Boy Scout families help 101 year old WW2 veteran

Over a dozen Boy Scout parents with chainsaws started the first phase of clean up for Claude Williamson, whose property had been hit hard by a microburst this fall. Boy Scouts, who are under 18, are not permitted to use chainsaws, so the dads and a mom stepped in to support this WW2 veteran. The front yard alone had a huge 100 ft tall oak with dozens of limbs.
Claypit Cub Scout Dad, Harold Dietzius had noticed Mr. Williamson trying to clean up the trees, and after assisting him, he called the Wayland Boys Scouts.
Scouts take an oath ‘to help other people at all times’ and when a veteran needs help, also a Centenarian, the Scouts mobilized.
Mr Williamson is a ROTC graduate from Ohio State, who was already in the Army before Pearl Harbor occurred. He served in North Africa, France and Italy before settling in Wayland to work for Raytheon after his military service ended.
Mr Williamson called the Scouts early Saturday morning prior to the start of the project, concerned that there was over a foot of snow and 10 degree temperatures. The troop replied- “We camp and hike in this weather, – we got this!”  He later commented on ‘how much work was accomplished when a team of people work together’
The Scout team included Eagle Scouts and recent Troop Alumni : Gavyn Davies ( Middlebury College), Henry Stafford ( Air Force Academy ), along with a stop by visit by Wayland Police Detective ( and Troop 1 Eagle Scout ) Mark Hebert.
The Boy Scout Troop will be involved in future phases and a full clean up may take until the snow has subsided.
Clean up efforts were assisted by Joey DeFina and his equipment from his company Millennial Landscaping.
If you can assist the Troop financially in this project please consider a donation to Scout Troop 1, PO Box 5282, Wayland Ma 01778
If you can assist the Troop physically in the project or want information about how your child can benefit from Scouting in Wayland, please contact
Troop 1, in Wayland since 1924….Best Troop ever!
Holding the Scout banner from left to right : Matt Karpacz, Scout Chairman, Mr Williamson, Scoutmaster Tom Kemper.

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