This is an outrage and we can not let 4 people ruin what a Town Meeting record turn out accomplished. They should be held accountable. Please see the following from SOS. Town Center Project is Dead
Jan 18, 2007

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Town Center - The Facts

Options Moving Forward

What You Can Do - Let Your Voice Be Heard

SOS: Mission

Dear Friends,
Despite a record turnout and an 80% majority vote at Town Meeting last April, the Town Center project is dead - and with it a key piece of the Finance Committee's long range plan to provide adequate revenue to maintain services without annual overrides.

While much can be debated about what brought the project to its current state, the facts are clear about where we stand now. We need to explore the alternatives to salvage this critical project.

Please read below for the facts, some options we are evaluating and what you can do.

Save Our Services

Lori Frieling, Paulette Greene, Cynthia Lavenson and Lisa Valone

If you have questions, comments or would like to help, please email

Town Center - The Facts

Tuesday night 1/16 , the developer spoke at the Board of Selectmen's meeting and said they will no longer pursue the Town Center project. Their primary reason was that the leadership of critical boards (Planning Board and Board of Road Commissioners) was not allowing for a process that is expeditious and fair.
The Finance Committee's Long Range Plan to maintain services and avoid annual overrides has 6 key steps and includes "Expand our commercial tax base (town center)".The Finance Committee Chair reiterated this during public comment at the 1/16 meeting.
Potential Revenue Critical - The Finance Committee determined that using the property for a mixed use development (town center) rather than a 40(B) project would provide the greatest net revenue for the town.
The Finance Committee and Board of Selectmen support this project and have backed it since before Special Town Meeting in May 2006.
Record turnout at the May 2006 Special Town Meeting lead to an 80% majority vote in favor of developing a Town Center.
Due to the by-law passed at Special Town Meeting the Planning Board (PB) is the permit granting authority for the Master Special Permit Process for Town Center.
The current chair of the PB, along with the associate member, have opposed Town Center since it was first conceived. The associate member and chair of the PB drive much of the process and set the tone for the meetings.
The property of the Town Center site is owned by the Congress Group and KGI Properties. If town boards do not provide an open, expeditious and fair process, it is the owner's right to opt for a different use of the property. Developing another project such as a 40(B) would require much less interaction with the town than the Town Center project .

Options Moving Forward

Change the Leadership of the Critical Boards - People have asked us if it is possible to call for the resignation of the chair. We are not clear on the legal aspects of this. The chair is elected by 3 out of 5 votes of the full members and a vote can be initiated by any member of the board at any time.
Change the Members of the Critical Boards - Positions are up for election in April. We could elect qualified candidates with relevant work or board experience who could garner the 3 votes needed to be chair and see if the town could bring the developers back to the table.
Change the Authorizing Board for the Project - concerned citizens have posed the question if this is possible. A grass roots effort resulting in a petitioner's article could be filed that would shift the oversight to another board, for example the Board of Selectmen or Zoning Board of Appeals. This would require a 2/3 majority vote at a Special Town Meeting at the end of April.
Sit back and do nothing (not an option in our view!) - the developers will most likely evaluate the current market and decide whether to go ahead with an alternative such as a 40(B) housing project that will generate far less tax revenue for the town. The town will lose out on a major revenue stream which will be felt beginning in 2009 and services will be cut if overrides of correct magnitude are not passed.

What You Can Do - Let Your Voice Be Heard

Email Town Boards:

Board of Selectmen at Members are: Joe Nolan (chair) Michael Tichnor, Bill Whitney, Doug Leard and Alan Reiss. (all emails will be printed and distributed to all five members)
Planning Board - c/o Joe Laydon (town planner) Board members are: Albert Montague, Daniel Mesnick, Lawrence Stabile, Christopher Seveney, Lynne Dunbrack (chair) and Anette Lewis (associate member)
Finance Committee - c/o Michael Dipietro (town finance director) Committee members are: Cherry Karlson(chair), Christopher Riley, Charles D'Ambrosio, Bob Lentz, Sam Peper, Richard Stack, Karl Geiger.

Speak at public meetings:
Click here for schedule and agendas at town's web site

Next Planning Board Meeting is Monday, January 22nd at 7:30 at Town Building (agenda will by posted by Jan 19 at noon so you can check the time of public comment).
Next Board of Selectmen's Meeting will be on Tuesday, January 23 at 7 p.m. in Town Building and public comment is usually at the beginning, but check the agenda on the Town website.
Next Finance Committee Meeting has not yet been posted.

If you can't attend meetings, watch cable channel 9 for live and rerun video of meetings. For a schedule, go to WAYCAM does a great job covering these meetings.

Write a Letter to the Editor of the Crier - the deadline is Monday at noon. Email Mike Wyner at

Let us know what you think and if you can help - either cc when you write the boards or email us directly.

SOS: Mission

Save Our Services is a grass roots coalition with a far-reaching mission to preserve Wayland's services and quality of life by exploring ways to:

Increase state and federal aid and lessen mandates that restrict our flexibility to reduce costs
Explore alternative revenue sources to fund all services
Relieve the tax burden on our residents through an expanded commercial tax base
Draw on the expertise of residents in the areas of rationalizing costs in support of the FY 2007 Ad Hoc Budget Committee.


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