Submitted as a Letter to Editor-- Wayland Town Crier – 3/8/07

Why does a citizens group need to care for the Hannah Williams Park and Playground? Why doesn’t the Town just take care of it?

These are obvious questions – especially in the face of a lot of work to do and me with little energy to rally troops and resources as I did seven years ago.

Back then, I was mad because my one child was losing out on having this fabulous playground that was closed for lack of a community to take care of it. That was the prime year of enjoyment for her, although she got her share of magic from the place.

Now she’s grown out of it except to be willing to volunteer in any effort to repair it. She no longer delights at the idea of crawling thru the tunnel or slipping down the double-wide slide or flinging sand out of the huge sandbox, and then running away between pillars through which dad cannot easily go. It was just yesterday, it seems, but already that innocent joy is gone. Horseback riding and iPods and mounds of homework are the focus.

We – the Friends of Hannah Williams Playground – need to care because the Town will not anytime soon be able to afford to maintain it. This relic is the last of its kind. When it succumbs to the bulldozer, we’ll have a grassy knoll and a couple of benches instead of a wonderland.
Folks… it’s time to rally again and stave off the Grim Reaper.

We need two things: first we need a volunteer to lead this group as I have moved on to other social action interests (Wayland to Waveland, road biking for charities, sheperding a teenager). Second, we need to do some work this spring, and it’s none too early to get started.

My initial appeals have already brought forth volunteers young and old – even one who’s pregnant and clearly looking ahead! A local carpenter has offered his services and his company’s talent which is much appreciated.
I’m ready to play a role, and will help plan and organize, but I need people who will assume the mantle of leadership to promote the cause, rally (and schedule) troops, raise money, and carry the ball to plan for the future, advocating for the playground while working with the Town to evolve the property into something great.

So please don’t wait another day… let me know if you want to lead “The Friends” and take it to a new level. You can contact me directly by phone at 508-655-2957 or by email,

Cliff Kolovson
26 Garden Path