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Thread: Wayland Veterans Memorial Snow removed By Residents Thank You

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    Smile Wayland Veterans Memorial Snow removed By Residents Thank You

    The walks around the new Veterans Memorial have not been cleared by the town even though this belongs to them,As a veteran i have a vested interest in this memorial .Becuase i helped build it .Many long hours in committee meetings studying design drawings and long hours of planning for a dedicat ceremony it finally came together and it is standing proud on the east lawn of the Wayland Town Building .Completly built with private funds ,And the board of the selectmen excepted it on July 3 2005 . No has taken responsability for its care The veterans themselves during the summer weeded the gardens with the help of the bueatification committee which we thank them for their efforts
    also.Then winter came it snowed no one has shoveled it out until this past Sunday Thank you residents for doing this .Where is the town and Parks and Recreation it is their job but they were told not to touch it also thanks to Stubby kadlick of the highway for their help in construction they wanted to shovel it but they were afriad they would damage it .It boils down to who
    is to maintain it it should be parks and rec what else do they do in the winter ? Posted By
    Richard P Turner Us Navy Retired and a Vietnam War veteran who served on the rivers of the Mekong Delta from 1968 to 1969
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