Community Forum on the Future of School Bus Parking in Town, December 6

The Wayland Board of Selectmen will hold a Community Forum to discuss current and future school bus parking needs of Wayland and how we can address those needs successfully and in a timely manner on December 6 at 8pm.

This forum will be held, in person, at the Wayland Town Building and virtually through Zoom (password 346818). The Town of Wayland is faced with a need to find a permanent solution to the parking of the school busses that will satisfy the needs of the Town, the bus contractor(s) and our residents. This forum will provide information on steps taken to date and solicit feedback from all stakeholders and the members of the public to assist us in developing a short term and long term plan moving forward to meet the current and future demands and needs of the Town. We look forward to a productive forum about the future of school bus parking in Wayland.


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