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Thread: Ballot and Election Endorsements

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    WaylandeNews Ballot and Election Endorsements

    Debt Exclusion

    On the Election Day ballot, there will be an item asking voters to approve funding certain items through the issuance of debt. The ballot item requests approval of the funding mechanism only and not actual the issuance of debt, and requires a majority vote. It will read as follows:

    “Should the Town of Wayland be allowed to exempt from the provisions of proposition two and one-half, so called, the amounts required for the bonds issued in order to fund Town building repairs, the purchase of a sidewalk snow plow, with attachments, for the Highway Department, school building repairs and costs associated with an application for state funding for high school improvements?”

    We unanimously support this article. Most of this borrowing will fund capital expenses that will preserve Town assets and services, and snow removal equipment that will enhance public safety. An additional amount would be used to prepare an application for a multimillion dollar state aid grant, to help pay for the long delayed renovation and expansion of the high school.

    There will be two additional votes necessary to authorize the actual borrowing held at Town Meeting on Sunday, April 29, each requiring a 2/3 majority vote. The first vote (as part of Article 5 - Omnibus Budget) will request authority to borrow up to $1.555 million for all items but the state application; the second vote (Article 6 - Contract Planning and Design Services for Wayland High School) will request authority to borrow up to $300,000 to fund the state application. If both items are approved, the debt will increase the tax rate by 0.54% or $48 per year for the average assessed property during its first year, decreasing over eight years until it is paid off.

    Elections in Contested Races

    This year those running in contested races seek positions on the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, Board of Road Commissioners, and Board of Health. As has been our past practice, we will explain why we support certain candidates rather than criticize their opponents.

    Board of Selectmen: Michael Tichnor

    We unanimously endorse Tichnor, the incumbent candidate for Selectman. The decades-long resident has displayed extraordinary leadership and management skills during a time when the Town has suffered from substantial financial challenges and faced numerous pressures, such as affordable housing development, cell tower litigation, and the well-publicized difficulties associated with the Town Center. We are extremely fortunate to have an individual with his skills and dedication serving in public office, and believe that his reelection is necessary to keep Wayland on the path of maintaining a quality of life that is and will remain the envy of other towns.

    Planning Board: Kevin Murphy (2); Harvey Montague (1)

    Two of us endorse Kevin Murphy, and the third endorses Harvey Montague. These two very different candidates have both stated publicly that they are Town Center supporters, and each brings different skills to the table. The Planning Board’s effectiveness depends largely on the personalities and skills of its members, and in our unanimous opinion Wayland’s has not functioned well over the past two years. The question is: which candidate would best enhance its membership?

    Murphy has lived here for 10 years, is an engineer by training, and is a financial professional. Murphy’s primary strengths are his analytical and consensus building skills, developed as a portfolio manager and manager of analysts and trading specialists he has supervised. He has done his homework, attending numerous planning board meetings, and enhanced his knowledge by taking coursework in planning. Two of us believe that, of the two candidates, Murphy’s steady, consensus-building personality and analytical skills are preferable to help bring calm, focus and a respectful demeanor to a board that needs it.

    Montague has lived here for 35 years, and is a practicing architect with a Master’s degree in Urban Design from Cornell. He served on the Town Center committee and Library Building Committee, and chaired the Highway Department Building Study Committee. He was active in the re-zoning of Mainstone Farm to multi-family cluster housing and conservation land. His primary strengths are his knowledge of building project management, design, and construction. One of us believes that the skills of a seasoned design professional would better enhance the Planning Board’s ability to do its job well.

    Road Commissioners: Eric Knapp and Alan Shubin

    Of the three candidates running for two open seats, these are the only two candidates that have consistently supported efforts to form a Department of Public Works (DPW). The plan to form a DPW would entail consolidating certain Town functions under the Town Administrator, which is expected to result in cost savings. With the formation of a DPW, expected to be considered by the voters later this year, this board would ultimately be dissolved and a DPW commission would be formed.

    Board of Health: write-in Arnold Soslow, MD - 8 Fox Meadow Lane.

    Dr. Soslow has formerly held an appointive position to fill a vacancy on the Board of Health and has over the last year volunteered to assist the Board of Health develop an emergency preparedness plan for the Town. If elected, he would be the only medical professional on that board, an obvious plus given its current responsibilities. In addition, if the Town ultimately votes to transition to a DPW, it is expected that the landfill would be removed from the jurisdiction of the Board of Health, allowing it to focus more on public health issues relevant to his medical training.

    In order to write in a candidate, it is preferable to include both name and address, so whether you plan to vote for Dr. Soslow or his write-in opponent, please include both name and address in order to make your intentions as clear as possible. PLEASE FILL IN THE OVAL NEXT TO THE WRITTEN NAME.

    We hope to see you at the polls on April 24 and Town Meeting on Sunday April 29.

    -WaylandeNews Editorial Board
    (Ian Hecker, Larry Krakauer, and Susan W. Pope)
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    Thumbs up Endorsements

    I agree with the majority endorsements. I am supporting:

    Michael Tichnor for Board of Selectmen

    Kevin Murphy for Planning Board

    Alan Shubin for Road Commissioners

    Eric Knapp for Road Commissioners

    Arnie Soslow for Board of Health

    I hope readers of the Wayland e-news will support these folks too!

    Betsy Connolly
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