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Thread: driver's licenses from KMart????

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    Unhappy driver's licenses from KMart????

    Although I wish I didn't feel so compelled to write about this, I find I must. Hmmm, in the near 4 decades I have had my driver's license, I have noticed some once regularly observed 'right of way' laws ignored more than not and so many folks who feel no compunction about riding my rear bumper when I'm driving at least 5 miles above the speed limit that, well, causes me to put my foot lightly on my break! Oh, another one: trying to get out of my street onto Route 27 not far north of the Middle school renders me taking regular and random polls of the increasing # of drivers that SPEED up & try NOT to let me get out of my street before they pass. WHY is this I often wonder?? I'm so NOT an old lady who just complains everything new or finds wrong in everything, nor do I sit at green lights! I'm the child and sister of race car drivers. I'm a defensive driver, but not so much so it is any sort of hindrance. But I find myself getting VERY frustrated the last couple, few years?

    It's regular people who seem to have lost the once ordinary and natural courtesy of sharing the road with other drivers. People who ZOOM to make an illegal left off of Rt. 27 N. onto Rt. 30 S by Starbucks makes me want to just go straight into them - I have not. I will admit that when I am the first at the light on 27 south and someone is signaling left going the other way, I make every effort to GO STRAIGHT quickly when I see them ready to take that left - regardless. OK, I try to say the Serenity Prayer and not care so much... it's a 50 50 call. It's not worth getting crazed. But ofcourse I have instructed my children to the laws of the road, but to be ever watchful of the inconsiderate, often reckless drivers out there. Any thoughts, ideas comrades, help, guidance!! all best, hope
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