I just received Mr. Zieff's initial pleading for his appeal to the Housing Appeals Committee (HAC). A copy is attached below. This is the pleading only; the actual document contains 310 pages of exhibits, e.g. his original Comprehensive Permit.

Zieff - HAC appeal 2019.02.01 Initial Pleading only - for email 2.1.2019.pdf

As you will see, Zieff's attorneys offered no new evidence -- simply summary objections. It will be impossible to effectively oppose the scientific research we presented showing significant public health risks to kids at YMCA Camp Chickami, threats to Pine Brook and the environment, and the impact of a huge 4 story apartment complex in a neighborhood. Zieff's own hydrogeo study showed that sewage effluent will 'break out' on the surface near Pine Brook - just upstream from Camp Chickami!

We contacted the President of West Suburban YMCA, Jack Fucci, to let him know that the YMCA should file quickly as an 'intervenor' in the HAC hearing. Jack hired their own engineer to assess Zieff's plan, delivered a critical report along with strong letters to the ZBA and attended a number of the hearings.

We are also exploring coordination with the Town in their defense.

Let me know if you have any questions: ProtectWayland@Gmail.com

Mark Hays for Protect Wayland