Online Course: Great Pianists and Performances of the 20th century

Great Pianists and Performances of the 20th century: At the turn of the 19th century, the piano was still the most complex mechanism widely used in the western world. This relic from a different era still enchants and inspires many and is used to display wild feats of virtuosity, intellect, and human expression. In this class, we will explore great performances by great pianists of the 20th century. Together, we will enhance our ability to listen and discuss music by distinguishing between the elements of a composition and the way that it is performed.

This class will meet over zoom four times on Thursdays at 6-6:45pm beginning Oct. 7th. The class is intended for adults and young adults who are enthusiastic about listening to and discussing classical piano music. Headphones are recommended. Fee: $50 for this 4 week session. Contact:


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