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Thread: Let the Kids Play

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    Default Let the Kids Play

    Dear Parents & Supporters of Wayland-Weston Pop Warner,

    As some of you may or may not know, the Wayland Park & Recreation Department has made a decision that Pop Warner will NOT be allowed to play this year on the WHS varsity stadium field. Park & Rec have allowed us to use the JV field (which has no stand seating) and Weston (Thank You) has agreed to let us play on their JV field for one of the games.

    As some of you may remember, Pop Warner was solely blamed for field usage and poor conditions following an October 23, 2005 which unfortunately caused another sports game to be postponed. Although we weren't the only organization to use the field that weekend, we paid a $1000 fine to repair the damages. Park & Rec did have the procedures in place to cancel a game but the penalty for playing was eviction from the field for the remainder of that season only. Again, we weren't responsible for all of the damage from the field that weekend.

    Also, Wayland HS Football played LS on the Friday before. If you can remember, it was the wettest October in history. Although last years Pop Warner organization paid the penalty to fix the field, this years Pop Warner organization is being penalized again.

    Some of you reading this for the first time are probably quite surprised. We feel that the Park & Rec Department dictated this ruling unfairly to Pop Warner without public knowledge or proper notification.

    Wayland-Weston Pop Warner has been a good steward of varsity stadium over the last 9 years. Unfortunately, this action by the Park & Recreation department penalizes our children and families that put in 80+hours of practice every year and would just like to be able to watch our children participate (football & cheerleading) in a safe & comfortable environment as the varsity stadium offers.

    This is our chance to voice our opinion. We need your help:

    1) Sign online petition showing your support for the kids who participate.

    2) Emails letters of support to me as well as Park & Rec Please be sure to CC may email address on all Park & Rec correspondence.

    3) Letters to the Town Crier. Need to get these in by Monday before noon.

    4) Please plan on attending Park & Rec meeting on Monday, Sept 11th @ 8pm which we'd like as many supporters there as possible. I'll send out talking points before the meeting. ? Please let me know if you can attend the meeting as I want to get as many folks as we can.

    Please forward to friends and other supporters of our youth sports.



    Shawn P. Fennelly
    Director of Marketing/Fundraising Wayland-Weston Pop Warner

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    Default Stadium Field Use

    Hi Nancy (McShea) and Martha (Jamieson),

    I understand that Pop Warner has initiated a campaign to get back onto the stadium field. Just last night I was working out at the track and got a sense of the level of contentiousness this topic is becoming when I had the opportunity for an "interesting" exchange with a Pop Warner Dad who was talking with his son about how unfair it was they could not play on the field.

    Speaking on behalf of Wayland Youth Soccer, I wanted to indicate our full support for the position that the Park and Recreation Commission has taken on this issue. As you know, we go to great lengths to protect the fields we play on and have an established record of closing our fields on Saturdays as necessary, regardless of the implications for our coaches who are left with the challenge of rescheduling. We too would love for our kids to get a chance to play on the stadium field. However, we fully support the approach that the stadium field is first and foremost a field for the high school teams. Right now it appears that essentially only varsity teams play on it. Before any youth group gains regular access to that field I would argue that other high school teams (JV and freshmen) should be given priority access.

    I find it interesting to hear that Weston has apparently provided the Wayland/Weston Pop Warner group with access to their practice football field in the wake of this "situation". I see no reason why that is not the appropriate solution here in Wayland as well.

    What we have here is another argument for the installation of a turf field, not the return of Pop Warner onto the stadium field.


    Gray Holmes
    President, Wayland Youth Soccer
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