T-Mobile applied to put up 3 cell towers in Wayland, one at a Rod and Gun club which is right next to a park kids play in - there are kids baseball games and practices there every evening. The other two were going to be in a nursing home and a church. The Zoning Board was treating all 3 towers as one application. Last night, in front of lot of angry and very concerned residents of Wayland as well as consultants paid by T-Mobile to discuss RF issues and lawyers from T-Mobile, the Zoning Board denied the application. They denied it because they had continually asked T-Mobile (OmniPoint Communications) to provide funds to the Zoning Board so they could do due diligence on the issue, but T-Mobile had not paid them and would not until they knew where the money was going. The Zoning Board chastised T-Mobile for not complying, and trying to influence where the Zoning Board spent the money. They said that T-Mobile had no right to negotiate how the Zoning Board conducted their investigation or which experts to hire. T-Mobile's lawyers spoke and at one point said something disrespectful to the Zoning Board members. The Zoning board voted 4-1 to deny the application. The one disssenting vote wanted to deny it, but felt that T-Mobile should be given more time to pony up the cash, citing fear of lawsuits. The others felt they already were given adequate time, and T-Mobile wasn't complying so the fault was theirs and not the towns.