We are writing this letter to alert you and your readers about an upcoming meeting by the Wayland Zoning Board of Appeals concerning the tall black poles that were erected by the Sandy Burr golf club in Wayland. *Last summer Sandy Burr erected these metal towers many feet above the treeline of the golf course.* These towers were put up without a required permit from the town.* They not only exceed the height limit of the town for building structures they are also a very large eyesore for miles around.* The club put up the poles with netting between them in response to complaints by some home owners on Green Way the street of homes that back up to the golf course.* The owners of Sandy Burr felt they needed to respond with some action or face a lawsuit if someone got hit by a golf ball.* The nets do minimize the golf balls traveling into the yards of the homes at the lower end of Green Way but they have caused more problems for others.* Most noticeable is the imposing eye sore seen along Route 27 and on Green Way, secondarily the noise that is created by the wind when the balls get trapped by the nets, bounce loudly off the poles and fly into other yards that previously did not have golf balls in their yards.*

On October 2, 2007 an application was received from Sandy Burr (the applicant) requesting a variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals. The hearing will be held November 27th and notices will go out to all abutters in advance of the public hearing. The application is in the Building Department and can be reviewed during regular business hours. By bringing this issue to the ZBA it provides an opportunity for all interested parties: neighbors, applicant, and residents of the town, to express their concerns at a public hearing. Based on the public input, as well as, other considerations and legal thresholds the Board can approve the application with conditions or deny the application. *If the application is denied, Sandy Burr could be required to find a better solution to the balls ending up in peoples yards. *Please attend the November 27th hearing and share your perspecitve.
Sincerely concerned residents of Wayland.