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Thread: 40B Monster hearing - Thursday the 25th, Wayland High School auditorium

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    Default 40B Monster hearing - Thursday the 25th, Wayland High School auditorium

    Steven Zieff's team is going to finally present their Cascade / Monster Version 2 plan on Thursday, 7pm
    in the Wayland High School auditorium. The last hearing in December was a flop because Zieff was not prepared. This time they have the complete building / site plan ready. A copy of our initial review is attached below. Here is how the west side would look -- the tallest part of the building with the entrance to the underground garage:

    Name:  Western side - 891 x 719.jpg
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    Please be there! Version 2 is just as big and bad as Version 1 -- and worse for traffic. We need to show our continued opposition. If you live in Sudbury and commute into Boston on Route 20, this huge development would be bad news for you too!

    Zieff moved the goal posts with Version 2, a common strategy with 40B developers. This will require another round of review by Town departments, peer reviewers, ProtectWayland experts and our attorney -- so that Zieff cannot dismiss our concerns as simply "outdated". We need to raise another round of donations to cover these costs. Some good news: is now an official 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, so your donations can be deducted. Please see our website:

    Mark Hays for


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