If you go to the forum home page, you can view a few items that aren't available within the Discussion Forum, such as the number of people online and the name of the newest member. From time to time, you may notice a new member whose name appears, then later disappears. This is because we have had to delete many fake new members. These are users from other parts of the world, usually Russia, who presumably would post spam given the chance.

Among the users we have deleted are "equitylooan", "viagra-viagra" and "webcamSpain".

We have instituted a new step in the registration process that requires registrants to enter the name of a surrounding town. This facilitates the validation process. We must approve new users manually before they can post - so if we aren't online at a given time, there may be a delay before we approve new registrants. We are sorry we have had to take this step, but it is necessary to protect the integrity of the board. Please be assured we allow all legitimate registrants to join. If you think you might want to post in the future, go ahead and register now so you'll be set when you're ready to post.