Wayland-Weston Crew to Host Annual Ergathon, Saturday, September 24

On Saturday, September 24, 8-11am, the Wayland-Weston Rowing Association will host their annual Ergathon, where the WW Crew team’s high school athletes will compete in teams, rowing on ergometers (or “ergs”) and raising funds to support the program’s purchase of boats and equipment.

More than just a key fundraiser, the Ergathon is a truly exciting competition to watch, as each athlete races for approximately 6,500 meters on the erg, switching out with teammates and each rowing for roughly 25 minutes in various bursts. Spectators will get a rare chance to see up close why rowing is often called “the ultimate team sport,” as older, experienced varsity athletes cheer on novices; racers sub in and out for one another seamlessly; and teammates scream and cheer as they gather around the last teammate who leaves nothing in the tank as they race to close out their team’s erg.

Spectators will also have an opportunity to tour the boat house, sample a true rowing staple–pancakes–and, with the guidance of a varsity athlete or coach, even try out rowing on an erg, getting a head start on proper technique and discovering why rowing is such a great workout.

As one of WWRA’s major fundraising events each year, the Ergathon is a crucial source of funds for the purchase and maintenance of everything from cox boxes to oars to boats, and even scholarships to defray the costs of team memberships so that fees are not a barrier to participation.

All are welcome to usher in the new season at this exciting event held on the grass under the trees on the shores of Lake Cochituate in Wayland. The event is free and all are welcome to donate in support of the athletes powering this competition, and in support of the WWRA.

Wayland-Weston Crew athletes have been training hard on the water–and on ergs–for the new season, and will make their fall racing debut on October 2, 2022 at the Textile Regatta in Lowell.

Interested in donating to the Ergathon?
And come join us this Saturday!


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