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Thread: What did you do for 4th of July?

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    Default What did you do for 4th of July?

    Planning ahead for next year... I'd love to hear what great events people might have found for this July 4 holiday.

    We went to some wonderful July 3rd fireworks in Needham at Memorial Park. They had an afternoon of pony rides and face painting, BBQ, and a couple of bands playing, followed by a terrific half-hour fireworks display starting at about 9:15.

    Does anybody else remember when Wayland used to have fireworks. I was pretty little, but I think I remember that they were behind what is now the Town Building.
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    Default 4 th of July Remembering fireworks

    Yes i remember those in the late 50s and sixties then they stopped having them .They were behind what is now the town Building It would be to start them again but it is a money issue .The Public ceremonies committes budget is not large enough to handle it.
    Richard P Turner

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    Default Fireworks...

    I recall them also being held on the fields behind the present High School in the early to mid 70's.... Anyone else remember this?

    That's one tradition that I would love to see come back to Wayland. (also the Strawberry Festival).

    My family spent the day watching the parade in Sudbury which as usual was fantastic. We then went to Lincoln for the fireworks which were also fantastic, despite the raindrops !!!.

    Unfortunately, we couldn't find any activities in our home town !!!! Hopefully that will change in the future !!!.

    Brian Locke
    Charena Rd.

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    I also remember going to fireworks on the playing field hills behind the High School! What a great way to celebrate the 4th in our own community. I also have been wondering what happened to the Wayland Strawberry Festival! I remember all the time spent decorating our bicycles and dressing up our pets for the parade around the High School!

    We always attend the Sudbury parade since there isn't one in Wayland. It is always a great time.

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    Default Going out of town....

    The fabulous summer 'events' that took place in Wayland when I was younger are just memories. The Strawberry Festival and the Fireworks were two of the most anticpated yearly events for me growing up in Wayland during the 70's and I'm sure most residents looked forward to them as eagerly as I did.

    This weekend, my family will be going to events outside of Wayland to celebrate America's birthday as there appears to be no town sponsored activities in Wayland, again !!!

    I know the fireworks at the High School are never coming back. Many towns have done away with fireworks for a variety of financial, safety & logistical reasons and I understand that. But, clearly other events such as a parade, or pancake breakfast or other type of activity where we could come together as a community and share a sense of pride in our town could be organized.

    I didn't hesitiate to donate to the Town of Sudbury Chamber of Commerce when they solicited donations to support this year's parade. I just wish Wayland still had these 'traditions' that I could help support.

    It's July 4th and there's a mass exodus out of Wayland. It wasn't always like this...

    Regardless of where you spend this weekend I hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe (and dare I say, Sunny) Holiday !!!!

    Brian Locke

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    Default Wishing for town activities

    I grew up in a small town in VT, and have certainly had my fair share of parades (with now politically incorrect candy throwing), synchronized lawn chair folding demonstrations (hysterically funny), chicken barbeques, strawberry suppers. One of my favorite memories is the parade in the tiny town of Moscow, VT, which had zero money. They got the local radio station to play marching music for 10 minutes in the morning, and everyone in town showed up with their radios tuned to that station and marched down Main Street. I miss the sense of community that came out of those events.

    That said, this year, like last year, we're heading to Boston. USS Constitution 21 gun salute at noon, walk around like tourists, visit the North End, and then head to the roof of the Science Museum parking garage for the fireworks.

    Happy 4th, everyone. Maybe we can organize something in Wayland for next year if there is enough interest!!


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