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    I walked down to the Millpond and saw about 100 people skating and playing hockey.And little kids pushing chairs learning how to skate.Those kids will remember this rather than go to some prefab rink. Life can go on with or without the town center.I grew up in this town and remember what fun i had after school on the millpond the town should reopen it turn on the lights for night skating. there were towns people that brought their own snow blowers down and cleared the pond people with shovels pitched in also this was great to see this and get away from the politics over the past months and come together this the nicest thing i have seen in months we don,t need all this diviseness and name calling and finger pointing life will go on with or without the town center project.
    Richard P Turner

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    Default Agree and Disagree

    Hi Richard,

    Who could disagree about the beauty of the image of 100 people ice skating on Mill Pond? In fact, I hope if someone was there taking pictures they would (please) post one to our Photo Gallery.

    I look forward to images like that of joggers, bikers and baby carriages on the Rail Trail as people journey to the Library and ice cream shop in the Town Center, of people playing frisbee on the green and canoeing from the canoe landing. These are images of the Wayland we could and should have. Mill Pond is only a piece of it.

    I am concerned about the divisiveness, but frankly, I fear it will only get worse in the absence of the Town Center. The town needs a commercial tax base, and without it, the votes for overrides promise to be even more divisive than the Town Center (which the town overwhelmingly supports).

    I do hope the discussions (not battles) over all the topics Wayland faces (Town Center, overrides, the High School, the Library, etc.) will be constructive and positive. We share this town. We need to be able to work together and talk to each other. It's totally OK to disagree - but it's not OK to try to drive wedges that force the town apart. We should be able to expect from our elected officials and those reporting news that they tell the whole story, that they identify "opinion" as such (separate from fact), and that they simply be honest with us.

    In the meantime, let's put on our skates!

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    You did add photos! Thank you!



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