Help for Voters for Primary Election Day, September 4

September will be here soon, and almost immediately, we go to the polls. The State primary elections are very early this year, on Tuesday, September 4. In case you don’t feel ready vote, your mind having been elsewhere this summer, the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts can help. The LWV has well-considered positions on many issues that may come up in elections, but it is strictly non-partisan when it comes to candidates.

To prepare to vote on Sept. 4, you can go to the LWVMA’s web site for their comprehensive Voters Guide. The information in this guide is specific for each voter’s location, as it includes data for each state legislative district and county offices. Note, however, that for some of us, in Wayland’s Precinct 4, the State representative information is incorrect. We are not in Carmine Gentile’s 13th Middlesex District, but in Alice Peisch’s 14th Norfolk District.

So this September, Monday is Labor Day and Tuesday is Voting Day.


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