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    I have not posted here in a long time, but I do seem to remember how.

    Does anyone know why the Town Center development has so many store fronts that appear to be permanently vacant, not to mention the dearth of interesting stores? Disclaimer: I was one of the relatively small number of people in town that opposed the development for reasons that wouldn't be helpful to go into. However, the minute that it was approved by Town Meeting, I became a proponent of it, because this is where I have lived for 26 years, and I very much wanted it to succeed. Although it has my favorite restaurant (Takara) and I patronize both Stop & Shop and Ace Hardware, I am very disappointed in it, and I'm wondering if anyone out there has any insight into what has gone wrong.

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    A shopkeeper's rent includes Town real estate tax. Higher the tax, higher the rent. Higher the rent, poorer the shopkeeper, until he/she decides to move to where rents are cheaper. As shops go vacant, customers flee to strip malls that are robust, and our town commercial tax base declines, causing a tax rate increase. So shall we good townspeople hold down the tax rate? Or shall we pass the upcoming multi-million $ debt exclusion articles for athletic facilities?


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