Arts Wayland Presents: Indian Folk Art Workshop

Being culturally diverse and distinct, India has many folk art forms from different regions. Arts Wayland is excited to offer an Indian Folk Art class, running for 6 Mondays beginning on 9/16 (skipping Columbus Day) from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the First Parish in Wayland, will introduce you to some of these ancient and traditional folk art forms of India. Your teacher, Chaitrali Kate-Yadav, will introduce the popular Madhubani and Gond Art forms. These folk artforms are known for their striking geometric patterns, floral designs and use of bright vivid colors. You will learn patterns and motifs of each folk art form and create and take home a beautiful painting of Madhubani Art, Gond Art.

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2 thoughts on “Arts Wayland Presents: Indian Folk Art Workshop

  1. I simply love the Art I’m shown through your site. I fell into it by accident and I’m thrilled that I have. I turned my 4 sisters on to you, as well, and now they REALLY like be me!
    Thanks for the joy ~

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