland Historical Commission completes project to save historical gravestones.

Wayland Town Crier 4/6/06:  Wayland's Jessica Larson a stand-out diver at Brown, now can focus on her neuroscience major.

Metrowest Daily News 4/5/06:  New Insurance Bill lauded by Massachusetts lawmakers, including Wayland's Sue Pope.

Metrowest Daily News 4/2/06   Surface Water Quality Committee opposes the use of herbicides in Lake Cochituate.

            Boston Globe 4/2/06:  Natick Board of Health Agrees.

Boston Globe 4/1/06:  Many towns struggling with overrides.  Reduced state aid is forcing many towns to choose between reduced services or higher taxes. (non-Wayland article)

Wayland Town Crier 3/30/06:  Boards and Developer reach agreement on new bylaw.  Warrant for Special Town Meeting will now include just one article, based on the development agreement signed by the Selectmen and Developer and the bylaw agreed to by the Planning Board and Developer.

Wayland Town Crier 3/30/06:  Town begins detailing the cuts that would be required should the upcoming override fail.  Cuts would include the closing of Cochituate Fire Station most of the time, the restructuring of the Elementary Schools splitting the children by grade rather than neighborhood, cutbacks in staff and hours throughout town services and schools.

Wayland Town Crier 3/30/06:  Serious injuries result from four-car accident on Route 27 last week.  Golden Tones Director Madeleine Sifantus and Marcie Crowley among the three injured.

Wayland Town Crier 3/30/06:  Community Nursery School turns 40

Wayland Town Crier 3/30/06:  Moderator Gossels explains amendment to Town Meeting rules and regulations.

Wayland Town Crier 3/30/06:  Wayland Middle School wins $5000 grant to update library materials in history and social studies.

Wayland Town Crier 3/30/06:  Wayland High School Theatre Ensemble prepares for production of "A Midsummer's Night Dream".  Performances are April 5, 6, 7 and 8 at 7:30 p.m. at the Wayland High School Little Theater. Tickets and information are available at www.waylanddrama.org 

Wayland Town Crier 3/30/06:  Wayland Junior Warriors win Metro League Championship.

Boston Herald 3/30/06:  WHS Senior Sam Pegram's switch from lacrosse to track pays off.

Metrowest Daily News 3/26/06:  Racist flyers littered around Wayland. 

Boston Globe 3/26/06:  Eastern Massachusetts Shriners Football Classic is set for June 23rd, with WHS' Alex Jenny and Phil Hastings selected to play.  Proceeds are to be benefit Shriners Hospital in Boston.

Newton Tab 3/24/06:  Wayland chess players among tops in the state.

Metrowest Daily News 3/24/06: Four car accident on Route 27 causes road closure and injuries.

Metrowest Daily News 3/24/06:  Two Wayland businesses sold alcohol to minors in undercover operation by Wayland police.

Boston Globe 3/24/06:  Wayland's Josh Cunningham awarded among eight Massachusetts football players awarded Coach Paul Costello Courageous Player Award, awarded annually to seniors who have played physically challenged, endured a hardship or served as an inspiration to the team.

Sudbury Town Crier 3/23/06:  Sudbury seeks to amend Wayland-Sudbury Septage Facility agreement to give Sudbury a voice in approving any financing of debt.

Wayland Town Crier 3/23/06:  Schools prepared to implement cutbacks and school restructuring should override fail. 

Wayland Town Crier 3/23/06:  Town Center compromise could put Planning Board, Selectmen and Developer back on track for agreement for warrant article for April Town Meeting

Wayland Town Crier 3/23/06:  Wayland remembers Ken Moon

Wayland Town Crier 3/23/06:  Debate continues over the use of herbicides in Lake Cochituate.

Wayland Town Crier 3/23/06:  Wayland's Community Gardens have wonderful soil, are reasonably priced, and available.  Click here to download an application.

Metrowest Daily News 3/22/06:  Selectmen back override.  Having cut $1.7 out of the deficit, the Selectmen felt that further cuts would not be reasonable.  Among the cuts cited should the override fail:  "the elimination of school librarians, school extracurricular activities, traffic guards, two police officers, two firefighter/EMT positions and an emergency dispatcher".

St. Augustine Record 3/20/06:  A brief history of a life:  Russell Armstrong.  This Florida resident taught English in Wayland until he retired in 1977.  As his 80th birthday approaches, he reflects on, among other things, his guard duty in Nuremberg outside the cells of Goring and Hess.  (registration required)

Chicago Sun-Times 3/19/06:  Curling gaining in popularity from Olympics;  Broomstones attracted over 1000 visitors to its open house with still more turned away by the big crowds.

Metrowest Daily News 3/18/06:  Planning Board agrees to discuss signage, but is delaying holding a public hearing on the Selectmen's Town Center article.

Boston Globe 3/18/06:  Wayland Builder Tom Antonellis is the Chairman of Rebuilding Together, a nonprofit organization that does repair work for Boston homeowners who otherwise could not afford them.  See the Rebuilding Together Boston website.

Boston Globe 3/18/06:  WHS Student Alex Petty is a member of the Beantown 16s Black volleyball team, a nine-member Junior Olympic squad, which recently made volleyball history by becoming the first New England team ever to qualify for the Open National Tournament.

Metrowest Daily News 3/17/06:  Many female police recruits are having difficulty with the physical test, particularly scaling a 5 ft wall.

Wayland Town Crier 3/16/06:  Wayland developer aims to maximize affordable units in renovation of Kathryn Barton Nursing Home.

Wayland Town Crier 3/16/06:  Selectmen back $2.1 million override.  In a 4-1 vote, Selectmen opted to follow the recommendation of the Finance Committee for a single choice, $2.1 million override.

Wayland Town Crier 3/16/06:  State Senator Scott Brown ruled out as running mate for Lt. Gov Healey.  Reed Hillman of Sturbridge chosen instead.

Wayland Town Crier 3/16/06:  Wayland resident wins 2005 Massachusetts Department of Health Community Person of the Year Award.

Wayland Town Crier 3/16/06:  Islamic Center responds to recent Muslim/Arab issues in the news.

Wayland Town Crier 3/16/06:  Families of local victims of 9/11 attacks unimpressed with government's prosecution of Moussaoui case.

Boston Globe 3/12/06:  Selectmen back mixed-use project.

Metrowest Daily News 3/12/06:  Wayland Wrestlers grab state title, capping a 26-0 season.

Boston Globe 3/12/06:  Globe coverage of wrestling championship.

Metrowest Daily News 3/12/06:  Wayland to begin receiving payments for landfill cover.

Wayland Town Crier 3/9/06:  Warrant will include separate bylaw articles from the Planning Board and Board of Selectmen regarding Town Center.

Wayland Town Crier 3/9/06:  Building intergenerational connections is a focus at Wayland High School.  A current example is the Freedom Prize Essay Contest.

Wayland Town Crier 3/9/06:  Towns reviewing herbicide plain for dealing with invasive weeds in Lake Cochituate.

Wayland Town Crier 3/9/06:  Middle School students perform original musical version of Twelfth Night.

Boston Globe 3/5/06:  Rep. Marty Meehan spoke yesterday in Wayland at a forum sponsored by the ACLU against warrantless wiretapping.

Metrowest Daily News 3/5/06:  Metrowest Daily News coverage of the ACLU/Meehan forum.

Metrowest Daily News 3/5/06:  Photographer John Grabill has an exhibit at Wayland Library's Raytheon Room for the month of March.

Metrowest Daily News 3/5/06:  Wayland's Ann Baker is a casting director known as Boston's "Queen of Casting".  She will be running six-week coaching sessions for aspiring actors and actresses at WAYCAM at Wayland High School.

Metrowest Daily News 3/3/06:  Town OKs Wayland Commons 40B Project

Wayland Town Crier 3/2/06:  Continued work on Town Center project, but getting agreement on final details is proving difficult.

Wayland Town Crier 3/2/06:  Town OKs Wayland Commons 40B Project.

Wayland Town Crier 3/2/06:  Wayland resident wins $1 million from lottery scratch ticket.

Wayland Town Crier 3/2/06:  Wayland Democrat to run against Sue Pope for State Representative seat.

Wayland Town Crier 3/2/06:  Wayland Track finishes 8th in the state, and long jumper Sam Pegram wins the state title.

Wayland Town Crier 3/2/06:  Carbon monoxide detectors now required by law in many homes.  The new regulation is described at:  www.mass.gov/dfs/osfm/pubed/firesafetytopics/carbon_monoxide_safety.htm.  A pamphlet about Carbon Monoxide is available at www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/pubs/464.pdf

Boston Globe 3/2/06:  The state is presenting its plan for dealing with weeds in Lake Cochituate. 

Boston Globe 3/1/06:  Got spaetzle?  Wayland resident and Stuttgart native Stefanie Duerr Laituri does. 

Metrowest Daily News 2/28/06:  James Lavin (WHS '87) writes business book based on the running of the New England Patriots Management Secrets of the New England Patriots: Building a High-Performance Organization (Vol I and II)  is based on his research spanning thousands of articles, and presumably watching a lot of football.  Visit James' site at: http://www.patriotsbook.com/  to view excerpts from the books or purchase a copy.

Metrowest Daily News 2/28/06:  WEEI Talk Show Host Pete Sheppard learns curling isn't as easy as it looks.

Metrowest Daily News 2/27/06  Wayland Girls win state Division II swimming title, swimming to victory on Saturday.  Boston Globe coverage here.   A day earlier, Wayland Boys swam at the State Meet at MIT, and placed 3rd in the state.

New York Times 2/27/06:  Broomstones open house gets coverage in the New York Times  (registration required).  Here's the same story from the Register Times (no registration required).

Metrowest Daily News 2/26/06:  Broomstones open house draws from Olympics curling excitement.

Metrowest Daily News 2/26/06:  Whatever happened to Jon Mann? 

Metrowest Daily News 2/26/06:  Photo exhibit by 19th century Wayland photographer on display at Philips Academy.

Metrowest Daily News 2/26/06:  Developer's plans for 78 Boston Post Rd. scaled down, but still include a Dunkin' Donuts and gas station.  Eliminated: plans for a car wash. 

Metrowest Daily News 2/26/06:  Abandoned tanks at 78 Boston Post Rd. could pose environmental hazard.

Metrowest Daily News 2/23/06:  Wayland Man wins $1 million from lottery scratch ticket.

Wayland Town Crier 2/23/06:  Finance Committee recommends $2.1 million override.  Rejecting a larger amount that would provide fully level services for next year or further replenish free cash, or a smaller amount that would require larger cuts in the budget, the Finance Committee opts to recommend a $2.1 million override for FY07.  The initial shortfall estimated in September was $3.3 million; measures to reduce the override amount were successful in cutting 36% of the original gap.

Wayland Town Crier 2/23/06:  Town Treasurer is trying to locate those owed a total $20,000 in unclaimed checks.  A list of abandoned checks is available at:  www.wayland.ma.us/treasurer/tailings_5.htm

Wayland Town Crier 2/23/06:  Wayland among many towns grappling with whether to use herbicides to control invasive weeds.

Wayland Town Crier 2/23/06:  Wayland Police seek robbers.  See the Wayland Police website for sketches of the suspects.

Wayland Town Crier 2/23/06:  Wayland's LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee) planning for local disasters.  For those interested in training for a Citizen Emergency Response Team, contact Gale McNiff at 508-655-9284 or e-mail her.

Wayland Town Crier 2/23/06:  Original COA Director returns to position. 

Wayland Town Crier 2/23/06:  Wayland's Broomstones one of a small number of places to curl in America, but interest has grown since it became an Olympic sport in 2002.

Medfield Press 2/23/06:  Wayland Junior on bronze medal team in National Curling Championships.  Both the Women's and Men's teams out of Broomstones Curling Club won medals at the championships held in Minnesota.  WHS Junior Josh Saltmarsh was on the Men's team.

Metrowest Daily News 2/22/06:  Broomstones Curling Club will hold an open house this weekend.  Hoping to capitalize on Olympic coverage of the event, Broomstones looks to attract more fans.

Boston Globe 2/19/06:  Art benefit at the Villa for lymphoma (see second half of linked article)   There will be a reception for the ongoing art exhibition and sale Sunday, Feb. 19, from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Villa.  For details, call 508-653-8570.

Metrowest Daily News 2/19/06:  Plan that could include herbicides to deal with weeds in Lake Cochituate met with resistance by Wayland residents;  state plan calls for use of herbicides if the physical hand-pulling is not successful.

Metrowest Daily News 2/19/06:  Aspiring Natick director produces movie starring local actors, including Wayland's Harley Yanoff.  A trailer is available online at www.remedialattraction.com

Metrowest Daily News 2/18/06:  Armed thieves rob Wayland home.  Police believe one of the victims was targeted, and that this was not a random robbery.

Boston Globe 2/16/06:  Updated version of Children's Way Guide to the Metrowest available.

Wayland Town Crier 2/16/06:  Selectman Reiss argues for override options. 

Wayland Town Crier 2/16/06:  The Assessors office is dealing with an unprecedented number of abatement requests.

Wayland Town Crier 2/16/06:  State says the plan for Lake Cochituate that included herbicide use contained typo, and they do not plan to use Sonar in the Lake.

Wayland Town Crier 2/16/06:  Wayland Library acquires collection of audio books of poets reading their own poems.

Wayland Town Crier 2/16/06:  Artist Joshua Winer creating new artistic entryway to Happy Hollow.

Wayland Town Crier 2/16/06:  Wayland Instrument Rental company puts an emphasis on quality and customer service.

Wayland Town Crier 2/16/06:  Reducing the stress of college admissions.

Metrowest Daily News 2/12/06:  Selectmen, Planning Board and Developer appear to have reached consensus on Town Center.

Metrowest Daily News 2/12/06:  Damaged public buildings, like Wayland High School, are often among the last to see repairs.

Metrowest Daily News 2/12/06:  Internet a source of danger, even in the safest of communities.  A recent statutory rape case in Wayland highlight the need for precautions.  The Middle School PTO has developed a set of links on internet safety at  www.wayland.k12.ma.us/middle_school/pto/pto.htm.

Wayland Town Crier 2/9/06:  Recommended school budget would require an override.

Wayland Town Crier 2/9/06:  Wayland HS Trainer awarded prestigious prize, Mary L. Johnson Travelship Award.

Wayland Town Crier 2/9/06:  Town Pool to remain open for pool rentals only.

Wayland Town Crier 2/9/06:  Continued negotiations work toward Town Center compromise.

Wayland Town Crier 2/9/06:  Wayland Pediatrician launches new website.  Visit Dr. O'Keeffe's website at www.pediatricsnow.com.

Wayland Town Crier 2/9/06:  Wayland Democrats give support to Deval Patrick.

Wayland Town Crier 2/9/06:  Wayland Council on Aging receives larger grant than last year.

Boston Globe 2/9/06:  Wayland mother wonders about the importance of winning

Boston Globe 2/7/06:  Column by State Treasurer Tim Cahill expresses his commitment to lift the moratorium on school construction aid in 2007, with specific mention of Wayland

Metrowest Daily News 2/7/06:  Longfellow Club yoga teacher releases instructional yoga DVD.

Metrowest Daily News 2/5/06:  WaylandeNews makes the news!

Metrowest Daily News 2/5/06:  Planning Board looks to reduce Town Center size and require special permitting

Metrowest Daily News 2/5/06:  Assistant Assessor reprimanded by Board of Assessors

Metrowest Daily News 2/5/05:  Democrats pick gubernatorial delegates;  Wayland delegates all for Deval Patrick.

Metrowest Daily News 2/3/06:  Benefit for homelessness to be held at Sandy Burr on February 9.

Metrowest Daily News 2/2/06:  Final arguments in lawsuit against town.

Boston Globe 2/2/06:  Romney's plan increases school aid, but not much. Romney's budget would send $100,000 more to Wayland schools than prior year.

Boston Globe 2/2/06:  Districts joining together to fight for more school aid.  Towns ask for minimum of $2000/student in state aid.  Officials from Andover, Bedford, Belmont, Boxborough, Concord, Harvard, Littleton, Minuteman Regional, North Reading, and Winchester, Acton, Lincoln, Maynard, Natick, Needham, Sudbury, and Wayland are looking to increase aid and prevent deterioration of school systems.

Boston Globe 2/2/06:  Board of Selectmen and Planning Board continue work on Town Center proposal.  The new proposal is about 15% smaller (total of commercial space and housing) than the proposal presented at the last Town Meeting.

Wayland Town Crier 2/2/06:  Two Warriors named to football all-star team.

Boston Globe 2/2/06:  Wayland-based Candela Corp (which makes products to treat cosmetic and medical conditions using lasers, cryosurgery and other technology) saw its stock leap yesterday after posting strong earnings results.

Wayland Town Crier 2/2/06:  Needham man arrested for statutory rape; met Wayland girl on internet.

Wayland Town Crier 2/2/06:  Swimmers present proposal to keep pool open.  Looking to keep the pool open only when it can be rented would limit expenses and potentially cost less than demolition.

Wayland Town Crier 2/2/06:  Benefit for homelessness to be held at Sandy Burr on February 9.

Wayland Town Crier 2/2/06:  State Senator Brown co-sponsors bills for veterans and those serving in the military.

Forum on understanding teenagers.  Covered in the Boston Globe 2/2/06 and the Wayland Town Crier 2/2/06.

Wayland Town Crier 2/2/06:  Winter Week at the High School; a chance to relax after exams.

Wayland Town Crier 2/2/06:  Two WHS teams finish near the top of business competition at MIT.

Metrowest Daily News 1/29/06:  Town Center discussions working toward compromise; could come before April Town Meeting.

Boston Globe 1/29/06:  Coverage or towers; with cell phones you can't have your cake and eat it, too.

Boston Globe 1/29/06:  Unease over new safety rules for high school softball players.

Metrowest Daily News 1/29/06:  Park and Recreation makes decisions regarding trees.

Wayland Town Crier 1/26/06:  Selectmen to implement many recommendations from Town Meeting Committee, including trying Sunday afternoon meetings and starting Town Meeting earlier on weeknights.

Wayland Town Crier 1/26/06:  A state plan calls for the use of the herbicide Sonar to combat milfoil in Lake Cochituate

Wayland Town Crier 1/26/06:  Wayland teen saves dog.

Wayland Town Crier 1/26/06:  IT Director keeps town connected, even in bad weather.

Wayland Town Crier 1/26/06:  Domestic Violence Roundtable is collecting Valentine's Day bags for Mothers, Fathers and Children in local shelters.  More details available here.

Wayland Town Crier 1/26/06:  The Wayland Veterans Memorial Committee and the Social Studies department at WHS have joined forces to offer a contest for essays on freedom.

Wayland Town Crier 1/26/06:  Wayland Public Schools Foundation awards grant to Middle School science teacher.

Boston Globe 1/25/06:  Governor Romney calls for changes to allocation formula for school aid. 

Boston Globe 1/23/06:  Training for the Olympics?  It's as much mental as it is physical.  Among athletes quotes is Wayland Olympic hopeful, Flo Chretien

Boston Globe 1/22/06:  Suburban legislators are arguing for rationality in the Chapter 70 formula.

Boston Globe 1/22/06:  Members of Temple Shir Tikva and the neighboring Islamic Center of Boston are forging closer ties.

Boston Globe 1/22/06:  Friends of the Wayland Town Pool are looking for ways to keep the pool open until a privately funded facility can be opened.

Boston Globe 1/22/06:  State is seeking approval to use herbicides in Lake Cochituate.

Metrowest Daily News 1/22/06:  Town officials hopeful that Romney's promise of more local aid will help town's financial situation.

Metrowest Daily News 1/22/06:  What is a "resident"?  There may be some non-residents getting landfill stickers.

Metrowest Daily News 1/20/06:  Wayland recovers from wind storm.  Happy Hollow was closed for a day due to power outage.

Metrowest Daily News 1/20/06:  The state plans to use herbicides in Lake Cochituate.

Wayland Town Crier 1/19/06:  A Happy Birthday for Dr. Burton.

Boston Globe 1/19/06:  Selectmen and Planning Board continue work to develop a Town Center proposal.

Boston Globe 1/19/06:  Increasingly, towns are using private forecasters to guide planning for snow services.  Among the forecasters is Wayland's Bruce Schwoegler.

Wayland Town Crier 1/19/06:  Ad Hoc Budget Advisory Committee delivers recommendations.  Among them:  increasing prices for school lunches, closing the Town Pool, and eliminating 2-4 teaching positions.

Wayland Town Crier 1/19/06:  Board of Selectmen gives support to the Nike Site Advisory Committee.  Remaining questions involve the trade-off between affordability and building consistently with the character of the surrounding neighborhood.

Wayland Town Crier 1/19/06:  Wayland library hosts new discussion group, Great Decisions.  The foreign policy discussion group is sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association.  The first meeting of the year, on the topic "UN Reform" will be Friday, January 27 at 9:15 in the Raytheon Room at the library.

Wayland Town Crier 1/19/06:  Wayland Representative Sue Pope co-sponsors "Benefits Fairness Act", which seeks to provide basic legal rights to same-sex couples without enabling them to marry.

Wayland Town Crier 1/19/06:  Sue Pope to seek re-election.

Metrowest Daily News 1/19/06:  Furious storm causes tree downings and power outages.

Boston Channel 1/18/06:  What a wild storm!  Route 20 closed due to fallen tree.

Boston Globe 1/18/06:  Swedish cooking in a Wayland kitchen.

Metrowest Daily News 1/8/06:  Police seek teen suspected of stealing bank deposit from Donelan's.

Metrowest Daily News 1/16/06:  Wayland expected to meet new arsenic standards when they come online next week.

Metrowest Daily News 1/16/06:  Sudbury reviewing its options over financing Wayland-Sudbury septage facility.

Metrowest Daily News 1/16/06:  Town required to address DEP concerns over compliance with state water regulations

Boston Globe 1/15/06:  "Ragtag" swim team from Rosindale competes with "perpetual powerhouse" Wayland Junior Warriors.

Metrowest Daily News 1/15/06:  Ad Hoc Budget Committee delivers cost cutting recommendations.

Boston Globe 1/14/06:  Romney announces increase in state aid to cities and towns.  (not a Wayland-specific article)

Edmonton Journal  1/13/06:  Leaving Edmonton out of MapQuest is an egregious error, but understandable especially if you know as much "about Edmonton as people [t]here might know about Wayland, Mass"

Boston Globe 1/12/06:  Suburban communities are demanding a fix to the funding formula that they believe is shortchanging their schools.

Metrowest Daily News 1/12/06:  WHS Wrestling Coach Gary Chase lands 200th win. 

Wayland Town Crier 1/12/06:  Zoning board reviews Wayland Commons Chapter 40B Housing Project.

Wayland Town Crier 1/12/06:  Town required to address DEP concerns over compliance with state water regulations.

Wayland Town Crier 1/12/06:  Wayland-Sudbury Septage Committee determining how to pay for improvements to septage facility

Wayland Town Crier 1/12/06:  The Board of Selectmen and Nike Site Reuse Advisory Committee continue to work on plans for affordable housing.

Wayland Town Crier 1/12/06:  New coordinator at Council on Aging.

Wayland Town Crier 1/12/06:  Casa Mexico closing shortly after its grand opening

Boston Globe 1/11/06:  Have recipe questions?  Maybe Jane Kelly is the one to ask.

Hartford Courant 1/10/06:  Article on Town Managers in Connecticut; a mention of Wayland Town Administrator Fred Turkington as having been "stellar".

Metrowest Daily News 1/10/06:  Wayland Rep. Sue Pope among many who support "no brainer" bill that would mandate HIV testing for accused rapists.

Metrowest Daily News 1/9/06:  The national curling championship makes its way through Wayland.   Broomstones is among the curling clubs hosting matches for the national championships.

Boston Globe 1/8/06:  Wayland and Weston swim coaches are father and son.  Mike and Pete Foley are swimming coaches on rival teams.

Boston Globe 1/8/06:  Among the forecasters developing localized weather forecasting services is Wayland's Bruce Schwoegler.

Metrowest Daily News 1/8/06:  Selectmen and Planning Board look to develop new Town Center proposal.  Looking to scale back the size of stores, the Selectmen and Planning Board are working to find a new solution that might be attractive enough to both the developers and town residents to win approval in April.

Metrowest Daily News 1/8/06:  State plans to treat parts of Lake Cochituate with chemicals. 

Metrowest Daily News 1/6/05:  Be on the lookout today:  Bald Eagle landed in Wayland last year on this day.  If you see an eagle today, report it to: Mass.wildlife@state.ma.us

Wayland Town Crier 1/5/06:  Familiar issues for new year.  Key issues for the start of 2006 will be the budget, addressing concerns in the high school accreditation, and the town center project.

Wayland Town Crier 1/5/06:  Selectmen and Nike Reuse Committee discuss mix of housing at Nike site.

Wayland Town Crier 1/5/06:  Fire that started as a car fire in a garage causes $100,000 in damage to Wayland home.

Wayland Town Crier 1/5/06:  A rare snow day for Wayland schools.

Babson College 1/5/06:  Wayland student among Babson's Habitat for Humanity Chapter

Boston Globe 1/4/06:  Schools cancelled, even in Wayland.

Metrowest Daily News 1/4/06:  School cancelled in Wayland; a rare snow day.   There's no change in school cancellation policy, just a forecasted storm that ended up not amounting to much.

Metrowest Daily News 1/1/06:  Renovated Islamic Center a big improvement for congregants.

Metrowest Daily News 1/1/06:  Review of George Brawerman's photo exhibit at the Wayland library.  A reception for the exhibit will be held on Sunday, Jan. 8, 2:30- 4 pm, free and open to the public.

Boston Globe 12/31/05:  JoEllen Farricker, 57, brought Wayland to the dance floor.

Metrowest Daily News 12/31/05:  High School is still accredited, for now.  NEASC accreditation report includes many praises for school, but lists as many concerns regarding the facility.  Board requires progress report in April detailing how the town will address concerns.

Metrowest Daily News 12/31/05: Fire in Wayland home; no one injured.

Boston Globe 12/29/05:  More town officials are using blogs to communicate with town residents.  Among those cited in this Globe article is the blog of School Committee Chair Jeff Dieffenbach.

Wayland Town Crier 12/29/05:  Town Crier's selection of Wayland's People of the Year.  

Wayland Town Crier 12/29/05:  Town Crier's selection of the top headlines of the year. 

Wayland Town Crier 12/29/05:  Car accident in Wayland sends four to the hospital.  

Wayland Highway Department:  Message from highway department on handling of winter snow.  

Wayland Town Crier 12/29/05: Fire department offers ice safety tips.  

MetroWest Daily News 12/25/05:  Parents fight to keep pool open.  Hoping to develop a new pool with private funding, swim team families and other pool users are hoping for a little more time with the existing facility.

MetroWest Daily News 12/25/05:  Despite the state's stronger financial position, most towns are expecting no increase in funding for schools.

Metrowest Daily News 12/22/05:  Wayland filmmaker directs a documentary on father-son marathoners.

Wayland Town Crier 12/22/05:  High School still accredited, but for how long without improvements?   The New England Association of Schools and Colleges has given Wayland until April 1 to detail how it will address space, health and safety concerns with the school's facilities

Wayland Town Crier 12/22/05:  A legislative year in review from Rep. Sue Pope.

Wayland Town Crier 12/22/05:  Wayland High School announces Honor Roll list for 1st Term

Wayland Town Crier 12/22/05:  School Committee describes status of math curriculum audit.  The full report is also available (note: the PDF file is just over 5MB)

Wayland Town Crier 12/22/05:  Wayland residents visit Waveland.  Wayland residents delivered a truckload of household goods to Waveland residents, and Sean Gibbons, Pam Lesser, Cindy Lombardo, David Lombardo and Kathie Steinberg traveled to help sort and distribute the donations.

Wayland Town Crier 12/22/05:  Wayland resident turns 100.  Margaret Foley has 100 years of memories of friends and neighbors, of Wayland and the surrounding area.

Wayland Town Crier 12/22/05:  Spread the Bread, a Wayland non-profit, encourages baking and giving bread as a way of giving back to the community, and getting kids involved in volunteerism.  Spread the Bread is spreading in more ways than one -- the five year old organization is now itself spreading, with new Spread the Bread organizations starting throughout the nation, and even abroad.  For more information, visit Spread the Bread's website.

Boston Globe 12/22/05:  Article on Regina and Alan Mandl organizing opposition to the recent unsuccessful Town Center zoning bylaw proposal.

Providence Eyewitness News 12/21/05:  Wayland-based Candela gets FDA approval for skin treatment device.

Metrowest Daily News 12/21/05:  WHS student interns for musicians' website.  WHS Junior Kevin Lutz is spending his afternoons working for Nimbit, a website that provides services to musicians, from website design to manufacture and sale of CDs.

Boston Globe 12/19/05:  Wayland is one of many towns using modular classrooms as a temporary solution.  The head of the MSBA urges use of these buildings only as a short-term solution, not as the final resolution.

Boston Globe 12/18/05:  Board of Selectmen and Planning Board are working together to find a consensus solution for the Raytheon property. 

Boston Globe 12/18/05:  Property taxes have been growing across Massachusetts. Click here for a ranking of household property tax bills across Massachusetts (Wayland's 2006 number is not available yet, but can be compared to the 2005 figures which are also presented).  For statewide information on property tax growth, click here.

Metrowest Daily News 12/18/05:  Board of Selectmen votes to keep tax rate the same for residential and commercial properties.  The Finance Committee recommended a split rate, while the Board of Assessors recommended maintaining equal tax rates.  The Board ultimately decided that, given the town's small commercial base, it was better to keep the business-friendlier rate. 

Metrowest Daily News 12/18/05:  The Finance Committee presented the budget situation in an information session. 

Metrowest Daily News 12/17/05:  A thank you letter to the people of MetroWest from a Hurricane victim

Boston Globe 12/15/05:  Celtic Ricky Davis comfortable in Wayland.   Forward Ricky Davis, fiancée and family have settled into a not-so-typical Wayland colonial.

Boston Globe 12/15/05:  Wayland Poet Paul David Mena is a member of the MetroWest Renku Association, putting on poetry readings at local venues.

Wayland Town Crier 12/15/05:  Wayland's efforts to support sister city Waveland, Mississippi proving successful.  You can help by responding to a "Dear Santa" letter from Waveland.

Wayland Town Crier 12/15/05:  Sale of Danforth land to Pulte.  The project is expected to continue on just as planned.

Metrowest Daily News 12/13/05:  National Development of New England has sold the Danforth project to Pulte Homes for $18 million.  The new owner will remain bound by all existing agreements between the prior owner and the towns of Wayland and Framingham, and will provide the first part of the settlement money to the Town of Wayland.

Metrowest Daily News 12/12/05:  Spread the Bread, a Wayland non-profit, encourages baking and giving bread as a way of giving back to the community, and getting kids involved in volunteerism.  Spread the Bread is spreading in more ways than one -- the five year old organization is now itself spreading, with new Spread the Bread organizations starting throughout the nation, and even abroad.  For more information, visit Spread the Bread's website.

Boston Globe 12/11/05:  Boston Globe article on funding and school cuts.  An override would be necessary to avoid the drastic cuts described by the School Committee.

Metrowest Daily News 12/11/05:  Nike Site Reuse Advisory Committee seeks affordable housing decision.  The Board of Selectmen must decide how many affordable homes to build on the former Nike site on Oxbow Rd.

Metrowest Daily News 12/11/05:  High School building survey results summarized. The High School Building Committee has released their report covering survey results.  Although there was general agreement that the current facility is "inadequate" and that there is a need for code compliance, many were concerned about state reimbursement, and many felt the costs were too high.  Wayland must provide a progress report to the NEASC regarding how the town will progress toward solving issues raised during the accreditation review.  

Town Crier 12/8/05 :Officials attempt to improve management at the landfill.  A new management plan at the Landfill is intended to improve personnel issues, and cut back on legal expenses.

Town Crier 12/8/05: Town may have to wait for generatorThe Town has requested an emergency generator for the Middle School, which would serve as a shelter in the event of a disaster.  The House has approved funding, but thus far, the Senate has not.

Town Crier 12/8/05: Selectmen to decide on split rate taxes Selectmen will decide next week whether to implement a higher tax rate on commercial property owners.

Town Crier 12/8/05: New landfill feesFaced with financial constraints, the Board of Health has added fees for disposing large electronics.

Town Crier 12/8/05:New policeman on police force.  Officer Christopher Demers was sworn in as the 20th member of the Wayland Police force.

Metrowest Daily News 12/8/05:  National Development of New England has sold the Danforth project to Pulte Homes.  The new owner will remain bound by all existing agreements between the prior owner and the towns of Wayland and Framingham.

Town Crier 12/8/05: Legislators are working at strengthening sex offender lawsClick here for highlights of that bill.

Town Crier 12/8/05: Opponents of the use of herbicides in Lake Cochituate make their case.  No longer an issue is snails in the lake which would have required protection.

Town Crier 12/8/05:Democratic gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick meets with Wayland and Sudbury residents. 

Town Crier 12/8/05:Superintendent Burton writes on the importance of community, urging the town to act together and take part - feel good about Wayland and attend local events.

Boston Globe 12/8/05:  Are you ensuring your kids are safe on the internet?  An article in the Boston Globe talks about same of the dangers online for teens, and provides recommendations for safety online

Boston Globe 12/8/05:  Recent budget cutbacks at the state level are hurting kids in Massachusetts.  Read the referenced report from the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation.

College Sports TV 12/6/05:  Jessica Larson (WHS '02) remains undefeated in diving at Brown.

Metrowest Daily News 12/6/05:  WHS Quarterback Alex Jenny named Player of the Year.

Metrowest Daily News 12/5/05:  School Committee selects budget cut plan.  Cuts in staff, librarians and the elimination of athletics and extracurricular activities, as well as a move to shortened Kindergarten sections (split into AM/PM) would be necessary to meet the FinCom budget guidelines.  Complete details of the School Committee's plan are available at the School Committee website.

Metrowest Daily News 12/4/05:  Selectmen consider split tax rate.  The Board of Selectmen is looking at the possibility of raising the tax rate on commercial properties.

Metrowest Daily News 12/4/05:  Planning Board and Selectmen look to bring back Town Center proposal.  Hoping to avert a Chapter 40B housing project, the Planning Board and Board of Selectmen are working together to develop a new town center proposal, possibly for the April Special Town Meeting.

Boston Globe 12/4/05:  Refuge hunters raise ire of hikers.  Tensions have been growing between hunters and hikers in local wildlife refuges as hunting rights have expanded..

UConn Huskies 12/3/05:  Jessi Foreman in her first collegiate meet wins the 55-meter dash, and ties for 5th place in UConn's all-time record books in that event.

Wayland Town Crier 12/1/05:  School Committee selects budget cut plan.  Cuts in staff, librarians and the elimination of athletics and extracurricular activities, as well as a move to shortened Kindergarten sections (split into AM/PM) would be necessary to meet the FinCom budget guidelines.  Complete details of the School Committee's plan are available at the School Committee website.

Wayland Town Crier 12/1/05:  Wayland resident runs Emergency & Specialty veterinary center.  Wayland resident Amy Schroff runs a 24/7 veterinary center in Waltham.

Wayland Town Crier 12/1/05:  Water officials recommend new filtration plant.  The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is closely watching Wayland.  Positive coliform bacteria samples have the town and the DEP on alert that improved filtration may be necessary.

Wayland Town Crier 12/1/05:  Town seeks to contain legal bills.  Legal expenses have been higher than planned for the last few years, due to the Danforth project, landfill litigation, and a large number of land use cases.

Wayland Town Crier 12/1/05:  Police study possible connection in break-ins.   Recent break-ins at the Cornerstone Cafe and Town Line Hardware in Sudbury could be linked. 

Wayland Town Crier 12/1/05:  NEASC Accreditation report is in.  High School Principal Charlie Ruopp comments on the NEASC report.  The report praised the school along most dimensions.  The NEASC was concerned, however, about the physical state of the high school and has requested a report outlining short- and long-term plans to address the deficiencies.  The report itself is available online.

Wayland Town Crier 12/1/05:  Wayland resident seeking new kidney.  Wayland resident Gary Leonard is seeking a kidney transplant.  Possible donors need to be in excellent health, have either type B or type O blood, cannot be overweight, must be a nonsmoker, and, ideally, should be between 35 and 55 years old.

Wayland Town Crier 12/1/05:  Wayland Public Schools Foundation provides grants to Wayland School System.   The Wayland Public Schools Foundation has awarded $142,000 in grants for the 2005-06 school year for projects benefiting students throughout the Wayland School System.

Boston Globe 11/28/05: Amar Bose working on cars (and not just their sound systems).   Wayland resident and accoustics guru Amar Bose is now working on a system to improve how cars handle corners and potholes.

Metrowest Daily News 11/28/05: Report indicates tax rollback would further hurt Massachusetts children.  While some are calling for a rollback of the state's income tax rate, a report from the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center and The Home for Little Wanderers entitled "Kids Cuts and Consequences," argues that the state needs to restore funding to K-12 education, social services, public health, health care and low-income housing assistance.

Metrowest Daily News 11/27/05: Most likely ending for Raytheon land: Chapter 40B Housing. The Town Center developers have no plan to come back with a different proposal.  A next step from the Town, if it wants a Town Center and not Chapter 40B housing, will be to present the developers with a plan the developers can support.  Articles on the Town Center...

Metrowest Daily News 11/27/05:Town Meeting Committee reports on suggestions for improving Town Meeting.  Shorter meetings with more accessible and comfortable facilities are among the many suggestions of the Town Center Committee. The full report and Moderator Gossel's response  is available online by clicking here.

Wayland Town Crier 11/23/05:Selectmen receive first payments from Danforth settlement.

Wayland Town Crier 11/23/05: Officials seeking solution to problems with Middle School ventilation system.  Contractors have yet to fix a ventilation system that has been problematic since its installation, and officials are looking for a fix or compensation to enable them to get it fixed.

Metrowest Daily News 11/22/05: Governor Romney signs senior tax relief measure. Increases in eligibility for circuit breaker tax credits, expansion in tax deferral program and reduction in interest rate charges.

Metrowest Daily News 11/21/05:  Wayland Church group helping in New Orleans.  Eight members of a Wayland church journeyed to New Orleans to help

Metrowest Daily News 11/20/05:  Area students learning about social growth.   Area schools are putting more emphasis on areas beyond MCAS, helping students with social development.

Metrowest Daily News 11/20/05:  Historical cane discovered.  A cane given to the oldest Wayland town resident by the Boston Post newspaper in the early 1900s was discovered by a Stow resident in their attic.

Metrowest Daily News 11/20/05:  DEP wants to see solution to ongoing problems with bacteria in water.  State officials want the town to improve communication with residents and solve ongoing problems with the water supply in the wake of repeated instances of bacteria in the town's water.

School Budget discussion at School Committee Meeting.  The school committee meeting on November 14 included a discussion of the cuts that would be necessary to meet FinCom's "no override" budget guidelines.  More on the town budget...  

Boston Globe, 11/6/05:  Developer Dean Stratouly says Town Center is dead.  Office lease and condo plans are in the works.

Metrowest Daily News 11/6/05:  Wayland looking to save costs by conserving.  The Town is turning down thermostats to 68 degrees and generally increasing vigilance with regard to any energy waste.

Wayland's Efforts to help hurricane victims in Mississippi
   Metrowest Daily News 11/5/05:  Thanks from Waveland

11/1/05 Town Meeting Results Click here for links to key documents for the major issues, the warrant, and voting results

Town Crier 10/20:  Selectmen sign development agreement for Town Center:  Selectmen approved a Development Agreement with Town Center developers, which will go into effect should the Article 4 pass during November's Town Meeting.  The agreement controls the size of the

Increases in tax breaks for seniors in the works!  A proposal to reduce tax burdens on many senior residents is working its way through the legislative process. "Governor Mitt Romney, Senate President Robert E. Travaglini, and House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi all have vowed to lessen the tax burden on seniors." Read the latest coverage in the Boston Globe

project and payments from the developer to the Town.

Town Meeting results and coverageClick here for links to key documents for the major issues and the warrant itself.  All articles passed except for the Town Center proposal.  Voters supported a cell tower on Reeves Hill, additional funding for the handicapped/senior van, a change to rules for wastewater charges, and a land purchase.

MetroWest Daily News 10/16/05:  School Budget Will be Unveiled

Sacramento Bee 10/13/05: Former Wayland resident (WHS '85) survives hostage ordeal in Gaza.  Read Dion Nissenbaum's description of his abduction here

September 2005 Boston Magazine article list Wayland elementary schools as tops in the state (Loker #2, Happy Hollow #11, Claypit #13).  A full spreadsheet providing the numbers that guided their response, is available here.

April 2004 Boston Magazine article listing Wayland as the 2nd best bang for the buck in Massachusetts.

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