Annual Town Meeting: Timeline and Summary of What to Expect

Saturday, May 15, 2021, Beginning at 12:30 PM
Wayland High School Stadium, 264 Old Connecticut Path

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Town will be taking precautionary measures to reduce the potential of virus transmission during our annual meeting. If you have any questions, please contact the Town Administrator’s Office at 508-358-7701. A severe weather date is planned for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday May 17, 18 & 19, 2021 at 6:00 PM if there is a need to reschedule.

Timeline and Summary of What to Expect

10:30 am-12:30 pm – Gates open to the Wayland High School Stadium. Attendees are highly encouraged to arrive early to allow time for parking and checking in. Ushers will guide everyone to their seats and respective zones. Attendees are requested to stay seated at all times (unless to use restrooms, cooling stations or to get a snack/water) and are not to gather with others outside of their household.

12:30 pm – Annual Town meeting begins

  • Opening remarks and review of Revised Moderator’s rules. Listed below are some changes to the Moderators rules. A full list of the Moderator’s rules with revised changes is in the 2021 ATM Warrant, Appendix A.
    • There will be no slides or similar audio-visual aids available.
    • Handouts will be distributed at the Handout Station located near the Snack hut.
  • Proposed Articles for Day One NOTE: while this may be the anticipated order, anyone may propose a motion to take any article out of order.
    • Article 1: Recognize Citizens and Employees for Particular Service to the Town
    • * Article 2: Pay Previous Fiscal Year Unpaid Bills
    • * Article 3: Current Year Transfers
    • * Article 4: OPEB Funding
    • Article 5: Rescind Transfer Station Revolving Fund and Create and Budget a Transfer Station Enterprise Fund
    • * Article 6: Fiscal Year 2022 Revolving Fund Expenditure Limits
    • * Article 7: Compensation for Town Clerk
    • * Article 8: Update FY2022 Personnel Bylaws and Wage & Classification Plan and Fund FY2021 Personnel Agreements
    • * Article 9: Surface Water Quality Committee Budget
    • Article 10: Fiscal Year 2022 Omnibus Budget **
    • * Article 11: Capital Stabilization Fund
    • * Article 12: CPA – Set Asides and Transfers
    • * Article 13: Senior Citizen Tax Work Off Exemption
    • * Article 14: Accept Spencer Circle
    • * Article 15: Resolution to Continue Electronic Voting Through FY2027
    • Article 16: Remote Participation at Annual Town Meeting
    • Article 17: Community Choice Aggregation of Electricity
    • Article 18: Loker Elementary School Solar Agreement
    • Article 19: Resolution to Declare a Climate Emergency

* Indicates articles proposed for abbreviated presentation procedure; scheduled at 5 minutes each.

** There will be an anticipated substitute to the main motion on the Capital Budget of the Omnibus Article to account for the Town’s Short Term remediation of PFAS6 in the Town’s Drinking Water Supply. See your Handouts for the substitute motion.

~5:50 pm – Adjourn from Annual Town Meeting for the day and plan to reconvene the following Day.

  • Areas will be dismissed in sections to prevent large crowds gathering. Thank you in advance for your patience.
  • Adhere to all social/physical distancing guidelines and follow the directional pathways while exiting the field.

————Sunday, May 16, 2021————-

10:30am – 12:30pm – Gates open to the Wayland High School Stadium. Above recommendations & Guidelines still apply.

  • Proposed Articles for Day Two
    • Article 20: CPA Historic Preservation: Library Archival Document Conservation
    • Article 21: CPA Open Space: Native & Pollinator Plantings
    • Article 22: Select Board/Town Manager Act
    • Article 23: Appointment of Finance Committee
    • Article 24: Acquisition of Land for Council on Aging/Community Center
    • Article 25: Loker Turf Field Construction
    • Article 26: Establish Wayland Human Rights Commission
    • Article 27: Recognize Law Enforcement Day
    • Article 28: CPA Historic Preservation: Rehabilitation of 70-74 Main Street
    • Article 29: CPA Recreation: Mill Pond Dam, Athletic Field design, Heard Farm Improvements
    • * Article 30: Choose Town Officers
    • * Article 31: Hear Reports
    • * Article 32: Sell or Trade Vehicles and Equipment

* Indicates articles proposed for abbreviated presentation procedure; scheduled at 5 minutes each.

~5:40 pm – Adjourn from Annual Town Meeting; above recommendations & Guidelines still apply.

Please adhere to all protocols listed below:

  • Face Coverings/Masks: all attending or working/participating are required to wear one at all times unless seated.
  • Pre-entry health check: all attending should assess their health prior to entering Town Meeting. A questionnaire is available on page 3 of the ATM warrant Booklet. Please refrain from attending if you are sick.
  • Social/Physical Distancing: all are to follow posted guidelines and provide at least 6 feet of space to the next person. Adhere to all directional pathways and follow marked arrows.
  • Signage: signage will be posted throughout the Town Meeting area and must be adhered to at all times.
  • Seating: seating will be by household and configured to ensure at least 6 feet of space.



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