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The series of Nor'Easter storms downed trees and cut power across Wayland

After the snow clears, many homes will have large fallen trees, big branches and many smaller branches to deal with.

Every tree company in the area is swamped and it will be difficult to find one to help you clean up your yard. Plus, the biggest jobs will get the most attention. If you have a few smaller branches in your yard, prepare to wait -- and wait!

So... has a suggestion. Launch a 'neighborhood cleanup' project. Ask each homeowner to list the work they need for their home -- including problems in the back yard that are not visible from the street. Put together a spreadsheet or document, contact tree companies and ask for a neighborhood-wide bid, with a price for each house. Pick the best company and let everyone know. You will get faster service and lower costs for each homeowner.

The catch: Someone(s) will need to volunteer as the Cleanup Leader(s) in your neighborhood. I walked the 90 homes in our neighborhood and attached a flyer to every mailbox, contacted the tree companies for quotes, etc. We can send you a Word copy of a flyer you can customize and use for your neighborhood. Just email

Here is a list of tree companies recommended by our neighbors:

Another benefit: This will help you and your neighbors create better connections, to help each other if the need arises in the future.