Are you tired of aggressive 40B developers, trying to jam big buildings into our neighborhoods? There are two important meetings next week:

(1) Wayland Special Town Meeting on Tuesday, 13 November at 7pm in the Wayland High School Field House. Doors open at 5:30, and be there a bit early to get your electronic voting device. Article 4 (Flood Zone update) and Article 5 (River's Edge asbestos mitigation) should be up for a vote by 7:30. Both will help to protect Wayland from aggressive 40B developers. We need 2/3 votes on both.

(2) Wayland ZBA hearing on the 40B Monster, on Thursday, 15 November at 7pm
in the Wayland Town Building. The ZBA will deliberate on their ruling -- we cannot speak, but please be there to show your support!

Article 5 is linked to River's Edge -- a 190 unit apartment complex that will lift Wayland over 9% -- very close to the 10% threshold that will stop 40B developers. There are many reasons to pass Article 5; see the details below. A copy of the "how to vote" guide is also attached below -- with instructions on using the electronic voting devices.

Article 5 - River's Edge asbestos mitigation: Article 5 will fund $790,530 to remove asbestos contamination at the River's Edge site -- where the large "affordable housing" apartment complex is planned. Here is why Wayland needs a YES vote:

  • River's Edge will add 190 units to Wayland's "affordable housing" total -- pushing us over 9% and very close to the 40B target of 10%. When we reach 10%, NO MORE unfriendly 40Bs tearing up our town!

  • River's Edge is estimated to deliver $551,947 in tax revenue to Wayland every year.

  • The clean-up cost will add to the price of the land which the developer will pay under the agreement. Wayland will receive a refund when the land is sold.

  • Under MassDEP regulations, Wayland must clean up this asbestos in a "timely manner" -- whether or not the River's Edge project is built. So Wayland taxpayers will pay the cost no matter what. This way, we can expect a refund from the developer -- plus significant tax revenue.

  • The Wayland Finance Committee approved this unanimously - 5-0. They keep a close eye on Wayland's spending, so you know this is a good financial move.

We need 2/3 votes -- so everyone needs to attend. Ask your neighbors and friends to join you!

Mark Hays for ProtectWayland

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