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Thread: Support NIKE project at Town Meeting

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    Default Support NIKE project at Town Meeting

    I'd like to urge Wayland residents to support the NIKE housing development by attending this Thursday's Town Meeting and voting "aye" on an article that would authorize the appropriation of $600k from the CPA fund to finish a project that will bring sixteen community housing units online at the abandoned missile site.

    If you have never seen the property, I suggest you visit the site, located at 89 Oxbow Rd. You will see a 13 acre parcel, surrounded by a rusted chain link fence and overgrown weeds, resembling a post-apocalyptic setting that is reminiscent of the site's origin as a base for the 1950's era pre-"star wars" NIKE interceptor missiles shield, designed to protect the greater Boston area from a nuclear strike. The site has basically sat dormant for 25 years since the NIKE program was abandoned and the property converted to military storage before being deemed surplus property by the federal government in 1997.

    After seeing this decrepit parcel, try to imagine what it will look like when the site is transformed into 16 units of housing, along with 10 acres of open space. If you'd like to get a better sense of what the parcel will look like, browse the Nike Site Reuse Advisory Committee's extensive website, where you can view scores of photographs, graphic designs, architectural specifications and site plans.

    The Board of Selectmen-appointed NSRAC members include: Gretchen Schuler (chair), Brian O'Herlihy, Paul Abramson, Brian Boggia, Michael Gitten, Constance Pitt, Rebecca Regan, Michael Staiti. Each member has contributed countless hours and sacrificed (along with their families) well over one hundred evenings, diligently crafting a plan that is now the envy of other municipalities, a plan that dispels the stereotype of an upper-income community that refuses to address the need for housing that is affordable to teachers, nurses, police officers and firefighters.

    You can read the extent to which Wayland is now viewed as a town that "can" amidst a sea of communities in which open warfare has broken out over siting and the development of affordable units in an op-ed by State Rep. Tom Conroy, published in today's (11/3/07) MetroWest Daily News.

    The article requires a majority vote. Please attend Town Meeting to insure the investment of time and resources devoted to the project thus far can be translated into a final product we can all take pride in!
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    Default Guest Column supporting article from State Rep Tom Conroy


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