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Thread: Monster 40B: New evidence on viruses -- kids at Camp Chickami at risk

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    Default Monster 40B: New evidence on viruses -- kids at Camp Chickami at risk

    Please attend the big ZBA hearing on the Cascade / Monster 40B! Tuesday the 27th at 7pm in the large hearing room in the Wayland Town building.

    ProtectWayland experts will present important new evidence: pathogens from septic leach fields can travel over 200 feet through soil and ground water. The Monster's big leach fields are just 64 and 74 feet from the wetlands connected to Pine Brook, and the septic mound is only 42 feet from the Brook itself. (See the site diagram below.)

    Enteric viruses are a key threat (e.g., Adenoviruses, Rotaviruses, Noroviruses, Hepatitis A and E). Infections are associated with diarrhea and gastroenteritis and may also cause respiratory infections, conjunctivitis, hepatitis and diseases that have high mortality rates, such as aseptic meningitis, encephalitis, and paralysis in immunocompromised individuals. In addition, some enteric viruses have been linked to chronic diseases such as myocarditis and insulin-dependent diabetes.

    Should this be upstream from hundreds of kids at Camp Chickami?!!

    Be there to show your opposition!
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