Wayland and metrowest Boson residents are receiving a new round of calls from scammers posing as Visa and/or Mastercard "Cardmember Services" offering "zero percent interest on your card based on your excellent payment history."

These calls appear to be US based and can sound legitimate. The goal, however, is to collect details about your identity and credit cards to enable identity theft and fraudulent charges. After a professional- sounding intro, the scammer will begin to ask a series of questions that become increasingly detailed, e.g. your name, your partner's name, your address, the type of card, the bank it is linked to, the expiration date.... etc, etc. until they have harvested all of the data they need.

First, never provide details like these over the phone when someone calls you. Second, you can typically expose a scam by asking a few questions of your own, e.g. "What is your name?" and "What is your phone number so I can call you back?" One of these guys called me today and I played along, then hung up immediately when I asked for his phone number.

I hope this is helpful,

Mark Hays