New Tutors Trained in Wayland Library’s ESOL Program

Immigrants in our area who want to improve their competency in English now have greater opportunities. Nine generous and enthusiastic people completed a training course in March and are now certified to be tutors of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). These recent “graduates” include eight from Wayland –Marie Durant, Brendan Egan, Gail Kosloff, Laurie Lerner, Heidi Sleiman, Nick Thompkins and Jeanne and Wayne Robison; and one from West Newton – Lissa Gilbert. These new tutors, like those who were trained last fall, and some who have been tutoring for years, work one-to- one with learners from various countries. Learners recently matched with our new tutors have come from Korea, Guatemala, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico and China.

As all tutoring must be done remotely due to the pandemic, tutors are using whatever technology works for both tutor and learner, be it FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or simply phone and email.

As usual, we can put all possible tutors to work with waiting learners. The next tutor-training course will be offered in the fall, probably starting in early October. Tutors do not need to know another language, nor do they need to know every detail of English grammar. For more information contact Ginny Steel at 781-541-4919 or at


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