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Thread: The 40B Monster Version 2: Tallest and Most Massive Building in Wayland

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    Default The 40B Monster Version 2: Tallest and Most Massive Building in Wayland

    When Steven Zieff's team previewed their new plan for the Cascade 40B apartment complex
    at the ZBA hearing in December, we were hoping that he listened to the Wayland community and reduced the size of his development. Other developers told us that 24 units would be the maximum on the Mahoney property, because Pine Brook runs through it.

    Unfortunately, Zieff refused; his new plan includes 60 apartments, just like Version 1. This would be the tallest and most massive building in Wayland -- and the most massive along Route 20 for 35 miles, from Worcester to Watertown. Here is how it would look along Route 20 and from the air:

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    Name:  Monster V2 - on 115 Boston Post Road - 995 x 657.jpg
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    1. Size:
    Zieff’s Version 1 would have been the longest and most massive building in Wayland. Version 2 would be
    the tallest and most massive building in Wayland.

    2. Appearance: The new building is shaped like a stubby hockey stick, with the east end turned south toward Pine Brook. To reduce the length, Zieff added a fourth story and moved more parking outdoors. He shifted the entire building 41 feet closer to Route 20. So instead of a “set back” design similar to Carriage House, Zieff created a taller building much closer to the street.

    3. Traffic: Zieff’s new plan is even worse. There is the same number of units with the same number of cars. Now there are two entrances / exits – where cars can turn both left and right onto Route 20 and turn left or right to exit into the apartment complex from Route 20. Can you imagine the impact on traffic in this busy location?

    4. Parking: Version 2 moved 39 parking spaces outdoors, with less in the smaller underground garage. There is no apparent increase in parking – to avoid visitors parking in local neighborhoods.

    5. Impact on storm water runoff: The size of the roof was reduced but the size of the parking lots increased. We are waiting for more information to see if Zieff upgraded runoff management.

    6. Impact on flood zones: Like Version 1, Version 2 covers and fills in the FEMA A flood zone – which exacerbates flood risk and damage upstream and down, including Camp Chickami and Temple Shir Tikva.

    7. Impact on Pine Brook: Even though the apartment building has been changed, the size of the septic fields did not change. Like Version 1, both septic fields and construction intrude significantly on the 100’ and 200’ Wetlands and Rivers Protection Act resource areas. 3+ million gallons of septic effluent would still leach into Pine Brook.

    Please attend the next ZBA hearing where Zieff will present The Monster V2, Thursday 25 January at 7pm
    in the Wayland High School auditorium -- to show Wayland's opposition to this huge development.

    For more information see:
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